The Battle Continues in PlayStation Home with Street Fighter X Tekken + Weekly Update

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The Battle Continues in PlayStation Home with Street Fighter X Tekken + Weekly Update

We have another massive update coming your way this Wednesday, February 29th in PlayStation Home. From new challenges and rewards in the Street Fighter x Tekken Total Game Integration Event to free movies in the LOOT EOD to the awesome Iron Fusion Samurai and Geisha costumes to a special sweepstakes where you can win a trip to E3 2012 for you and a friend, this is a mandatory update for every PlayStation 3 gamer. Don’t believe me? Here are all the reasons you could possibly need to log in to PlayStation Home this week:

Street Fighter X Tekken – New challenges and rewards await you this week in our exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken Total Game Integration event. For the first time in Home history, you can brawl using your avatars! Complete all 10 challenges to unlock Ryu and Kazuya costumes, which will allow you to throw fireballs and perform custom jump kick attacks. And if you pre-order Street Fighter X Tekken from Home you’ll even receive the Boost Gem Trial Pack 1 bundle, which increases your Vitality, Defense and Cross Gauge meter build-up speed in Street Fighter X Tekken!

The Wardrobe Wars/E3 Sweepstakes – Week 2 of our Wardrobe Wars/E3 Sweepstakes begins this Wednesday. All you have to do to enter is play Wardrobe Wars, the new game the pits players against one another in an ongoing fashion battle and rewards winners one-of-a-kind virtual items. We’ll be randomly selecting one winner a week at between now and March 21st, 2012 and sending them (plus one friend) on a gamers’ ultimate adventure to E3 2012. The prize package includes everything you’ll need – roundtrip airfare, hotel, transportation to and from the event, E3 pass, and plenty of spending cash! Be sure to read the Official Rules HERE then gear up for the challenge going on now in PlayStation Home!

Iron Fusion Samurai & Geisha Costumes –Four very different robots join Lockwood Publishing’s growing Iron Fusion family this week: Kojiro, Musashi, Ume and Matsu, powerful ancient robots of unknown origin. The former two are impressive and honorable Samurai Bots; the latter two are graceful and intelligent Geisha Bots. Explore their powers by trying out their custom animations!

PlayStation Home_Samurai and Geisha

Free Items for LOOT Space Apartment Owners – This week those of you that own the LOOT Space Apartment will find 45 free items accessible through the LOOT store and the LOOT EOD (Note: If you don’t own the Space Apartment you can still purchase these items from the LOOT Store. Also available this week from LOOT: The LOOT Animal Furnishings Bundle!

PlayStation Home_LOOT Free FurniturePlayStation Home_LOOT Pet Furniture Bundle

Brisk/Star Wars Event – Get your Lightsaber skills in check. Go to Pier Park and play the Jedi Training game to unlock exclusive rewards for your avatar, brought to you by Brisk and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D. Be sure to call **WARS (9277) to download Brisksaber, the all new Lightsaber app from Brisk and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D, you’ll earn additional exclusive gear for your PlayStation Home avatar (Msg & Data rates apply).

PlayStation Home_Brisk & Star Wars

The Tester 3 Quest – Head to the Activity Board this Wednesday to take the newest Tester 3 Quest and unlock a special reward for watching the latest episode of this hit PlayStation Network reality show in the PlayStation Home Mall!

Costumes Sale – We have select costumes on sale this week – from CAS outfits to rock star get-ups, all at super-low prices. Head to the Costumes store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Wednesday to snatch up these killer costumes at sweet deals!

New Movies in the LOOT EOD – We have tons of new movies, TV shows and Anime coming to the LOOT EOD in PlayStation Home on March 1st including FAMILY BUSINESS, STEALTH, DESPERATE MEASURES, CHEECH & CHONG’S NICE DREAMS, AGAINST THE DARK, DIRTY, THE MARSH, CRUEL INTENTIONS, SCREAMERS: THE HUNTING, TRUE BELIEVER and much more!

The Frozen Peak Palace – We’re releasing a special preview space of the upcoming Frozen Peak Palace this week and we want you to come check it out and then tell us what you like, what you don’t, what we should save, and what we should scrap. Tour the Frozen Peak Palace when the preview space releases this Wednesday and then give us your feedback on the official PlayStation Home forums.

PlayStation Home_Frozen Peak Palace1

The French Chateau – We previewed this new personal space to you last week and are releasing it to the masses this Wednesday. Head to the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall to pick up this palatial property and show your friends how you roll, you international real estate mogul, you!

PlayStation Home_French Chateau

Huge Novus Prime Sale – Select items are 30-50% off this week only in Novus Prime! Suit up with the Power Mech and Rogue Mech outfits with in-game bonuses for $6.99; explore the Novus Prime universe with the Escalation Map Pack for only $1.49; deck out your spaceship with a new paint-job and pilot helmet bundle for $0.99, and much more!

