The Tester 3 Episode 4: Fight Time

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The Tester 3 Episode 4: Fight Time

Last week on The Tester 3, we saw the gamers endure a rigorous challenge inspired by UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. Their ability to overcome a demanding obstacle course and quickly adapt was tested. Nolan North also came by the PlayStation Loft to show off his new PS Vita title, and an unexpected double elimination caught everybody by surprise. If you missed it, watch it right here.

This week, the fight literally begins with Street Fighter X Tekken. Not only will we see head-to-head competition in the upcoming new game, but each gamer’s creativity will be tested when they must create new game characters and choreograph fight scenes for guest panelist, Capcom Special Combat Advisor, Seth Killian.

Check out this week’s preview of episode 4 below, and watch the full episode here. You can also watch the entire episode on the What’s New section of the XMB or download from the PlayStation Store when today’s update is published.

If you are looking to complete your PlayStation Home quest for The Tester 3, we have a marathon beginning Tuesday, March 6, where you can watch all previous episodes (1-4) in Theater 6. Be sure to stop in so you can rejoin the quest and earn limited edition “The Tester 3” shirts for your avatar!

Our fourth Twitter giveaway for The Tester 3 is next Monday, March 5. Follow @PlayStation to participate, and keep an eye out for a trivia question related to Episode 4. Congratulations to @_meridian for winning yesterday’s Episode 3 prize package!

For next week, the prize package is perfect for all you Street Fighter X Tekken fans:

  • The Tester 3 t-shirt
  • 1 month PlayStation Plus voucher
  • Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken FightStickPro autographed by Seth Killian

As a reminder, please allow fans the chance to enjoy the show by NOT posting any spoilers in the comments below, or in the PlayStation forums.

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  • ZODIAC WAT’S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey the new episode! I was Dying to see Egorap…. ooh… nevermind i dont care about the tester S3 anymore.

  • Yes! I can’t wait to see today’s episode!

  • LOL what up yo :D

    Hey this tester show is kinda of funny, none of the people there seems to know how to play Games.

  • I really have no idea how this will relate to QA testing. My brother has been a QA tester for EA, and he said how completely unrelated these tasks are to the real job.. <_<

  • quit wasteing your resources on this show and home. just make better hardware and software and innovate u will do great but you need to consolodate an unplug this show and home.

  • And one of these dummys are gonna help with GOD Of War 4….

    Epic Failed!!!!!

  • Twitter I get a Twitter accout when I get hired at Sony. or I watch an episode of the Tester witch ever comes first LOL(:

  • everyone who is posting hate comments against this is a troll.

    don’t believe me?

    from wikipedia: “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted”.”

    therefore, if you come into a discussion about a certain topic with the sole purpose of bashing said topic, you are a troll.

    I like this show Sony and I hope you keep it going for years to come, I also like PS Home, so just ignore the rest of these idiots and keep doing what you want. remember, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and there’s enough fans of both these things to justify them continuing. So keep it up! :)

    • Really appreciate the support. We hope your enjoying this season with more game play in the show, bigger challenges and a great prize at the end for the eventual winner.

  • I have enjoyed all the seasons! I really think they have gotten better n better. Yes, ofcourse, I would totally be the best choice for the job! I guess SONY’s gonna have to accept their losses then… Hehe! I kid! :P

  • this show is so dumb along with the people in it. but stupid people make good entertainment. just think its sad that gocki guy has had the same position for what 3 years? maybe if he does really good this season he’ll be promoted

  • Kevin, you peeps have almost redeemed yourselves because episodes 2 & 3 were good & the tests appropriate to the theme of this contest. They looked fantastic when played on my sweet new Vita.

  • This show rocks and is very funny to see the fights between the ladies. I cant wait to be done with work so I can go to playstation home and watch this!
    Haters I under stand you might not like the show. But if you dont like the show just move on to something else that you do like and not ruin it for the people that do enjoy it. Its that simple pimple people.

  • I Cant believe they kicked off my two favorite people in one felled swoop!
    oh well, that doesn’t mean i still don’t like the rest of the cast! can’t wait to watch today.

  • Great minds discuss ideas.

    Average minds discuss events.

    Small minds discuss people.

    This show is for morons. The people on it are pathetic.
    Stop wasting resources on this garbage and focus on getting updates out on time
    and listening to what your customers want. Not the VERY small minority of “Small minds”
    that watch this dribble.

