Start The Party! Save the World Launches Today for PS Move

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Start The Party! Save the World Launches Today for PS Move
Start The Party! Save the World Launches Today for PS Move

Start The Party! Save the World launches today, exclusively for PS3 via PlayStation Network. The latest installment in PlayStation Move’s Start The Party! series, Save the World creates a fun-filled party experience for you and your friends while changing you into superheroes in an augmented-reality adventure. You’ll need to prove that you’ve got what it takes to save the world from Dr. Terrible while competing in 20 all-new mini-games. Check out the trailer above for a taste of the action.

Start the Party! Save the World for PS3

Start the Party! Save the World for PS3Start the Party! Save the World for PS3

Using the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera, Start The Party! Save the World lets you see yourself right in the middle of the action as you battle mutant piranhas, deranged dinosaurs, invading aliens and more. On-screen, your Move controller instantly transforms into a hero’s arsenal of tools and gadgets to help you defeat Dr. Terrible’s minions.

Be sure to get your friends in on the fun by passing around the Move controller. For an extra bit of heroics, you can come to the rescue of other players by using a DualShock controller to help them complete their challenges. If you’re in a villainous mood, you can also use the DualShock to hinder their efforts. The choice is yours!

Login to PSN later this afternoon to download Start The Party! Save the World and get your party started!

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  • look like fun

  • meh

  • 4th! Also, why do people even bother with “1st” and not include any type of content to their post?
    Now we can all clearly see that you’re a tool.

  • Now I’m a tool.

  • I actually really enjoy these party games with my friends. Not something you want to play constantly, but when you have people over then something like this is ideal so consider me interested.

    By the way Shaun, any news on the release date for Supermassive’s Doctor Who game?

  • Looks fun! These games would be nice with online multiplayer, too!

  • my kids are waiting for this
    i was just about to import the game
    cant wait to play with them

  • Seems people just have to post something. If you don’t care for what you see, move on!

    This looks like a fun family game. Is it one Move controller for one player, with some games allowing a 2nd player to use one Dualshock controller? Looks like it would be good to have one of each handy for the various games.

  • @7: I’m with ya, the first one is decent. Although some of the better games couldn’t be chosen manually which was stupid. I should research if this game lets you pick all the mini-games from a list this time. If it doesn’t, then I’ll wait. I have EyePet & Friends coming in the mail to tide my casual Move-gaming over for awhile anyway.

  • #2 needs to get a life and stop posting negative and rude comments on every blog.
    Especially the personal attacks.
    I dislike COD so I just avoid those blogs rather than posting on them.

    This game looks like a fun family game to me.
    If it’s not your thing then stop reading the blog posts about stuff like this.

  • My little dude is going to go crazy when I tell him this game is out today. He, along with every other child that’s played this game in my home, LOVES the first Start The Party.

    Like #11, I too am interested to see if ALL mini-games are selectable via list.

    But what I am most interested in…. WHAT’S THE PRICE?

    Surely it won’t be the full $40 you would charge for a title like this on a disc. Surely you’ll do the opposite of what you’ve done with other DD copies and actually reduce price.

  • Sounds good, but like everyone else I’m going to need a price to decide.

  • looks like a pile of dog crap kinda like the move itself in my opinion

  • I’m really disappointed with the Move.
    its been so long, yet were still getting gimmicky minigame collections and absolutely nothing good and dedicated to the hardware. Sorcery still looks amazing, but that’s it really…

  • I think that was the worst trailer……….It was people wiggling there hand like crazy and looked like not much strategy involved. And what is the purpose of the dual shock? I saw someone use it in the trailer. Is it only one move controller for the whole game.

    off topic
    And can someone tell me why you cant use 2 sharpshooters split screen coop??? for 1st person shooters

  • you lost me with the zany music and sound effects.

  • @#12 I live in America, so I can say what I want. and what I said wasn’t even that bad, I say worst things about your mother

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Sweet, its very doubtful that i’ll buy the game, but i’ll give the demo a try.

  • Congratulations Supermassive Games! Looking foward to more PlayStation exclusives!

  • not only does the game look horrible but what kind of trailer was that?! bunch of people wiggling their hands around like krayzie. another gimmicky and pointless Move title. the dust will remain on my Move until a legitimate game for it releases.

  • I can see people enjoying this game.

  • Me and the kids loved the first one, I will have to grab this one as well.

  • Looks like a blast! I think I’m going to pick this up to play with my daughter.

  • Bought, played it with the wife, we enjoyed it.

    One thing I will say that I miss from the first one is the messing with the other player’s / point stealing rounds.

    Overall, a pretty good game… looking forward to some party nights or a family get together with it.

  • My nieces will love this ,I’ll surprise them with it Friday since everything is downloading so slow off of the store now,.
    The whole family liked the first game too.

  • looks neat.

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