The Last of Us – The Latest Info in One Place

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The Last of Us – The Latest Info in One Place

February has been a month flush with new information about The Last of Us trickling out from a variety of websites, magazines and more that have visited the Naughty Dog studio over the past three months. One of the more in-depth looks at The Last of Us came from the US publication Game Informer, who put together a cover story hub for all the OTHER information they managed to squeeze out of us from a very, very short visit.

The most important part of their visit, to me, was that we were able to show a well-polished, nearly fifteen minute game demo of The Last of Us. The gameplay demo starts with Joel and Ellie driving down a highway congested with abandoned vehicles, eventually encountering another survivor who looks hurt and is limping towards their pickup truck. Surprisingly, Joel hits the accelerator and just before he barrels into the survivor, he pulls out a gun and shoots at Joel – missing Joel and only breaking the windshield. With this immediate threat behind them, Joel doesn’t have time to react as another survivor in the group rolls a bus downhill towards Joel and Ellie, broad siding them and sending the truck careening into a long-abandoned convenience store.

Copy of Joel and Ellie talking

This is where the gameplay begins – a very tense, deliberate overview of the unique AI for The Last of Us, how the balance of power between weapons creates an atmosphere of extreme tension in combat, exploring the environment and scavenging, and the relationship between Joel and Ellie – both in-combat and out of combat.

Joel and Ellie are immediately besieged by the group of survivors, leading to a brutal melee sequence with Joel before other survivors reveal that they have a gun and start shooting at Joel. This tips the balance of power until Joel can draw his own gun and then both sides are taking cover and moving around to try to get a good shot off. When Joel’s pistol clicks, revealing he has no ammunition, the remaining survivor thinks he’s got the upper hand and moves much more aggressively since he still has a gun with ammo. Just when he thinks he’s got Joel, Ellie whips a brick at him, stunning him long enough for Joel to take him out via melee attacks.

Ellie throws brick_ALT

But this was only the first wave of this group of survivors after Joel and Ellie. A new pack arrive in the convenience store, carrying a variety of weapons and Joel and Ellie duck out a broken window to reassess the situation and figure out how they can get out of here alive. What ensues are several minutes of cat and mouse and Joel and Ellie diligently work to take out each of the survivors one-by-one until none remain.

With the combat behind them, Joel and Ellie banter back and forth while they thoroughly explore the environment for anything that they can scavenge that may be useful to them. The exploration takes them through an abandoned building where the survivors apparently were camped out (and killing innocent people) to another roadway choked with abandoned vehicles – strangely beautiful as nature has really overgrown everything – as they head towards the bridge that is their only way out of this city, and any other survivors with less than noble intentions.

Joel uses weapon as plankJoel grappling

ALL of the screenshots were taken directly from our gameplay demo – yes, actual gameplay. I think they do a great job of representing a decent slice of the beauty and destruction present in the environments, and of the exploration and brutal nature of conflict in the world of The Last of Us.

Copy of Ellie checks dead body

The team has been cranking away at building more to the game and story of The Last of Us since we last hosted visitors – we can’t wait to pull back the curtain just a little more when the time comes.

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  • Can’t wait for this game…I know it is going to be a special game, because ND is making the game!!

  • It is going to be the survival game I have been waiting for! I will buy this Day 1 no matter how long the wait is. :)

  • Any more video of the gameplay?

  • I am blissfully hypnotized by this games version of my favorite thing…wasteland.

    The urban enviroment, play style, and art of this game are awesome.

    I wanna live there :)

  • This game seems like its Uncharted, full of infected and thugs. Though the story is totally different, it will still be an amazing game. Naughty Dog knows its stuff, and won’t rush anything until they believe they’ve achieved all they could.

    Sony/Naughty Dog Fan 4 Life

  • Wow! Can this get any more interesting? O_O

  • @Arne, do you have insomnia like me, because you’ve posted in the middle of the night (CA time) before. Anyway, what a coincidence as I was just reading that Game Informer article about an hour ago, & I was amazed & perturbed by the amount of new information. I don’t want to be spoiled, but I couldn’t look away, either. The thing that stuck in my mind most? That special Naughty Dog engine that you all won’t let other devs use because it “won’t work away from the ND office.”. What, you have some kind of Godzilla hamster running in a special nuclear-powered wheel that enables ND to make the best-looking, most flawless running games on the PS3?

    If you do, you should have lent that to Bethesda so Skyrim could run/play better.

    Yes, Last of Us, day 1 purchase.

