ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Livin La Vita Loca!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Livin La Vita Loca!

Wow, here we are! ModNation Racers: Road Trip is out and the feedback from gamers who’ve played the game sounds like they are loving it. Personally, I must confess to being a little more than enamored with the game and my PlayStation Vita; so much so that I couldn’t wait any longer to get my copy of the game. I actually purchased mine at retail a week early because… well, “I’m not only the Community Manager for ModNation Racers, but I’m also a client”! lol. True, but lol.


I honestly don’t think you can beat the gaming value found in ModNation Racers: Road Trip. For $29.99 you have in your possession well over a lifetime of great, and most importantly, fun kart racing experiences. I could go on and on singing the game’s praises ad-nauseam (too late!) but no expensive, highfalutin, big city words can describe the experience until you have the game in your hands. In our ModNation Labs research we found the term “Wow!” came closest to an accurate description.

I personally suggest going directly to the Share Station and downloading some of the tracks from our recommended user-created “Starter Set” of tracks (see below). This will give you a great example of the amazing graphics, powerful (yet simple) creation tools used by the gamers, and the ability to quickly search through the 3,000,000 user-generated creations of which over 500,000 are user-created tracks!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip

ModNation Racers: Road Trip – San Diego Studio Favorites!

sds faves

Each day we search through the growing Vita collection of user-created Mods, Karts and Tracks looking for the best of the best to feature as the San Diego Studio favorites in the game. These choices can be found in the “search creations” section of the Share Station. Each week we will select five new creations from each creation category to be featured. Make sure to download them and show your appreciation to their creators!

If you have some great Mod, Karts, or Tracks that you feel need to be seen, please let us know HERE.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Track of the Week

vita totw

ModNation Racers: Road Trip Developers Tip #1 – “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”
When racing against AI opponents, try resisting the temptation to constantly bombard your opponents with weapons and see what happens. (hint “eye for an eye”). Remember, you can always cash-in your weapons for added boost.

ModNation Racers Road Trip: Track Starter Kit – Week Two
So you just received your brand spankin’ new Vita and ModNation Racers: Road Trip and noticed the 500,000 + plus user created tracks to choose from. Let me help you with a few of my (ModNationSD: MNR Community Manager) favorites. Over the next few weeks I will post some great tracks in this “Starter Kit” section which demonstrate a great cross-section of some of the best tracks ModNation community members have made (so far!). You won’t want to miss these!

starter kit

ModNation Racers For PS3

Top Tracks: Best of John31269


Hot Lap Track of the Week: Encroaching Wastelands by its2l84that

ps2 totw

Monday: Iciclette Valley by mackAttack8000
Tuesday: Fat Joe’s Fishy Fish Farm by flathletics102
Wednesday: fin-de-siecle unrest v1.3 by inosan0518
Thursday: Armageddon 2012 by CapnCwby1969
Friday: Golden Valley by mackAttack8000
Saturday: Encroaching Wastelands by its2l84that
Sunday: Grand Forge Dam Sector 05 by IndustrialSavior

ModNation Thursday Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing this Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PST. This is a great opportunity to meet some fun people in a casual racing environment. Bring your favorite Mods and Karts and strut your stuff out on the track. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

Keep Up On All Things ModNation
Here are some useful links to stay up to date with all things ModNation Racers!

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15 Author Replies

  • Will there be a multiplayer update for the game? So that you can play versus others across the world?

    Also, I really want to get the game! It looks great, even without online multiplayer. I really like the competition through leaderboards and racing the “ghosts” of other players. I’m just wonder if there will be an update for online multiplayer! Awesome game! Hope to get it soon! :D

  • I really love the racing in ModNation Racers Road Trip, but the load times REALLY take me out of the experience. Track creation is fun, mod & kart creation is fun too. However, getting into a race takes nearly a minute EVERY time. I can understand this with user generated tracks to some degree, but I would think the tracks that come with the game would at least load a little more quickly!

    Overall, what’s important is the racing…and it’s excellent. It’s just disappointing how long it takes to get into a race sometimes. Every now and then it’ll make me choose another game from my collection if I know I don’t have 10 minutes of gaming ahead of me, and that’s kind of a tough sell for a portable game…

    Are there any plans to reduce loading times through patches?

