Join Us at SXSW, Go Hands-on with Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes, Starhawk

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Join Us at SXSW, Go Hands-on with Resistance: Burning Skies, Sound Shapes, Starhawk

SXSW PS Community Event

Citizens of Austin, Texas! Join PlayStation and several hundred community members on Monday, March 12th at SXSW and enjoy an evening of entertainment with the latest PS3 and PS Vita games.

For the first time ever, we’re letting the PlayStation community get their hands-on PS Vita’s fresh crop of upcoming games: sci-fi shooter Resistance: Burning Skies, musical platformer Sound Shapes, and the mind-bending Gravity Rush. Come extra early, and you’ll walk away with a free copy of Unit 13 and limited edition PS Vita and StarHawk t-shirts (while supplies last). LightBox Interactive will also be on-hand with a rowdy Starhawk tournament, where you’ll be able to win a PS3, a copy of Warhawk, a PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset…and a copy of Starhawk.

Hit up the PlayStation Facebook link and RSVP right away!

When and Where?

Monday, March 12th, 2012 from 5pm -8pm
The Sony Lounge at RED 7 (you might recognize it as a previous Vita Hill Social Club)
611 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 78701

PS Vita: Community Hands-On Play

Sound Shapes
Unit 13
MLB 12 The Show w/ PS3 Cross Play
wipEout 2048 w/ PS3 Cross Play
Resistance: Burning Skies
Gravity Rush

Be the First!

First 150 guests: Limited-edition PS Vita and Starhawk t-shirts
First 50 guests w/ a PS Vita: Free Copy of Unit 13 (after Foursquare check-in)

PlayStation Community Activities

PlayStation 3: Starhawk Tournament
PS Vita: Unit 13 Tournament
Raffles: PS Vita Game Cards

Starhawk Tournament Grand Prize Winners

Starhawk Winner: PS3 with Warhawk, Starhawk, and Wireless Stereo Headset
Unit 13 Winner: PS Vita (3G) w/ PS Vita Game Cards & Memory Card

RSVP now!

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  • When can we expect to hear or see something about being able to see our ps vita trophies on the PS3?…..thanks

  • Any one else agree!!!!!

  • Man Rey I am leaving on Sunday to head back home :(

  • Wish I can go.

  • when can we expect to get info on Resistance Burning Skies online multiplayer ?

  • I gotsta go… I missed the last event in Austin because of work and school, but I’m on spring break next week and plan to be there. What’s the turn out for these events? How early do I need to get there?

  • So glad you’re coming to Austin! I’ll be there. How do I RSVP?

  • Will this be free to the public or will we need an Interactive Pass on SXSW in order to be in it?

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    Cool I live in Austin . Can I Invite my friends ? They love PlayStation stuff !

  • Really wish we would have some of the events around me… Would like to get my hands on some of the giveaways

  • First 150 guests get PS Vita’s? or Ps Vita T-Shirts?
    Also, do I need anything special? Like a pass, or ??

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    hit me up on psn if you going

  • I’m guessing LittleBIGPlanet for Vita isn’t coming before summer at this rate huh? if it’s not coming april I’m going to be so disappointed seeing the 4 main games I wanted were these 4 but still nothing for me ended up with rayman and it’s platinum’d :( (list with issue)
    – LittleBIGPlanet (disappeared with no release date)
    – ModNation Racers: Road Trip (unresponsive menus, bad and dropping frame rate as in frame drop, & no OMP)
    – Gravity Rush (Gotta wait till may, when it was said to be launch window)
    – Resistance: Burning Skies (I believe June, I know it wasn’t coming first month but i was hoping the first fps wouldn’t take like 4 months from system release)

  • Hey do you know if anyone at Sony is working on the Wireless Stereo Headphone fix? What’s the point of giving them away if they don’t work properly? It’s been a whole month.

    For one whole month, my 100 dollar investment is a mere ornament. And sadly I’m not alone.

  • Can we get some clarification on the prizes for showing up early?

    “Be the First!
    First 150 guests: Limited-edition PS Vita and Starhawk t-shirts
    First 50 guests w/ a PS Vita: Free Copy of Unit 13 (after Foursquare check-in)”

    Limited Edition PSVita? Or a Limited Edition shirt with a Vita on it?
    Also, does it cost anything to enter the building and join the hangout?

    This sounds like a good time. I’m right outside Austin, in Round Rock, and this would totally be something I’d love to go to. We need more gaming events here :(

  • I’m guessing a vita T-shirt

  • I wish I was in Texas baby, Yeah!!! :P


  • why can’t this happen in nyc?! enjoy people that live in/near austin


  • i need vita freinds add me

  • Wish this was coming to Orlando, FL.

  • Come to Minnesota!

  • Will the event be all ages? I would like to take my kiddos.

  • Hi, I’m Esteban Tijerina with PSN maggot, and I won the Starhawk tournament today for the community event at Red 7 in Austin, TX. I need to contact someone for a question about today’s event, please let me know who I should talk to. Thank you.

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