PSN Spring Fever 2012: New Games, Discounts, Call of Duty Sale This Week

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PSN Spring Fever 2012: New Games, Discounts, Call of Duty Sale This Week

The sun is starting to shine brighter and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing: Spring Fever is back on PlayStation Network! Every year, Spring Fever brings a bouquet of fresh new downloadable PS3 games to PSN with some special offers and discounts in the PlayStation Store each week for three weeks. This year, we’re also offering discounts on tons of content from some of the biggest franchises in games, with a new franchise featured each week. In addition, there will be special PlayStation Plus benefits throughout the event, including awesome early access and huge discounts (up to 75% off!).

Spring Fever

This week Spring Fever starts off strong with one of the most highly-anticipated and best PSN games ever, Journey, and one of the biggest game franchises of all time, Call of Duty. PlayStation Plus subscribers have already been enjoying Journey, thanks to the early access they’ve had to the game for the past week.  Today is the last day for PS Plus subscribers to take advantage of this special offer, so head into the PlayStation Store today to download it if you haven’t already.

The Call of Duty franchise sale starts tomorrow when the Store publishes, so check out the full list of discounts below. The other featured franchises will be Final Fantasy and Tom Clancy. We’ll be offering up to 50% off various games, map packs, add-ons and bundled content, with up to 75% discounts awarded to our PS Plus subscribers. Each week, we’ll be revealing the full list of Spring Fever franchise deals in the Store Update blog post every Tuesday, so check back to see what content from your favorite franchises will be discounted. Spring Fever continues to bloom with new offers each week through April 2nd, so there’s a lot to look forward to!


3/13 – Journey: Enter the world of Journey, the third game from acclaimed indie developers thatgamecompany and presented by SCEA Santa Monica Studio.

  • Available one week early to PS Plus subscribers – Includes an Exclusive Free Theme – One day left!
  • Available to ALL PSN USERS starting tomorrow

3/20 – Rayman 3 HD: Rayman 3 HD takes Rayman on an epic journey through diverse worlds. This classic is remastered with HD and Trophy support.

  • PlayStation Plus subscribers – 20% off

3/27 – Closure: In Closure’s dark and foreboding universe, the only things that exist are what you can see. Featuring 100 puzzles, an award-winning soundtrack and hand-drawn art.

  • PlayStation Plus subscribers – 20% off


Call of Duty (3/13 – 3/19)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  • PS3 Game + Variety Map Pack Bundle (Reg. $29.99, Sale $20.99, PS Plus $14.69)
  • PS3 Game (Reg. $19.99, Sale $13.99, PS Plus $9.79)
  • Variety Map Pack (Reg. $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89)

Call of Duty Classic

  • PS3 Game (Reg. $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • PS3 Game + 2 DLC Bundle (Reg. $59.99 (value), Sale $41.99, PS Plus $- $29.39)
  • PS3 Game (Reg. $29.99, Sale $20.99, PS Plus  $14.69)
  • Stimulus Package – (Reg. $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34)
  • Resurgence Pack – (Reg. $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34)

Call of Duty: World at War

  • Map Pack Bundle (Reg. $24.99, Sale $17.49, PS Plus $12.24)
  • Map Pack 1 (Reg. $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89)
  • Map Pack 2 (Reg. $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89)
  • Map Pack 3 (Reg. $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89)

Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • PS3 Game (Reg. $49.99, Sale $39.99)

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8 Author Replies

  • Nothing for me this week, those aren’t my personal fave franchises, but thanks.

    • Thanks for your post, be sure to check the blog next week as we unveil the spotlight game & new sales.

  • None of these really appeal to me besides Journey and maybe Rayman.
    I hope wecan get some more RPGs on PSN soon!
    Thanks for all the great sales!! :)

  • I’m looking forward to Rayman 3 HD, haven’t played that game in a long time.

  • Call of Duty fever? KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

  • ugh Call of Duty! You guys couldn’t have picked a worse game to kicktart this so called promotion?!

  • Any chances of more PS1 classics coming out in the near future, say Gex: Enter the Gecko and Tomb Raider: Chronicles, Europe has had them and those are the 2 only PS1 classics i really want out of the list of PS1 classics that we should have on PSN.

  • I already have Journey and it is amazing.

    Good week for COD fans. Thanks !

    pd. When are we going to have Killzone 1 ???

  • So are we ever getting Malicious?

