UNCHARTED 3: Co-op Shade Survival Mode Detailed, Final Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC coming in April

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UNCHARTED 3: Co-op Shade Survival Mode Detailed, Final Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC coming in April

By now you’ve become a badass at being a dependable teammate while taking out enemies trying to kill you in UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer, right? Not really? Okay, then practice up because a new game type is coming in fiery hot to UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer. Co-op Shade Survival Mode will be available Tuesday, March 13 on PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to tackle some of the toughest enemies in the UNCHARTED franchise with the help of your friends. Want to see what you’ll be up against? Check this out:

Fortune Hunters’ Club, this new mode has cost you only the initial price of admission – you can download the Co-Op Shade Survival Mode for free on Tuesday. If you’re still not a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club but want to get in on all the DLC that’s available for UNCHARTED 3, the FHC is the most cost effective way to do so. For $24.99 you can become a member today and all 14 packs of DLC content will be marked free for you to download. Just click on the FHC icon to buy it via the PS Store, or grab it via the in-game UNCHARTED 3 store today.

As a FHC member, you save over 60% on the 14 packs of UNCHARTED 3 DLC. Current members and any new membership purchased will receive all currently available and any upcoming DLC packs for UNCHARTED 3, as well as the exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme for your PS3. When new UNCHARTED 3 DLC hits, you’ll be notified right from the XMB of your PS3 with a message that will take you right to it.

Incidentally the fiery, devilish Djinn bring our Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC total to lucky number 13. The next, and final, DLC in the Fortune Hunters’ Club will be coming at you next month so be sure to look for our next blog post for full details about what we have in store. For now, see you in the Co-Op Shade Survival mode online!

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  • Sounds good. Hopefully it will be an ACTUAL map pack, and not a flashback map pack. It would be nice to see some new, cool environments.

  • flash back maps are cool though trolololo

  • Will be purchasing this on Tuesday, great job Naughty Dog!! Back to MLB 12 The Show, GO SOX!!!

  • Screw zombies! lets take down some djinns!

  • where are the new trophies at
    come on ND its your only down fall

  • Anybody that has a mic and likes to play team work add me plz. Thank you~

  • “Dry Docks” is taking FOREVER!

  • Ha! I called this one a long time ago. I knew it was a zombies-esque mode and not “stay out of the light” like those morons suggested.

    Hopefully this will help me not to feel stupid for buying the FHC.

  • I’m a huge Naughty Dog fan, but I’ve got two major gribes one how this was handled.

    1.) No NEW maps
    2.) No Trophy add ons

    Guys… common. It almost feels like I was ripped off. Especially if the FHC is hitting 14 …

    • We’re looking to see if trophy support can be added but ran into some roadblocks and aren’t sure it can happen. We’ll update you if can. As for your first qualms, well, we’ll see! :)

  • Please add trophies like in Uncharted 2.

  • Why 3/13!? Naruto and Tales of grace are coming that day! >_<

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    I agree with #1 and #9. I’m glad I didn’t get the FHC honestly. The new co-op adventure map and the new co-op shade survival mode are cool and nice additions, but 2 flashback map packs with out any new maps just isn’t good. Even some of the on disc multiplayer maps were just rehashes of U2 maps. There really isn’t that much for multiplayer skins either, such as no other skins from other franchises like U2 had. Killzone is cool, but what about Infamous and Resistance, even Starhawk and TM skins would be awesome.

    I’m still playing U3 occasionally, but I’m getting tired of playing maps like Facility and Museum (which were both U2 maps) all the time. I’m excited to see what the last piece of content next month is, here’s to hoping its awesome!

  • Where are the multiplayer trophies? I got my FHC subscription thinking I’d have some trophies to work towards

  • @sabot37, I’m right there with you. Congratulations on suckering me out of $25, ND.

  • U3 just needs new maps and awesome skins like #12 said..resistance, starhawk and even twisted metal..will be day one purchases!!! but seriously new maps..and btw..im having a blast on my PS Vita with Golden Abyss..on the 14th chapter out of 30..and its AMAZING!…sucks theres no online on it but i guess the hidden treasures will have me playing it once more..although a survival ad hoc mode wouldve bin lovely :P – keep up the fantastic work..on the new U3 maps that is..lol

  • That’s it? You guys are done with the support of Uncharted 3 after April? Shame. I want to be able to play this game for many years with support from you guys, I don’t want the Multiplayer to be dead anytime soon. And one of the main reasons it becomes dead is because of the lack of dev support later in the cycle.

    Please don’t leave Uncharted 3 MP, keep on releasing new stuff, keep patching the game, organize events, etc. Oh and one more thing, where are the TWO “new” Uncharted 3 map packs we were promised? I thought we’ll be getting more Uncharted 3 maps? As of right now, we have more Uncharted 2 maps in this game than Uncharted 3 ones. Comeon! It’s a new game!

    Other than that, I’ll reserve judgment until I try Shade mode out next week. I have exams this week so can’t really try it out. Looking forward to playing it and I’m waiting anxiously for The Lab! :D

    • We aren’t done with support of Uncharted 3 after April. The final Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC hits in April. We’ll have information on what’s next for Uncharted 3 beyond the FHC after it hits.

