ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Any Way You Want It

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Any Way You Want It


“Now is the time for all good men (and women! and kids!) to come to the aid of their ModNation!”
– “Uncle Tag” (March 2012)

There is whole new community of great creators springing up with their copies of ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS Vita. It’s time for them to join the ranks of their fellow ModNation-ites and rise up to once again lay claim to the crown and the glory befitting “The Greatest Community of Creators The World Has Ever Seen” (or something like that).

So, ModNation: SHOW US YOUR (or others’) GREAT CREATIONS!

Don’t be shy. Really. We mean it. We’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell creations.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS VitaMODS / KARTS
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS VitaTRACKS
  • ModNation Racers: Road Trip for PS VitaPOSTCARDS
  • ModNation Racers for PS3 MODS / KARTS
  • ModNation Racers for PS3TRACKS

So get to some creatin’ and show us what you’ve got. ALL skill levels are welcome and encouraged! We have a great community of players and most will offer very helpful tips on how to improve.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip For PS Vita

ModNation Racers: Road Trip “Starter Set – Week Four”
Got a shiny new PS Vita and your copy of Road Trip in hand? If the answer is “yes,” take a minute to download some of the best track creations from ModNation Racers on the PS3. These should give you a good idea of just what ModNation Racers: Road Trip is capable of with its enhanced track creation features. Enjoy!


ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Developers Tip #2 “Show Us Your Curves”
Want to catch the attention of players searching for your great new track? With this simple tip you can help your track(s) stand out from the crowd and help increase your numbers of downloads. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even catch our eye and become an upcoming San Diego Studio Fav seen here in the blog and in Road Trip’s Share Station!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip

ModNation Racers: Road Trip “Track of the Week” Monaco by Zerveruz26


Recent Top Times:

  1. punishthem420 – 67.175 s
  2. naruspider15 – 74.333 s
  3. IrishPride4 – 81.315 s

Can you beat em’?

ModNation Racers: Road Trip – San Diego Studio Faves
Only a few weeks into release and the Road Trip community is cranking out some great tracks. Take a look at some of our favorites and give them a try!

SDS faves

ModNation Racers For PS3

Become A Hot Lap Judge For A Week

Next week we will put your tracks though the ultimate proving grounds: your peers! That’s right, Hot Lap Tracks will be chosen by the ModNation community (with our “guidance”) for the following week’s Hot Lap Tracks seating. If you are interested in becoming a Hot Lap judge, look for more details here.

Track Creation Challenge: How RAD Can You Be?
RADMANROB and RADBOYROB (same person? Yes!) creates some of ModNation’s more unique and utterly entertaining tracks in the game. Perhaps more importantly, he is one of the friendliest community members in the ModNation family. His life goal seems to be to put a smile on people’s faces with his sense of humor. All we can say is, mission accomplished!

Since imitation is the purest form of flattery, we thought that the most appropriate way to celebrate this creativity would be to challenge the ModNation to design a track in the spirit of RMR/RBR.

To participate in this track creation challenge please click HERE.

Top Tracks: Best of PSN ID: SergioChileno

SergioChileno’s portfolio of tracks is huge, but when he creates a track it is always an epic creation! One of my all-time favorite tracks is Aquatic World — it’s utterly breathtaking! Must plays for sure.

Hot Lap Track of the Week: Shamar 1.5 by abc123y


Monday: Mack’s City Resort by mackAttack8000
Tuesday: City Garden *NAGOMI* by ylSK8TLZPqQ
Wednesday: Cascata della primavera by inosan0518
Thursday: Willowbury Point by punishthem420
Friday: Stairway to Heaven by mini_schnauzer67
Saturday: Shamar 1.5 by abc123Y
Sunday: Solitude by OneMama

Let’s see your creations.
Do it for me!
Do it for “Uncle Tag”.
Do it for your (mod)NATION!

PS3: ModNationSD
Vita: ModNationSDVita

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5 Author Replies

  • Modnation Racers Road Trip certainly does have a fever but the cure for your sickness is online multiplayer. NOT more user created content which you already have in spades.

  • not only does the fact that this game lacks online feature also lacks diffrent battle or elimination or other fun modes that this kart racer can impress in. If your going to bite off a game like Mario kart take a huge chunk!. Dont get me wrong the customization’s are a huge impact in MNR but now that we’ve moved from the PS3 to the PSP..but now that its on the PS VITA..being that its the most POWERFUL HANDHELD SYSTEM OUT…having different modes would’ve made up for the slap in the face no online feature..but those are my 2 cents..the 98 cents left are still in my pocket waiting for REALITY FIGHTERS :p

  • So I’ve posted a couple mods in the forum a while back “Carnage” and “Evil Ryu SSF4:AE” and neither of em have at least 5 measly downloads. Carnage has 3 while Evil Ryu has only 1. They were downloads from PSN friends. None of these are community downloads. I’ll post another to the forums this week an see what’ll happen. I try and download plenty of mods tracks and karts but people only go for stuff uploaded by people whose already made a name for themselves.

