PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday

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As you may recall, we had postponed our scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance session from last Thursday to a time to be announced. It is now determined that maintenance will take place tomorrow (Sunday, March 4).

This significant PSN maintenance period is expected to start at just after noon Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 2am Pacific on Monday, March 5. Unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already signed-in to PSN will be signed-out, and consumers will be unable to sign in for the duration of the maintenance window. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • hopefully it goes smooth if its gonna be what 14 hours.. i’ll be enjoying unlocking the rest of the mysteries on uncharted golden abyss and unlocking cars on asphalt injection.. i just picked that up a few days ago

  • I hope they iron out some of the issues with the PS Vita and PSN friend list since they aren’t able to see me online.. Moreover, adding the ability to see your PS Vita trophies on your PS3 and supporting more PSP games and PS1.

  • whoa…that’s a long time, and some primetime gaming hours to boot.

  • that is an awful time period. why not start at midnight instead of noon. less people are online overnight than during the evening.. Guess I’ll have to play my Vita instead of gaming online tomorrow..

  • Maintenance on a weekend? For pretty much the entire day? Who schedules these things? Why does PSN require so much maintenance in the first place?

  • What Maintenence is needed?

  • Looks like the Killzone 3 double xp weekend just got a lot shorter.

  • @8 Hopefully Guerrilla will do something to compensate for the lost day.

  • I agree what kind of maintenance is required, why does it happen so much and who times it to such horrible times.

  • Wow…doesn’t seem to matter what day Sony picks, people are going to say it’s a bad day.

    Just hope all goes well and the maintenance fixes what it’s supposed to fix.

    Maybe another FW upgrade for more compatibility of the Vita and the PS3. (would love to see more cross play coming).

    I’ve got plenty to keep me busy with my Vita and PS3.

  • This kind of screws with the Double XP weekend on Killzone 3 doesn’t it? :/ That’s kind of lame. Guess it’s only going to be a one day DXP. :(

  • All day Sunday?! oK, now even I’m p’d off

  • Sunday? That’s our free day :( Why? Any chance you can moved it to Monday? Please, don’t take my gaming day away, Sony.

  • @10. i don’t think its necessarily the day that we’re all peeved about, but more the time.

  • You do realize that your customers are actual, you know…people, right? No explanation as to what this maintenance will achieve, how it will benefit the community, nor why this MUST happen during the weekend…

    Seriously Patrick, your posts are coming off as being quite tool-ish.

  • I think its great that this maintenance changed from Thursday to Sunday. Since I basically only game on the weekdays.

  • they need to get caught up alot with the vita features .. so i say more power to them

    – you cant really access your saved data
    – you cant see the new vita banners on the ps3 friend list
    – trophy enabled games on the vita arent showing on the ps3 side
    – not really sure about the psn vita user presence thing since im always on psn on my ps3
    – the vita’s bluetooth re-enables itself on startup for some reason sometimes
    – my application layout on the system changes when the system is shutdown and re-powered up sometimes

    just a few minor things i noticed but hopefully their fixed in the coming weeks or months

  • Actually works out for me since Thursday is my day off and Sunday is my biggest workday, but nevertheless nobody likes this kind of stuff. Remember to put the blame for all of this crap where it solidly belongs, and that’s on the hackers who live their whole lives hoping to exploit PSN once again.


  • all this talk about the vita we need some improvement to the ps3 we need apps and more i would really like a layout but this update or maintenance is going to really be for the ps vita kinda sucks if u ask me.

  • just be glad its not down for months … like ya know what happened last year

  • Several
    “being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind: several ways of doing it.”

    Just saying.

  • Terrible timing. Weekend? Seriously???
    It’s when I like playing the most. Bad SONY, bad SONY…


    the ps3 does really need a good update.. im bored of the usual “improves playback and functionality” crap

  • *Thinking “John-Shooter” is on the payroll*

  • Really? On a sunday? It doesn’t stop my plans with playing Jak & Daxter, but people like to relax on sundays, have a few online matches…

  • it is so much fun when we get kicked all day (NOT} at least there is cable and netflix lol

  • I can understand the need for maintenance, but why do they have to do it on a Sunday?

  • I smell an Update to either the Vita, PS3 or Both

  • what does this really mean is this server maintenance mean that there is a big update coming to the psn that gives use ps3 new things to do. when is happened before there was a big update that changed the xmb or added something to the psn that we can do like text chat to people when are not playing the same game.

  • @ 29 it really means it’s there company picnic slash field trip time lol

  • Please fix things going on with the vita and ps3. And add some new games i already played 80% of the game out for the vita. I would like to play something new or something from ps3 to vita! THANX

  • Just once, it would be really nice if you just told us what all these damn maintenance jobs were for. Instead of always leaving us in the dark.