  • if its naughty dog its day one… :)

  • I’m looking forward to this.

  • I can’t wait to see actual gameplay, because it sounds like ND has set the bar high again and is striving to surpass it. Content was awesome at GI, but please show us gameplay soon! (though I am buying it day 1).

  • The more info that is released makes the long wait that much harder! The Last of Us is shaping up to be a memorable experience.

  • Any chance that you guys make wallpapers for the PS Vita? Would love to have a Last of Us or Uncharted wallpaper and theme also (which has been broken for a while).

  • Can’t wait to see actual gameplay since it seems like ND set the bar high again and they are going to surpass it! Really interested to see how this pans out, but I am buying it regardless.

  • I’ve officially boycotted myself from finding anything else out on this game. I found I ruined Uncharted 3 a little for myself, by staying so close to the game up to release in regards to previews and the like.

    Really looking forward to this, just like always with a Naughty Dog game. :D

  • This looks like it’s going to be an awesome game, but I still want to see some actual gameplay.

  • Cant wait to play this. It looks a very deep, stunning and another over the top exclusive for the PS3. Just wanna thank Naughty Dog for its amazing accomplishments in this generation, Just please deliever another masterpiece and I will more than mesmerized again by your games and for the PS3. Thanks Sony too.

    ps: 2012 release? Gimme a “yes” in case the world ends… ;p Just kidding.

  • Here’s hoping that this game will bolster the woefully under-served survival-horror genre.

  • Awesome info and screen shots. Now, please tell me that this game is supporting 3D. It would be perfect with 3D.

  • ♥ Naughty Dog. That is all.


  • I like uncharted quite a bit but hope this game is not as linear and scripted as uncharted.

  • hope this one comes out for the vita!!

  • Please share the “well-polished” demo with the general public :-)

  • I’m really looking forward to this game. Everything I have read or seen so far has been positive, and wow – those screens are amazing considering they are in-game gameplay screens.

    I’m hoping to get my hands on the demo come June at E3.

  • I am super excited for this game.

  • looks like ND is a big fan of the Resistance experience…

  • In looking at more screen shots I’m “sold”. I’m now with Falaut, I’m going into hiding with this game now and no longer looking at press for the game. I spoiled Uncharted 3 for myself and don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I should have by reading too much about it. So thank you for the Information see you when you announce a date for publish.


  • I am looking forward to this game. I hope that both this game and GTA V come out this year and don’t get pushed back into 2013. I personally don’t want multiplayer in this game. This is not the type of game that requires multiplayer. This is more of a suspenseful, story driven game. This is not a shooter although there will be some shooting segments in the game. If this comes out in late 2012 i will have something to play while everyone on my buddy list will probably be playing CoD Black Ops 2:Cash Cow which Activision is already announcing.

  • Please Naughty Dog keep that Crushing Difficulty trophy or a trophy that resembles that UC series trophy away from this game. Please let us enjoy this spectacular game without getting frustrated over difficulty related trophies. Follow Heavy Rain trophy list. That game too was about the story and everything else second. This game is a DAY 1 PURCHASE for me too. Once a solid release date (Day/Month/Year) is announced I will immediately go out and preorder this game.

  • Another Masterpiece From Naughty Dog!!

  • Stereoscopic 3D Support ?

  • Still waiting for the gameplay video.

  • Excited for this game

  • Very excited for this….

  • @ BxNYCBoanoDR…i would at least expect it to have ONLINE CO-OP…single player only is not worth 60 buks ..if i can get a game that have co-op and online for the same price – STARHAWK for example…or RESIDENT EVIL : ORC for a better example :p

  • I can’t wait for more news! The tension is killing me!

  • I will hope not to be the “Last of Us” to buy this game. Unfourtunetaly, My poor, poor wallet has been ravaged of bills by the PS Vita launch. The remaining George Washingtons in there are pissed how they won the revolutionary war, but were wiped out by some “video game console”.

  • Can not wait! The AI and graphics will all be top notch, I’m hoping the story will be the same. I was sad to hear that there will be multiplayer, but oh well. Hurry up!

  • Thank god there will be multiplayer. I might consider buying it now, as long as the campaign is coop, like Dead Island.

  • My most anticipated game this year. This game, along with BioShock Infinite, Black Ops 2, Assassn’s Creed III, and hopefully The Last Guardian makes this fall one of the best of this gen for gaming. I can’t wait!

  • Day 1 buy for me. ND makes me so happy to have a PS3!

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