  • Oh and one more thing. Please release Uncharted 3 as a standalone MP like Killzone 3. I would by that in addition to the Blu-ray disc. It’s not that trophies is everything for me. I still love to play Uncharted 3 MP from time to time, and I will always go back to playing the single player every now and then. But all the epicness that is Uncharted 3 MP, would be even greater with trophies.

    Love Naughty Dog with or without trophies though:)

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    It’s so sad to see multiplayer taking over as the most important aspect of uncharted.


  • Dude! Co-op has been ridiculous enough with repetitive treasure drops of things you already have and the awful PAK-80 scripting. Well, here goes nothing…

  • my guess is they already have all our money form FHC
    so they’re not going to add any new trophies
    ND is the new capcom

  • @sabot37 @onuosfan @Link01 , I’m right there with you. Congratulations on suckering me out of $25

  • I loved U3, but you guys are a joke. Glad I didn’t pay for the reason pass. No new maps=FAIL.

  • WOW what a big slap in the face!! I bought the Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC pack (Day 1) thinking there will be trophies along with it (just like every other DLC Sony puts on the Sony Store). DLC after DLC for this pack I see no trophy support? This just teaches me not to buy something before I do more, and more research on it! I’m sorry but you guys dropped the ball on this one!

    • We are looking into seeing if we can make trophies happen but it might not be possible. We’ll update you if we can make it happen.

  • I like were getting something new (mode wise)… But I think you should have included the other ‘supernatural’ enemies, the spanish/WWII zombies from U1 (they’re fast, if i remember), the guardians from U2 (they’re strong), and you have the djinn from U3(kinda a mixture of fast and strong)… If you only going to put ‘flashback’ stuff in why not add these guys in? OH AND MAKE THE ROUNDS INIFINITE LIKE A GOOD LITTLE HORDE MODE!

  • @Eric Monacelli Thanks for the quick response! It’s hard to stay upset with you guys XD. I can understand the trophy roadblock, but as long as everything is being pushed for * especially for the fans * I’m very grateful. It’s more or less from the experiences of Uncharted 2 that these ‘expectations’ are coming from. Being a first buyer of the FHC pack, surely anyone could relate to what they thought was coming. I really enjoyed the way you handled trophies in Uncharted 2 and seriously would like to see that continue. It brings me back to my games. It’s a little hard when you have A LOT to play and only a bit of motivation for one particular title.

    • Understood. We’re working on supporting the multiplayer for a long time so stay tuned for updates about what’s coming next.

  • Oh, and when you played Uncharted 2 to death… you can only take in oh so much of the same (more or less) maps.

  • The last add on better be a new map pack with actual new maps. I don’t want any skins. The older maps with new lighting were cool but they wouldn’t top any actual new maps. Also the team at naughty dog has never answered my post in the forum about the late join glitch where you are not shown in game as legacy. I cant believe it is still not patched. This has gone on forever And what about the DLC toggle I would like to play some DLC only it should be added. And not to mention the Legacy being raised a lot of people have stopped playing due to not being able to rank up anymore.

  • Ill never buy another pre-order of Naughty Dog again, really.

    PSN Avatars are so useless, its just a png, so poor.
    Co-Op missions that we dont care…

    Maps that is played just like in 2009, and know what?
    I payed for that SAME maps in 2009 too!

    Cant believe that this Fortune Hunter was a product of the same brillant Naughty Dog Of Uncharted 2 times, its a shame. So many prizes for U2 in 2009 make the naughty dog a lazy and accommodated dog.

    Even the mercenary Activision has more respect for their players.

    Fortune Hunter is a insult, dont buy it!

  • I’m kind of bored of Uncharted 3. Mainly because well *cough cough* all the good players are the only ones playing. I go on and I get my butt kicked. It was fun at first because everyone was a low level, they didn’t use cheap tactics, they didn’t dodge your grenades, they didn’t roll out of the way everytime you shoot them, Now it’s just, total pros. I regret buying the fortune hunters club. All I really got was a bunch of skins, 1 map pack (the other map pack didn’t even show up in game), and a new co-op mode that I never even touched. It’s sad that I paid $25 for this. I wanted a nice casual multiplayer, which was what I got at first. Now everybody’s level 75 3rd legacy with the little star next to their name showing off how elite they are. I used to get 15/5 in 3 team deathmatch, now I only get 5/10 every match. But I’ll learn from this and not buy DLC for multiplayer ever again, as the community gets hardened as time goes by

    Sorry, I love you guys. I’ll be getting the Last of Us and hopefully it doesn’t include a multiplayer. I’m going back and playing Uncharted 2 on Hard mode and that had such a brilliant campaign unlike Uncharted 3. I’m iffy about new new installments to the Uncharted franchise in the future.

  • Are nd doing any more doughnut characters dlc I would still like to see doughnut versions of chloe and elena come on nd make it happen please.

  • I’m so glad they are not adding trophies.
    I still remeber “you run I’ll shoot” from Uncharted 2. my god that was annoynig. thanks ND for proving that multiplayer can be fun without them.
    I also agree with comment 30. and thats my reason for loving no trophies so far. I want to play for fun and not get frustrated because all those level 70s destroy me.

