PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

As announced yesterday, PSN will be in maintenance for the 2nd half of the day (Pacific time). The good thing is, everything should be tip-top for Super Tuesday. No, not talking about the Republican primaries, but the release date for Mass Effect 3, four big PS Vita games, and, if you’re a Plus subscriber, Journey. We’ll have the full release list up on the Blog later on.

Today’s probably a good day to work on those single-player campaigns; I expect to see a lot of Trophies hitting Facebook when everyone syncs back up.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 13, 2012)

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  • I wonder when they’ll make the vita able to be a controllerfor ps3 games. I think it would be awesome to play me3 on my vita.

  • @1
    That would be awesome. Imagine playing a HUD heavy game like MGS4 or Assassin’s Creed with the Vita. The second screen could be used to show the maps and such. The DS did some great things with the second screen and PS3 games could benefit from a second screen.

  • Hey jeff any news on FFvs13? ooh God how i want that ps3 exclusive game >_< its like everything i wanted Kingdom hearts to be! *drools*

  • BTW: how are the vita sales coming guys? Do u know when are JRPGs are coming to the vita?

  • any updates on PSone Classics becoming playable on Vita, I heard it MIGHT be this month.

  • I love Journey. Tbh I really don’t like the game itself but I love any game that is willing to push forward and try new things.

    From Software
    Platinum Games

    Easily the best studios this gen. All have done new ideas that push gaming. The top two are doing things others might not dare do. How many studios do you know that make a game almost unbeatable to 50% of the players out there?

    Platinum has done great things but the most shocking is they aren’t just pumping out squeals for their hits. We need more studios like these.

    ThatGameCompany are well on their way to being the best Indie studio of the time. I just can’t wait to play it.

  • Really great articles, thanks Jeff. The consensus on Journey is very exciting. I will be buying day 1 for Plusers. an underscore of the value of Plus being not just monetary. In fact, I expect you will get a lot of new Plusers, because of Journey.

    Also, nice to read what I already knew: Vita is doing great, monetary-wise. I can tell by the near-empty shelves that once held Vita games @ various retailers, the “hurry, only X left” on Amazon, and that I mentioned I had a new gaming device to a non-gamer and he knew of the brand.

    I’m doing my part by buying accessories and games like crazy. Huge hit, well done!

  • Your MAINT/ DID NOTHING SAME OLD SAME OLD NEAR still tells me im 70 miles away and nothing has changed what is Going on? Im just about Fed up With sony XBOX HERE I COME………………No more high opes for you guys.

  • so it’ll be around 4pm for us in the mid west

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