The PlayStation Recap — Reaper Madness Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — Reaper Madness Edition

Just typing the date “March 6th” gives me goosebumps! This Tuesday marks the release of Mass Effect 3, the long-anticipated finale to BioWare’s RPG space opera that’s coming to Blu-ray and PSN. As a series devotee, I’m dying to see how my storyline plays out, especially how it will build upon the (often poor) decisions I made in Mass Effect 2. If you want to hear more early impressions for Mass Effect 3, listen to our discussion on the new episode of PlayStation Blogcast.

In other news this week, Namco Bandai Games confirmed a March 13th US release date and free DLC for Ridge Racer on PS Vita, Q-Games announced a Spring release date for PixelJunk 4am (and a San Francisco community play session this Tuesday), Atlus USA updated us on Persona 4 Arena, thatgamecompany released a new dev diary for PSN sensation Journey, MLB 12 The Show demonstrated its deep PS Move support in a new video (and confirmed a $20 discount for buying the PS3 and PS Vita versions together), I shared hands-on details of this fall’s Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the Papo & Yo team revealed a new design for Monster, PS Vita stunner Gravity Rush was confirmed for a June 12th US release date, and a long-lost PS2 classic was given new life on PSN.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: StarHawk: Build to Kill Trailer

The PlayStation Recap — Reaper Madness Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2012 Nominees: You Decide Tomorrow — This ends on March 6th — not long! Vote on Best PSN Exclusive, Best PS3 Full Game, Best PSone Classic and more. The winning games get 30-50% off!
  • PlayStation Store Update — Killzone 3 Multiplayer, four new PS Vita demos, Foursquare for PS Vita, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest PS3 full games and more.
  • UPDATED: Standalone Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hits PSN Today, Double XP Weekend — This multiplayer shooter serves up all 16 maps from Killzone 3 and lets you play for free up to the level of Sergeant I.
  • Trophy Hunters: Here Are Your Top 10 Platinums — What’s the number one most-Platinum’ed game on PS3? Find out in Jeff’s exclusive report.
  • BioShock Infinite PS3 Release Date Announced — Mark your calendars! BioShock Infinite will hit PS3 on October 16th, 2012 (10/19 internationally).
  • The Last of Us – The Latest Info in One Place — Learn more about Naughty Dog’s next game, including how Joel and Ellie coordinate in their hostile new world.
  • Pick Up MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita, Save $20 — A good excuse to try out PS3-to-Vita crossplay support, which lets you take your PS3’s save progress to your PS Vita and vice-versa.
  • Call of Duty Elite: 2 New MW3 Maps Now Available on PS3 — Elite subscribers get two new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps, Liberation and Piazza.
  • The Battle Continues in PlayStation Home with Street Fighter X Tekken + Weekly Update — The E3 sweepstakes continue, SF X Tekken opens up Home avatar brawls, and new personal spaces are revealed.
  • Primal: PS2 Cult Classic Comes to PSN Tuesday — The game’s original developers explain why this 2003 horror-drama attracted such a loyal fanbase.
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    5 Author Replies

    • I’m playing: Mutant Blob Attack & Shinobido 2

      Are you guys going to cover some of the stuff thats going to appear on GDC like ps suite? Oh, and what was that psp game you mentioned on the blogcast that is coming on Tuesday?

      • We’ll definitely be covering GDC, so watch this space! (no idea how PS Suite will factor in, but stay tuned). The PSP game was Sumioni Tactics!

    • I’m Playing: UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, and Asura’s Wrath.

      I’m Watching: Nikita season two which by the way is absolutely outstanding.

      I’m Reading: Journey reviews. Game of the Year?!

      I’m Listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 014: Street Fighter X Tekken X Journey X Mass Effect 3.

    • Seeing_Red_Again

      Im playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss and every time I power my Vita on it seriously amazes me. My only complaint is the PSP support :(. I wish we could play the PSP games we have on UMD on it.

      Sid, do you know if Sony is planning to bring back PSP games taken down from the PlayStation Store so us Vita owners can have a chance to buy them? And what about games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep that have no digital release in the foreseeable future? So many, many people want to play Kingdom Hearts: BBS on Vita, do you know if Sony are in talks with SE over finally bringing it to the PlayStation Store?

      • No updates on this, it’s ultimately up to the game’s original publisher (So Square Enix in the case of Kingdom Hearts) when it comes to publishing a game on the digital store.

    • I am playing my Vita

      I am finally reading my Facebook Wall on Vita

      I want PSX support on my Vita…..
      I want Remote play on my Vita (I know some games wouldn’t be fun without L2,L3,R2,R3)

      I want REVERSE PLAY!!!!!!!! (like remote play but play my vita thru my PS3 on the Big Screen) Since there is no way to have a TV output like the Slim PSP or PSPGO.

      • How do you like the Facebook app? Haven’t tried it yet, but I hear you can scroll with the back touchscreen, which sounds pretty cool.

    • Playing: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for PSP, on my Vita; I was never able to play that on my Go because of that d*mm slidey button which gives sucky control. Will buy the Vita Lego HP years 5-7 which should be on the store this Tuesday?

      Watching: American Idol.

