The PlayStation Recap — PS Vita Launch Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — PS Vita Launch Edition

Crazy week! With PS Vita officially in the wild, and Mass Effect 3‘s PS3 release looming just over the horizon, my free time is destined to become scarcer than Element Zero. But for now, I’m content to best Jeff and Rey’s Super Stardust Delta scores (Casual difficulty is for sissies!), crush Lorenzo (from the Latin American Blog) in Tekken 6, and continue exploring PS Vita’s many nooks and crannies.

In other news this week, we learned how the ever-intriguing Sumioni: Demon Arts will help you master PS Vita, Evolution Studios revealed a March 6th release date for the adorable PS3 and PS Vita racer MotorStorm RC (complete with a new gameplay trailer), the PlayStation Home team revealed a way to win a trip to E3 2012, Starhawk’s multiplayer beta opened wide for all PSN users, and SCEI’s President and CEO Andy House shared his thoughts on PS Vita’s historic launch. Also, be sure to keep reading today’s Recap to see some important UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer news.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: The Launch of PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Recap — PS Vita Launch Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — A monster Store update that adds nine new PS Vita games, three free Augmented Reality games, three new demos and a looooot more.
  • Mass Effect 3 Available for PSN Pre-Order Today With Exclusive Bonuses — Throw down some dough now and you’ll be able to finish Commander Shepard’s final mission on March 6th….without leaving the house!
  • Plants vs Zombies for PS Vita Shambles to PSN Today — The most addictive game ever created by man gets a new Vita version, complete with touchscreen controls and a new zombie creator.
  • Borderlands 2 for PS3: First Gameplay Trailer, Release Date Revealed — The battle for Pandora is just beginning. Why does that feel like a tagline for Avatar 2?
  • PS Vita – Your 3G Questions Answered — Handy answers to common questions about 3G activation, redeeming the free game, DataConnect pass and more.
  • PlayStation Vita Is Now Available in the US — Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s president and CEO, welcomes a bouncing bundle of joy to the PlayStation family.
  • Retro City Rampage is Coming to PS Vita and PS3 — This 8-bit styled open-world game is finally nearing completion, and it’s coming to PS3 and PS Vita.
  • Excavate the UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Treasure Map Pack This Wednesday — Having trouble finding every one of the hidden treasures in Drake’s PS Vita debut? Look no further.
  • PS Vita: Our 9 Favorite Tips — A hodgepodge of helpful tips and secret functions to help you make the most of your new portable powerhouse. Add your own in the comments!
  • The Tester 3 Episode 3: Make Like Drake — Nathan Drake himself, actor Nolan North, crashes the party in this episode of PSN’s reality show.
  • Uncharted 3 banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

    Flashback Map Pack #2 Released and Co-Op Shade Survival Mode Announced – This week marks the release of the Flashback Map Pack #2 for UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer. We posted a new trailer showing off the new maps which you should check out. We also announced a brand new game mode that is coming soon – Co-Op Shade Survival!

    UNCHARTED 3 – Patch 1.05 Notes – Patch 1.05 was deployed for UNCHARTED 3 this week, these are the details on what was updated.

    UNCHARTED 3 – Flashback Map Pack #2 Fixes – We’ve pushed out a couple of live fixes to Flashback Map Pack #2 to the Plaza map in Competitive and Co-operative modes. In addition, players from the US and EU playing in the same match have sometimes seen some anomalies, which we’ve fixed as well. EU players, you should re-download Flashback Map Pack #2 from the PS Store. US players, you’re good.

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    • I am LOVING my PlayStation Vita!

      I’m Playing: UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, wipEout 2048, and Asura’s Wrath.

      I’m Watching: Nikita season two, Gossip Girl season 5, The Walking Dead season two.

      I’m Reading: UNCHARTED: The Fourth Labyrinth by Christopher Golden

      I’m Listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 013.

    • Imma get mines one day but not now

    • The Vita is incredible.

      The interface is so amazingly slick and smooth.

      The graphics are amazing. Uncharted on the Vita looks better than any Xbox 360 game but still not as good as actual PS3 games.

      Sony has really hit a home run with the Vita. There just isn’t enough time in the day for the flood of AAA PS3 exclusives and now the Vita in addition.

    • Im just in-love with the Vita, this is one of the best handhelds to ever come out, screen is amazing!

      Im Playing: Escape Plan ( Vita ), Mass Effect 2 ( PS3 ), MW3 ( PS3 ), Jak and Daxter HD ( PS3)

      Also i really hope Sony will release an update for the PS3 so that my friends on PS3 can see my Vita trophies.

      any news about Skype app for Vita?