    I didn’t immediately start creating mods. I made sure I finished the career and bought all items out the shop before creating anything grand and expecting much from it. I have ModNation Road Trip running in front of me as I am typing this. I don’t download remixes that people just copy and throw back up there either.

    I must say this community isn’t all that well as you said it was last week.

    Hopefully after I submit this mod to the forums people notice. I’m not good at making tracks just yet, but I’ll post it when I have a good one.


  • Let’s see online multiplayer:
    Do it for me.
    Do it for “Uncle DaveTheSnake”.
    Do it for your sales.

  • Unlike many of the fans of the series, I’m fine without online multiplayer on Road Trip. HOWEVER, I’m having trouble getting into races with 30-45 second load times. I mean, long load times were rough on the PS3, but they’re borderline unforgivable on a console meant for quick consumption of content. Does Sony SDS have any plans on patching in shorter load times, if that’s even possible? Until that happens, I see myself loading up quicker games like MotorStorm RC or Super Stardust Delta before I’ll load up ModNation Racers, which is too bad…because once you get into the action, ModNation is a lot of fun! It’s just the waiting for action that hurts the experience…

  • hey Mark how about 150.0s time difference to unlock the bonus tour instead of 200.0s ? im at 147.8s i think and getting to 200.0s is gonna be a pain , i dont feel like going through all that frustration , bah i was expecting to unlock the bonus tour when i beat tour 5 lol , anyways i hope Erich and the team are working on the head to head online multiplayer patch

  • They know you want ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! OKAY WE GET IT!!! Shut up! Please! Stay on topic or stay away!

  • @7 just do the first 3 tiers over again and you’ll get the time if you’re good enough.

  • @#8

    Dude online multiplayer its PART of the topic. why? Bc if there’s no Online Multiplayer the online community wont buy the game, therefor that means that the ppl buying the game dont care about online and therefor they wont download things or even bother creating and posting things and that leads to a total failure of this game. :(

    I agree we need online and other modes as battle and stuff. Modnation racers its a X1000 better kart game than mario kart… but just if they listen to their community.

  • @10 “DUDE” Obviously it isn’t if they aren’t dicussing it in the OP. They know we want it by now! That’s all I was saying.

  • Any way we want it huh? HOW’S ABOUT ONLINE?

    That’s How we want it.

  • Hi Mark, just wondering do the IP rules including real life places not come into effect on the vita version because, y’know, the TOTW is called ‘Monaco’ and that’s a REAL place…

  • @killa1b91

    Regardless of whether they know or not, they refuse to put it in the game. That is why fans are frustrated by this. Why would you remove the online from an ONLINE KART RACER?

  • Hey Mark
    I’ve seen some people post about this but they don’t seem to ever get a response.
    Will the PS3 track packs ever get a price drop? Seems like a lot of people would be willing to spend some cash on the PS3 version if the price came down, myself included. $10 a piece seems pretty high. Don’t forget about us PS3 MNRacers who made the game big in the first place.

    • Hi,

      I don’t ignore the questions but I only know what I know. Trust me, any news on that front will be posted here first!

  • Dear Mark,
    Can you please pass on this question to the team.
    Will you ever add the option to allow us to pick the AI mods and karts in quick race? (PS3 version)
    This would add so much replay value. Imagine this, I buy the spooky props pack, I make a spooky looking track, I then create some “spooky mods and karts” such as skeletons, zombies, witches etc, I then pick these mods for the AI and then race on my newly created spooky track… so much better than racing the UFG creations over and over again… you get my point? Or even the option to choose the AI mods and then even the option to pick one of them to be a “boss” (higher difficulty than the rest of the racers, name shows like in career mode etc) this would also allow for more replay value, for example I make a farm themed track, make some farm based mods and karts such as cows, pigs etc and then the farmer himself (he can be chosen as the boss).. I hope you get my point and understand how much these small options would add to the game, hopefully a small patch or update would allow this. Can you please reply to me.

    Thank you.

    • It’s is a good idea and that is a cool scenario.
      I’m afraid at almost two years out that the PS3 game will receive any new changes or adjustments but it’s on the list for sure.


  • Hey Mark
    Thanks for getting back to me. Who makes that decision?
    Send it up the chain. Seems like an easy way for ya’ll to make some quick easy money.

  • I’m buying this game next week to try my best and support getting Online MP. I just want a good kart racer that’s online on a portable. But MK7 has track skipping glitches that kill it for me cuz I hate cheating and Nin said they have no plans of fixing. Now this doesn’t have OMP. just please do it. My bro doesn`t use the share station because he sayys whats the point when you can`t have fun with it online with friends. Also that game is Impossible to platinum at this point. I`ve tried hard enough on the PS3 version but gave up on the creations trophies and just stopped playing as a whole cuz I hate when games put trophies that rely on others to get you it. Only game it’s not bad is LBP cuz you don’t actually download stages but instead load a list every time and pick stages. so it`s impossible not to get plays

  • I cant look at this game without doing a *palmface* no online multiplayer what were the devs smoking!

  • It’s funny that Mark will answer some of the posts, but he dare would not touch any of posts regarding online multiplayer.

