Pick Up MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita, Save $20

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Pick Up MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita, Save $20

Show Fans – We’re proud to make claim that MLB The Show on PS3 is the highest-rated sports game on the market for the past 4 years. With only days left before MLB 12 The Show hits store shelves, we know many of you plan to not only pick up the PS3 version but are anxious to pick up the all-new PS Vita version as well.


One of the most important goals for us each year is to listen to our consumers and try our best to address their concerns. Over the past several weeks, we’ve heard you loud and clear – consumers who purchase both should be rewarded with a discount – and we agree. Starting on March 6th, we’ll be offering a $20 instant discount, for anyone who purchases both MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and on PS Vita, together during the same transaction at checkout. What this means is that while our standalone PS3 product retails for $59.99 and our standalone PS Vita product retails for $39.99, if you purchase both together at the same time, you’ll get them for a combined price of $79.99.

Owning both versions of the game allows you to experience the same realism of MLB 12 The Show wherever you go. On either your PS3 or Vita, you can transfer your Season, Franchise, or Road to the Show mode save files between your PS3 and PS Vita anywhere at any time through the PlayStation Network. We want as many of our consumers as possible to have that experience.

Visit your favorite retailer for more details on this limited-time offer.

For more information on MLB 12 The Show on PS3 and PS Vita, head over to www.TheShowNation.com.

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  • Do you need to be a Plus subscriber to transfer your games within each platform?

  • wouldn’t it be easier if you just included a download key for the Vita version at the lowered amount, instead of the consumer having to teach retailers the promotion? I mean really, Bestbuy will mess up a *** dream.

  • I’m not into sports games but I love that yall are doing this!

  • This is cool, but honestly this could’ve been simpler to do…. Just buy the ps3 version, receive a coupon for $20 for the vita version, don’t teach retailers this stuff, they’ll get it wrong! :(

  • I agree with Droozy. It would have been nice to include a coupon and/or voucher to get the Vita version off the PS Store with $20 discount, or if you want the retail version to have a $20 off coupon.

  • Great job…but where are the PSN+ Vita perks? I’m up for renewal soon, and you guys haven’t spoke to your plans there…

  • So this offer is only available for physical copies? If so, then why bother going digital releases for Vita?

  • Great deal.

  • Any word on a Vita demo?

  • I guess I’ll be the one to say thank you for doing it for physical copies. So, thank you. :D

  • Good deal! It was difficult choosing between Move/3D support of PS3 and portability of Vita. Now that isn’t a problem.

  • Thank you Sony for doing right by us, I hope other third party companies do the same, GREAT JOB!

  • Will this offer be available in Canada or is it a US only offer?

  • I can understand this for retail, but why not also just sell both versions of the game digitally in a bundle for the same price? That way only the person buying the game owns it (not guaranteed with retail.) Plus its a big incentive for people to buy memory cards and support PSN> Plus greater profits not having to go through retailers.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you….. I was really hoping for this! Very smart move, can’t wait for the 6th!!! Lets go Nats!!

  • Hope this will be something you do for all games that are multiplatform! Keep up the good work Sony.

  • LOL this is the best you can do? Wow what a way to treat customers. You know, you could have easily included the Vita as a free downloadable addition to anyone who uses their PS3 online pass, but no, you have to be greedy and try to get an extra $20 of out consumers.

    I was gonna buy the PS3 version and rent the Vita but I am gonna just rent both now. Not giving a penny to dev’s who try to put a spin on a mediocre deal.

  • Cool, you heard me (would have been foolish not to), now where can I fill out my job application to set straight your Marketing department?

  • To bad amazon.com doesnt have this deal yet =(

  • Oh and for the fanboys who disagree with me, Valve did that with Portal 2. You bought it on the PS3, you got the PC version FOR FREE. They did not try and charge a extra $20 for the same game on a different platform like Sony is trying to do.

    Perhaps you should take notes from them Sony.

  • Jason Heywood wasn’t available for the cover?

    (See what I did there? Picked a player from another team who blew up in the last month of the season.)