    • I’ve heard that Need For Speed Most Wanted has been released as PS2 classic on the EU store? Are we going to have it too in America?

    • What happened to BlazBlue Calamity Trigger 2? The drop made it sound like it was coming out for PS3 and Vita. There were a few others that had this strange wording that too only appeared to be on Vita.

      Were those typos or those still set to come? I’d really like a digital version of Blazblue, digital version of all fighters for that matter.

      Also I hope next month brings from more info on Disgaea 3 like its cross saves for the home version or a sweet skinned Vita bundle. The perfect game for save transfers imo. The perfect game to break in a Vita too,

      Currently Playing: A 5 empire LAN game of Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity (PC) and Wipeout HD. I don’t know if I’ve played against any Vita players yet, which is awesome. The fact that I can’t tell who’s on Vita and who’s not really speaks volume for the cross play. Tho I don’t know if enabled yet since we havn’t got our DLC for HD yet.

      Still good to see booming online once again.

    • Amazing little device, so much promise. I won’t spoil the thread by harping on the issues many have voiced in previous posts. I’ll just assume that you at SCE are working on these critical features and services. Sony is close to having a real winner in the market.

      Playing: All things Vita and my extensive JRPG PSP collection (upscaled and beauteous)..

      Reading: A draft.

      Watching: Sherlock, Series 2 BBC. Fantastic stuff.

      Listening: Sia, Lenka, Dinah Washington.

      P.S. Jeff/ Sid, one small Criticism, but your customer service department has no way to directly contact your sales/ billing department to deal with financially related account issues aside from issuing a refund. NO communication exists between the two parties outside of a blind form submission. I and many, many other consumers have had tremendous hurtles to jump in order to get perfectly valid (non preloaded, but real) CCs working on the PSN. Really, the process should be easier or their should be a department to directly correspond with. SCE should be happy consumers trust them enough to store CC details after last year’s events.

    • Hmm I have the US version of the uncharted 3 flashback 2 maps and I still can’t seem to find a game on any of them. What kind of scam are you guys running? I payed for them, therefore I should be able to play them-_-

    • Hi Sid:

      I’m playing Escape Plan & Kingdoms of Amalur

      Only reading the PS blog, every day.

    • I love my vita heres whats in my system
      Currently playing: Rayman:origins, Escape Plan, Lumines.
      Im watching: The girl with the dragon tattoo.
      im reading: The Playstation Vita Blog, reddit/skyrim
      Im Listening to: Adel 21: Rolling in the deep.

      Good Job Sony all that Advertising money payed off :D

    • I am in love with my Vita!!

      I’m Playing Rayman Origins, Modnation Racers: Road Trip, and Little Deviants

      I’m Watching Youtube Videos of people being able to remote play Red Dead Redemption on Vita, and then wishing I could do that.

      I’m Reading the insanely short list of titles that I can remote play, and wondering why Killzone 3, which you had running on a Vita a few months ago, isn’t on that list.

      Listening to Eminem

    • Im loving the Vita too! such as great device! BUUUUT! its needs some fixing!

      1. Near its not working.
      2. Facebook app its not working.
      3. Ps3 Players cant see me Online Playing my Vita Games and theres not a Vita Trophy list on the PS3.
      4. NO YOUTUBE!!!! C,mon sony how u missed this one?! Just make a partnership with Mozilla FireFox and put Mozilla on the Vita! a browser that allows flash and everything thats it! :)
      5. No New JRPGs? C,mon! when im over with Uncharted what can i do? BRING the MONSTER HUNTER and RAGNAROK ODYSSEY!!! OOOH and lets not forget, FF Type 0 for the Vita!!! < Make it Happen!
      6. No Online Gaming: Ive been seen lots of games that dont have online… I hope its bc they are launch titles. but apart of that, new games dont have excuses for not having Online.

      apart of that Im loving Uncharted! Good Job Sony I hope the Vita its a Success!!! I put my granite of Sand and bought it Day One with Overpriced Uncharted, WipeOut and soon to buy Escape Plan, Gravity Daze, Resistance, and Unit 13.

      Im giving u my hand on this one… pls do the same for me :) Love ya all

    • I’m Playing: Vita Vita Vita, StarHawk Beta and COD Elite Clan Ops with my peeps.

      I’m Watching: Buried (as recommended by PS Blogcast…WTF!!!) LOL

      I’m Reading: The user manual to my new PlayStation 3D Monitor ;)

      I’m Listening To: Stone Rollin’ by Raphael Saadiq, The Big Bang by Rock Mafia and Dedication to my Ex by Lloyd (feat. Andre 3000 & Lil’ Wayne)

    • I’m playing nothing but Hot Shots. Finished top 10 in all 3 dailies today. Should be back in the top 10 overall tomorrow.

