Before and After the Zombie Devastation in Yakuza: Dead Souls

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Before and After the Zombie Devastation in Yakuza: Dead Souls

When tragedy and devastation hit a place, even if it’s a place you’re very familiar with, it can be hard to remember what it used to look like. You may think you know every inch of a certain place, and then suddenly, it’s unrecognizable.

To see how much things can change once the zombie invasion hits, here are some comparison screens of Kamurocho as it used to be and as it is now in Yakuza: Dead Souls.

Before Zombies – a sunny day in Kamurocho.

Y4 1

After Zombies – yeah, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.


Before Zombies – what a nice vending machine!

Y4 2

After Zombies – OH GOD, IT’S ON FIRE! (At least the traffic cone survived.)


Before Zombies – I’m not sure that’s a very safe parking spot…

Y4 3

After Zombies – Uh, yeah. Sorry about your car, mister.


Yakuza: Dead Souls has all the crazy zombie-killing action you’re craving, with a distinct Yakuza twist.

A pre-order campaign is currently running. Trust me – you don’t want to miss out on the assets offered! Yakuza: Dead Souls hits shelves on March 13th in North America, March 16th in Europe, and is exclusive to the PS3.

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  • Already Pre-ordered. I can’t wait till it arrives in the mail. Is there any hand to hand combat or is it strictly guns?

    • There’s plenty of opportunity for melee. There are also vehicles you can mow down some zombies with!

  • Im really excited for this, I think the Yakuza team automatically get the money from my wallet, Even more so with how great Binary Domain turned out to be.
    Still no chance for a UK Steelbook at all?

  • Pre-ordered. And Kellie, do get to nagging the brass about releasing Shining Blade and whatever the PS Vita game that will be announced tomorrow, over in the West (Phantasy Star, I believe). There’s a whole board on XSEED dedicated to the former game. At least if Sega won’t localize it, pass on publishing rights please and thx.

    • Awesome, thanks for the pre-order! I don’t know anything about the other games you mentioned, but as always, we’ll pass the feedback along.

  • As much as I love the Yakuza series, I’m not into zombie games. I tried the demo twice – the Japanese, then the English demo just to try get into it because it’s a Yakuza game, however, to no avail.

    Still, it’s an interesting change/concept and I do hope that others will enjoy it!

    I’m really looking forward to some good ole’ fashioned Yakuza games coming out in the future though. Hopefully enough people will get this game so that if another Yakuza title is developed it too can make its way to the states.

    Anyway, congrats, SEGA and the team behind the Yakuza series, on bringing another title out!

  • nice!!!

  • I already own the Japanese version. The incentive to preorder is not impressive. You’re essentially telling people to pre-order for content that was already included on the disc of the Japanese version of the game. I haven’t and won’t be pre-ordering. Especially since the content is exclusive to gamestop. It wouldn’t shock me if the supposed preorder bonus was included with all copies of the game. (Redeem card inside all game boxes)

  • Any yakuza 5 news?

  • I buy all Yakuza games and love them all with Yakuza 3 being my favorite (the Okinawa setting was perfect). But I think I’ll wait a bit on this one since…well…

    ah who am I kidding I’ll buy it day 1.

  • Is Dead Souls as deep as Yakuza 3 or 4? I’m slowly making my way through 3 and l’m at 22hours with only 12% completion lol ….I could do it faster but i’m loving the side missions and mini games too much :)

    • There are plenty of side missions and mini-games in Yakuza: Dead Souls. The hostess clubs are intact, and there’s also baseball, karaoke, massage parlors, and more. Oh, and lots of zombies to mow down.

  • I already pre-ordered this : )

  • Why have you still not made a comment on what has been cut from the international release of Dead Souls?

    • We’re happy to confirm that very little content was cut from Yakuza: Dead Souls. The Hostess Clubs, Side Quests, Bonus DLC, and even extra content unlocked by a Mobile Phone game in Japan have all made it over. Like Yakuza 4, Answer X Answer didn’t make it over, and the opening and ending theme songs have also been updated due to licensing.

  • Man, I really wish this pre-order program wasn’t exclusive to GameStop. I’m still getting this day 1 though, can’t wait to play as Akiyama and Kiryu again.