  • “ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Any Way You Want It” UNLESS you want online multiplayer!

  • i would want to might to play a kind of mode championship in multiplayer mode, like play 4 tracks followed something like that and for ps3 like mario kart

  • anyway you want it . . . . . .



    mark the more you ignore the question the more we are offended. you should show some professionalism and answer that legitamate question…

    i refuse to buy your game, same with my friends until you give us that patch.

  • @Mark Wilson:

    “+ Erich Waas on January 23rd, 2012 at 1:56 pm said:
    Oh and to address your DLC question, HandsomeDave85, we’re talking about significant price drops for MNR PS3 DLC in the near future.”

    Guess you weren’t privy to those discussions. Could you perhaps ask around and get an answer?

    • Hi TUSTIN1,

      Thanks for your interest in the PS3 DLC. There is some great stuff there for sure!

      I am aware of that conversation and as soon as I hear anything I’ll let you know right here! Hopefully soon.

      btw…. as always I will try to answer all the questions that I can. As can be expected I don’t have an answer to every question but I / we do listen to all of the community’s comments and input.


  • “Any way you want it.” Yeah, except the way players REALLY want it — online racing!

  • I was really liking this game because it was basicly mario kart with way more customization. It was a day 1 must buy. If I was only able to pick 1 game day 1 it was going to be this one. Then I heard about no online multiplayer and this game went from the very top of my list to the very bottom. So I bought wipeout 2048 instead and im not regreting my decision.

  • Hi Mark,

    Though I read the blog every week this is the first time I have ever posted here. I am happy that you chose my track for hot lap, but I was going to go back and edit it. I planned to do it weeks ago, but I’ve been busy with the RBR challenge… So, can I quickly edit it now, or will that completely screw up the hot lap roster?

  • I usually hate reading the blog comments from the screaming negative posts but I feel I have to back up what others are saying on this one. I bought this game without even questioning if there was going to be online or not. When I found out there wasn’t I couldn’t even justify playing it since the races often have that rubber band A.I. which completely kills the enjoyment of a race. I unfortunately had to trade this game in.

    The vita has been heavily promoting online multiplayer, and to not include it when the weak PSP port had it is just bizarre. If it is patched in then I may pick this game up again.

  • I really WANT to buy this game, but lack of online multiplayer is the dealbreaker :/

  • Thank you for responding to our questions and passing them on as well.

    I was really happy to hear about the dev team re-considering online racing after community feedback however, and I understand that you do not have answers to all the questions, is there any comment or feedback we can get regarding the framerate dips with the game which has been a frequent comment in both forum, blog posts and reviews, but I haven’t seen any mention about a possible fix in the works.

    I can understand why the game would have issues, contrary to what people say about the graphics, they are very good, the textures may be plain but there are a lot of effects that brighten it up and are impressive! Even the shadows are smooth and the environment is fully loaded which you notice when you go of-course. Yet it is unfortunate as it results in significant frame-rate drops.

    As much as the game is enjoyable and content-filled, the issue is distracting and can affect gameplay which makes it annoying – if there was any work being done to remedy this or plans for it, I know the reassurance would be widely appreciated by many of your fans. [Sorry had to shorten it but thanks again!]

  • hey,mark.when are you gonna make some new dlc.i had an idea for mods and karts from tv shows and movies.and maybe a spongebob partspack or tuff puppy partspack.and as a theme i thought you could do savana.the tracks are tree of wisdom,elephant graveyard,moutin cave and more.and some of the kart unlockables are:hournet body,bullet train body,computer engine,token powered engine,power cables engine,paper thin wheels,steering wheel wheels and roadkill accecorie.

  • First off this game is good but you seriously let the game down with no multiplayer, that said a few additions could have really softened the blow.

    Ghosts are ok but lose the name,, why are we not actually seeing customised created characters and karts that we are racing against? Why must we race a white translucent soulless vehicle? Not to mention the fact we should get to race against more at once but hey the first point would be a start.

    My second recommendation and another flaw in the longevity of the psvita version is the quick play and career races, not enough set up options to be found, you release a game with all the tools to customise all aspects which is implemented nicely yet why would I download all these awesome characters and karts if I cannot create a race against AI (and let’s face it that’s all I can) with user created mods or make a career that allows me to race against all the mods instead of default characters and karts.

    Little things go along way…
    These don’t seem like big things but if anyone thinks the same as me it would certainly keep me involved with modnation for a lot longer.

  • for a game that doesn’t have much fans you’d think they do everything they could to keep the community they have.but no multiplayer and over priced DLC isn’t such a good way to encourage people to play your game.I hope they dont do the same for the new kart racer which i still think should be developed by media molecule…..

  • Although I love the game, I am very disappointed. I wish that they would respond to us in some way to confirm or deny (they better not) that they will be adding Online head 2 head multiplayer. You guys managed to put it in WipEout 2048 (which i own, too), and even managed online PSV vs. PS3 multiplayer. We are all asking for one simple thing ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! please give this to us, and not in DLC or an Add-On.

  • The game looks good, i hope you guys hear the people and make this game even better.

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