5 Reasons Shoot Many Robots is Better with Friends

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5 Reasons Shoot Many Robots is Better with Friends

Available tomorrow on PSN, Shoot Many Robots is an action game with a twist: You can play with up to four people cooperatively online. If you don’t already have an excuse to make three friends and kill some robots, we’ve provided five:

Shoot Many Robots for PS3 (PSN)

More, More, More

It’s a simple formula. As you add more players to Shoot Many Robots, you’ll encounter more robots, more explosions, and more chaos. Playing with co-op partners increases the number of robots in each level which means more things to kill…and more ways to kill them. And more dead robots means more Nut pickups, which enable you to buy new guns and gear. All of the randomly dropping items like powerups and loot also drop more frequently. In co-op, everything is just more fun.

Coopetition - Shoot Many Robots


At the end of each mission, the players with the highest kill counts are rewarded with more Nuts. This means you must work cooperatively to complete a mission, while also competing for the most kills – hence, “co-opetition.”

Shoot Many Robots for PS3 (PSN)


In co-op, you can revive your partners if they are downed. Having squadmates to keep each other alive will help you get through the more challenging robot battles.

Shoot Many Robots for PS3 (PSN)

Tutu Strategy

You can equip anything from a tutu to a shark fin, jetpack, tighty whities, and a grenade launcher (to name a few of the hundreds of items available). Each item affects your character’s stats differently, but the real strategic fun starts when you learn to coordinate your getup to complement your squadmates. Crafty teams will coordinate lethal weapon combos like “fire and ice,” where one player slows the robots with a freeze ray while the other annihilates them with a flamethrower (and a raccoon hat that boosts critical hit chance).

Shoot Many Robots for PS3 (PSN)

Drinking Games

The best reason to play with friends is for the games you can make up outside of Shoot Many Robots. Every time you have to drink to gain health in-game, you have to drink in real life. The player with the lowest kill count at the end of each mission has to wear a tutu… in real life. Get creative, and have fun killing robots with your friends!

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