JRPG Tales of Graces f Debuts Tomorrow, New Trailer Here

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JRPG Tales of Graces f Debuts Tomorrow, New Trailer Here

It’s Nick from NAMCO BANDAI Games, and I’m here to give PlayStation.Blog readers an early look at this week’s Tales of Graces f launch trailer! Everyone here at NAMCO BANDAI Games America cannot be more excited for people to finally get their hands on this great game. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think! Tales of Graces f will be available tomorrow, March 13, so be sure to pick up your copy.

JRPG Tales of Graces f Debuts Tomorrow, New Trailer Here

I also have a second piece of news I would like to share really quick. Our Community team has five copies of Tales of Graces f that they will be giving away to some lucky fans. Now these aren’t your regular old run-of-the-mill copies of the game. These are signed by Tales of Graces f producer, Hideo Baba! Keep watching our Facebook page for more information on how to win a copy.

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  • ive got my pre-order ready to pick up tmrw at 9:30am – cant wait. Ive heard great things about ToG

  • I’m glad Namco Bandai hasn’t given up on bringing Tales games to the USA.
    Also, I’d love to one day see Tales of Destiny released on PSN as a PS1 Classic. I think that was my favorite Tales game to date.

  • Thanks for the info Mr. O’Leary, been waiting for ToGf since the announcement of a localized version. Can you confirm whether there’s an option to switch between Japanese VAs and the (quite awesome, I must admit) English ones?

  • Thank you so much Namco! pre-ordered it since last year and cant wait to pick it up tomorrow
    i really hope we will also see Tales of Xillia and Tales of Vesperia coming our side on the PS3 soon as well :)
    Cant wait for Graces F thank you!

  • Mine shipped today. Should have it by Wednesday at latest. Always loved the Tales series so here’s to many more US releases; amazing work Namco!

  • sony…..it has nearly been 5 weeks since firmware 4.10 killed your official 7.1 stereo wireless headset….where is the fix?!?!?!? this is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait!,my copy will be arriving tomorrow!!.. what a great week (well 2 is ur a psn+ member) to get tales of grace f and Journey..Man,sony knows how to get amazing games for it’s system!.

  • dang… I want this, Mass Effect 3 and ModNation Racers Road Trip for Vita… but I’m always broke… *sigh* i hate being broke.. why does the economy have to suck so bad? :(

  • Way to go! Day 1 for me!
    Now where is my Xillia?
    If you guys are having problems with the VA in Vesperia, why not simply leaving the audio in Japanese and put a big disclaimer on the cover or something? Dubs aren’t gonna stop me from buying this game.
    Remember all the Xenoblade ruckus? People didn’t even wait for the NA release and imported it from Europe just because it was in English.
    VA? Hell no!
    People just didn’t know how to read japanese, that’s why.
    Two cents, but US$ 59,98 more if Vesperia comes here and even more if the DLC comes as well.

  • Can’t wait, I love the “Tales” series!

  • Support JRPGs.
    Support Tales in the west.
    Support that small chance we might get Xillia before the heat death of the universe.

    Any word on future costume DLC? I know about the Gamestop preorder stuff, but what about the Idolmaster, Toro&Kuro, Miku, School, Code Geass, etc. ones.

  • Deifnetly buying tales of garces after playing the japanese version im really excited to finaly play an english version of the game.

  • Ah, but there is another option!
    Here I was playing Battle Fantasia and started to think…
    If the rules demand games to be fully voiced in english to be launched at retail and you guys fear the risk of small sales since it is a not-so-recent game, why not release it on the PSN for download? Win-win, small price-small risk and a guaranteed minimum of return.
    Don’t underestimate the power of an ex-exclusive, I say.

  • Can’t wait! My preorder should arrive tomorrow. People that want to see more Tales games and JRPG’s localized need to support this game (and others) with their dollars. It would be really nice if we got the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia one day, and also to see a localization for Tales of Xillia. Anyway, thanks for putting out Tales of Graces f in NA!

  • Fighting over a lost cause, I may be.
    But those faithful to the cause will always have 30-40 thousand gald in the PSN wallet.

  • I haven’t bought any game in over half a year. Nothing has interested me thus far, but damn it I am gonna get this day 1. The handful of Tales games that I’ve played have been amazing so I hope this one doesn’t disappoint. But when did they stop using the LMBS?

  • So…Japanese language track yes or no?

    If not, why not? I’m sure there’s plenty of room on the Blu-Ray for it.

  • Good to final play a Tales series on the PS3 without resorting to expensive imports.

  • Buying this tomorrow!
    When will we get Xillia and Vesperia?
    I also want Innocence on my Vita!

  • Speaking of missing Bandai RPGs, can we a western release for .hack//Link please? Granted its 2 years old at this point, but with another .hack game in the works its best to not let the franchise go to waste in the west! :(

  • Please, Graces, do well so that we might get Xillia and even possibly Vesperia PS3… *already has mine preordered and can’t wait*

    I will ask one question about DLC, though: Will we be seeing the throwback costumes aside from the preorder ones? *would love to get my hands on the Natalia one with its music change*

  • I’m so excited! Tales is finally coming! I have waited forever! I’m so happy I finally get to play Tales of Graces F!

  • I’m so excited, I can hardly contain myself!

  • And again no one confirm if there is an option to change to Japanese Audio… I’ll wait someone tells if there a japanese audio… I don’t know why but english voicecover over japanese (god like) audio can’t fit well… if there aren’t an option, I’m really sorry Namco, you didn’t want to reach all of your JRPG fans…

  • I won’t be able to get it right away, but as soon as I’m able to, I’ll get it!