  • Be fortunate that we are being notified of the outage. I agree with timing. Who does maintenance during prime time? My work does maintenance on the weekend only b/c no one or a small percentage is on.

  • I don’t appreciate being thought of as a “consumer”. Sure, I am one, but I’d like to be thought of as much more than that.

  • ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►

    Hopefully this will fix the issue where when you reply to messages on the PS Vita and then get on your PS3 you see the same messages you replied to again on the PS3.

    Or you get a PS Vita Message on your PS3 and you reply to it on the PS3 and then you get on your PS Vita and the same messages show up on the PS Vita.
    ^^ That issue I hope gets fixed ^^

    I hope they add the ability to voice chat [Voice/Video Chat] with PS3 gamers on the PS Vita throw [Party] (This to me will break the wall where it will feel more Cross-Platform)

    I also hope they add the ability to message PS3 gamers throw [Text Chat] on the PS3 from/to PS Vita [Messages] or [Party]
    ^^ Hopefully they add these abilities ^^


  • Way to go Sony, shut PSN off on my only free day -_-

  • Since PSN is free, i have no reason to complain.

  • since this is a “significant” maintenance.. Id better see a significant visual difference when I log on (like a new xmb maybe?)… dont label something as significant and have us wait 12-14 hours only for us consumers to not even notice what (if anything) had actually been done.

    I mean would you pay someone for 12 hours of work when when you look at their “work” you see no difference 12 hours later than you did before they started?… Its like “how do i know youve worked the whole 12 hours, for all I know you only worked 4 hours and the other 8 was sitting around… sooo you want me to pay for an extra 8 hours where nothing was done? ummmm no”

  • I’m fine with it. Please, jump around in wires, cables, servers, and networks. Do whatever you have to do to to fix the problem, or any problem! I have some homework to do and I sometimes feel guilty by blowing it off for video games. I have no reason to tomorrow!

    P.S. I like the red background on the header image. I kinda cringe everytime I see the blue now. The red makes it appear more official.

    Hope you fix whatever people were having a problem with on the Vita, because I’m getting one somewhere down the line.

    Have fun!

  • If there are firmware updates (for both PS3 and PS Vita) after this maintenance, here is my wishlist:

    1) Compatibility with PS2 games that are on the disc (PS3 only) (slim models and fat models with no PS2 compatibility only)
    2) Compatibility with all downloadable PS1 and PSP games (PS Vita only) (and if that happens, I will buy the PS Vita)
    3) The ability to use internal memory cards on downloadable PS2 games (PS3 only)

  • 1st they stop developing and improving PSN, and now they start doing maintenance on peak hours, when everyone is skipping church and playing games on day off. In the middle of the frikkin day. You guys trying really hard to get rid of us, and make sure that your next gen console will not be our choice of purchase :/

  • Terrific. Maintenance on Thursday woulda been a non-issue with me, cuz I had work that day. Maintenance tommorrow, OTOH, will be rather inconvenient, since while I sometimes work on Sunday, I’m not this week. so I’m gonna be home and won’t be able to access the PSN :( Why couldn’t they have delayed the maintenance by one additional day so it happened on Monday, instead?

  • Doesn’t effect me but I think the smart thing to do would be to pay the employees overtime and get this done during the early hours like 12am to 12pm or something.

    But I’m really hoping this gets us new features.
    Maybe even the remote play we were all expecting on Vita or something just as good.
    More compatible PSP and Minis would be nice too.

    Good luck.

  • @41

    You obviously don’t realize either one of the following: 1. If they keep maintaining the psn and its systems then there won’t be a repeat of the psn blackout or 2. They’re trying to keep us by making the service better, we may not pay for it but we get better service than another popular gaming Juggernaut ( Playstation is going above and beyond the call).

  • I knew you guys would change it to a weekend. No biggie to me i’ll be outside enjoying the San Diego sun. But really a weekend that most people do there gaming . That’s just plain stupidity !!!

  • @43

    If you want the psp games try transferring them to the vita the same way you do the classic psp. Use the vita transfer cable connect the vita. then after you hit circle on the ps3 controller it acts like a regular psp. ( It worked for my friend and I haven’t tested it out so if it does work than please reply back)

  • Seriously?the update time is like having a major TV network decide to go off air during primetime. It would better to do maintenance say…. when your customer base is asleep. A good time for most would be between 4am EST and 6pm EST. You know 12am to 2pm for you left coasters. On Monday, that way everyone will be either sleeping or at school or work. There would be no inconvenient interruption.

  • I agree that they could have picked a much better time, but is it really that bad that you can’t play online for 14 hours? Besides, PSN is free anyway. I think that everyone can handle PSN being down for only half a day…

  • Do what must be done… 14 hours without online play won’t cause me to cry in a corner.

  • it doesn’t matter the day or the amount of hours they do the maintenance, people will complain. they can’t make everyone happy regardless of when they perform maintenance.

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