  • Is there any way to add cpu racers to an ad hoc race for the vita? Was disappointed to see that an ad hoc race was just the people sitting in the room. Would’ve been a lot better if you could add cpu racers.

  • well i promised to buy the game to support you and meet you halfway to that most requested head to head online patch and i did kept my promise and im very glad i bought the game , in my opinion is way better than the psp and ps3 versions , i really love the handling of the cars , the easy ways to create stuff , the near gift feature .

    it was my last launch wanted game but its the one im most advanced in trophies lol , i cant put it down , i have just beat tour number 3 and about to start with tour number 4 , i have created my mod , cart and track and uploaded them to the community , i have rated other community creations too , i dont know if im gonna be able to get the 2 ad-hoc trophies because none of my real life friends have vitas so those 2 trophies you guys should add them on the online patch .

    please thats the only thing this game needs , head to head online multiplayer and a patch to improve loading times ( while they are not as bad as the psp or ps3 versions , they are still long ) other than that congrats on such an amazing game , its without a doubt one of my favorite ps vita launch titles , i honestly mean that

    • remanutd5,

      Thanks for the great feedback! We love the game too and are really proud of it. All we can ask is for the players like you to try it and experience it for themselves. Once they do they realize just how great the game is. I can write blog after blog “selling” it’s features and yet understand that readers may be hesitant to believe until they can see it for themselves. Thanks for your support of our game. It means a lot to us.


      btw … show us your creations!

  • add head to head online multiplayer and improve loading times and MRRT will get a 5 stars from me , right now is on 4 , great but could be better , one of the best .

  • You posted a bad link to the Facebook page in the main article. It goes to a Modnation page but it’s not the right one. The link under “useful links” at the bottom is correct.

  • love this…. its like playing mario kart and cruzing usa but on the

  • there is really bad issue with this game i found when your racing some times randomly your game slows way down only thing i could think it is is framerates dropping drastically and its really annoying looks like your going 2mph is this going to be patch and would like some news about online

  • Rated this a 5 cause I found out there will be a demo tomorrow.

  • Congrats on the Vita launch.
    Any love for MNR for PS3?
    Specifically a price drop on the dlc track packs?

  • You should check out my track I made on the Vita ;). It’s called “Winter Madness”. I also made some cool mods and cars.

  • oh i forgot i promised to buy 2 copies of the game but since my 7 years old nephew isnt doing so good at reading in school my sister doesnt want me to give him a vita yet , so we are gonna wait if he starts doing better and finish with good grades then he will get the vita , modnation , little deviants , little big planet and resistance burning skies.

  • One of the reasons I love the Modnation Racers is because of how open the devs are with the community. Really appreciate how you guys actually reply to stuff people post. You guys really support us. I hope to see the Vita Modnation community grow more and more.

    • Hi IVLaster220,

      Thank you for the comments and compliments. This studio really loves this franchise and greatly values the community and I absolutely LOVE being the community manager for you and this studio! With Vita, the community is going to rock even more!

      I will pass this on to the whole team. They will appreciate it.


  • love the the game the best kart racer ever go vita. will the ad hoc app on the ps3 have vita support any time soon or a online patch so have online like the ps3 has. ps got the download version off the psn a week befor the feb 15th launch yeah. will we get some ps3 integration in the future dont have for the ps3 any more might get again if its cheap.

  • Number 1 Thing We Need On RoadTrip Is Infrastructure Mode For Online Play To Make It Real Cross -Platform

  • 1) I can’t wait to play this game.

    2) THANK YOU!!!!!

    3) FedEx needs to hurry, the anticipation is KILLING me!

    • 1) WE can’t wait for you to play this game.

      2) NO, THANK YOU!!!!!

      3) FedEx needs to hurry, the anticipation is KILLING BOTH OF US!

      p.s. – there is a little something extra for you in there!


  • i want this, got the ps3 version. and i usually get my butt kicked regularly on it :) but that’s what drives me to play it more.

    i hope the vita version sees a online patch at some point.

  • I’ve been hesitant to jump on this one because the loading times on the PS3 version was a deal breaker for me. Looking forward to getting my hands on the Vita demo tomorrow.