  • Nothing for me this time oh well lol.

  • What’s the status of PS One games on the Vita? Was supposed to be “SOON” after launch. Starting to look more like “LATER”

  • yea we need ps one for vita im really enjoying this thing lol

  • Thats all? Surprised Activision isn’t releasing COD weekly by now anyway.

  • Still waiting for the day when digitally distributed console games will be cheaper than the physical disk. No matter how much they chop off the price, all it does is bring the digital games closer to their actual market value (as long as they aren’t PSN exclusives). I’d be more than willing to have my games in non-physical forms if they were cheaper, but Sony rarely makes them that way. :l

  • Closure is coming out this month?! Siiiiiiiiiiiiick.

  • spring is almost here I think this summer i will spend more time outside seeing how Sony took all my time and money last summer lol

  • What a weak way to kick off Spring Fever. CoD week? I won’t even get into how I feel about those games, but anyone who does play them sure isn’t going to buy the older ones. This is total trash.

  • I used to think that people who learn japanese just for playing japanese games are crazy…..

    now I understand why they do something like that.

  • well speaking of spring.. how about some news about Sorcery ?? according to we’re looking at a 2012 spring release. Or did I just miss some announcements?

  • Digital distribution isn’t my favorite option when I can get a physical copy tax-free with free shipping for the same price somewhere else, even with these supposed “deals”. When will you guys start offering deals that let us purchase for less than the current market price?

  • Why is there no downloadable COD World At War game ?

  • @15 I agree Sevyne. I am one to stick with good customer service. I will never support Activision. Let them get their money frm their MS fans that they love so much. I know they have many fans out there so hopefully they will enjoy the Cod games.

    On a lighter note. I truly hope everyone gets Journey. I have been playing games a long time and it is truly and experience. Disregard the length because you will get your money out of it. I was a little skeptical before I got it, but I am amazed a week has gone buy and I am still playing it. Great game.

  • My spelling sucks now. I do realize that it is by & an in that last post. Wow, so much for a college education. lmao

  • Call of Duty? Really? So tired of the hype for those games -_-

  • I totally forgot about Closure until I read this post. Time to buy another PSN card.

  • <__>

    excuse me, i need to go do a poo

  • I thought the big deal about COD was the online multiplayer… enough time has passed for the community’s migration to MW3, specially with all the map packs and stuff.
    Well, whatever. I already got Journey and Rayman 3 is the next one on my list.
    Question time:
    I’ve read a couple stories about both Digital Devil Saga games for the EU PSN. Should I expect them to appear here too?

  • I just watched a commercial about PS3 and PSVita. It lies and says “The PS3 stays home, but the game goes with you.” What a flat out lie! I want to buy a Vita, I really do but that claim and the results make me sick. Sony do you think gamers are that stupid?! Why can’t I play Skyrim on a Vita then? Make it happen if you want to be taken seriously! Otherwise, don’t lie to your loyal customers that spend thousands of dollars yearly on products you offer! I want the experience you claim, but you are not truely showing it!

  • I am not trying to insult you or anything like that because I would like to see myself keeping coming on this blog and to make some friendly comments. Truly. But I am curious to as why would you continue to drop off old games on our laps? I prefer recent new or new that is out this year for this Spring Fever Promotion. I do understand that that is how the way it works, but hey, at least you can lure in more fans to buy them. Call of Duty? Oh please. Do better job next week. That is all I wanted to say. As Donald Trump would say this: “Nothing personal, but this is all about business.” :-D

  • Just Journey for me this week, hope to see more sales to come!

  • I caught spring fever. To bad for me I don’t want anything from the sale. Might however check out a demo of Closure.

  • Are you out your mind? I mean seriously?

    This is what you think a majority of ppl wanna buy as the Spring Fever sale? Nothing but Call of Duty stuff…. SMH…

    You guys really are losing touch with your fans. Almost anyone who is into the Shooter genre to begin with more than likely already has/had Call of Duty games.

    This is just a wasted week….

  • Hey guys, just wanna throw in my 2 cents:

    I hate seeing full games go on sale on PSN. I can find those games at tons of stores (new or used), borrow them from friends, rent them, etc.

    PSN has so many awesome exclusive and downloadable titles that I can’t get anywhere else but PSN. When you guys come up with new sale content, I’d love to see the focus be on those awesome titles. Don’t worry about the full games, I’ll run to Redbox or hop on Amazon if I need to get my CoD fix filled.

