PixelJunk 4am out this Spring, Play It In SF Next Week

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PixelJunk 4am out this Spring, Play It In SF Next Week

Heya guys, ^^/

Next week during GDC, PixelJunk is collaborating with Super7 to host a FREE GDC Kickoff party in San Francisco. You can expect:

  • A public preview of PixelJunk 4am available to play for anyone not going to GDC!
  • Super7’s INSERT COIN COLLECTION T-shirt range launch.
  • Prizes for the ‘best jam sessions’ on 4am.
  • Free drinks, music, giveaways & fun!

PixelJunk 4am Art & Music Director DJ Baiyon will be on hand to deliver a performance at 6pm to kick things off, followed by free play for everyone. Attendance is free, so if you’re unable to make GDC but still want to checkout PixelJunk 4am, come down and say “Hi” to us.

Where: Super7 Store, 1427 Haight St (@ Masonic)
When: Tuesday March 6th @ 6pm
RSVP on Facebook


Even if you can’t make the party, here are some great details and images of PixelJunk 4am:

Do you have a PlayStation Move? You may be pleased to know that someone is experimenting with it to unleash its full potential. Being indie means you can experiment. You can take risks. Push hardware to new limits (do things no-one else has had the courage to try yet). :D With PixelJunk 4am, we’re entering unknown territory. Want to take a ride with us?

So orthodox music games tell the player what to do. It has them dancing to its musical demands *insert evil laughter*. We’ve created the exact opposite of that. Our players tell the music what to do. This is why we call 4am more of an instrument than a game. In fact, you’re not even really a player anymore. You’re a performer!

And that PlayStation Move you’ve got? Well you’ve never been able to use it like this before. There’s no pointers, no shooting, no ‘waggling’ mini-games. This is an instrument built from the ground-up to fully utilize the PlayStation Move hardware. Using all 3 spacial axes (X, Y & Z plus one more axis for twist), the accelerometer & the gyro, we’ve built a Virtual Canvas in space for you. Your PlayStation Move is then tracked through space using a vibrant palette of changing sphere colours. Imagine an intricate Audio Canvas floating in space that you can use to paint and craft music on.


The PlayStation Network has also never been used like this before. We are essentially empowering PSN with its very own radio broadcasting station. And the artists that will fill the waves will be you! Anytime you play, you will be streaming live on PSN for anyone to tune in and listen to.


“But how do I tune in”? “What if I don’t have a PlayStation Move?” We’ve got you covered! A FREE Viewer will be available to EVERYONE, downloadable through PSN. You can use it to stream any live performances currently happening worldwide. Follow your favorite performers, leave it running as live background music at parties or just enjoy the visuals powered by the PS3 SPU’s brute force. Nothing in 4am is a one-way street though. As a viewer, we want you to feed back into performances and let them know if you like what you’re hearing. You could even change a performer’s mind about what they’ll play next if they suddenly have a crowd to please.

Social networking worlds will also be feeding back into 4am unlike anything before. We’re giving people the tools to promote their performances using Facebook & Twitter from inside 4am. And again, as nothing is a one-way street, any activity around your tweets or posts in the social world have effects back inside 4am increasing your popularity within the game world too.


Every single owner of a PlayStation Move should be sitting up and paying attention. PixelJunk 4am is like nothing you’ll have played before. We’re blurring the lines of what can be called a “game” or an “instrument” using this hardware. PixelJunk 4am will be out in Spring this year. Exploring new territory is fun, so we hope you’ll join us there too. And for everyone else? Download the free Viewer, and turn up the phat bass. :)

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  • One of the most unique PS3 thingy’s I’ve witnessed yet. Some very cool ideas here.

  • I’ve been playing a LOT of Eden recently in anticipation for this… instrument… game… experience thing. I just LOVE Baiyon’s music and art! I can’t wait to hear all the great beats people like me are going to be dropping this spring!

  • Intense! Moved and ready!

  • You sirs and madams have just sold me a Move.

  • A good reason to own a Move.

    I shall play this at 4am the day of its release.

  • So excited! This will be a day one purchase for me. I’ll be the first person in Antarctica to broadcast live music to the rest of the world!!

  • I know it’s pronounced 4-A-M, but when I glance at it I see it as ‘PixelJunk Form’, which really goes along with the visual style looks to be =)

    The concept looks spectacular, I only hope that 4am has the staying power that, for example, Beat Sketcher seemed to falter on (for me at least). But still, day 1 purchase.

  • This is very exciting news for the downloadable seen pixeljunk4am & journey coming out on psn.But also what would be awesome is remote play for these titles as well as,playing it on the vita would be stellar indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is very exciting news for the downloadable scene pixeljunk4am & journey coming out on psn.But also what would be awesome is remote play for these titles as well as,playing it on the Ps Vita would be stellar indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah! USF student here. See you @ GDC and the Super7 party!

    BTW…. you mentioned free drinks. Is this 21+?

  • There should be more psn downloadable games playable on the ps3 that should be ported to the vita as downloadable games.

  • Gosh darn it I really wish I could go…8-( Color me sad.

  • It looks great! but PixelJunk monsters 2 would be awesome too ;)

  • Sony should get in contact with some popular clubs and get some booths set up with this. Good way to get the word out about the tech and the game. Pretty sure clubbers would be interested in having this sort of set up at home for before they go out.

  • That looks like a really cool screen saver!

  • This sounds pretty awesome.

  • Seriously, FINALLY! I’m gonna need more details soon, bit this is GREAT news!

  • I’ll check it out after work, will it work on PS Vita =)?

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