New DC Universe Online DLC Tomorrow: The Battle for Earth

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New DC Universe Online DLC Tomorrow: The Battle for Earth

DC Universe Online for PS3: The Battle for Earth

This is my first blog post as a member of the DCUO team and I could not be more excited. As a life-long comic book fan and game developer it’s a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to work on a game that includes my two all-time favorite characters: Swamp Thing and Batman.

Tomorrow we are launching our largest, most impressive DLC pack yet with The Battle for Earth. There’s a lot to like in this new pack: three Duos, an Alert, two Raids, new gear and rewards and an incredible new power set – Earth Powers – that lets you deal damage or play the Tank role in an exciting new way. My personal favorite new Raid is set in Themyscira, the ancestral home of Wonder Woman. Our team of talented artists did an amazing job crafting this beautiful new zone, and the design team went above and beyond in creating a cooperative combat experience that is fun, challenging and rewarding. You and your friends will need to use all of your skill and a lot of strategy in order to conquer this Raid and take down Brainiac’s Avatar of Magic. The Battle for Earth culminates with a major showdown against Braniac, and sets the stage for a new chapter in the game’s ongoing narrative. I can give you one hint: Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman will be key players in the future of DCUO.

DC Universe Online for PS3: The Battle for Earth

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our players, and welcome all of the new folks. We continue to grow and attract thousands of new players every day. That’s good news for everyone as far as I’m concerned. The more people that play the game the richer the experience we can offer. The team is working hard to address feedback from the community and will continue to issue regular game updates, along with quarterly DLC pack releases. It is an incredibly exciting time for DCUO as we’re going to be introducing some great new features this year and I can’t wait to share the details with you. See you in-game!

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  • looks good but sony needs to team up with marvel to do a marvel online game like this

  • sony… has nearly been 5 weeks since firmware 4.10 killed your official 7.1 stereo wireless headset….where is the fix?!?!?!? this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL! at above.

    anyways, DC universe its a great MMO game! ill be buying fight for the light soon so i can get the trophies active and the whole game. :)

  • yea a marvel game would be awesome i never thought of that one. but this dlc looks good wish there had been a video for the new power set to see them in action but owell.

  • i actually QUIT playing DCUO because the DLC pack Fight For The Light does NOT show up in store list for me to purchase. i have contacted SONY regarding the issue and they had no comment. It also does NOT show up when installed on PS3. i originally purchased the full game and wish that someone could fix this issue….i also have a friend who is experiencing the same issue so i know it is not my PS3 and an account related issue. BTW – this is my second PS3….so i have troubleshooted on 2 different platforms….it must be account related….?!?! Either way – i would like to start playing this again….but alas i do NOT wish to go through the hassle of downloading and installing a 20 GB file if it is still broken.

    Maybe someone on here is familiar with the problem….?? Has it been fixed….??

    • Hi Chris – can you give me your Station name? I’ll see what I can do to help resolve this issue.

  • @1 Yeah the man to the right wants to play.

    Logan: “That’s right, Bub!” lol

  • lmao sorry meant left.

  • Instead of coming out with dlcs, they need a faster loading dcuo. every time i start dcuo, it has to go through a 4-5 hour download. After that’s fixed, then come to me about dlcs.

    • You should only see a download time greater than 4 hours if you’re patching ~half the game (which would only happen if you have not played in several months). I actually spend a lot more time playing the game from home – with a standard broadband connection, so I have a good idea what load times should be, and aside from the initial download, loading times are reasonable in my experience. That said, we are working on some technical improvements to reduce the size of content updates. I should be able to talk about this in more detail in a few months.

  • Also – is the level cap for DCUO still at 30 or has it been raised – i haven’t played in almost a year.

  • @9 I’m not an expert, but maybe I can help….

    30 is the level cap as far as getting power points. You can still continue to accumulate skill points. You also start building up armor that enables you to take on tougher and tougher challenges. So, it doesn’t end at 30 by a long shot as far as gameplay goes.

