PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

This week’s stories are – surprise – all about PS Vita. Now that the first 25 launch games are out the door and in the store, it’s already time to look forward to the next batch of titles. March 6th is the date you should circle on your calendar, when MLB 12: The Show, MotorStorm RC, and Unit 13 ship out for the new system. That’s only 9 days away, so I hope you’ll have made a dent in your Vita gaming backlog by then.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 13, 2012)

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  • When I see the name “Around The Web” I think of the draft punk song Around The World and I sing it every time I read a Around The Web Post.

  • Its daft punk I also loooove his music

  • Vita…. Loving mine, but………

    What about Facebook? It worked for a couple days then broken. Pulled from the store too.

    Any news about Doctor Who? I want that for Vita for sure.

    Also I wish the Vita would keep its WiFi connection, and not have to reconnect every time I do something. It makes some wireless spots unbearable. 3G don’t help when you want to do other stuff.

    PS1 support needed ASAP

    Full Remote play needed ASAP

    • Look for FB to be back in shape soon. Teams are working on this.
      We have a Dr. Who post scheduled for the next couple of weeks or so.

  • Jeff is there a reason the downtime this Thursday is the entire day on top of that no one can get online. you guys choose terrible times to do stuff like this. on top of that you guys advertise cross play for vita yet hardly anything is cross play. every friend on ps3 cant see that im online when i sign in through the vita. i swear have you guys not hired people who know how to work online. whether you respond to me or not you guys need to tell everyone about this Thursday and im mean soon not late like you guys always do. SSX comes out Tuesday yet you guys will be taking the network down 2 days later. good luck on that one. You guys haven’t improved on anything when it comes to online. everything you guys do is late very freaking late. from the maintenance to the store updates to when we get dlc.

  • I love my Vita. Now, three quick questions:
    1.) Why can’t I put my minis on my Vita. I can’t transfer them from my PS3 to my Vita as they are not listed under the content manager Applications via the PSP or Vita and under download history they all state that they can’t be downloaded via the Vita. All of my minis I have received from PS+.
    2.) Why is the content manager so particular on the PS3 when starting it. I’ve consistently had problems trying to get both the PS3 and the Vita to recognize each other. Usually I’ll have to specify copy on the ps3 when it seems I shouldn’t have to *especially since half of the things don’t provide you with the copy option any more.
    3.) Also, why won’t the Vita charge from the ps3 usb ports. Is there not enough power given out of the ps3 ports? That’s the only excuse I can think of, but that seems far fetched.

  • Oh, and I hate the fact that my Vita consistently disconnects from Wifi. Will there be an option coming to eliminate this?

  • Jeff & crew please interview Kojima Productions at GDC. They have some big MGS announcements!

  • Oh, and one more thing. What with the bizarre offline status problems (on the ps3) for people who are logged into PSN via the Vita?

  • So hard to put my Vita down; this thing is addicting !

    I finally got some sleep last night, but up early to get on the Vita again.

    Love everything so far and can’t believe each day seeing more and more people on near around me.

    About an hour ago, it told me there were 39 people in a 1 km radius of me !

    No wonder most stores in my area are sold out.

    Best thing Sony has done in a bit and hoping they keep it coming and more connectivity with the PS3.

    Keep up the great work Sony…support you fully !

  • Sony reveal some updates regarding the web browser and the Skype app via Twitter,
    Currently the PS Vita browser is nothing to brag about, no support for flash or HTML 5 video, and plus though the PS Vita is quad core, the browser performs similarly to a iPhone 4. However Sony reveal that improvements to the browser are coming

  • @10 Godfathertig

    Not sure why you said that the Vita doesn’t support HTML 5….mine is working…I can get on several sites (even Facebook on the web) and they look pretty much the same as on my pc.

  • Also…’s only out for a few days now….be patient for future updates that will add many of these features.

    I myself can’t wait for Skype.

  • I want a PS Blog app!

    Also please have somebody fix the portable ID, the US version is so plain. The EU version has pictures and moods and alot more appeal.

  • Thanks for publishing my Super Stardust review, Jeff!

  • i’m awaiting for my first game, Rayman Origins to come in the mail, played the demo, it’s awesome, then my next game is Ninja Gaidne Sigma Plus which i’ll probably get a couple of weeks from now.

  • OH @13, a PSBlog app would be amazing!

  • Please tell me Jeff that Mass Effect 3 on the PlayStation store releases at midnight on march 6th and not when the store updates cause that”ll be stupid to preorder it and then have to wait until god knows when the store updates on that day?

  • I love my Vita except lately its been freezing up for an unknow reason. At one point i could not even get on the settings app it would simply tell me an error till i restarted the system by holding the power button.

  • So I check my UMvC on my Vita and it says the characters are released…. But they are not!!!!

    Kane22, it will probably be released when the store updates. Its not like steam that release at midnight

  • what new games coming out on psn this week?

  • @19 I heard Primal for PS2 Classics, a reality fighters demo and a few others, i heard it on twitter i think through PSNstores or something.

  • Umm can Sony do something about this please.
    There is a PSN User name HafuGirl who is dead annoying trolling and annoying me saying ALOT of inappropriate things and saying I don’t exist. I know I can block her. But that is NOT justifiable. I believe She deserves a suspension or to be removed because she just being ridiculous. Don’t believe me? Please review the convo. I don’t want to report because I want to report as a whole not a piece.

