4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

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4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

This Wednesday, March 7th, we will update PlayStation Home with new challenges in the ongoing Street Fighter X Tekken Total Game Integration Event, new personal spaces that run the gamut from high-in-the-sky private planes to serene houses in the Japanese countryside, tons of new collectibles including clothing and furniture items from Atticus, the original music inspired street wear label created by Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge from Blink-182, and more! Here’s your checklist of the must-do activities going down in PlayStation Home this week.

Phase 3 of the Street Fighter X Tekken Event – New challenges and rewards await you this week in our exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken Total Game Integration event. For the first time in Home history, you can brawl using your avatars! Complete all 10 challenges to unlock Ryu and Kazuya costumes, which will allow you to throw fireballs and perform custom jump kick attacks!

4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

The Wardrobe Wars/E3 Sweepstakes – Week 3 of our Wardrobe Wars/E3 Sweepstakes begins this Wednesday. All you have to do to enter is play Wardrobe Wars, the new game the pits players against one another in an ongoing fashion battle and rewards winners one-of-a-kind virtual items. We’ll be randomly selecting one winner a week at between now and March 21st, 2012 and sending them (plus one friend) on a gamers’ ultimate adventure to E3 2012. The prize package includes everything you’ll need – roundtrip airfare, hotel, transportation to and from the event, E3 pass, and plenty of spending cash! Be sure to read the Official Rules HERE then gear up for the challenge going on now in PlayStation Home!

4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

Moon Forest, Hillside, and Plum Tree Pavilion – We previewed three new personal spaces/clubhouses in last week’s post – the Moon Forest, the Plum Tree Pavilion, and the Hillside. This Wednesday, these highly-anticipated spaces will be coming to the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall, available as both personal spaces and clubhouse skins (Note: Gift Machines are available in the personal space versions only). Check ‘em out!

4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

Jetsetter – Konami invites you to fly across the globe in your own luxury plane. This personal space comes with elegant furniture, a built-in Jacuzzi, and an exclusive game (Storm Ace). Play. Relax. Enjoy!

Konami Jetsetters

Urgent Fury, Hip Hop Gamer, and Home Cast Rewind – This week in the PlayStation Home Community Theater: Urgent Fury’s latest episode of UFreqTV dives into Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and the Starhawk Public Beta. Next, HomeCast Rewind shows us how DemonWarHorse K.O.’s the world SF X TK style. Finally, Hip Hop Gamer shows his love for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

New Drey Items from Lockwood – Drey ushers in the spring with some fresh new looks. The Bonita range is European-styled, chic and perfect for ladies who can rock a strong outfit, while the new male Drey items include a sleek Retro leather jacket and chinos. Complete the look with a slick hairstyle and two-tone shades, available in the Lockwood Publishing store this Wednesday (Ultimate Bundles with colors to suit all tastes will also be available!)

4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

nRage – nDreams releases the new nRage public space where you can pick up quality items from top brands such as Atticus, the original music inspired street wear label created by Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge from Blink-182!

4 New Personal Spaces Come to Home, New Challenges in SF X Tekken Event

The Tester 3 – Be sure to head to the Activity Board this Wednesday to take the newest Tester 3 Quest and unlock a special reward for watching the latest episode in the PlayStation Home Theater!

Child’s Play – Our friends over at PS Home Gazette are holding a month long fundraiser for Child’s Play charity, complete with prizes top PlayStation Home developers such as LOOT, Hellfire Games, Juggernaut, nDreams, and Lockwood Publishing! For more details, click HERE.

See you in Home!

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10 Author Replies

  • Since Mass Effect 3 will be out midnight/tomorrow… Will there be any new, but awesome Mass Effect 3 mini-games or main game that we can play in Playstation HOME to earn any awesome rewards???

  • I’m so glad all three of the new clubs/apts are coming out at once. The wait was killing me! I will be buying both versions of each space :)

    3 questions, my friends are wondering the price of the new clubs/apts, will the be 4.99?

    Will the furniture in the Drey video be available to buy?

    And finally any word on the female SIlent Clown outfit coming to NA Home?

    • Hi Tarazuma,

      To your questions: The spaces will be $4.99. The furniture in the Drey video is not part of the collection that is being released this week (clothing only). The female mime outfit will be released in NA, but we do not have a date to share quite yet :)

  • Nice update :)


    1. Does the Wardrobe Wars E3 Sweepstakes is available to Puerto Rico?
    2. Any news on Granzella Items, Spaces and Apartments?
    3. How much is the new apartments?

    • The WW/E3 sweepstakes is US only :( Granzella items, spaces, etc. are coming – we have a batch in QA right now!

  • looks like a great update can wait to see the luxury plane. Is there going to be an update for the Adventure District or Uncharted 3 space not trying to a nag just asking thanks in advance.

