DUST 514 Will Be Free to Play on PlayStation 3

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DUST 514 Will Be Free to Play on PlayStation 3

Hi beloved PS Blog readers – we hope you have been enjoying our series of articles here. We have some big news about DUST 514 coming out this week and wanted to write a more personal note about it here, to you.


The development of DUST 514 has been an amazing experience, as we at CCP pioneer new frontiers for console games in collaboration with Sony. It has really been a process of exploring and breaking new ground – running an MMO service that needs constant updates on a console, microtransactions on a console, connecting an MMO on console to an MMO on PC in a real time shared universe and the Marketplace between the two – and there’s even more to come. Today, I’m writing about one more of those things – DUST 514 will be free to play on PlayStation 3!

This news means DUST 514 is the first ever game built from the ground up as a free to play MMOFPS on console, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Thanks to how Sony has set up the PlayStation Network – and the innovations they have been making on it together with us – Sony’s console platform is the only one able to support this kind of game as a service and business model.

The development of DUST and CCP’s engagement with Sony has been ongoing since before E3 2011 last year, when we announced our partnership. Over that time, we’ve seen the rise of free to play and microtransaction based games in the Western markets on PC, web and mobile (they’ve been popular in Asia for some time – one of the reasons DUST development is based out of China, an interesting story in itself, for another time) – but consoles have only taken baby steps throughout this generation in this regard, with some patches and DLC and demos, until today.


Just to be totally clear, DUST 514 will be a free to play game, without any cover charge. We debated the cover charge idea for a while, kind of as a hybrid between the old business model (having to purchase a game) and this new one (free to play). As we watched the market evolve, gamers choices in free to play games evolve, our own tastes in free to play evolve and developing what’s needed to support it in collaboration with Sony, this just became the obvious way to go – no cover charge, completely free to play. It’s the right time.

To put it very simply, we think it’s an awesome, amazing opportunity to evolve how console games are made and offered to players, and we believe you’ll agree.

We know you’re eager for more, and we’ll be coming out with tons of info at our annual FanFest convention in Iceland, which starts on March 22. We’ll have first hands-on, while also unveiling details about how we are rolling out DUST 514, videos, interviews (answers to many of your burning questions – we’re watching the comments, reading the forums, listening!), and much more. Sony has hooked up amazing prizes for our DUST 514 tournament at FanFest, we can’t wait to see the battles!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, it’s one unlike any other, and we’re just getting warmed up. We cannot be more excited for you all to play DUST 514, and being able to make that a reality for free on PS3.

Stay tuned for more very soon!

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  • This kinda came out of the blue so that was what the psn maintenance had to be?

  • So this game is coming out Tuesday?

  • eagle, they wouldnt do an 11 hour maintenance just for a game.

  • …waits patiently for the catch…

  • I dont like this kind of stuff… it all comes down to whoever has put the most money into the game, that determines who the “better” player is.

  • Free is good…

  • So since this is apparently going to be a download only game (You cant not charge for a blu-ray), How much HDD Space am i going to have to clear out to accommodate my new addiction?

  • Like others said, where did this come from? Great to here but kinda abrupt with no significant buzz leading up to it. Excited about this game though and very interested to see how it performs and what it means for the industry as a whole moving forward.

    Any possible release date on the Vita version?

  • Yep. If it just means a competition on who spends more money, then meh. Looks beautiful though.

  • i’ll keep my eyes on this one..

    but i cant help but remember what i’ve always been told over and over and over again throughout my life..

    “if its too good to be true, it probably is” and “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”…

    so, as someone else mentioned.. whats the catch?

    microtransactions? tons of DLC but pay only? how’s this company (ccpgames) making money?

    • There’s no catch, the game is free to play and that means access to all contents (i.e. multiplayer, PVP, corporations, the grand sandbox, etc).

  • I just wish you would give us some hands on time finally. I’ve been anticipating this for some time, its a never ending tease. :P

  • Woah! That was a surprise. I was not expecting the game to be released this week at all – but….. wow. Great! I have been looking forward to this game from back in 2009, I think it was, when I first saw it.

    Great news! I’m looking forward to playing it

  • I assume it’s all micro-transactions, as companies seem to be able to make more money that way than with traditional up front pricing. That being said, however, I’ve never played a F2P game so not sure how these micro-transactions actually affect gameplay, something that would need to be balanced very well presumably.

  • at eight. apparently the Vita version won’t be a “game” in that it’ll be a “companion” app for the vita. (Furthermore, it was reported that there will be a PlayStation Vita iteration of the game, but it won’t be quite the same: Laurino described it as a “companion app,” with functionality such as shopping around, character customization, and the construction of gameplay strategies. This app will be updated as time goes on as CCP explores the possibilities of the PS3/Vita connectivity. And that sounds intriguing.) http://www.psxextreme.com/ps3-news/10773.html

  • I hope it’s not like DC Universe or FreeRealms where you have to pay for trophies.

  • So wait….. Does the game come out this week, or later this month, or later this year? This statement threw me off:

    ” we’ll be coming out with tons of info at our annual FanFest convention in Iceland, which starts on March 22. We’ll have first hands-on, while also unveiling details about how we are rolling out DUST 514, videos, interviews (answers to many of your burning questions – we’re watching the comments, reading the forums, listening!), and much more.”

    If the first hands-on will be on March 22, then I’m assuming the statement that the game is coming out this week was a typo. :/

    Any release DATE?

