Cubs Win! MLB 12 The Show Available Today on PS3, PS Vita

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Cubs Win! MLB 12 The Show Available Today on PS3, PS Vita

MLB 12 The Show for PS3 and PS Vita has arrived and with it, the ability to experience the majors like you never have before. The Show is so jaw-droppingly real it doesn’t just capture every detail and physic of the game, it captures the raw emotion of baseball. So much so, in fact, that this year’s campaign is based around one line: So real, it’s unreal.

Our launch commercial isn’t just a demonstration of realism, it’s a celebration of what it means to be a gamer and, more specifically, a sports gamer. MLB 12 The Show lets you experience every big emotional moment that’s possible in baseball. Whether it’s the moment you’re called up to the majors or crushing a walk-off homer to win it all, every big emotional moment in baseball can be yours. And only The Show can deliver that with so much realism that it’s like it really happened.

For our commercial, we chose what’s arguably the greatest moment for any gamer and fan of baseball: winning the World Series. We celebrate the fans who have the longest-running loyalty and emotion behind their team to win it – Cubs fans. But whether your favorite team (or player) just brought home the trophy last year, or if you’ve loyally followed them through thick and thin, we think any gamer knows the feeling of making their biggest baseball moments happen with The Show.

That’s why it’s the highest-rated sports game four years in a row… and we’re betting on five.

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  • I cannot wait to get out of work today and get my PS3 & Vita copies!!!! Thank you Sony for the combined pricing.

  • Two words that are rarely seen together. XD

  • Great ad! Go Rockies!

  • lets see if they can beat 2k12 MLB. IGN gave them a 7

  • Looking good yet again! Might have to buy the PS3 version just for cross play with my Vita.

    Can we use the PS Eye to add our face to our RTTS player this year?

  • when can i get it from the playstation network… i WANT IT NOW FOR MY PS VITA.. I WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT

  • Ahahaha! Sony’s trollin’ Cubbie fans!

    Getting my PS3 and Vita copies today!

  • Lol Cubs win. That’s almost absurd as saying Mets win… almost.

  • Ahh I just teared up…

  • Cool Ad;) But where has ‘K.B’ (Kevin Butler) gone? :( I miss his Ad’s.

  • Wanted to advise anyone in Canada if you want both the PS3 and Vita games at the discounted price.

    BestBuy has the offer… buy both and get a $20.00 discount.

  • Thanks for mentioning no servers up until later today!!! Its not like a bunch of your customers waited outside at midnight to get the game early only to find their online passes didn’t work and that the servers aren’t up yet. Genius move, guys. Strangest part is that you don’t see news of this anywhere except for a few people posting on facebook or twitter.

  • As a cubs fan of a measly 15 years or so now, why would you taunt us like this.

    Why :(

  • Since MLB The Show is where it all started for KB, I’m going to go ahead and assume that he’s done with Playstation. Me sad. Me very sad.

  • lol

    way to troll cubs fans Sony!

    we all know the angels are taking it this year

    suck it up east coast media and fans

  • That was a pretty sweet commercial. It’s way better than the ones I’ve been seeing for the Vita.

  • This is some B.S. it is 12:35pm and the game is still not avalible for down load. whats going on Sony!

  • It is B.S. i can’t active my online code and i both ps3 & vita versions >:O

  • Nah Kevin butler is still around, maybe not the actor though.!/thekevinbutler

  • Does this one bring back full true1080p support like MLB 08? MLB the show has been the same game since 08 so I stopped buying them. I went out and got this one since I bought a new TV and because of the better move support but if its the same as past MLB games with outdated graphics and the same exact gameplay I’ll be reselling the game instantly. Also If I had known this game had online pass I would of never even bought it. I’m already regretting my purchase… just waiting for my delivery to arrive today.

  • @4 MLB the Show clobbers 2K12 every year, this year is no different.
    @17- store updates happen around 3-7pm est. usually every week.

    @19 – If MLB 08 was the last one you played then you have missed some major additions to the game NyPrince! Home Run Derby, Move Control, Analog hitting and name a few.

    As for your disgust for the graphics, I don’t see it. The graphics and gameplay outdo 2K12 every year. And since you bought the game new, you already have the online pass. If you were to buy it used at Gamestop you would then have to purchase the online pass, makes up for not buying the game new and maximizing the potential base purchase profit.

    Maybe you should read some reviews before pre-ordering, you might save yourself the heartbreak. But personally I don’t see how you would not enjoy the game- if it’s just because of it being 720P, well that goes for 90% of the games released this generation. Though 1080p shouldn’t be that hard to incorporate, I don’t see it as a trade-off for not getting a game! You really cannot tell that big of a difference between the 2 anyways.