  • Hi. What does MNR Developers Tip #1 mean? To use the “amnesty shield” well?

  • When and if you guys add online to this then I will buy it. Until then it’s just not really worth it to me. That was one of the big features that should not have been left out.

  • I have the game, as I don’t want the series to fade away, but PLEASE add online gaming and reduce loading times, it’s a good game but those 2 features hold it from being trully awesome

  • I just rented the game a couple of days and I have to say that it is amazing! I have played Modnation Racers on the PS3 and I feel right at home with the Vita version (other than the music and the oh so wonderful commentary by Biff and Gary). I think the selling point of this game is creating tracks. As I race, I find myself with a very creative and interactive environment unlike the PS3 version. I really wish I could keep this game, but I don’t have the cash right now. :/ Anyway, great work you guys!

  • @ #4:remanutd5

    Try using Near! I was lucky to find at least one person on Near where we have made plans to meet up and play ad-hoc. Yeah, it is a bit uncommon to meet-up with random people, but what difference does it have when you meet them randomly on the street w/out Near? :D

  • I can’t believe I’m the only one to say this: what, you had to pay for your own copy? I just can’t believe that. How cheapo are your bosses?

    • No, I bought mine because that’s how I roll! When I believe in something I go out for it 110%!

      My bosses and San Diego Studio are VERY generous. Of course we received free copies, I have a second Vita and play head-to-head Ad-hoc with my kids!

  • at 23 not a bad idea but i think i will wait to see if my nephew starts doing better at reading in school so i can give him a vita and the game

  • I’m protesting silently for online play with a no buy till it has online protest. BUT, the problem is that its getting harder every moment, i want this game so hard but i want online head to head so bad too. just put it already and let me buy it peacefully. :)

  • I think the graphics are gorgeous when compared to the psp version. Also the handling specially when drifting is way better.

    I miss multiplayer and the very funny cut-scenes though.

    Right now I am giving it a 4 out of 5.

    Since the new ps vita game cartridge is upgradeable, I hope we will get the missing features sooner or later.

  • I’ve been watching some RT videos on Youtube, and the dev track designs are fantastic! Tried a demo at Best Buy, and the handling is as good as on PS3. Will the RT tracks be imported to PS3 or should we attempt to make them?

    • Glad to hear that the demo is truly showing the games prowess. As far as the RT tracks go, sorry there are no plans for that but It would be cool to see their re-creations on the PS3. Maybe an upcoming Track Creation Challenge?

  • even with all the love i have for modnation… w/o online no buy…. and yes i tried the demo at my work (gamestop) and damn it feels good! but theres no point in racing a great game alone.
    So hurry up and add online so i can buy the damn game :)
    oooh and remember to put invite there so u can invite ur friends! >_<

  • Great Game, The update seemed to fix the Frame Rate issues… BUT, YES, this game NEEDS online multiplayer like MarioKart, and faster load times could be a little better… Other then that, the levels, Graphics, and gameplay are stellar…

    Other Thoughts: I sold my 3DS to get the Vita, and I had MarioKart 7 on it. I will say that the ONLY thing I like better about mariokart was the Framerate was NEVER hindered by what was happening on the screen, and the online Multiplayer gives it the replay value… ALL of this makes sense and you can tell it’s true, MNR is the CHEAPEST game on ebay right now for the Vita, beating out Little Deviants =/

  • Another thing that I’d like to be patched is that on Ad-hoc races after you cross the finish line there should be a “play again” button just like in the Career mode (this is very important considering the long loading times) , also if you decide not to play again then it would’ve great if it take you to the lobby again without the need of create a new game to host and then wait for the people to join. I really like this franchise but long loading times is why I play the PS3 version less often, hopefully this can be fixed on the vita at least.

    Thank you for supporting your game by posting here each week and taking time to answer to many of our comments, I’d love to see this franchise grow and don’t get “killed” by LBP karting which I think is pointless when we have MNR

  • Well, i appreciate you coming here to talk to us but have noticed that you are absolutely, 100% avoiding the online patch discussion. Fair enough.

    Anyway, I too am loving this game. The driving model is much more fun than the PS3 version. Creation is a breeze and the AI in the campaign isn’t absurd like the PS3 version was before it was patched. So that’s all good stuff.