  • Nice! Infos are coming out this week or the game is coming out this week?

  • Okay, wait….. I just woke up ha! Things are getting a bit more clear now.

    ” We have some big news about DUST 514 coming out this week ”

    The game isn’t coming out this week, just news about the game, which I assume will be at GDC 2012.

  • The statement is that there is ‘news’ coming out this week, not the game itself. Poorly worded but that’s what they intended to say.

  • Well, the comments so far prove that no one reads past the first sentence.. and even then, they read it incorrectly. lol The game is NOT out this week. The first sentence says they have big news about the game this week, not the game itself.

    Anyway, looking forward to trying the game out, whenever it’s ready. I stopped playing EVE some time ago but it’d be interesting to step into the universe again from a completely different angle.

  • As a fan of planetside i have kept up with this game from the time it was announced, now how about CCP talk about them add ons and prices.

  • Does this mean no start-up isk? And somewhere else I saw mention of a Vita companion app. True or not?

  • Oh okay I see know. game does not come out this week.

  • what’s the catch tho nothing is free most free games in order to unlock some thing you have to buy some thing


  • I really hope this model works out .

  • No cover, free to play? All of a sudden I am thinking Tiger & Bunny, and every player is going to plastered with corporate advertisements. =)

  • Thanks for the heads up Brando and the free to play !

    Keep up the great work.

    I’m sure there will be lots of interest in this game.

  • Cannot wait for this game, love the Eve universe and cant wait to get my hands dirty on the battlefield! :D and ofc serve my overlords, sending me to my doom on diffrent planets ^^
    And making it Free to play is a great idea! there will surly be afew things you can buy, and i bet i will get afew of them myself :P and ofc the Free to play model will bring so many new people that isnt sold on the game fully to try it out atleast !!

  • I want to hear the story about developing in China.

  • Stop intentionally avoiding a release date just give us something!

  • Great, it’s hard to explain it as a ‘FTP’ with a cover charge that’s reimbursed. I hope people are on board for this it looks and sounds awesome. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Hows the Vita version coming? Will that one be F2P also?

  • I think the catch here will be a Ton of DLC, yet .. im still purchasing the DLC this game will be well worth the money!!!

  • From the PS Blog main page…

    “DUST 514 comes out this week and the PS3-exclusive multiplayer shooter will be free to play.”

    So, typo?

    That makes it sound like the game is releasing this week. The article makes it sound like it’s big news that comes out this week.

    Also, I hope this game doesn’t require me to buy some pricey subscription in order to access trophies, like other free-to-play PS3 games. Having to buy something is reasonable, but you should be able to buy say, $10 or $20 worth or content and gain permanent access to trophies.

  • My guess about the China development is yet another reason why it’s cheaper for companies to operate out of the countries they actually plan to sell their product. Free sounds good for someone like me who doesn’t have a tom of time to devote a game unless it’s one I really like. This is a good opportunity to draw a crowd, hopefully it has a good follow through.

  • My guess about the China development is yet another reason why it’s cheaper for companies to operate out of the countries they actually plan to sell their product.

    Meant to say outside of the countries they plan to sell their product. oops

  • HOLY MOLY! ! if its a war MMO you gotta pay for im not interested, DC mmo took too much outa my time and pocket for very little options..I C O N I C gamer RIGHT HERE, Team Bring it all the way..this is just my opinion which im intitled too :p

  • sounds cool

  • sounds cool, but waiting for the catch. . . .

  • So this means the Vita version is free also? And when is that version releasing.
    TBH I quick read the title First and said yea, free FPS for vita to play as well as ps3 :P
    That would be a great way to promote the Vita! with a Free FPS lol (just a thought)

  • @37 entitled you mean?

  • uhh i mis-read the first sentence was think this game was getting released Tuesday/tommorrow :/

  • for those of you who keep saying “this game being free means players who will invest money into it will be “better” than completely free players” thats untrue its been stated plenty of times that this game isnt gonna be “pay to win” paying for stuff might get you unique looks and cosmetic upgrades and respecs but NOTHING thats gonna make you stronger than someone who doesnt pay.. Infact they even say ther will be NOTHING ingame that a paying player can get that a free player cant the only difference between a paying player and a free player would be how fast you want said item.

    For example a paying player could pay lets say 1-0 bucks and get an upgrade right then and there while a free player can get that SAME upgrade it might take him a few days or a week of ingame work to be able to get it.

    I mean DC universe online is free and it has paying players are any of them have game breaking boosts that make them stronger than free players? nope we both have access to all the same PVE and PVP gear, the same access to skill points and feats… my completely free DCUO character is just as strong (and in some cases stronger than) the legendary player s that are forking over 15 bucks a month for that game.

  • man i can’t wait for this game to arrive, its like a dream coming true i mean am FPS gamer and i like play MMO on my PC but never thought this day is coming FPSMMO!
    this game will be revolutionary IMO.

  • Can we get a new CCP trailer/video of the game in action?

  • RC Motorstorm for free and this to? I’m so happy right now. Although it’s microstransactions if the game is good I see no reason I wont cough up some money.

  • @44 ummm clearly youve never heard of PlanetSide… MMOFPSs arent new…

  • OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! Can this get any better?? The PSBlog has turned my UGH! Monday into a DREAM! This is just wonderful news!!! WOOT!!!! :D Thk u guys so much!!! *bows*

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