  • Mash harder, testers.

  • @fathead170, omega_alpha-619, and other trolls:

    If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Just avoid it. And if you don’t like it, why come and comment on a blog post about it? “Small minds” think alike.

  • Was awesome to see Nolan North and other guests. Entertainment I get from this show is the drama. XD

  • I’m already downloading it!!! Woot! Woot! :P

  • Btw the Nolan North last episode part was awesome. As much as I don’t support how “The Tester” is really about; I love watching the show.

  • update the store? :)

  • Obviously this show isn’t for everyone that being said I think this show is quite entertaining, easily something to watch to pass time. Also I’m placing my bet right now, Realitypalez winner of the tester season 3. :)

  • I agree with jgrizzle358 :)

  • Update the store.

  • I have a question. I don’t mean to sound like everyone else who are constantly spamming on the Playstation Stereo Headset, but every time I play a game online it has a low buzzing noise in the background. It’s perfectly fine while watching a movie or playing a game. Is that buzzing supposed to be there? Thanks for reading this I just got the headset Thursday and I want to know.

  • By the way I love watching The Tester last season was hilarious.

  • im just voiceing my opinion dont appreciate the name calling i believe i was harrassed on this blog called a troll and an idiot as i am neither i am offended and i dont appreciate the executive producer supporting such harrassment i will be contacting sony on this issue. i came here to voice my opinion i did not call anyone names or use insults toward anyone. if anyone is offended by my opinion to bad 5th amendment protects words as long as they dont harrass or insult anyone . i dont watch the show for the record i watched the first and second and had seen enough second episode IN MY OPINION was terrible an IN MY OPINION of which i think i am in vast majority as numbers should reflect dont like this show or home and would like to voice this to keep sony from loseing money an realizeing there main user base will switch to competitors unless they realign to a more core focus IN MY OPINION home is waste of resources and so is this show that is all.

  • I just saw the tester and i loved it!! If Sony makes tester season 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on, heck yeah i’m gonna watch it. It’s a chance of a life time “to work for Sony” and i’m gonna support all these guys period. My 2 cents :)

  • the hardcore minority cant make this show a success no matter how high praise you give it.

  • Loved tonights episode. My fav right now is Sky Diddy.


    This show is obviously a success, I mean how else would they have made it to their third season.

  • So this season is all about dropping the S-bomb as much as possible? Why do y’all bleep the F-bomb though? And why did y’all cut the mousy little red head so early? She was the only one worth looking at… and why are all the girls ganging up on the Mexican? This season is the worst so far, but I can’t help but watch. It’s not that the show sucks, but the contestants suck.

  • I am 90% sure realitypalez is going to win. He is the only one who hasn’t been booted off (obviously) and the only one who hasn’t made a Tester Episode review on youtube. Everybody else has one and seems like they are back to doing their own thing.

  • (@16Omega_Alpha619 hey! Hey! I lost my EGO can I barrow some of yours? You seem to have a bit extra………stupid alpha male neanderthals. So ashamed i used to sound like you! yuckkkkkk!)

    ANYWHO, great job on this season guys. And SOO000oooo….many kudos to whoever found that nintendofangirl clone, kinda crappy that she bit it already though…no not just cause shes prettyIMO but IDK she was just my fav…if thats ok…just cause.

    LoL, if….its….ok….LOL!

  • @32 dude they are ganging up on that mexican( more likely californian) because she is just freaking overbearing and obnoxious!

    To all the people who act like her, everyone else cant stand that crap.

    On and jaffe saying what he said, NOTICE! It was i can USE that ,not i want to live in the same house with someone like that. He was defending her usefulness as an employee not her attitude!…bet he would run from her in public or at the very least in a house filled with games and tight spaces, lmao.

    I know i, would…have…and will again, get away from those LOOK@ME types as quickly as possible…blahh. Almost as bad as 16 up there…

  • theXsilentXchild

    I think im gonna make a drinking game on every time the cast and crew says SHlT. Its like every five seconds. Not against curse words but cant these people express themselves more without it

  • soundandvision77

    I know I’m a week behind with this comment, but having just watched Episode 4, I gotta say it was probably the best episode of the Tester ever. The characters they came up with and the fight scenes were hilarious. With the added in special effects, you really made a funny episode. Sure the show can be pretty cheesy sometimes, but this season you have some good contestants and have brought some more humour to it. Hopefully the rest of the episodes are as good as this one.

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