Unit 13 Training Videos: Part 3 – Sharing and Competing

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Unit 13 Training Videos: Part 3 – Sharing and Competing

Unit 13 Training Videos: Part 3 – Sharing and Competing

Today is the third and final day of our in-depth training series for Unit 13, the PlayStation Vita exclusive released earlier this week. This three-part in-depth video series teaches you everything from the core fundamentals of how to play the game to tips on how to tackle each mission type and even how to fully take advantage of Unit 13’s networking features.

Today’s video, “Sharing and Competing”, covers Unit 13’s robust networking capabilities. Able to utilize PlayStation Vita’s 3G capabilities, Unit 13 features always-on leaderboards, Daily Challenges, High Value Target sharing via Near, and much more. We’re also going to give you a look at Unit 13’s new two-player cooperative multiplayer over WiFi. Two players can take on any of the game’s 36 main missions, mixing and matching operatives and arsenals any way you see fit. You’ll get scoring bonuses for working together as a team, and specialized co-op leaderboards will let you see how well your teamwork abilities stack up against the competition. This video will ensure that you’re fully versed on all of Unit 13’s online options and able to take full advantage of them.

If you missed the previous two videos, “How to Play” and “Game Types”, be sure to go back and check those out as they’ll give you a great overview of Unit 13’s core gameplay mechanics and the various operation types that you’ll come across in the game’s numerous missions.

Unit 13 is now available exclusively for PlayStation Vita, so check out the videos in this series and hone your skills to see if you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboards.

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  • The Daily Challenges look to be a HUGE step forward in keeping players entertained. I really hope that it pans out!

  • Loving this game so far even if im only 14 mission in. Keep up the good work zipper. BEYOND!!!

  • Having a blast with Unit 13 so far – but I have a question.

    If you get a high score while playing off-line does it not post to the leaderboards when you’re back on-line?

    I’ve been playing mostly away from wifi (with a wifi only Vita) so I’m wondering if that means no one will ever see my scores.


  • the online co op has not been letting me play all day.. it loads up the room and then kicks me and my buddy out the room saying we left the room.. do you have any plans on fixing that? other than that amazing game havent put it down yet.. keep up the great job zipper!!!!

  • All my scores say pending why is that?

  • Would have been nice to be able to watch this video on my ACTUAL PS Vita.

  • Why cant your game recognize when I have my code redeemed? It even shows up in my transaction history. This is frustrating.

  • THIS game is not that complex that you have to make a vieo LMAO! What There is not ENUFF coming to the vita ya Have to tell gamers how to play this simple third person shooter. COme on now Im sure alott of us expected games that needed to be shown how to play BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! PLZ MAKE A REAL SHOOTER FOR THE VITA ALONG WITH BETTER GAMES OVERALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU IT GETS A 6/10.For my 380-400$ for my vita system i expect Nothing less than 7/10!

  • I’d like to know why the matchmaking is so bad with the coop mode.
    Also, I played the Demo, and so I can’t do the training course; Which means that I will never be able to platinum the game, because I can’t get the trophy for having completed the training course. That’s extremely upsetting.

  • You can replay the training mission. Go into settings, then choose other settings and pick replay training. Enjoy

  • When is co-op going to be fixed?

    And while i am here thanks for getting online pass sorted out so quickly.

  • i need vita freinds add me

  • Lovin the game so far. The only thing that bugs me is that the german version of Unit 13 isn’t playable in english at all. Please Zipper, release a patch that fixes this. I’m sick of having to change my Vita language to german everytime i wanna play Unit 13 and then having to change it back to english again so i can enjoy Uncharted in it’s full glory.

  • I keep trying to purchase it, however – each time I’m getting 80023102. My credit card info is definitely valid, considering I haven’t changed it in a couple years, and it’s definitely not expired.

    I contacted my credit card company, and they said all the (many attempts) were successful, and told me to contact Sony. I did – but they said there’s nothing they can do, and refuse to contact my credit card company to resolve it.

    Has anyone hit this, and/or found a way to fix it?

  • Maybe you should stop trying to purchase it.

    Maybe you should research Zipper’s track record as of late before you think of forking over any of your money.

  • When is TOP DARTs coming to America? I know it has nothing to do with this game but an answer would be nice. I enjoy TOP DARTS on ps3 so it would be nice on ps vita.

  • does anyone know how to even get close to 200k points because i am stumped

  • The solo mode of this game is totally awesome, but I bought it for the co op but I can’t use it because Sony does not let two people to use the same playstation network account at the same time like for familys.

    So could you please, please add ad-hoc multiplayer, I would recommend it to all of my friends because this is a truly awesome game.

  • Make MAG2 with cross-play

  • Sharing and competing doesn’t make up for the lack of actual multiplayer, which is what this shooter title should have. Or better yet, where is Socom for Vita? The lack of story in single player is also a bummer. The second mission took me between 30 and 40 seconds. Who want’s to rush through a game like that? I like a meaningful fun experience when I play a game… not stat whoring.

    Pretty big launch let-down Zipper/Sony.

  • Ad hoc mode would be totally awesome I would love to be able to play this game on the go.

  • i need vita friends add me dawg

  • its not that i dont love the game i do but there is no inferstrucure like socom so you and your friends can 2 man co-op but in socom it was 4 and you cant kill eachother you just fight for higher score will ther be a unit 13 patch so we can vs online

  • it needs to be like cod and socom ftb3 or socom 2-3 were we can kill eachother and have a awsome campaine if cod dose come out for vita i hope its soon so i can kill friends in the game

  • I can’t wait untill I get this game.

  • R.I.P Zipper best of luck to all you guys and thanks for the great games im one of the lucky few who loved SOCOM4 and glad to have it in my possession was looking forward to getting Unit13 but dunno if you guys will discontinue the services on it

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