  • Hey jeff you got any information about the facebook app like when is coming back to the ps vita

  • and any news of flash or HTML 5 coming to the ps vita and a youtube app that would be nice to have on the vita

  • @Link01
    The vita does charge from the ps3, it just isn’t as strong of a charge, so it doesn’t initiate the charging icon on the battery symbol in the top right.
    I know this because I left it plugged into my ps3 for an hour the other day and it went from half charge to full charge.

  • @21, Teflon02, funny you should tell us that. That also happened to me, that little ‘ho also tried trolling me with profanity. I reported and blocked, though. This is the downside of PSN friends & the blog. People friend us because they saw our posts but some of these potential “friends” are re-tarded (trying to beat the blog filters) dooshie juveniles with too much time & not enough parental supervision.

  • @Teflon02
    I had trouble with the same person, they admitted to being a male while talking to me though.
    But yeah, I blocked and reported them.
    I suggest you do the same.

  • Hey, Jeff, just thought of something in light of that guy who spammed yesterday by hiding behind his daughter’s dirty diapers. You must be able to tell who the main account holder is of sub accounts. So if you get enough, let’s say 10, complaints from us about a troller sending us obscene messages using, say, his daughter’s subaccount, then ban the main account from all online activity, not just the blog?

    Might get some of these losers to knock off their under-evolved behaviors. Sure, they can start a new account, but they’ll lose their trophy accumulations, so nothing would stop them harder than that.

  • @20 ok sounds kool..i hope they bring the kingdom hearts series for ps2 on psn and i hope ps3 gonna have that game

  • The Vox Game interview with Jack Tretton was awesome! great links overall.

  • @25 & 26
    Thank you for letting me know, I just did that. I hope Sony removes that person SOON. Person is soooo annoying and makes no sense.
    I’m getting my VITA Wednesday :) can’t wait. I’ve been watching my bro play for almost 2 weeks. TORTURe!! lol can’t wait tho :)

  • @25 yeah that’s the problem with it, some ridiculous people. I couldn’t believe the things the person was saying, and was sending some troll pics every time also. I try my best not to swear or anything because I know the person will probably try report me so I just stay calm and laugh. Funny thing is that same person tried a few days ago also, but I thought it was spam so I ignored and deleted but then I noticed again today right after I’m like Yay a trophy lol. I was like really what is wrong with this person haha

  • @19
    A Killzone 3 MP Free thing for all people


  • Thank you guys for the updates and responses! For anyone debating on buying a Vita, I highly recommend it.. it’s practically replaced my ps3 to some extent. Very interesting feeling when you get used to the small analogue sticks and switch back to the ps3’s. The ps3’s feel huge XD. Have to get used to going back and forth now.

  • @33
    The feature that you are referencing is called Remote Play. What you are referencing will be coming in the future. It’s a work – in – progress and what you saw consisted of strictly a tech demo. As of now, you can stream PSOne games and specific PS3 games (like Pixel Junk) from your ps3 via remote play just like you could on the PSP.

  • HafuGirl has been messaging me also. Don’t know who this is. Buit he/she is sending me obscene messages and pictures. I too blocked him/her. Its crazy that theres 2 or 3 people on this post alone, that has had a running with this bufoon.

  • @35, Foreal, I didn’t expect so much people to have that same issue with the same person lol. I just don’t understand how the account wasn’t terminated by now lol. ohh well though, will get shut down sooner or later

  • Wait… you mean… i’m not the only one who got messages by this idiot HafuGirl?? Seems she messages you if she does not like your comments here on the PS blog. I think the ban hammer needs to be in arrangement…

  • Can someone help me pls? Why my Near App doesnt work? It says that it could not found my location everytime and i tried like 3 different places already! is it something wrong with my vita? PLS HELP? I tried to contact support from sony but to be honest… they didnt help… at all. they just send me something i already read over the forums… not kool! :(
    PS vita Wi-Fi not 3G

    Its near only for 3G version? Thanks in advance!

  • @5 (Link01) My Vita charges from my PS3 Slim.

    @PlayStation Any plans for free Vita content (besides minis when they are fixed) for PS+ members?

  • @38 (DarkOne_PR) The non-3G model uses Wifi Geolookup. I am not sure which service, but check out this page: . Submit your router’s MAC Address and your location, and after a while the Vita should know where you are.

  • How can I get the PS Blog writers to read my MVP reviews? :D I also write for a site, but original articles are not common. Or is there a way that we can (the readers in general) send y’all any interesting articles we come across?

  • The ps vita should have youtube compatibility because whats a touch screen device without youtube. Other than that i love my vita.

  • Can we get a general post that maybe can be updated regularly about development on the PS1 Compatibility. I’m sure this would simmer down a lot of suspense about the whole issue.

  • Not trying to go off-topic, but a few people have also mentioned HafuGirl and I want to make a statement about this.

    I have chosen to not block “her” on grounds that certain types of members choose to create new accounts, use another member’s account, and more just to continue the harassment. However, I have to point out that I have sent more than 60 (Yes, 60!) Grief Reports against this person. I also used the site’s reporting option (Google Chrome works best with this), as well as call the number listed on the site as well (even though that was no help, and has me wonder if the 7-10 days bit they mentioned is tied to Home and not the Message/Mail portion of PSN). So far, ever since this started on the 5th of this month, no actions have been made against her (as we have to assume this person is female).

    And because of that, I ended up filing a report with the IC3 when it comes to this person. (For those who do not know, IC3 is an anti-cyber crime site created by the FBI, NW3C, and the BJA.) However, all I can say, without going into details, is that if anybody has any further details or ideas on who this person is, I politely ask that they contact me.

    Thank you.

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