Reality Fighters Launches on PS Vita Today

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Reality Fighters Launches on PS Vita Today
Reality Fighters Launches on PS Vita Today

Get ready to throw down anytime, anywhere — PS Vita’s augmented reality brawler Reality Fighters hits stores today! Reality Fighters uses PS Vita’s front and rear facing cameras to transform any surface into your own personal battle arena, delivering an action-packed portable fighting experience set in the real world. You’ll be able to see your showdowns come to life on everything from your front porch to your airplane tray table.

Reality Fighters for PS VitaReality Fighters for PS Vita

Reality Fighters lets you step into the fray by scanning your face onto a totally customizable fighter. Deck your fighter out using over 400 outrageous costume pieces, and then arm yourself using an arsenal of 40 wacky weapons. You even get to pick your own signature fighting style from techniques such as Wrestling, Muay Thai, Ballet, and even Zombie. Once you’ve fully customized your fighter, you can either learn from your mentor, Mr. Miyagi, and battle in the single-player Story mode or challenge a friend to ad-hoc and online multiplayer matches.

Click on the trailer above to see Reality Fighters in action. If you think that you’ve got what it takes to be the most epic Reality Fighter around, pick up the game today or check out the demo that’s currently available on PlayStation Store.

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  • This is the kind of game where I would play for like 15 minutes and get bored. I hope PSVita becomes a home for good RPG’s….please PLEASE RPG’s

  • Can you tether the vita to ur phone via bluetooth in order to have connectivity on the move? using the wifi vit?

  • isnt Mr. Miyagi a trademark owned by the people behind The Karate Kid? isnt that stealing?

  • I Love the Demo! Been playing the crap out of it.

    My Question is: Is this a PSN Title only or can i pick it up on Vita Card (Physical Media)?

  • sony… has been 5 weeks since firmware 4.10 killed your official 7.1 stereo wireless headset….where is the fix?!?!?!? this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will this be free like the other ones.?

    Also think this very kool..i have showing my co workers these augement games and they are like wow.. i Like fire work one its very well done also the other 2.. the soccer one need some tweaking..

    I look forward to this one..

  • @4 no it wont be free. Its not part of the AR games pack. This is a full blown Title.

  • Is this going to be available as a retail purchase? Some of us aren’t fans of digital-only releases.

  • @5 ahh i see. so it has trophy support. whats the price of this. if its not to much to ask.

  • @ Schmeghead2010

    What is wrong with your headset? Mine work fine after update…

  • There is retail copies. At least on amazon there are. $30 on amazon so im guessing $26 on PSN.

  • is it going to be on the PSN? if so when!??!? cuz im really trying to buy digital download copies from now on. and i played the demo, i liked it. it was pretty cool. so please someone answer!

    • Hey Jimm, I am really happy to hear you had fun with the demo, we had a blast getting it ready for the fans :-)

      Reality Fighters is now available on the PSN store. Sorry for the wait.

  • @7 Yeah it will have trophies for sure, Not sure if it has a platinum though. If it has a Retail pack it definitely will.
    As for price, all i know is GameStop has a listing for 29.99 but it doesn’t say if its a retail copy or digital only,

    Ever since GameStop started selling digital content i cant tell what the heck they are selling is Digital or retail unless i go into the store. Their website doesn’t always distinguish between the two. :(

  • i had a blast with the demo..i just didn’t like how the camera would move ..whenever i moved my PSVita..i hope it can be adjusted so that it wont move.I was thinking about purchasing this as a download but i dont have enough memory at the moment so it will be a cartridge one purchase for me .I was thinking this game would be amazing for the PS3..too hopefully they would look into doing that. If not at least we know they’re working on a SONY SMASH BRO game :p

    • Hi, good to hear you liked the demo, bad to to hear you didn’t like the camera :-( We realize that everyone plays differently so I would suggest using the AR cards that came with your Vita for a totally difference game play experience.

  • Still waiting for the “SOON” to be made compatible PS One games on the Vita!!!





    THANKS !

  • Does nobody shop at fry’s electronics? I went there last Friday and reality fighters was available to buy right on the shelf lmao. I was extremely disappointed to learn that they put tax on Psn cards though… why can they do that but EVERYWHERE else doesn’t? Gamestop even said they can’t charge tax so why just fry’s electronics?


    • Were not slacking, we are all battling it out in Reality Fighters! Hope to see you in the mix soon.

  • reality fighters looks good and all but for 29.99 i’ll wait and get mortal kombat for $10 more no offense to the game you put out just the price point is a little ascued!!!

    on another note dear sony, we are a month in the U.S. vita launch! when? are we going to see the second wave of backwards compatible psp and minis games, aswell a update to fix the psp and mini games that or on the legacy list that don’t work ie: age of zombies,i must run,let’s golf,vempire…

    also a downloadable psp game price reduction for games that are still 39.99 on the psp would be nice seeing how vita get’s a digital 10% shouldn’t psp get even more seeing how thw titles are aged ie: soul caliber broken destiny 39.99 2010 release and tekken 6 39.99 2010 release C’MON where has the love gone!!

    JUST SAYIN!!!!!

  • will there be add ons like dragon ball z with weapons like the power pole or the z sword, or stor wars, are any thing cause i would buy that please tell me if there will be any besides the online pass and if there are any tell me when they came out because i love reality fighters and i want new things to like it so eventually i do not get board but for now i love this game

  • My PS Vita broke down last week, twice.
    Honestly, it did. I was like, yikes, but then I was able to reboot it and it works fine.

    The first time, I got a glitch that made the right side of the screen, the touchscreen was not working.
    I was wondering how to restart it, since I have a Tablet, I’m used to this sort of stuff.
    I didn’t know what to do. So I removed the memory card and it restarted the Vita, and it was working perfectly again.

    The second time, I was trying to have the Vita access my location with near and it froze.
    I need to do a hard reboot to restart the Vita. This time I was stuck so I called.
    The guy at the playstation calling center said to press and hold On/Off button + PS button + R button.
    It didn’t work, he told me to go at the store and trade for a new one.

    But then I realized, if I were to return this one at the store, I just couldn’t access my PSN account anymore. So I called back, the second guy asked me to press and hold just the On/Off button.
    And it worked! My Vita was working again.

  • So, the reason why I’m telling you guys this is that if you get any kind of problems, you’ll know what to do.

    #1 Restart the system by removing the memory card. (This won’t work if the Vita is frozen, just malfunctioning) if it doesn’t work, move to step 2.

    #2 Press and hold On/Off button. (30 seconds) then restart the Vita, if it doesn’t work, move to step 3.

    #3 Press and hold On/Off button + PS button + R button. (30 seconds) then restart, if not…

    #4 Retry step #2.

    And that’s how you fix your Vita.
    I hope this will help others in any way possible.

  • This Game is sick! I do agree that the old PSP games should be priced lower especially since I see my 4Gb card aint s%&@

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