Assassin’s Creed III’s First Trailer

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Assassin’s Creed III’s First Trailer

Hey there PlayStation Assassins!

After several years of work, by hundreds of some of the most talented developers on the planet, we are extraordinarily pleased to show you the very first official trailer for Assassin’s Creed III. Today, we’d like to offer a glimpse of the rich backdrop provided by the American Revolution, as well as sneaking in some details about our Native American protagonist: Connor.

Keep your eyes peeled for a certain historic figure you may recognize (trust me, he’ll be hard to miss)… and ponder his role both in a story of the foundation of a nation and the ceaseless conflict between the Templars and Assassins.

Assassin’s Creed III’s First Trailer

As previously announced, Assassin’s Creed III ships for PS3 on October 30, 2012.

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  • Too sick. XD

  • Thanks Gabriel !

    Looks really nice.

  • Hint: It’s George Washington

    I need it nowwwww

  • If Benedict Arnold isn’t a Templar, then there will be a huuuuuge missed opportunity here. Also: I hear you can assassinate bears.


    Game of the Year.

  • I skipped Brotherhood & Revelations But played and loved 2..And Will definitely buy This Day 1

  • Looking good

  • Just Pre ordered it! i can’t wait ubisoft! you have my 70$ :)

  • The trailer looked amazing!! Can’t wait for this!
    I just stopped at GameStop to preorder and im picking up my steel book case later

  • can some one tell me whers this take place ??????

  • The Last of the Mohicans

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Hey Gabriel,

    What can PlayStation 3 owners expect from AC III which is not possible on the other platforms? following Bioshock Infinite’s lead and including free copies of Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 on the Bluray ?

  • im guessing england or america! god! i can’t wait!@$!@%@!#%#

  • Oh, you guys really need a way to comment on the mobile site!

  • First you played as Altaïr ibn La’Ahad, then you played as Ezio Auditore da Firenze and now you’ll play as … wait for it … Connor! I hope he has an exciting last name. :-)

    Great looking trailer!

  • wait, wait… assasin creed, assassin creed 2, assassin creed brotherhood (3), assassin creed revelation (4)

  • Is the PS3 version going to have exclusive bonus like in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood’s Copernicus missions and Assassin’s Creed 1 on Revelations disc? Day one for me!


  • Remember. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

    I LOVE this franchise!

  • This….is…going…to…be…EPIC!!

  • This game comes out in my birthday! :D
    I know what I want!

  • Is is just me or do the character models in this CG trailer look, how shall I say, dated? Nonetheless, the concept is intriguing and I’ll be following this to see how it pans out.

  • The series is finally coming to a close ehhh. Sad I love the Assassins Creed game. I got all of them since 2007. Good to see its coming to an end. Hopefully its the longest one!

  • looks terrible so far, specially the world story setting…

  • yo hokage__45678 me to im sad the end for assassinn cred might start with a new seris lol but this got do with usa just like the new bioshock lol

  • but aney ways aney one wants to add me they can do so.

  • I have to say, as a Pee Dee and Seminole Native, this game has really excited me. There arent many games that centralize on Native Americans. Cannot wait for October 30th.

  • This comes out two days before my birthday. I will be purchasing it. Nice trailer. I remember that Mel Gibson movie that is based on.

  • I disliked the previous ones but this one looks too awesome to pass up.
    Any PS3 exclusive content? What about Vita?

  • Looks awesome but I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood or Revelations yet.

    Gabriel, do you think it’s possible for Ubisoft to release an Assassin’s Creed II collection that includes AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations? You could even fit them on one blu-ray disc I bet. I would buy that in a second. :)

  • I love this series. Nothing more fun after a day of work than coming home and stabbing many people unnecessarily. I really enjoy the stealth aspects of this series. Of course I’ll buy this, especially with the steel case.

  • looks boss :) cant wait for it !!!!! put it in stores now !!!!!!!!!

  • Lol the game is comming to EU October 31, 2012.

    And in the US October 30, 2012. :D :) :D


  • @Baron_Von_Bonbon that’s not CG according to Ubisoft,that’s the new engine for the game! :)


  • I hope they really included conspiracy theory stuff with freemasons, templars, and illuminati ,

    then it would be epic

  • It kind of saddens me; I thought it’d take place during the French Revolution but I guess it had to become an Ameri-centric series. “Oh the last hope for humanity is in Upstate New York.” -__- props for doing the series but I might not pick this one up

  • Glad to see new story. Ezio was getting very stale for me. love the tree free running.

  • O M G

    cant wait



  • Se mira padre este juego en realidad no he jugado ni uno xD

  • @firedude7 – I didn’t know this was the game engine running. I’m more impressed now than skeptical.

  • Love it…. but some of the comments… SMH

    FIRST OFF…. It takes place in America in1777 (It said the year in the beginning of the trailer) during the American Revolutionary War.

    Second…..The Assassin is a Native American his name will not be Connor Smith (or what not).

    Third…… Benedict Arnold can’t start as a Templar. He was very patriotic when he was fighting, but let greed overtake his patriotism. That and the constant being passed up for promotion is what made him turncoat. I can see the story line if he decided to switch and become a Templar during the war.

    I can’t wait… I wished they went to Asia or Africa before they brought the story of the fight between Assassins and Templars to the shores of the Americas.

  • Pre-ordering this later this week. I want that steelbook =)

    Better be safe and go with Gamestop because they’ve held the only pre-order bonuses for the past 3 games.

  • This whole American Revolution backdrop is so anticlimactic.

    This has definitely convinced me to NOT buy this last episode.

  • i loved ac1 ac2 acb nut acr was a let down hopefully this will make up for it

  • He goes by Connor, but his real name is …..
    Prounounced: Ra-doon-ha-gay-doo’.

  • Personally, I’m utterly disappointed in the sell-out that is AC3. We were in europe for EVERY Assassins Creed prior to this one and then all of the sudden – 1777 AD The American Revolutionary war?!

    I will not being buying this game specifically because of the setting. There is absolutely no ties from what has happened in the series to America UNLESS ubisoft is attempting to portray America as the start/end for all the corruption (Templar Knights) – which would be somewhat true and I would then reconsider.

  • OHHHH… MYYYY…. GOD… That looks absolutely incredible… I became very bored of the assassins creed franchise but this look phenomenal… I’m gonna have to buy this

  • Probably will be my only other purchase of the year for gaming. I really wish people would shut up about it being in America. It’s a great setting and perfect for the story to continue on. This is a game series. Not a movie.

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