    As to the DLC, I don’t think it’s listed in the store. You start up the DCUO game, then go to the marketplace. You buy it from there. I just put ten bucks in my wallet before I logged on, then went through the marketplace to get the DLC. Easy-cheesy!

    Hope that helps! Like I said, I’m no expert, but it’s a lot of fun and I’m picking up new things here and there…

  • I love the new Earth Powers, but for players that are fairly new, they wont be able to do some of the new events because they aren’t raid level including myself. The only good thing they would get out of this is the new powers. They should make it so that low levels can play in these new areas also. Same thing happened with the Lightning Strikes DLC where you could not go to central city without a high combat rating.

  • Can You still get the disc version of DCUO at gamestop? I have no more room to fit DCUO on my ps3.

  • DCUO take up too much space and this game has gotten boring. they should make a marvel online

  • was actually gonna consider playin this game again till i saw that theres no life time sub for ps3 users and there prob never was i think but it would have been nice cuz already pay for FFXIV and that game is gettin better and better

    how are you gonna give dcuo the shaft on that SOE and turn around and give a dumb game like Free Realms it and at 35 bucks none the less

  • Could you guys please work on the next update and do something to make the chat system more stable please it is the most frustrating part of the game. It never seems to recognize your mic when you go into the game you normally have to have it recognize before logging in. Needs to be where you don’t have to log off to get it to recognize. Also would be nice if it was stable and consistent for example lately i log in and nothing no mic even if checked before hand and sporatically i will get sound if i go into an instance. It is very random get that fixed your number will grow by leaps and bound that is what has me frustrated enough to quit and i have been here since launch.

  • I’m loving the game so far but SOE seems to be putting quantity over quality when it comes to this game.

    *Unstable voice chat glitches out Input/output volume has to be readjusted on every log-in unless you want to go deaf
    *Constant disconnects in high-populated areas like the watchtower and when a mob of players descend on a target villain bounty
    *Disconnects during 8-man “Raids” 4-man “alerts” and 2-man “Duos” due to unreliable servers and lag
    *Bosses and Bounties who’s health resets to 100% mid-battle due to glitches
    *Achievement “feats” that are unobtainable because the mechanics are broken
    *Powers that don’t work as designed because they are broken
    *Rectangular buildings that take forever to render while travelling through metropolis or Ggotham until you are practically right next to them.
    *Rooms that fail to load while travelling through hallways and doorways too fast causing players to get stuck in floors and walls.

  • This ones also one for the suggestion box

    *No “sellback” feature when a player accidentally spends their hard-earned marks on the wrong piece of iconic gear and has yet to put it on

    This should be a common sense feature. There is nothing more frustrating than having hours of effort go to waste on a piece of the wrong gear that you haven’t put on and can’t give back.

  • Have yah fixed voice chat? Or fixed anything at all in this game?

  • @Tearlock

    SOE is doing the best they can with what they have to work with ,. They are working with limited hardware and the PS3 is like a 5 year old computer. There is no other game as big and as expansive like this on any console and for it to be running as good as it does deserves to be recognize and people need to be more patient. Not saying that you aren’t but people need to realize that this is not some small console shooting game.

    It just seems that people tend to complain about this game without even realizing what the devs have to work with or what even needs to be done in order to make this game run.

  • SOE does not need to make a Marvel MMO. Just wait till that other so called company to make a Marvel MMO and let Sony tend to DC.

  • I’m loving it, been playing over a year, and happy that the updates are coming faster, and that you guys are keeping to the 3 months per DLC you promised us, I did have my doubts based on previous experience.

    Also, happy that you have brought the EUPS3 date forward, I was going to see what you Yanks were up to, but get to dive in myself now.

    The only problem I have, is I can’t call in sick, my supervisor is also my housemate, who also plays DCUO, and I doubt I’ll get away with it now, but, she has gone to bed with a “cough”! It may be contagious if I’m lucky.

  • @Larry Liberty….thank you for the response but looks like it is fixed….maybe after the store redesign….?? i have NOT looked in a while and probably should have before posting….but Fight For The Light is now showing and as purchased even though i never bought it. Maybe because i had bought full game and was subscribing so they provided for free….?? Just guessing. Anyways….thank you.

