A Close-Up on ARMORED CORE V Customization and Bosses

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A Close-Up on ARMORED CORE V Customization and Bosses

Hello again, friends. Last time we hit you here on the blog with sneak peek at some Armored Core V multiplayer action caught on video. Today we’re coming back at you with more, and a deeper look at the customization, weapons, bosses, and AC insanity that you’ll be finding yourself in the middle of come March 20th.

A Close-Up on ARMORED CORE V Customization and Bosses

Between the kinetic energy, the chemical energy, and the thermal energy, there’s a massive arsenal worth of firepower that you’ll be able to choose from when building your ultimate machine of destruction in the game. As we’ve said before, the team at FromSoftware has been a leader in the genre with this franchise for nearly fifteen years, and with Armored Core V, and they mean business.

Each AC you build is highly unlikely to be identical to any others you come across online since customization is key. Brand new for this game are the recon units that players are going to be able to lay out all over the map to survey the land and take out your enemies. What’s also cool are the emblems and detailing customization aspects that let you trick out your AC like no other. You can get crazy with it, and crazy you’ll need to be when taking down some of these new bosses.

Check out the video and watch out towards the end with some of the first glimpses at the MASSIVE bosses that you’ll find yourself not wanting to take down alone. The Armored Core V world is huge, and going it alone will not be recommended. Check back for more updates and start thinking about exactly how you’ll want to customize your own AC come March 20th. As we like to say around the office… COME HEAVY OR NOT AT ALL! See you online!

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  • Hey there Filthy Rich, how was Final Round for ya o(n_n)/ i didn’t know you posted on PS Blogs too i’m seeing you everywhere xD but awesome looking forward to Armored Core V

  • Oh yeah, DEFINITLY looking forward to this! Can’t wait!!

  • Can’t wait for some more AC! These games just keep getting better!

  • Why aren’t you guys posting anything about Tales of Graces f on the blog? That’s due out next week.

  • Looks nice, but the one thing that always turn me off with AC is that the maps always looked bland and dosne make me feel like im in a giant machine.

  • WOW, i never was interested in this game and but saw a couple of videos and i have to say ill pick this up over Mass Effect 3,SSX, or any game this month. Namco Bandai never dissapoints.

  • I cant wait i always liked robots like Bionicles, Gundams, and never found a game that could make me feel like i was in control of a robot or mech. People get this, its going to be EPIC.

  • yeah this blog needs a tales of graces update,filthy,because i’m sure that there are many rpg fans that are excited to play a tales of game on de ps3 XD

  • awesome!!

  • been a big FAN when armored core was underground and will always be a fan, the best mech game out there ever!!! GO ARMORED CORE!!! i’ll be coming out strong and heavy!!! >:D

  • Hey, Rich. Tales of Graces f comes out next week and you’ve told us nothing about it. I’ve not seen any previews on any other gaming sites. And the only new screenshots we get are from your Facebook page. Is this game actually coming out next week or do you want nobody to buy it? I’m just curious. Thanks.

    Also, does Tales of Graces f include the Japanese audio track? I hate not knowing this kind of information in advance. Thanks again.

  • never played an ac game before, it looks like a lot of fun cant wait to try it out

  • I am very excited for this game! I absolutely know it won’t be a disappointment for me since i’ve been a long time fan!

  • I highly recommend those who are new or are kind of skeptical from past Armored Core experiences to at least take the time and money to at least rent this installment. Namco Bandai is doing a much better job this time around and made things much better for all types of play styles. The graphics, story, game mechanics, and of coures the music have all been improved to make this a trully welcome addition to the series!

  • Where’s Nine Ball? ;) Hope the Kurasawa is still in the game along with the Moonlight…

  • Is this coming to Vita?

  • Really hoping this and Dust 514 will get a PS3 controller back in my hands. Really only looking forward to Borderlands 2 in the short term.

  • (PS: In past Armored Core games, mitigating Overheating from thermal weaponry was kinda unbalanced. Flamethrowers totally owned. I hope you guys pull it back a bit; these are giant combat robots and being covered in napalm can do that much? Puuuhhhhh-leaze.)

    (And I want to make my own emblems.)

  • damn… the sorry thing is, i miss out the demo… lol XD

  • @ 17 don’t worry about balancing, it’s all there in ACV series you can have thermal defence type armored against that, and yes you can SERIOUSLY customize your own unique emblem, defend if you’re willing to be creatives and times into it…

  • This would be great… with a mouse and keyboard.

    I’ve never been able to get use to the FPS controls of a console =/

  • I’ve been a fan of Armored Core since its beginnings. Just seeing the game promoted took me way back when I used to play the 1st Armored Core. Totally pre-ordered this game! Not only cause I’m a huge fan of anime n Mechs but cause Armored Core is simply one heavy load of fun! Thx for this guys! Can’t wait for the 20th!! Lock n Load! :D

    I always like customization, I used to play armored core 3, and 2 on ps2, and I wish for classic ps2 games on ps3.
    now this Armored Core 5, I MUST preorder this. 2 games for me and my bro.
    Now this can be the next level of Mech fighting games like this!
    PlayStation, can you please make remastered Armored Core Games, because I missed them just like when I play Jak 2

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