GDC 2012: Sound Shapes Hands On Tour

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GDC 2012: Sound Shapes Hands On Tour

It’s Game Developers Conference time once again, and while headlines are a bit light, it’s a great place to find game developers (of course). We’ll be bringing you videos, interviews, and conversations over the next several days, as well as a mega GDC Blogcast on Thursday.

The first game we got ahold of here at GDC is upcoming PS Vita musical platformer Sound Shapes. The game is best seen (and heard), so we present here Jason deGroot of Queasy Games. In this video, deGroot takes you on a tour through a never-before-seen level, as well as sharing the in-game tutorial, so you know exactly what you’ll be seeing when you load up Sound Shapes for the first time.

GDC 2012: Sound Shapes Hands On Tour

So when do you get to play Sound Shapes on your own personal Vita? The Queasy Games team doesn’t yet have a release date, but they confirmed that a pre-release demo is in the making. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • This looks like too much fun.

  • My most anticipated game for vita!! Can’t wait for this especially since DeadMau5 is collaborating with quesy on the music!!

  • I was so excited to play this at the Vita Social Club in Boston! I loved how it played and I can’t wait for its release.

  • It looks great

  • it looks really fun

  • A lot of those sounds are pretty sharp and piercing. I really hope the short loops don’t get maddening after a while. Just watching this video, I was starting to get tired of some of those loops. I’m still definitely looking forward to this (loved Everyday Shooter) but I just hope that’s not going to be an issue.

    Also, man, it looks a lot better now. Very cool style.

  • This is the game that sold me on the Vita. Not Uncharted, not Rayman, Lumines, Unit 13, or any other game. Sound Shapes.

  • Is there going to be a GDC meetup?

  • Played this a ton at the Vita Hill Events and I can easily say that this is my favorite upcoming game. Cant wait for this!

  • Sal, there are meetups/parties EVERY DAY during GDC.

    Last night there were two PlayStation events:
    – one @ Bourbon & Branch in the Tenderloin
    – and the other @ Super7 in the Haight

    get on twitter and start following people so you always know where the party’s at

  • I’m seriously going broke. I said i’d buy the Vita and 1 game. I have bought the Vita and 5 games. sigh

  • Surfaced:

    Thanks for the heads-up

  • Any news on LBP release date or about PS vita playing ps3 games via remote play?

  • Looks like a great game but I’m going to get a new iPad. Will this game be available on that platform?

  • Hey Jeff, Some Questions
    – What’s up with Skype for Vita? I’ve been waiting to be able to video chat with some friends seeing I got no webcam :(.
    – How come Sony hasn’t announced a Crackle App for Vita yet? I want to watch Samurai X on it, without remote play because the internet browser stuff that show full screen down’t work properly when remote played on Vita.
    – And you have any info on flash or a Youtube app? Would of thought that was something important to sony seeing Japan got what they use (as a youtube base service).
    – Seeing I platinumed my only game Rayman Origins on Vita and 100% Welcome Park and probably end up platinuming MotorStorm, Wheres LittleBIGPlanet? Vita Says April release but no advertisement and no concrete date. My 4 main reasons for Vita were, ModNation: Road Trip, but not anymore seeing it’s will literally freeze up and slow down every 2 seconds, and menu reactions are bad and slow. Plus no multiplayer, killvd the last bit of hope, with no announcements by now :(. Next LittleBIGPlanet, I knew it wasn’t release day, but can we have a release date please. Resistance, I knew it wasn’t release day but soo far lol, and Gravity Rush, was hoping it would be out by now :(.

  • why am I being Moderated?

  • can i play this game on my ps3 .if yes then can any one send me the to buy this game.

  • This game could have been my number one reason for getting the Vita. I think it still is.

    Anyway I can’t wait for this game to come out! Just seeing how it has evolved since we last looked at it makes me more excited for it!

  • Oh wow. I remember seeing this game title somewhere as a planned PS Vita release, but this is actually the first time I’ve seen footage from it. I am so getting this when it comes out. Looks like a super fun game to pick up and play when you have downtime, especially with how easy it is to swap in and out of things on the Vita. Looking forward to the demo and eventual release.

  • Woah. This looks really cool. Guess i’l have to pick this up when it launches. Can’t wait!

  • One of the reasons that i bought the vita. Really hope this gets a release date soon so i can plan accordingly.

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