  • Hey Sega thank you for bringing this over, i still havent picked up Yakuza 3 or 4 yet but i will do so very soon.. i just hope you guys will also be able to b ring Valkyria Chronicles 3 over.. really love the valkyria chronicles series

    • You’re welcome! You should pick up Yakuza 3, 4, and Dead Souls and have a mega Yakuza marathon!

  • Is it just me who thinks the zombie fad should have ended like 3 years ago?

  • finally, it’s in english! the jp demo was fun

  • So if i promise to buy this will you promise to give us Kenzan and / or the Black Panther games? JK… and JK to that JK. Lol I really do want them! I bet just about everyone else who’s taking the time to comment will vouch!

  • So cool!!! o/

  • Pre-ordered this. Played the Japanese demo. Guns are a very nice addition.

  • You think the undead masses are bad? Try and leave riichi (Japanese mahjong) out of another imported Yakuza title again…..

    • I’m going to use that on everything from now on.

      If you think the undead masses are bad, try… rainbow unicorns!

  • Damn not enough time to play theses great games my girlfriend already wants to kick my ass since I got the vita…lol oh if anybody wants to play hot shots add me jonboy696969. Thanks. Oh just hope Sony and the developers treat as a consule and not like a handheld because it’s not if you would play it for 5 minutes you would see that!!!

    • Dear jonboy696969’s girlfriend:

      We’re sorry. Please don’t kick his ass. But he’s going to need to spend a bit of extra time cleaning up Kamurocho from the zombie invasion. It’s an important job, and will make the city a nicer place to be. We hope you understand.


      Your friends at SEGA

  • Just Pre-ordered! Any news on a possible VC3 localization?

  • I got a bit offtopic question , is the title somehow a tribute to Joy Division? , I know you guys at Sega love music and has a lot of music cameos and homages in your games.

    also I Love you! =D

    • It’s a fantastic song (I just looked it up on YouTube and listened to it, as I haven’t heard it in years), but no — the title of this game is not related to the Joy Division song.

      We <3 you too!

  • Speaking of zombies…and this has nothing to do with Yakuza. I have been playing House of The Dead 3 and noticed that when you clear chapter 3…you get the trophy for clearing chapter 4 instead and the chapter 3 trophy stays blank. So it shows that I cleared chapter 4 without even having to play chapter 3 lol.

  • Kellie, I have one word for you…


    With that out of the way, this will be my second purchase of Dead Souls. I’ve played through the Japanese release and, interestingly enough, I still can’t wait for it to hit. So excited!

  • YES!!! Can’t wait for this! Thank you Sega for bringing this to the US and also for bring over Binary Domain. That game was fantastic & really looking forward to this new Yakuza game! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • So glad you enjoyed Binary Domain and are about to enjoy some Yakuza: Dead Souls! You are welcome!!

  • I simply can’t wait! After so many duds in the game world and only Skyrim on PC being worthwhile for me lately, Yakuza comes along to brighten my world once again with a dark horde of zombies. Finally a reason to dust off my PS3. Thank you!

  • one of the most underrated titles in the history of video games, i got my preorder, thanks sega for bringing dead souls to the west

    btw whats next for yakuza for western fans?

  • Thank you Kellie. I’m not sure why it took so long for this to get confirmed, but it’s nice to hear, officially, that it’s not any worse than I suspected.

    Sad to see Bradberry Orchestra get the axe, but what can you do.

  • Why not Yakuza panther for US release.. on HD for Vita?! Those games look great… don’t let them dry on japan…

  • A day late to the party, but i just wanna say a big thank you to the Sega localization team for their work. The Yakuza series is one of the biggest highlights of this gen for me (i started with Ykz3) and i sincerely hope that the sales are doing well for you guys :)

  • Sounds like good stuff, but I echo the sentiments to localize Yakuza: Black Panther(1 or 2).
    PSN only if it has to be!

    You collect cats! Who needs zombies when you have a kitten army?

  • Going to pick this up and it’ll be my first Yakuza. Figured the non-canon game would be best. Wish there was a HD collection of the first two games, so I could play the entire main series on PS3 instead.

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