  • @19, if you think the show has not changed since 08 then live in ignorance… The graphics have also gotten better every year.

    Anyone who think the show has outdated graphics is a troll, easily one of the best looking games on the market.

    Exact same gameplay? How do you propose they can make baseball play different? The show only issue is its so good how do you keep making it better? They have added a tonne of features and gameplay enhancements and realism since 08, heck since 10 they have greatly improved the show.

    I take it you have not played madden, mlb 2k or any other Sports game as the show is king of the hill.

    @4, is that a joke, 2k sucks and is not in the same league as the show. People on OS sports bought PS3’s just for the show because 2k baseball is a joke.

  • PS: MLb 12 is 1080p, and so was 11 and 10 and 09, just set your PS3 to 1080P, not too hard.

  • This year alone they over hauled, Ai logic, trades, Added diamond dynasty an entire new mode, full move integration, Cross play with vita, new commentary, full ball physics. for real baseball guys the detail The show has and improves on every year is unmatched.

    @19 stick to arcade baseball.

  • I was planning on picking up MLB 12 from the PSN store for my Vita later today. However I couldn’t pass up getting both for $79.99. Picked up the last copy of MLB 12 for PS3 and Vita at my local Best Buy at lunch.

    This is also the first Baseball game I’ve ever had. Looking forward to cracking these open this afternoon!

  • Got them both. In Canada EBgames has the $20 off deal as well. And the game is better because it has Bautista on the cover.

  • This game is epic once again!! Kudos to San Diego Studios!!!

    My online code is not working though, anyone else having trouble??

  • What an awesome ad! I am picking up the Vita and PS3 version after work.

  • Wish you guys would have put the new playoff wildcard games in. 2K got it in their game. I gotta wait til next year to get the new playoff format??

  • @28 maybe they can have a title update to include it?

    Anyway got the ps3 online to work, still waiting for vita :P

  • Does the 20 dollar off deal apply to ToysRUs as well?

  • Funny! Well at least we win every 4 years or so. not 104 and counting. So I registered my Vita online pass first and now my PS3 online pass isn’t working. Is anybody else having that problem?

  • Where in the blue heck is the PSN store update? Gotta get this now, and i don’t want the physical copy!

  • Really frustrating waiting for the store to update…

  • @28, thats OK, it’s the only thing 2k got right with that game, the show wipes the floor with 2k baseball.

  • this is really F n me off i got it on the vita it took 3 hrs before my online pass work and now its saying unable to download via vita WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man then when i call so sony all the saying is wait wait for wha

  • That was a great ad!

  • @23 no those were not true HD1080p like I said. Upscaled 1080p is different then native 1080p, MLB 08 looked cleaner and much sharper than 09,10, and 11 because 08 had real 1080p not upscaled. Just because it says it in the back of the box doesn’t mean it’s true, 98% of the games that have 1080p in the back is fake upscaled 1080p which looks worst than 720p. And after playing MLB 12 it felt exactly as if I was playing MLB 08.. And it still has the swing and pitch lag from MLB 09 where the game stutters for a second after a pitch is released or a hit occurs. I guess the only improvements are just more camera angles every year… OMG now when you pitching it zoomes to the pitchers face WOWZzzz!!!!!! The new Madden.

  • .Why is the ps store is nearly 24 hours late in releasing their content. MLB THE SHOW AND UNIT 13 were released over 20 hours ago and why am I STILL WAITING? Well I actually went out and bought hard copies so Im not really waiting anymore. Just wanted to state a point. If sony wants to sell more digital stuff, they dfinitely have to start releasing their content @ midnight. And no, not like the “midnight release” of mass effect 3 that was actually 3 am for the east coast. Satisfy your customers Sony. We want legit midnight releases.

  • My game is not filling up the full screen on my tv, it is just a 46″ too. I can’t find any settings for this in the game either. Is anyone else having this problem? (there is about an inch and a half on all sides of my screen not being used)

  • never mind i found it

  • The Ps Vita 3g comes with Air Cards?

  • If I download this from the online store for Vita, will it come with the online pass, or do I have to pay extra for that?

  • I think this dynasty mode stinks… I just want to pick my favorite baseball team and play online. NOt all this other BS….. Bring back the old online game mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on the vita why is fastplay automatically on and we cant turn it off because wen i hit a homer it wont let me see my player rounding the basepaths and i looked thuout the stettings and i cant turn it off its soooo annoying

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