Time Machine: Rogue Pilot Comes to PSN in March, Trophy List

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Time Machine: Rogue Pilot Comes to PSN in March, Trophy List

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

Good news everyone! Although we nearly got lost in our time-travelling adventures here at Lesta Studio, we finally made it to the finish line – Time Machine: Rogue Pilot will be launched in PlayStation Network in less than two weeks. You guys will get a chance to get your hands on the game on March 13, and we’re all looking forward to hearing your comments. And we’ve got more good news: Those of you who are not quite sure if our game is good enough to spend a couple of bucks on it will be able to try the game demo – it will go live along with full game on March 13th.

Still not enough? How about Trophies? Time Machine: Rogue Pilot features a total of 11 Trophies, including bronze, silver, and gold. Below you will find the complete list of our Trophies. Be careful of spoilers, and please do leave your thoughts in the comments!

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

On Wheels Complete 20 story levels on hard mode without losing
Combo Master Make 15 combos during a level
Last Gasp Complete a level when there’s only 8 seconds left
I’m the Bonusman Activate 50 or more bonuses during one level
Ultimate Combo Make the best possible combo in the game
Sleuth Complete all hidden objects levels
Strategic Mind Complete all levels in Puzzle Mode
Perfect Accuracy Destroy all tiles on the game screen
Brave New World Complete the first level of Antique Age playing for Jack
Blocker Killer Match a line of blocker tiles
Make Them Smile Activate the super bonus 3 or more times

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