      Listening to the blogcast on my Vita. I’m sad that Jeff couldn’t name his daughter what he wanted. Not cool.

      Reading: as little as possible. Mostly stuff related to the Vita, including that great link you gave us last week to the online manual. Really saved my bacon when my Vita froze.

      I guess we won’t be able to post tomorrow so the usual people who pummel Rey will have to wait a day.

    • Hey Sid, do you think we’ll ever see a PS2 import section like we have for PS1 games? I’d love to play Berserk somehow.

    • I want more PSP support for vita, including 8 more psp games like fat princess, lemmings, metal gear solid portable, metal gear solid portable plus, papaton 3, (which i do own for digital downloads and still missing for download for vita system) and 3 new digital downloads like kingdom hearts: birth by sleep, metal gear acid 1 and metal gear acid 2. Besides, i don’t think sony or any other companies would make any new games for psp system in the future or not. They already started making new games for vita system though. Later in future would be digital comic reader app for vita in order to read digital comics and a bigger memory card like 64GB for storing musics, photos, comics, original psp games, etc., would be totally awesome, sid. The playstation store for vita still needs to be complete, of course since some people been saying that playstation store for vita is incomplete as well though.

    • I want more apps and games for the Vita. More importantly an update that can fix the lousy browser which cannot even play Youtube Videos and says it has Adobe built in already. Please UPDATE us on whether or not Sony is looking into the problem and I will be a Happy Customer!

    • Can anyone confirm when Mass Effect 3 will be available for download? Will it be midnight or when the store normally updates Tuesday evening? I’d love the digital version only if i can start the download at midnight.Otherwise I’ll just Get the disc Tuesday mourning.

    • Sid you remember this quote???… “You supposed to be good cop, Dumb you know what”

    • Playing: Modnation Racers: Roadtrip, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Horde, Hysteria Project (Interesting Horror Mini), Dragon’s Lair, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins, and Young Thor.
      Watching: Grimm, The Finder, Alcatraz, Once Upon a Time, Mortal Kombat: Legacy
      Reading: Nothing this week, but I will be starting something soon.
      Listening: Marketplace, The Adventures of the Red Panda, The Playstation Blogcast, PSNation, Doctor Who.

      I have a few questions for the Moderators here:
      1. When will Music Unlimited and Skype be available for download in the PSN Store?
      2. When will we see more PSP and PSone and PS2 games available in the PSN Store?
      3. I have the PSP game Lord of Arcana as a download. I look in the the Vita version of the store on my download list and the game itself is available, but not the DLC that goes with that. Why is that?

    • @Sid Shuman

      ikr im getting excited for march 6th 2012
      Take Earth Back!

    • Warning: Totally Off the topic

      Hey Sid. Just letting u know… AR games are going to be one the things Sony its going to focus isnt that right?

      Then How about Sony gets to work with the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise and create “Eye of Judgement” again but with an Franchise everyone love such at YuGi. U will get Insta-sells for kids and grown ups too.
      Create it for Ps3 and Vita! Insta-Money!

      Note: Eye of judgement is An Awesome Game! too bad Sony didnt marketed that great game. Nobody knew of its existence. just a couple of gamers.

    • Since the network will be down tomorrow, can we still expect the Drop? How about the March PS Plus list of Freebies? Any news on Doctor Who for the Vita release date?

      Online gaming is cool, but at what cost? It has ruined the development and marketing of games. Day one DLC, Game Patch’s (because they can now release a buggy game and fix it post launch) and of course Online Passes.

    • when will ps vita get skype, ps suite, better web browser, more features in remote play, ETC. ECT. ETC.? i love my vita but keep us informed and i will be happy whether its bad news or good news!! hopefully in time :)

    • OMG!! You watch The Wire? I’ve watched every episode. It’s one of the greatest TV shows ever. I recommend to anyone. Almost lol

    • yeah i think they should make and put demo on the psn demo of those games blades of time yakuza deadsouls silent hill downpour tales of graces f ninja gaiden 3 resident evil operation raccoon city yeah i think they should make demos for thoes games and put them on the psn so what do yall think comment and let me know later

    • How about telling us why Sony is allowing Namco Bandai to release a glorified demo as an actual game.

      Unless you like driving around the same three tracks over and over and over again for no apparent purpose, I’d stay away. Not much value for the money even after they add another whopping three tracks via ‘free’ DLC.

    • where do i go to see whats comming to the free game dloads on plus each month?

    • Playing: Twisted Metal (WOOOOOOO!), Batman: Arham City, MLB 10 The Show

      Reading: Behind the Shades Revisited (Bob Dylan biography).

      Watching: The Office, Parks and Rec, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle.

      Twisted Metal has been dominating my play time. I don’t need anything else for a very long time. But Journey, I might have to get because I absolutely adore TGC.

      Good week for the blog, and also it’s awesome that Bioshock Infinite got a release date!

      You the man, Sid!

    • @ Sid

      The Facebook app is cool……but the fact you have to sign into the PSN to use it, is just bad. If I use my Ipod, I don’t have to sign into Itunes to use it.

      Please have them fix that issue, or the app is useless

      Also the Webbrowser is cool, but I can’t log into the PS Blog, watch youtube or have HTML 5 support

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