  • the nRage space looks pretty sweet, can’t wait to check that out

  • WHAT?!?!?!?! Still no Pictures yet of the Ryu and Kazuya Costumes yet? And in Action… Now that’s not GOOD!

    And hear i was Hoping we get some good NEWS and hear that CAPCOM was going to release an ENTIRE line of Street Fighter X Tekken costumes for HOME… YES NEW COSTUMES!



    I guess i’ll just have to play SFxTekken then since HOME is not adding any NEW SFxTekken Costumes… AWW!

    Or it would of also been nice to hear if the Game iteself had HOME Rewards. But nope nothing being said on that either… RATS!


    All i can say.

    I’ll go pick up my SFxTekken first thing in the morning… Maybe then i’ll get a few answers. But that is a long wait…. Arrrggg!

  • ALSO when will the CAPCOM ABEL GI TOP be fixed and put back on the HOME Stores?

    I want my ABEL GI TOP back…

    Please Hurry! It’s been Broken this month makes 15Month’s it’s been Broken and it needs to be fixed and put back on the Home Stores again.

    Let us know what the 411 is on this Home item?


  • Great update, and who is that sultry voice on the UFreqTV promo?

  • Huge update! I can’t wait! 8D

  • I can’t wait to get into the new Nrage space, it looks sweet! And the luxury plane looks great! Nice update guys.

  • Oh by the way, I forgot to add another important question to my original question:

    Will we see any new Personal Space(s) for Mass Effect 3??? PLEASE SAY YES!!! :-D

    Also, will we see any new Personal Spaces for games that are coming out this year? Such as Street Fighter X Tekken, Mass Effect 3, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Ninja Gaiden 3, Dragon Dogma, Resident Evil 6 and many more? I TRULY HOPE SO! Thank you very much, good sir for answering our questions.

  • Quick question I can’t find anywhere, is Playstation Home going to be playable on the PS Vita?

    This would really be usefull to me.


  • Beds in Home — has Hell frozen over?

  • @DCS-Tekken Theres Videos on The Hub and last week update that shows the moves and Avatars. Just saying

  • @Locust

    That Jetsetter Personal Space is a nice surprise. How much is it going to cost? I may just have to pick that up.

  • I thank you Locust_Star for answering my question.

    I know from prior experience that when someone from a tech team says there is nothing to anounce, it usually means something is being worked on.

    I just wish there was a way of knowing this is coming at some point. That would really make my day.

    That and GTA on the Vita.


  • Heres a question:

    Will we have a PSVITA event space, Please Locust or Glass!

    • There is a PSVita space that was developed by the SCEE team – it even comes with a questing game + rewards!

  • Any hints we can have for next week for St. Patrick’s Day? :)

  • Was Hidden Oak Retreat supposed to be a personal space and/or clubhouse? I went into the open house, which stated it was a “Personal Space Open House” but also a clubhouse in the description. I bought it, and I got nothing. I saw elsewhere that you get a basic clubhouse free with it if you didn’t already own a clubhouse (I didn’t) and if you went to the Estates store and went to get a basic club, it would be free. I go there and it asks $4.99.

    If I go into my menu pad to “create club” it takes me to the Estates store to buy a club for $4.99. So, to recap: bought Hidden Oak Retreat – no personal space – no club – nothing.

    What gives?

    • Hi,

      Hidden Oak Retreat is available as both a personal space or as a clubhouse, which you can share with your friends. If you purchased the personal space version, it should appear in your Inventory under “My Spaces”.

      If you purchased the clubhouse version, it is essentially a skin, which means that it will only work if you own the original clubhouse (note that the original clubhouse comes free when you purchase the skin – you must go to Estates and go through the same “purchasing process” for the clubhouse, which can be a bit confusing; you will, however, notice that the price is set to $0 and no additional funds will be subtracted from your PSN Wallet.)

      To use the HOR clubhouse, you need to go into your menu pad to “activate” your original clubhouse. You’ll load into the original clubhouse and have the option to change the “skin” to the HOR.

      If this doesn’t work for you, please contact SCEA Consumer Services, who can check your account and make sure the purchase was successful. http://us.playstation.com/support/ask/

  • heres my comment take it with a grain of salt ive noticed home post get less an less comments meaning hardcore just arent paying attention or getting that excited enough to grow the community. i know this is just a blog but i would think this is the forefront of announcements and would get more comments. doesnt seem to be that large of a community from the comments on here even pooled across twitter facebook ect. i wouldnt expect the numbers to be significant.

  • Agree with @9.

    Would love to see an app for Home on the Vita !

  • I have two questions…..can there be a way that we can stop wardrobe wars from being a popular contest because I have seen people with excellent outfits that got low scores because of fans voting for a friend? 2. How are the winners of the E3 sweepstakes notified?

    • Hi,

      Wardrobe Wars operates as designed – meaning, only the most popular entries, as determined by the community, win the rewards. There are no plans to change how the game operates at this time.

