New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited Service welcomes new releases from WZRD, Jason Mraz, Anders Parker, Jay Farrar, Will Johnson and Yim Yames, well as featured titles from Usher, The Cranberries, Carrie Underwood, Estelle, and Too $hort.

Fresh off the Academy Awards, the Video Unlimited Service offers Hugo in New Releases, while Justice League: Doom and all five seasons of the classic 90’s X-Men animated series are for rent. This week’s “Own $5 Films” focuses on Thriller movies including Taxi Driver, Wild Things, District 9, Cloverfield, and the Underworld series for just 5 bucks in SD. More on this week’s update here.

Finally, back by popular demand, “Theatrical Throwdown” returns! Head over to the Sony Entertainment Network Blog this Sunday, March 4, at Noon Pacific to vote for the movie you want to see for 99 cents the following weekend. The initial battles pits Tower Heist vs. Drive.

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  • Will theses services becoming to the vita??

    • Christopher Lastrapes

      jhernandez360, you can access the Video Unlimited offerings through the video section of the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation Vita. We hope to launch the Music Unlimited service on the Vita soon.

  • Does anyone think that Legend of Dragoon, a hit game for the Playstation One system, should either be remade or put on the Playstation Network site to be bought and played on the PSP or Playstation 3?

  • I unchecked my auto renewal untill I get a vita app because that’s where I will use it more. You can suspend your subscription for at the most I tried, 2 months and not lose your playlist and albums.

    If I lose my save data for my music when the app finally comes to vita I’ll just forget it and load my own music…

    …this is one thing I deffinitley think should’ve been done before vita released. It’s in house!

  • @2 – StrtFightngDevil – Yes, but this isn’t exactly the right post to get some traction for that… try adding your voice to the HUNDREDS who’ve asked for it over multiple PSBlog Share posts; such as:

    1 –

    2 –

    3 –

  • The PlayStation Store on the Vita needs to become a Game, Video, E-Book, and Comic store. Then add apps for reading the e-books and digital comics to the Vita, as well as a Music Unlimited app.

    Video Unlimited is a misnomer for the PS3, as it’s not a subscription service.

    Please change the layout of the PS3 PlayStation Store to mirror the way the Video Unlimited system works.

    If you make the SEN-related icons in the PS3 the first you see when moving through the tabs (to include the upcoming PlayMemories Online), more people will know about them. Also, add a system setting to make them “sticky”, since they might be the reason most people go to those tabs.

  • When are both Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited coming to Japan? (-_-;)

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