  • I thought everyone was talking about this game automatically coming with a free copy of vita voucher with ps3 game?

    Not that i care, i never play the show. But i remember people saying that was going to happen.

    I cant wait to buy my vita when it goes down 100 bucks.

    Ive never bought a handheld but this dual analog is great for 1st person shooters and with nice graphics.

  • This, in my opinion, is an EXCELLENT pricing model for the PS3/PSV releases. Although I do agree as well, like mentioned above, that a pack in discount code for the PSV version through PSN would be a good route as well.

    Now, this is not my cup of tea, but hopefully you’ll do the same with the PS3/PSV version of Warrior Lair and Borderlands 2 (yeah I said it :D).

    Now the only question remains, how does cloud saving work for non PS+ members with continous play? or is the only option to sync your save through the content manager?


  • @22 so you want the PSV to cost 149.99?! uhm no. I don’t see how one can be a fan of the device and know its specs, yet have an excuse for not owning one because its not in some absurd pricing bracket. If you’ve never owned a handheld, do yourself a favour and get a Vita…NOW!

  • Just got back from GameStop after pre-ordering both versions. While there told them about the $20 off deal at Best Buy if you purchase both versions. I told them I hoped they would have a similar deal. They said, “We haven’t heard anything yet. Little did I know they will soon! Thank you Sony. I love my PS Vita and bought it primarily for The Show. Have been enjoying Hot Shots Gold in the mean time. Thanks for taking care of your customers.

  • Thanks, for listening to your fan base, Dood! We’ve been asking for a bundle of some sorts and, you have delivered. Although, I personally like physical copies over digital, I’m curious to see if you’ll be able to arrange something for the all digital crowd. Would be nice to let them in on the deal, too.

    Slightly off topic: Now, if you would only get the rights to the NPB “Nippon Professional Baseball” league, I wouldn’t have to import, “Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012”. Konami does an okay job but, to play the NPB teams, in the Show’s engine, is the stuff of dreams. Until then, I’ll have to switch hit both titles in my Vita. Go Dragons!

  • I really want the download version for my Vita instead of the physical version. Any chance of a deal for the blu-ray for PS3 and download for Vita?

  • plz plz do this with NHL 13, i bought psv first edition cool handheld but im not impressed with some of the games yet… if u get nhl on this device i will love it if not prob sell it as nhl is my main focus get this locked up with EA plz let me know if nhl is coming to the vita

  • Buy the same game twice so you can play it on the go?

    I guess the nails are being put in the coffin as far as remote playing PS3 games. Why support the feature if people are stupid enough to buy two copies of the game.

  • LOL @18, what a spoiled brat, name 1 other game company that even did this before? You want them to give away a game they spent lots of time making for a specific platform? The fact that Sony even did this is outstanding, this is a rarity. Sony is not a charity, stop with the whiney self entitlement.

    Todays generation is spoiled.

    Day 1 for me love the show.

  • This is a step in the right direction, but it’s not good enough. It should either be Both copies for the same price(Such as Motorstorm and hopefully Warriors Lair), or in a case like this the extra cost should only be what’s required to cover the additional royalties you’ll need to pay to the MLB, MLBPA etc.

    You have the potential to drasticly increase the value proposition of tons of PS3 games that will also be released on Vita.

    If you’re worried about people trading one in, offer a bundle where both versions are downloadable.

    Regardless, paying for two copies(even at a discount) is not the solution.

  • @29, this has zero to do with remote play, umm, remote play only works close by your ps3, defeats the purpose of playing on the go and having a portable… 2 different things.

  • @31 umm again, Sony is not a charity, they can only do so much, asking for 1 version free is moronic, no business would ever do that for good reason.

  • @32 If the PSP could connect to your PS3 via the internet for remote play, why shouldn’t the Vita be able to?

  • Remote play doesn’t work well and no one buys a PS3 for it. The vita will but who buys a vita for remote play when its laggy and doesnt work well? It never did on PSP either, buy a vita to play vita games lol.

  • manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps3/current/remoteplay/remoteinternet(dot)html

  • No one in their right mind buys games twice either…

  • Yes they do obviously. If you want a game on 2 platforms you buy it twice, it’s not rocket science… lol. Get a job.

  • Definitely not rocket science, it’s stupidity.

  • its stupid thinking you can get a game on 2 seperate platforms for the price of one…. it’s been that way since the dawn of time… You want extra functionality of 2 platforms and being abl\e to continue your season while travelling then you pay, Sony isn’t a charity.

    Most people have these things called jobs, an extra 30 for the vita version I make in less then an hour….. Complaining about having to pay for said game on 2 seperate platforms, now that’s stupid.

  • Thank you, Sony. This is a class move. I hope it happens on future bundles.

  • Tustin & Mastor, in fact I have bought the same game twice several times. I have both the PS3 & PSP versions of Lego Harry Potter. I bought the disc version, @ full retail, of Mass Effect 2 and then bought it again recently when the digital version was discounted. I’m not interested in sports games, but if an RPG I like comes out on both platforms, I’ll buy them. Many people bought Skyrim for 2 or 3 platforms. Just because you won’t do it, you don’t speak for the rest of us. I hauled my PS3 on vacation with me in December, packed it in checked luggage. I don’t have to do that anymore, because now I have a handheld that looks and plays great.

    The stores I’ve visited in the last week have all had very strong Vita hardware/software/accessory sales & that makes me very happy because I love my Vita and want it to succeed and eventually come out in a pretty color so I can buy it again.

  • @40 I never once said you should get two copies of the game for the price of one.

    My point was and still is that if you could remotely play your PS3 copy, there would be no need for a second copy of the game at all. If people are willing however to buy two copies of the game, expect remote play of PS3 games to never see the light of day.

    Buy as many copies as you like…

  • This should be done for every game, but what about DLCs (if there is any)? I hope it is more like a bundle where I purchase one gets the other one. Anyway, I am using Japan PSN account so I can’t use US DLC on Vita without restoring Vita (which is a very annoying process and I can’t earn trophies with Japan PSN account, hey, it is something YOU, a.k.a. SONY come up with) …And that make me sad…

  • @43 for 20 extra bucks who wouldn’t? And remote play and a whole physical PS vita version of the same game is not…er, the same, as in you don’t the PS3, you take it on the go, that’s the whole point of it. If say they were charging $20 for remote play, you think anyone would pay for that? clearly, going by your logic, they would. Now that’s moronic, and excuse me, but it is.

  • @24 remember that the ps3 was 600 bucks when it first came out. Im not saying this is a bad device. Im just saying that EVERYTHING comes down in price. There is always christmas specials and black friday specials and just plain old lowering of the price.

    You guys need to understand that businesses love when people buy right away because they know they will eventually lower the price so why not get people who cant wait to buy it and have them pay full price.

  • GREAT JOB! this is absolutely what Vita needs. I understand why this couldn’t be packaged this way so close to the Vita launch but it would be nice to see 2 physical copies packaged together in the future. It really good that you listened to this. Hopefully others will follow the lead in the future. I might not have bought either version of this game if I had to pay $100 for both together. I actually saw the Vita version on the shelf at my local Walmart last Saturday and passed on it.

  • Great hopefully this trend continues. It sure is sad people are complaining about getting a deal. if $20 is too much to take your game on the road and continue where you left off then thats fine dont complain about it. Im sure for alot of vita owners the cross platform play was a huge selling point. Its common sense to expect to pay a discounted price when bundled but its idiotic to expect it for free as if they’re owed something. either way cant wait march 6th is gonna be a fun day mlb 12, street fighterxtekken, motorstorm rc, journey, and mass effect 3.

  • @29 a physical copy you can take on the go and transfer save data isn’t the same as remote play. Remote play will have lag(not the fault of Vita or PS3) and requires a connection to the internet. This is a much better solution. Not all games have a Vita version so remote play on titles will be the best option. I really hope Madden does this when it releases.

    There is no justifiable way to put a negative spin on this. You get 50% off the Vita version just for buying the PS3 version. It is exactly what I asked for last week.

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