      The winners of the WW sweepstakes will be notified via email. Here are the exact details regarding winner selection:

      8. WINNER SELECTION: One (1) potential winning entrant will be selected by random drawing on or about March 7, 2012, March 14, 2012, March 21, 2012 and March 29, 2012, for a total of four (4) potential winning entrants. Potential winning entrants will be contacted via email. If a potential winning entrant is determined by Sponsor to be unqualified to participate in this Promotion or does not respond to Sponsor’s correspondence within 72 hours, the potential winning entrant will be disqualified and a new potential winning entrant will be selected by random drawing.

  • Hey locust i was wondering if you and your wonderful development team could maybe consider a Home app for the Ps vita system. it would be sweet to play home on my vita or if possible just an update for compatibility in remote play for the vita. Because i love playing playstation home and really want to play it wherever i am!

  • Home has enough personal spaces and they are mostly square boxes. ENOUGH. What Home needs is public game space of…

    Gran Turismo
    Call of Duty
    Grand Theft Auto
    Metal Gear Solid (Rising will do)
    Uncharted 2 back
    Ratchet and Clank Crack In Time
    Devil May Cry
    Dead Space 2
    Need for Speed
    God of War
    Killzone (game space not TGI)
    Warhawk back
    Midnight Club

    and I and millions of Home users will be happy that Home is no longer a primitive service kept alive by very smalll niche developers.

  • AMAZING STUFF! That Luxury $uper$tar space is soooooo SOLD! and the voive in the Ufreq video sounds like king julian from Madagascar but in a oddly sexy way!

  • *Voice

  • Totally need PlayStation Home on the PSVita! Oh! and… Thx Home team!! For another great update! Have u ever heard the saying: “I can’t wait!”? Woot! :P

  • Blah Blah Blah *stifles yawn, wardrobe wars good concept badly let down by home devs “IT SUCKS”

  • Cool! I love Drey items! Also love the Jetsetter Personal space from Konami! But it’s hard to win the wardrobe wars though….

  • Thanks for your response, Locust! I submitted a question to the link you provided.

  • Home……. I wish I could sell off some stuff. How many personal spaces do we need? A bulk of the updates are personal spaces. Here’s an Idea like Arkham Asylum make All Sony 1st party games come with a personal space. Instead of focusing on selling spaces develop more quests and actual fun stuff to do in groups. If you give the spaces more furniture will sell too.

    How many years has Home been now and it’s still not connected enough to the core PlayStation experience. Not even Netflix integration yet. Let alone listening to music from my hard drive or watching movies like originally shown. Home has never delivered the experience we were promised. Why?

  • Oh yeah….Trophy room.

  • No offense to anyone that is saying great update but Come on people…. set the bar a little higher. There are still features missing and nowhere in sight from the original showing of Home. Somehow people are just happy at given the opportunity to buy new stuff.

  • Horray I’m the 100000 person to leave a comment looking. Forward to this update great job everybody at PlayStation

  • 12.99 for jet air plane apartment what the hell seriuously who hell has 12.99 to spend on apartment in home reply to my answer to y it it cost 12.99 for jet airplane apartment

  • I have a few questions pertaining to Playstation Home
    1. Is Sony ever going to change the repetitive music in Home
    2. I havent received my pyramid head yet in DDR and im in the 40,000 how can this little issue be solved
    3. Will there be any new Quest coming to Home?

  • Another question
    Why is it that the games in Playastation Home seem to lack any sort of good controls. like in RC Rally for example. Is it possible to give us better control schemes in the games we play in Home are did you guys not really put to much effort in it? Just saying, not being a jerk

  • I saw in the blog for PS Home Europe that Granzella has added the Wedding Chapel and Fossil Digging for the Southern Island Escape; how far away is that for North America? If it’s the next update… WOO HOO! if not What Gives? I remember reading about Granzella stuff being in QA, just wondering how much longer it’ll be until that’s public (ie: part of the spaces). As for everything else – I checked out all the new spaces that had free tours. Have to say the camp sight is my fave: What’s with the red eyes in the treeline, or is that someone riding the brakes in their camper? Looking forward to the next update – hoping to see existing spaces updated and improved. HEY!!! What happened to AXE? the comic was only half way done, then replaced by Cheez-it’s….. Cheez-it???? Really!!???? Not a complaint, just stating my slight confusion :D

  • teeny suggestion : update all the beds in home to allow people to lay down (I’ve got one from Loot and one from Sony, but are seating only, while all the beds in the free preview spaces allow you to lay down.) No, being able to lay down is not a good enough reason for me to buy more furniture when the two beds I have are quite decent.

  • Would it be possible to bring Music Unlimited to our private Home spaces ?

    Think this feature would be great on the Video (TV) or if that’s not possible, on the radio.

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