PlayStation: The Official Magazine Embarks for Far Cry 3

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PlayStation: The Official Magazine Embarks for Far Cry 3

Considering our recent spate of deadlines, the PTOM staff could do with a tropical vacation. But knowing our luck we’d end up on Far Cry 3’s island in the clutches of the game’s ruthless and seriously disturbed villain Vaas. Scratch that—knowing us, we’d probably pass on the trip to paradise and curl up in our game cave playing Ubisoft’s engrossing new open-world adventure. Too much sun is bad for you anyway.

April 2012: Far Cry 3

If we were to head out on an expedition, we’d be sure to bring on our shiny new PS Vita. But the real question: What games would we bring? We’ve got answers in our PS Vita reviews feature that breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the portable system’s first wave of games.

We also take a look at the best and worst DLC, and name the 10 Greatest PS3 Games You’ve (probably) Never Played. How do we know you haven’t played these games? Because these are the games that made game critics sing…and game company accountants weep.

Elsewhere in the issue, we take a closer look at Resident Evil 6 after Capcom’s recent announcement confirming a November 20th, 2012 release. And our lead preview of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron seems to indicate that the gaming franchise is trending upward—in direct contrast to the film franchise.

Twisted Metal heads up our reviews this month, and the long-awaited return of the franchise delivers frenetic vehicular mayhem at its finest. And if ragin’ in the streets isn’t enough for you, head to the slopes as we review the new SSX. But the most memorable review game this month may actually be the beautiful, affecting Journey.

It’s all in PTOM’s April issue, hitting newsstands everywhere on March 13.

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