PlayStation Home_Novus Prime Sale

New Collectibles – From a range of winter and summer wear from Billabong to Prototype 2 uniforms, we have yet another awesome array of items coming to the PlayStation Home Mall this week. Here’s Magnus to give you a quick overview of what we have in store for you this Wednesday!

Keeping with the tradition of the last few posts we’ve put up here for all you Home-boys and Home-girls, we want to use this as an opportunity to give you a sneak peek of some upcoming content. This week, we’ll look at three soon-to-be-released personal spaces. Bonus: These spaces will be available as both apartments and as clubhouses that you can share with your friends. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments and/or over at the official PlayStation Home forums.

Moon Forest – Camping will never be the same after you spend a night in the Moon Forest. Complete with an outdoor fire pit, this three room exotic getaway is a great way to lose yourself in nature and spend time with friends. Reward yourself and your friends with exclusive camping gear furniture item, only available in the Moon Forest (Gift Machine is available in the Moon Forest apartment only).

PlayStation Home_Moon Forest

Plum Tree Pavilion – Take a deep breath and inhale the soft sweet aroma of the Plum Tree Pavilion. Its gentle landscaping and exquisite architecture makes this space ideal for anyone who’s a fan of fishponds and rock formations, to own. Reward you and your friends with an exclusive Lantern furniture item, only available in the Plum Tree Pavilion (Gift Machine is available in the Plum Tree Pavilion apartment only).

PlayStation Home_Plum Tree Pavilion

Hillside – Built with a view in mind, the Hillside is the place to get away from the confines of a concrete jungle and bask in the luxury of a home away from home.

PlayStation Home_ Hillside

See you in Home!

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  • Cant wait for the Lockwood Iron Fusion Samurai & Geisha Costume! They look pretty awesome!

  • any word when the X7 Private club will release?

  • the frozen peak palace will we be able to go outside and hey Locust can i have 20 dollars lol

    • The Frozen Peak Palace might—we look forward to everyone’s input starting Wednesday. I’ll host a Poll in the Home forums, so look for it, provide your vote-clicks and comment if you’ve got specific ideas or feedback.

  • I really like the Hillside!! will be visiting :D

    • This is a PlayStation Home first! The first space to be released as a Clubhouse as well as a personal space—so you have options for what you prefer.

  • Absolutely LOVE the fact that those 3 new apartments being available as clubhouses, I will be buying all three when they release! The look absolutely fantastic! Though Hillside could be bigger, and will we be able to walk onto the bridge at Plum Tree Pavilion?

  • So if I am reading right, there will be 4 open ‘houses’ this coming weekly update, right? If so, does that mean the Mount Olympus and Oak Retreat will go away this Wednesday maintenance?

    And The French Chateau will go straight to the Real Estate store (no open house)?

    • This is correct. Just to clarify, here’s what will be available to check out as open houses:

      Oak Retreat,
      Frozen Peak Palace,
      French Chateau,
      Mount Olympus.

      The three new personal spaces/Clubhouses (Moon Forest, Plum Tree Pavilion, Hillside) will not be available at this time as open houses.

      The French Chateau will become available for purchase this week. The Frozen Peak Palace is a Home first of sorts—a space we’re releasing as an open house first, specifically seeking feedback before we release it in its final form. We like it a lot, but felt it needed community input before releasing it. Look for my Poll in the Home forums on Wednesday covering it.

      WHEW! Lots of private spaces to check out. Enjoy!

  • Awesome update!!! The Iron Fusion Samurai costumes look amazing. How much will they be?

  • wow makin those spaces into apts & clubhouses, nice options 4 ppl & those apts do look pretty nice, any info on releases dates or release windows?

    • The Home Community Volunteers will be able to offer some tours of the unreleased ones, details TBD (check the Home forums starting Wednesday). Release dates are not yet announced, but I believe I can safely say they will likely release in coming weeks.

  • Firstable i want to ask, why is it that when someone gets BAN for 7 days , or a month , and that person doesnt get in trouble anymore, lets say for a whole year, why isnt His or Her PSN record CLEAR of all past Ban History. As a member i think is not Fair that many people LOSE all the money they have put into their accounts due to past History. We ALL have bad days , and people in Home, even though they dont say a bad word, they act like total tools, and sometimes you forget you cant say a bad word, and just so happens a MOD is there to Ban you, for a normal Human Reaction . Just like in real life, when you do something lightly bad , after certain time you have the chance to clean your record, Why PSN does not implement this for US , instead of being 1 sided .
    The Ban Rules need to change, to give us the chance to have our PSN History CLEAN , after a certain time we Do Not get in Trouble .
    Please, show a sign of good Faith towards your Members.