  • I like this game. Even though I have had plenty of Frozen play time which resulted in sending some information to PlayStation about why it was shut down and a file checker to make sure the HDD isn’t corrupted. But, I like this game a lot…I paid the full year to be legendary and have some pros and cons to say but, I won’t waste time with it..instead, I look forward to this update and new DLC3. Thank you for making this a very fun time playing. I am glad that they work out the bugs and listen to the fans to make sure they have a bunch of them fixed. I can understand that they will accumulate a number of bugs to set to release as a huge fixer. I am confidant that they will fix a huge number of issues but, still expand the universe of DC Online. What I wish they would do is that they would give the rest of the missions that belong to the other heroes to be open as soon as you reach a certain Combat Rating or for a price. I think that would be very cool to go through. Thank you very much.

  • I Gotta Admit DC Universe Is A Great Game That Exceeded My Expectations Tho I Wish The Powers Were More Diverse & Alot More Bounties Were Added.

    After Reading The Previous Comments I Pray 2 God Y’all Make A Marvel Universe Online, Cuz That’d B Far Superior. In DC I Only Like A Total Of Like 10 Characters My Top 3 Being Deathstroke, Dr.Fate & Vixen. But Yeah Making MARVEL UNIVERSE With More Everything Would B EPIC!!!!!!

    My Biggest DCUO Request Besides Fixing Bugs Etc Would B, A Super Raid Where U Fight TRIGUN, & Gain Armor Stronger Than The Armor Brought With Marks Of Kryton. N Addition I’d Like A “Dragon” Power Set Where U Can Transform N2 A Dragon & Summon 1 Of Several Little Dragons That Deal Alot Of Damage While Ur Loadout Resolves Around Defending And Or Healing Urself/Teamates Till Ur Summoned Dragon Kills Ur Opponents Or Enemies….That’d B Beyond Awesum Hahahaha *Salutes*

  • Excellent! At first I thought the game might capitulate with the ultimate showdown against Braniac. Now with Future Batman and Future Lex Luthor incoming the prospect of continual expansion holds true! I’d like to see the entire Future JLA including Future Superman and more of Supergirl! I love this game. GOOD work Sony!

  • I have access to the electricity and light powers during character creation only so I’m pretty sure I have the DLC packs DL’d and installed. I thought that you were supposed to be able to add electricity powers to one or two of your characters and get 2 Green Lantern Corp deputization decrees to add light powers to them also if you wish. Am I right or have I misread some information somewhere?

    If I am right can someone please check my account for something wrong? Also, I bought a month’s subscription to try it out and ended up by legendary for a year about 2 weeks (or less) later. Does my year start after the month I bought is up or right when I payed for the year? It should start at the end of my month by rights.

    The new DLC pack looks awesome I just hope that I can use it and its powers as I haven’t been able to use the first two yet. BTW, DCUO is down again I’m guessing for maintenance due to the new DLC that dropped today.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. When I got to the PS Store it says that the DLC packs “cannot be accessed on this account” but like I said I can access the powers through the character creation screen so I don’t think I need to DL and install them. I also cannot find them on the in-game Marketplace.

    Sorry for the double post. ;)

  • I just spoke with Sony with the same questions and issues in regards to the DLC Electricty and Light Packs. Yes we do have them. Now to find out what my 2 Deputization Decree are worth.

  • Hmm.. Strange i dl’d the 2 old DLC updates.. but my playstation Store isnt showing DLC 3 Fight for the Earth update. any help?

  • i cant see my mail

  • legendary membership online subscription and new DLC pack should be in playstationstore TURKEY

  • in TURKEY only lightning strikes dlc pack is available,
    no other game content, contacted everywhere but no solution

  • we need all game content in psn TR accounts also

  • love the new DLC ,.. cant wait to actually get past the first door =/

    i have played since beta and been a tank ever since,.. went earth tank as soon as the power dropped

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