  • I’ll be getting this next week. They extra wait will just make it all the more sweeter.

    I hope this release brings the PS2 classics followed by the series continued existence with us.

  • hope that this game does well for namco so that they will bring more games of tales of to sony’s platforms.in the meantime, old and newcomers to the game/genre lets rejoice! :)

  • Ahhhhhhhhh I can’t wait i better have my copy by wednesday.

  • Graphics ara kinda floppy… I’ve seen PS2 games with better rendering. On the other hand, battle looks awesome, and english dubbing LOOKS good… We’ll see when I get the game, and if it’s horrible like most of the jrpg out there, I hope we can change to original japanese voice acting.

    Anyway, I have no doubts that this game got a thrilling and awesome plot just waiting to be braved, like all the rest “Tales of” games.

  • Where is Tales of Vesperia?

  • I have only played Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss and I never even had a chance to beat Abyss but both were fantastic. I can’t wait to have play this one!

  • Played a demo for this a few months back, combat has a Star Ocean feel to it, which i loved. So as long as the Japanese voice track is maintained, I will definitely be picking this up.

    I just hope the Hatsune Miku DLC outfits make it to the west.

  • Just got a call from GameStop letting me know my reserve copy will be available for pickup in the morning. Thanks Namco Bandai for localizing Graces f, I absolutely cannot wait a minute longer to add this to my Tales collection!

  • So…..Tales of Destiny as a PSone classic?

    I’ll be picking up my preorder for Tales of Graces f first thing tomorrow. Been playing Tales of the Abyss (on that other non Sony portable game system…*cough*) which has been getting me hyped. It’s my 3rd or 4th time playing Abyss (and the second copy I own now).

    By the way, Tales of Innocence or any Tales game on the Vita would cause me to go out and by a Vita right now. Just saying.

    Yes, I’m a fan.

  • Looks good, I can’t wait to get my hands on a tales of graces f. My ps3 has been waiting for a Tales game for a long time now.

  • Maybe one day we’ll get a JRPG designed for adults.

  • Got mine pre-ordered and picking it up tomorrow! I really hope we get the other DLC like Code Geass, but I know how the licensing issues go :( Maybe if it sells really well?

  • @WICKOtheSTAMPEDE : Well, FFvs13 will be a dark fantasy JRPG (action, like Kingdom Hearts) for adults. Or you may wait for the next tales of (only in Japan right now), it’s for adults, but you’ll wait at least a year for an english version. or you could buy the X360 arcade for one game like I did, and buy Lost Odyssey (mautre and a really good story about a guy who cannot die and his long life full of tragedies). Or you may buy a PSP and buy Valkyrie Profile, and The War of the Lions (FF Tactics), the story are really powerful and mature.

    PS: I’ll surely buy tales of graces, but not now, University is killing me..

  • I’d rather see a localization of Tales of Vesperia Enhanced Edition instead of a port of a Wii game…

  • @11: That’s not a win-win for me. I hate digital releases of physical goods elsewhere. I didn’t buy Agarest War on PS3 for that reason, and imported it from Europe. Even bought both Agarest and Zero on 360 for the LE released here. All to have physical goods.

    I’m willing to pay more for the release in a way I want.

  • Preordered this long ago, looking forward to it. I hope that we get Xillia and Innocence R news soon. I bought Abyss for 3DS and have been playing it lately.

  • Can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow. Huge fan of the series after playing Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Abyss. Heard nothing but great things about Graces :D

  • Buying day one for the chance to get Xillia localized.

  • I’m buying, if only or the Tales of Destiny 2 pre-order costumes. Don’t just tease us with DLC costumes, bring over the PSP port. I’ll enjoy it on my Vita along with Tales of Innocence R. And Xillia too if Namco is feeling generous.

  • I have this preordered! Please bring more Tales games to the US!

  • Already got it pre-ordered n_n… Please Namco-Bandai bring Tales of Xillia (PS3) and Tales of Innocence (PSVita) to America =).

  • $60 for a game that ported from Wii?

    hard decision but finally I paid for it…

    If it sucks I’ll never buy a Tales game anymore.

  • @Enigma777: So, you’d rather have an enhanced edition of a game that was already released in the US, just for the other big console, rather than the enhanced edition of a game that isn’t available in the US yet? Man, I wish I had your priorities… not.
    Bamco did it twice, put BETA versions of games on non-PS systems, then made enhanced versions with bug fixes and tons of extras for the PS3.

    I’m just happy we’re finally getting a new Tales of game localized, since I played Vesperia on the 360 (back when I had one). Now with Xillia, they decided to quit teasing people, and just release full versions of their games on the console they’re intending to in the first place. I’m supporting Tales of, in hopes that we can get Xillia and Innocence R localized as well.
    It’s time to give up on Vesperia. (besides, the PS3 version had lower res textures than the 360 version, so really not “enhanced” all that much)

  • Like many others, the only reason I’m buying an enhanced Wii port is because of the gun to the head tactics to get Xillia over here. I’d even buy that tired old Vesperia, considering that it felt somewhat incomplete when I played it (in English) the first time.

    I don’t know how Namco can be so clueless about how to market and promote JRPGs when Atlus, XSEED and NISA get it soooooo right.

    The secret? Communication and nurturing your fanbase. Namco has a long history of doing completely irreverent, stonewalling decisions with their localizations and clinging to the rights of games that they never intend to bring West. If you (Namco) don’t want to localize a game, do the honourable thing and pass the duty to someone else.

  • Innocence R too. Stop making customers beg for your flagship titles, or they’ll just play something else.

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