    There are, however, still framerate issues on the busier tracks. I can live with them but if you guys were to iron them out I would be much happier.

    Also why isn’t there a daily hot lap competition like the ps3 version? Maybe i’m missing it, as the front end is somewhat of a mess. But I was expecting much more in terms of asynchronous stuff but all I see is ghosts for time trials… but nothing guiding me to play against friends or anything like that (see autolog on recent Need for speed games… or even Wipeout 2048). With no competitive MP i expected this stuff to be a huge part of the experience and I’m surprised it isn’t.

    All of that said, it’s still modnation and it’s really fun. If anyone is on the fence I recommend it. It might not be exactly what we wanted, but what they delivered is still a blast to play.

    • Hi famousmortimer,

      There is no Hot Lap like on the PS3 but we are posting San Diego Studio favs in-game and choosing Tracks of the Week with scores for the blog.

      I am glad to hear you are enjoying the game. That is all we can ask for!

  • Bought the game, and I am glad I did. You guys came close to delivering the best mobile kart racer, but three things hinder the overall package.

    One, the frame rate is way too inconsistent. On some courses, the frame rates takes a huge nose dive with multiple karts and weapons being fired off. It’s really unacceptable for a system with the Vita’s raw horsepower.

    The second thing is the load times, they are simply too long. Kills the portability factor.

    Last thing is the online play. I know you guys were looking into it, but promising to patch that in could go a long way towards building the community for this game. Listen to your fans; ModNation Road Trip can still be a hit if you make the right decisions to back your title.

  • I Returned my copy BACK to the store today WHY in the year 2012 do we NOT have ONLINE

    if i can not race my friends ONLINE then this game is not going to get any play time on my Vita

    A kart racer with ZERO Multiplayer = No good

  • Will I be able to watch Hulu during the downtime?

  • Wrong section please erase my comment.

  • Best game on the Vita after Uncharted! Stop asking about the multiplayer people! Uncharted doesn’t have multiplayer either and nobody is freaking out. Get a real friend and play with Ad-Hoc mode.
    I’m really glad you fix the difficulty on the single player, I love the ps3 version of the game but often feels like the rivals are “cheating”. Awesome game, thanks for your great job!!

  • Sort of off topic with the game just releasing and all that, but dude, it would mean a lot if you would comfirm the online gameplay or at least a precentage of posibility of online coming as a patch. I am worried that at first, a patch seemed underway but you guys now decided against it.

    … Anyways love the game, creation suite, all that good stuff. Be on the lookout for my tracks once I have perfected them, and keep us tuned in on the online patch.

    Thanks for listening and the great game :)

  • 39th :D add me for SSX see ya on the slopes :D

  • Another “I want online for this game” post here… I can’t believe this game doesn’t have one. That’s like 90% of the fun and what makes Modnation what it is.

    I wish I had done more reacher before getting this game. If I knew it didn’t had online; I would not have gotten it (Then again I didn’t “pay” for this game; I got it at Gamestop with their promo of Buy 2 Vita games; get the 3rd one free”).

  • Looking forward to the demo tomorrow. So much potential here, no excuse for the framerate issues, long load times or lack of online multiplayer. Seriously, what were you guys thinking with no online multiplayer, hope the individual responsible is out there pounding the pavements because he got his ass fired. Try asking the fans first before removing a feature.

  • This is the very 1st ModNation game I’ve ever played and it’s awesome! The customization is in depth and amazing. I have ModNation for psp but it isn’t compatible with the vita so I can’t play it, hopefully the list of compatible psp games for vita gets updated and it includes ModNation.

    Is there any chance that the ad hoc party for ps3 can get updated to support the vita so people can get the ad hoc trophies?

  • Tried the demo, deleted the demo. On top of the other problems this game has, add mega cheap AI to the mix. No online racing and you have to deal with this nonsense. Small wonder this game isn’t selling at even $30.

  • Hi Mark, once I’m actually aloud to get my Vita I’ll be getting this. :P

    Until then I’ll try to get my pictars up that should have been up over a month ago. :P

  • love this game it was my first game i bought and only one so far. hope to see more updates to make it even better

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