    Just my opinion. Oh and I’ll be getting Closure in a couple weeks, thanks for the 20% off!

  • i just recently got rid of all my call of duty games except for world at war and classic and thats only cuz its digital

    done with that franchise and none of those other selections really amaze me .. the price reductions should have came down for the call of duty games/maps a long time ago and to charge $59 for black ops just because its a new/digital release is stupid… but we cant just blame activision for this kinda crap EA isnt really that much better with Battlefield 3 and that lowsy campaign

    just recently spent 40 bucks on psn on some better stuff like the blast pack dlc for super stardust delta, the omega battle for 13-2, plants vs zombies for the vita and resident evil 4 for ps3

  • So basically Rayman, Journey and a bunch of nothing? Super.

    When are we getting PS1 support for Vita? When is PS+ going to actually MATTER to me as a Vita owner?

  • This is a random place to post this, but please:

    Add Gladius to your PS2 Classics!

    A truly unique game that won’t astound with its graphics, but still definitely holds up as a deep and great strategy RPG.

    Considering some of the other PS2 “Classics” that have appeared (Harvest Moon, really?), this one should be a no-brainer.

    Having said that, good job on getting Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire on there!

    Once again: Gladius for PS2 Classics please!

  • Oh no! Wait! There’s Closure. That sounds pretty neat.

  • I so agree with you, REALROBLAW. After all the lies they said with PSP supposedly doing the similar thing when it first came out, how short everyone’s memory is. It worked for 1 game, Lair, in the 4-5 years it was out. Come on Sony you have been working on this feature for 5+ years and it still does not work. Let me know when you honestly fix it.

  • I would agree i think COD is getting kinda old ive played them all and still have most but i find myself bored with it and dont play for a week at a time just to try a light the spark again. on that note like the games love zombies…but still cant wait for BioShock this year!

  • Is Reality Fighters also available as a retail release, or download only?

  • well i was kinda hoping to see some discounts on the Cod BO maps but ok

  • Ro,

    I had purchased motorstorm arctic edge (digital version) for the psp when it was released in 10/09. It has been removed from the psn store and is no longer showing in my download list on my account. I was hoping to try to play it on my vita. Is this a known problem? Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks in advance.

  • Call of duty world at war map packs are on sale ? this would be good if i could buy the game on the playstation store . Very dissapointing .

  • Call of duty? Hmph aren’t you aware that literally almost everyone has Call of Duty? Even the non-hardcore gamers only have call of duty. I have to say having the physical copy over the digital for this one is kind of necessary seeing as you can bring it over friends houses. That and I already have all of those except COD 4 (best game out of the franchise). I am however, pleased that you guys are bringing up sales for games in the form of waves. Maybe you can learn from steam and have featured sales every now and then (and don’t hold back on the good stuff). I got Dungeon Defenders (PC) for $3.74. A little while ago it was $10 on the PS store. It’s not that hard to lower the price, just like you did with Penny Arcade. I’m assuming a lot of people bought that for $3 in December because it was a steal. The highest recurring sale I’ve seen is 50% off. Steam chops off 75% on titles all the time (for everyone). It’s kind of eh… I like the sales and all. Paying $50 for 50% is cool, but you need to add a little more oomph. Sure steam has daily deals on bad games, but that shouldn’t be the only time I see a game dirt cheap on PSN (I’m looking at you hydrophobia). I’m looking forward to the other waves.

  • Where is I Am Alive? >_<

  • Are there Rayman 3 trophies?

  • i dont have cod but i eat cod on a plate. i will never ever for the life of me buy a call of duty game. EVER!

    I would however buy a digital dload version of Battlefield 3 at full retail. why is it available to dload for the uk psn and not here? I would much rather have my games collection as dloads and not disc’s that get lost, scratched or cracked.

    just do the right thing. ok.

  • Yo dawg, we heard you like unbalanced glitchy shooters…
    So we put CoD on the Spring Fever sale so you can glitch out while you get pwned.

    This is the worst spring sale EVER!!!

  • sony… has nearly been 5 weeks since firmware 4.10 killed your official 7.1 stereo wireless headset….where is the fix?!?!?!? this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Really good week for Call of Duty fans.

    I might check Rayman 3 HD. It all depends on the price, even if I am s PS Plus member.

    And Journey…I have for a week already. its such a masterpiece! Loved it so much.

    Looking forward for next updates.

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