  • Uncharted3Subway

    Lol, disappointing much?
    Though I saw it coming, the whole FHC has been disappointing…
    3 skin packs of old skins that were on the disc already, 4 old UC2 maps…, then boring skins that are divided into 3 packs to make it look like much, the worst were the **** avatar packs for FHC…
    The only thing that I could enjoy a bit was the Fort adventure map, but it got boring fast too..
    And now this mode. I expected a lot more of this mode… Was hoping for way more enemies and infinite rounds. This is just boring different enemies…
    Hope the next pack contains something better and not just 2 new maps…

  • @ReptileHand: Honestly, your complaint makes no sense. You’re basically complaining that instead of sucking, players are actually getting better and improving? That’s what you’re supposed to do! They’re supposed to dodge your grenades and roll when you shoot them, not sit there and let you kill them. Instead of leaving, you should be trying to get better.

    @insano_jaco: Co-op missions you don’t care about. Just because you don’t care for them, doesn’t mean no one else does. I will agree with the Avatars though.

    I will say I would like to see The Lab return and bring back separate Team Objectives. Other than that and the G-MAL, I really have nothing else to say. Keep up the good work.

  • Fortune Hunters Club is already done, and this is with the extension? So I basically re-bought Uncharted 2 multiplayer and some avatars. Inconceivable.

    • We will update on what’s next sometime in April. We plan to support Uncharted 3 multiplayer for a long time.

  • You know I love Sony and Naughty Dog a lot and have always supported both but I feel like a fool for buying this Fortune Hunters Club DLC. I basically threw away $25 because I’m not playing anymore Uncharted 3 if you guys don’t add trophies. I mean come on that’s half the price of the game!! Now anytime you guys release something on the PS Store I’m gonna think twice before I buy it and it won’t be bought on day1 anymore that’s for sure.

    You guys are Naughty Dog so make it happen. If adding trophies means delaying the release of the DLC then that’s what u guys should do. So give us the $25 worth of DLC we paid for and trusted you to deliver and live up to your reputation.

  • @Chase167 – Wzup! Gaming Goons!

    I’m with my fellow Gamers, “Give Us Online Trophies with the DLC packs!”
    ND, I don’t understand…… You added new online trophies in UC2, but not in UC3. That’s Azz Backwards!
    I blindly brought the FHC in FAITH. I will not make that mistake again!
    Naughty Dog, you PIMPED us for $25!

  • There’s one more map pack after this? That makes up for all the disappointment we’ve gone through! There’s nothing 2 new maps can’t fix! Thanks Naughty Dog!


  • I feel so so so cheated. I bought FHC cause I was sure you guys are going to add new trophies along with the new maps. And what you did? No new trophies, no new maps, mostly some stupid skins and avatars. And two packs with Uncharted 2′ maps where you just changed lights and weather. I will never buy another DLC if it doesn’t bring new trophies. Sorry.

  • wow a lot of people complain about trophies.
    maybe I’m the only one who doesnt like them. its not like ND stole our money xD they are releasing content with every update. the game also has ingame rewards. but if you guys want trohpies for your PSN account I suggest terminator salvation, 12 gold trophies for completating each chapter and a platinum at then end :D

    I thank ND for getting rid of those competitive trophies.
    can’t wait 3.13 this is the mode I was looking forward since the beginning.

  • I think everyone needs to CHILL! This is a great multiplayer and this looks to be a really cool co-op mode. All we need now is new maps! great job Naughty Dog.

  • Fortune Suckers’ Club

    A real fortune hunter knows when he is being scammed.

    Buying ANYTHING without full details of what you are getting is your own fault.

    I skipped Uncharted 3 at launch entirely because of DLC and the Fortune Suckers’ Club. Will pick it up for the single player at some point down the line as it is a good game. You guys just got greedy on your 3rd outing with multiplayer madness and rehash content.

  • We have now 7 maps of Uncharted 3 universe and 12 old maps, that we payed in 2009.

    7 new maps X 12 2009 already payed maps

    And what I learned of this recent lack of dedication from Naughty Dog with Fortune Hunter, is that there is, maybe 4 new maps for the last DLC.

    11 new maps x 12 old 2009 already paid maps

    So, we will be playing more old material from 2009, payed X2, than new material.

  • what is this?!

  • Uncharted 3 is awesome.
    The small problem SCE has is that there’s too much great games!! ;)
    I can’t buy them all… ;(
    But do continue doing what you do best!

  • Got a couple of questions:

    1. Have you guys shut down the Uncharted 2 servers?

    2. Will the Fortune Hunters club continue to get discounts on DLC

    • No the Uncharted 2 servers should still be up but let us know if there are issues. The Fortune Hunters’ Club details will be forthcoming.


  • Sure hope Guardians and Descendants are in this and not just Djinns… thanks nonetheless.

  • very nice looking good I will be downloading this for free and playing it on tuesday

  • What happened too the two new map packs? The new map pack better have 4-5 maps.

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