  • I love those new spaces, especially the camp one. Great update this week.

  • Any word on core updates especially as they relate to wardrobe management? We’d also love a lot of new animations including new dances and more.


  • As i Mention before, 1 member i know got banned for a whole month for something someone else Provoked, my friend totally forgot about the rules and said 1, only 1 bad word that started with the letter A, and he was Banned, while the other party that started the whole thing got a jail free card.
    Change the BAN Rules, it needs to be updated, accordingly .
    Now onto the Wardrobe Wars, i tried it and its pointless, People take pictures of themselves , with clothes that have nothing to do with the Theme of the Day, and then, they go around voting the lowest on people that DO have theme of the day garments, so you tell me , whats the point ?

  • Sorry L_S the wardrobe war game is already a fail. Families are controlling the winners. Most people have given up on it.

    Question; Moon forest and Plum tree Can you walk in the woods or over that bridge? Having park like areas where we can walk around would be a very good idea. thanks…

    • The voting mechanism is designed to offer everyone a slew of random choices to vote on, and there are thousands and thousands of photos to vote from already. My point is, no one controls it, no matter what they might say. ;-)

      Just as a reminder, every time you successfully submit a new photo in Wardrobe Wars, either as a voter or a model, you get one more chance to earn a trip to E3! For more information: (plus Locust_Star and I will get to meet the lucky winners!)

  • Can you tell me how long will the 45 Free items will be for those that have the LOOT Space Apartment, im hoping until the end of next month .
    we need for LOOT to give us a portable AOD TV , it will be a great Add On to any Personal space .

  • Wow! Great update guys. Keep up the good work.

  • We need for LOOT to give us a Portable EOD TV , It will be a great add on to any personal space *

  • Locust_Star or Glasswalls, can you tell us the price of how much them new Iron Fusion costumes will be? I’ve looked on Lockwood Publishing Facebook page and website. Nothing is there to display the price. Overall I love the Home update this week – Thanks fellas. Also can you tell me the price of the new Obsidian Bladewalker, as I already have the Obsidian Pilot outfit and totally love the animation and special remotes I would like to add this one to my wardrobe also. Thanks once again – KamiKaze.

    • Update on the Obsidian Bladewalker Suit and Obsidian Throwing Star—they will not be released this week as planned, but should in the coming few weeks. Check future Home blog posts for more information.

  • so crazy idea, uh, how about a home app for my vita. thatd be so freaking awesome.

  • price of the Samurai Bots are?

  • I have no idea how hard this is for the Development team but , i went to the Hidden Oak Retreat , i tried the Long Lounge Chair, hoping i would be able to LAY DOWN , just like in the Desert Clubhouse one and it was dissapointing to only be able to sit sideways looking at the back of the person sitting on the next chair , i mean why not just put a normal chair, instead of a lounger you cant Lay Down .

  • Hey Sony.

    Give me PS Home on my Vita (like yesterday)

    Also why the heck isn’t it remote play? It’s your property, you can turn on remote play really easily for Home.

    So in short I love my Vita and I like Home and I think it is stupid I don’t have access to Home on my Vita.

  • a Clubhouse & a Personal space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !.. @(^_-)@ = Listening to music!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!1!!!!!1!!
    a 11 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE… Ps: You all @ Playstation Home Have exceeded all expectations..
    This is truly.. One of the turning points.. in Virtual His-story… So.. I’ll like to make a toast to you.. yes you.. This is a %_%!!! (^_-)artform-fazeone

  • please quit wasteing resources on this!

  • Club Romani is getting a camp!

  • Looks Awesome!:)

  • All you vita people wanting a home app on vita. Relax. I’m certain it’ll come sooner rather than later.

  • I agree, I think a Vita Home app would be great.

  • this post makes me want to visit Home again –
    it’s been a long time! i think i’ll check out
    the new Hillside retreat!

  • Awesome update this week guys! Keep it up!

  • Wow, The Frozen Peak Palace looks so “cool.” Hehe… =D

  • @24 there is music in home now? from the hard drive?

    Netflix in Home would be really nice. Get Home on Vita that would be nice too.

    I haven’t ventured in Home for a while. New clubhouses might lure me back in if I could play some of my media in those spaces.

  • Can you confirm if any of these new apartments are reliant on owning the Mansion to ensure you get everything that comes with the apartment, or will non-owners not get something?
    Many thanks.

  • @ erickafollie I agree with your A word comment like its been 10 months you think they would get over it. But then again it all depends how your friend phrased it. Did he/she say it as a threat say like ” If you dont shut your mouth right now im gunna go Anonymous on your account and you wont be on SEN for a year” ? Because if so that’s just a little much but if the A word wasn’t made out as a threat then ya that’s complete malarky.

