Walk With the Creators of Journey

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Walk With the Creators of Journey

Hello again, everybody! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm after we announced the release date for Journey as March 13. It’s really the juice that has kept us going over these last three years. We’re anxiously awaiting the time when we’ll be able to see you all online and hear what you think of Journey. So we are bundles of nerves and energy right now! The first reviews of the game are starting to hit, and we’re extremely excited that reviewers seem to understand what we set out to achieve.


To help distract us from the pre-launch jitters, we recently had a small wrap party, in the same we did for flOw and Flower – by hosting a house party at the home of our former USC game design professor, and now friend, Tracy Fullerton. We like this kind of celebration because it’s just a friendly gathering for friends, family, and of course, Journey.


We then took our own journey out to Big Bear mountain, near Los Angeles (our home base). By coincidence more than actual design, we ended up having a very similar path in our lives as the character in Journey: our first team retreat during the production of Journey was to the Pismo Beach ocean dunes in 2009, and then the whole team ended up on the snowy mountaintop at Big Bear three years later!


But what I’m really here for is to show you a new developer diary video, featuring new footage both of the game and a behind-the-scenes look at the game and our team here at thatgamecompany and Sony Santa Monica. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m really excited to announce that a week from now, at 10 AM PST on Friday March 9, we’ll be participating in a live developer chat on PS.com. You can visit this page to sign up for a reminder so you can join us and pick our brains about Journey.


Be sure to check back here on the blog on Monday for some more big Journey news. We can’t wait to see you all online!

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  • Loving how much love :) Journey is getting in the media. Can’t wait for the 13th.

    Sony, I think its time to add another member to the Playstation dev family.

  • Please! Don’t become iPhone and Steam-only developers. If you can do something as amazing.”Journey” as a downloadable title, I think you could do something equally brilliant as a retail game that rivals both Team Ico games

  • I hope you guys don’t reach too much BEYOND the PlayStation family with your next projects. I really enjoy flow and flower and will definitely check out Journey.

  • i really really cant wait for it ( its a piece of art ) its rare gem thank you that game company hope you continue to do those great experiences thank you again ( you will find me with you as long as playstation is in the picture )

  • I’m 100% sold on this game. Looks great. When’s the March Playstation Plus Preview gonna be posted?

  • Will you consider releasing the OST on psn for this game like Flower? Or is that up to Sony to decide? I know you are done with the PS3 and going to go look for a bigger audience, but I hope you will still consider us in the future.

  • What is the point to this game?… I’m not hating, I’m just… Curious.

  • I hope Monday’s big Journey news is that it will also be coming to the PS Vita, sometime in the near future!

  • Sweeeeet definitly looking forward to this! Wish you guys and gals at thatgamecompany the best now that you’re moving beyond Sony & the PS3. Hope we are still able to play your great games in the future!

  • AWESOME!!! cant wait till March 13 :D:D:D.

  • I can’t express how much you guys inspire me. Thank you!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    thatgamecompany is now going multiplatform.

    Jenova Chen said that they’re looking into iOS, Xbox and Wii development. This is the last exclusive they make.

  • 34+ R0BIN_LEECH on March 2nd, 2012 at 8:57 am said:I WANT TO PLAY ME3 ON MY VITA! That was one of the reasons I bought a vita. (I love my vita) but I thought I was gonna be able to play whatever I wanted like… My ps3 games. I thought if I hooked my psv to my ps3 I could play games like that but… I guess you can’t have everything you want. Because that was the impression I got when they said cross platform gaming. Did anyone get that impression?35+ R0BIN_LEECH on March 2nd, 2012 at 9:14 am said:I don’t want to have to choose between if I want to play my Psv or my ps3 I want to Play them together. I want to play what I want to play, not what you say I can play. I just want to play my ps3 games on my Psv while my girlfriend watches TV. That’s what I thought cross platform playing was.36+ R0BIN_LEECH on March 2nd, 2012 at 9:22 am said:If i’m wrong and you can do that please tell me. because I feel like you should be able too.

  • I remember playing the closed beta on those dates back then… The game is a marvelous master piece! I’ve already seen some reviews plus the time I spent playing and… I really want to take this Journey! :)

  • I absolutely can’t wait to experience this game in a couple weeks. Loved the beta and had me itching to see more of the game, so I look forward to playing this come March 13th. You guys should be very proud of what you’ve put together if the beta is anything to go by (and I’m sure I’ll be even more impressed with the full game)! :)

  • **** PLEASE release a DEMO **** =)

  • Very much looking forward to this game. The twist on multi player was one of the things I most liked about Demons Souls so Jenova evolving online multiplayer even further is simply genius. Part of me is sad to hear you’re going multi platform, but other gamers should have access to innovative games & TGC deserves to succeed & grow. But don’t forget that the loyal Playstation nation started you on your journey.

  • Looks amazing, cant wait .

  • thatgamecompany will ALWAYS have my day one support. They are committed to something I believe we need more of in this industry.

  • The game looks incredible. Congrats on finishing it and the awesome reception by critics!

  • Wow. I wasn’t a big fan of Flow, but I absolutely loved Flower. I’d say its probably my favorite game on PSN.

    Can’t wait for Journey, looks incredible!

  • Hmm, this feels like…IDK…im not trying to b an arse…but…has this been delayed? I remember being excited about this S000 long ago i forget when that is…

    For some reason i feel like its a bit much to expect a Vita version…between this and not actually being able to talk on a mic (used to be this way, atleast) i really think i’ll have to put this further down on my toplay list now.

    You guys rawk so i feel crappy…dagon you for being so cool!

  • Mondays big annoucement will be that Plus members can get Journey this tuesday one week early and also a bonus dynamic theme no discount though so Journey I will be seeing you tuesday wait for me

  • warriorprincess8

    So happy I’m a playstation plus member, we get to buy the game on march 6 plus a free theme. I only wish it was available on the Vita too.

  • Im a multi platform gamer but love Sony for there Exclusives and there support for Indie devs turning them into some of the biggest names today ND being one. But I also love Pc gaming because of the freedom the devs get with there games. Would really enjoy seeing you guys try a PC game with mod tools for the community because thats what makes great games classics often being played 10 years later with a large amount of players.

    Even though I also play these other 2 platforms I would hate to see a company with such talent to sink as low as developing for IOS devices or M$ devices. Because if you started off solely with M$ you would still be a struggling indie game company with no marketing or advertising for your games. Maybe once in awhile it would pop up on there Billboard or sorry Dashboard I get confused because of all the sponsorship adds.

  • I can’t believe I’m this excited for a DLC game. The times, they are a changing. My hat goes off to ThatGameCompany once again and I hope their genius comes to the Vita asap.

  • I know this is your last exclusive game for Sony and it has been a great ride. I know I’m not alone in this, but I hope you guys will make more awesome and unique games even if it doesn’t have the Playstation brand, and I’m pretty sure your Playstation fans will support you in anyway possible. Thank you guys for the EXPERIENCE as Rey would say ’cause he doesn’t play games ;P lol

  • So glad to have PS+. 3 more days to play this gem!!

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