  • Is there a release date for the new clubhouses? The wait is killing me already. >.<

  • Too bad home doesn’t work with higher latency connections :-(

  • Please tell us! If we purchase the personal spaces as such, will we automatically get them as clubhouses or will we have to buy them separately? If we do have to buy them separately will we get a discount?

  • Oh dear hate to be negative but what a complete and utter fail wardrobe wars is,a complete waste of everyones time that participates,initially i thought what a brilliant idea but i should have known what to expect as already mentioned no one followed the sports theme,you just vote yourself a 10 then vote everyone else down,and it seems that the last pesron in before voting closes gives themselves a 10 and lo n behold next day thay are announced as the winner.previous winners for sports theme,guy in a suit,a clown,a leg etc etc,considering the effort put in by the devs just a liitle more thought was needed,anyways rant over,oh and part of the reason i believe home is now on a downward spiral is that its way to big,go visit a space like pier park and you will be lucky to find 3 other users there same with most other spaces too.

  • @burnlife308, The whole thing happen like this, my friend and i went to the Lockwood showcase during the Valentines Day week, you were to get 5 Free Rewards each day, and 1 of them consisted of you seating on an specific chair and the reward would pop, We got there and there was some guy sitting on the chair, we waiting for 2 mins, and my friend asked him if he could PLEASE get up so he can sit and get the reward, the guy said NO, my friend told him , let me sit for 5 seconds then you can have the chair all to yourself, and the guy said, the reward is not here anymore, so why should i ? my friend said, well, let me sit just to check , and the guy said NO, im here on a date with some guy that was sitting across the table, my friend got fed up and said, What an A hole and walked away P.O at the guy that wont let anybody sit to get the reward, and of course, MODS are never there when you need them.

  • But oh so quick to Ban you, and let you feeling like they are being 1 sided and not looking at the whole incident .
    Both Parties were at fault, each should of gotten Ban , not just my friend , specially not for a whole month .
    And now i came to find out that your Ban history never dissapears, it stays there forever, which is totally and utterly ridiculous, considering in real life you have the chance to clean your records, after a certain time you dont get in trouble , but here, something that its made up and virtual , it stays with you forever, just waiting for you to say the wrong thing, to Ban you and take all the money you have put into your account.
    I understand PSN wants to “protect ” children, but the reality is 90 percent of people that are Home Members are in their late Teens, 20`s , 30`s 40`s even 50`s . Children are not running to the store and getting PSN cards to pay for all the stuff WE buy , money that at one point or another goes into their pockets.

  • The Ban Rules Must change and they should be more open minded and understand that as a human being, you have human reactions, and sometimes people drive you over the edge , no matter how polite or well behave you try to be .
    They should implement the option to delete or erase your BAN History after a certain time you dont get in trouble , not have it hanging on you forever , that is just ridiculous.
    Just like they want us to to shop and buy more and more stuff they come out with every single week , i want them to be more flexible and make us believe they are not the money hungry people , a lot of Home members think they are, Change the Ban Rules .

    Thank you .

  • wow nice update just please tell me your not gonna patch anymore glitches lol.. i really miss the ghost glitch oh wait there is a new way… Im looking forward to the french chateau space im a big collector of personal spaces hope its as good as u guys say it is….

  • I bought the loot space apartment when it first came out and the blog says that i am supposed to get some free furniture items. i have checked the loot store just like the blog said and there is a price on everything nothing says free. Whats going on? Is anyone else having these same issues?

  • i have the space apt but i don’t see free stuff >.>

  • I have the space apartment and I can’t get the items for free either. They’re available in the loot store and on the EOD new releases, but they all have prices attached. Please get this fixed.

  • Someones head should roll for the poor excuse of a game that “WARDROBE WARS” has become,a complete and utter shambles of a game.Poor poor poor,Home is losing it’s charm for me and so i am lead to believe for many others.

  • I have been trying to get my LOOT personal Apartment`s Free Items and for the past 2 days all it says is :
    This Content Cannot Be Selected at This Time .
    Does anyone care to fix this or we should just wait til you guys come back from your sunny weekend ?

  • I totally agree with MaryjBlige , Wardrobe Wars is a total Fiasco, people take pictures of themselves without following the Theme of the Day , then they go around voting the lowest on people that do have theme of the day garments, great idea, poor execution .
    I went to the Frozen Peak Palace, and it looks more like a Ghost castle, it Sadly reminds me of LeChuck`s Pirate Ship , whoever created that Frozen castle should go back and make the castle out of stone, real looking stone but frost and snow in the inside ( make the roof snow all over the castle ) , right now the castle looks Too Literal .

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