      Man these last 7 crowns are insane. 100% GIR with gale force winds and Rain? *rage*

    • Sid & crew please interview Kojima Productions at GDC. They have some big MGS announcements!

    • Post 1 and 3 is a sony employee trolling Sony blogs hyping the vita as always. 3 for sure with no avatar and acting like sony is god lol. Sony is so great and you aren’t a Plus member? No avatar either? LOL

    • Pop quiz Shuman! I just got my wifi PS VITA with super stardust and I’m on a mission to crush your score. What you do? What do you do??

    • Just amazed with the Vita….sure a few things to be added hopefully in the near future and a few bugs, but for launch, it just great ! (Facebook worked for me yesterday, but today got the error everyone was saying they had).

      Haven’t been off the Vita or my PS3 in a long time now. (running on empty and glad it’s the weekend).

      My Vita just told me in near that there were 30 others palying within a 1 km. radius, which isn’t a lot.

      My guess is with so many places sold old already, that the numbers for North America will be really good.

      Keep up the great work Sony and the support for the Vita.

      I know I can’t believe how much my PS3 has changed since I bouth it back in 2007 and it’s still running well !

    • Sony I love the vita but your missing quite a few things here, whats up with that? No offense but your store is out of whack, My friend spent 2 hours looking for Patapon 3 the other day, I love the smooth redefined graphics of the PSP games though ( My prinny looks so shiny and cuddly now!). Keep up the good work and try to get the PS1 games back on the vita ( I miss the Spyro and Crash PS1 Series so much when I’m on the go).

      Playing: Mass Effect 2 and 3 demo ( I love my Krogen Soldier), Little Big Planet Series, Battlefield 3 ( MW3 can’t match the intensity of jets and tanks plus elite is a rip off for PSN users), MW3 ( good for laid back classic arcade shooting), and Black ops ( Survival can’t match zombies)
      Watching: The Walking Dead ( Doesn’t matter what season it’s all good) and the EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY on youtube ( Gotta love Vader vs. Hitler )
      Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, DJ Champion, Cage the Elephant, The Ink Spots ( any music from Fallout or Bioshock really), Frank Sinatra, and Guns n Roses
      Reading: Eragon and my Medical class books

    • My Vita is awesome, but there are a few issues that I hope will be fixed soon:

      Remote play doesn’t play PS3 games, which is one of the reasons I bought my Vita, and it’s really dissapointing.

      I can’t see my trophies from my Vita games on my PS3.

      An option to use physical buttons to navigate the menus.

      Flash and HTML5 on the browser.

      Please fix these soon, they are really bugging me.

    • Oh man. I’m in love with my PSV. This little thing is so sleek and responsive. And the features and customizability are great.

      Currently Playing: Dynasty Warriors Next (AMAZING!), Fireworks AR

      Currently Watching: Walking Dead S2 and Archer S3

      Currently Listening: BoA, Pillar and Nero

      Currently Reading: Snow Crash

    • YEA at the moment i’m playing NO PS3 titles on my PS Vita cant remote play any so i’m enjoying my downloaded psp titles yay….. still love the device FOR EVERYTHING ELSE just dissapointed in this remote play how are u guys playing mass effect 2 on ps vita (or were u saying that u were playing on ps3 i’m confusing myself) but if u guys are remote playing on ps vita please fill me in how to

    • im not really playing anything new yet on my 3G Vita but thats because i had so many PSP games that i really didnt get to play because my PSP GO was stolen some time ago but i glad i bought digital then :)

      Well I’m playing Buzz Quiz about 4 DLC catergories w/ intent to get the rest (so people if ya got it get online with it!)

      Loving the Netflix app, its all good that it dont work on 3G, AT&T has it where if you have the 3G service you get free AT&T Hot Spots with it so thats no bad and in NYC the City is practically a WiFi Spot in itsself lol…

      I also played the Unit 13 Demo, thats a HOT Game, I’ll get it eventually…

      I read SKYPE will be here soon for the Vita, i saw a picture of it on a Vita Screenshot… cant wait for that… The Facebook App will hopefully be back up soon… The Twitter App is AMAZING, i really do like how they did that one there!

      Well my Vita is Loaded and then doing Remote Play from anywhere to my network im accessing over 2 TB’s of stuff from it :) Just bring me that LocationFree Player Software and its really on…

      Side Note: Buzz Quiz for PSP on it works fine but one of the DLC Categories “Video Games” will freez it.

    • MusicUnlimited… MLB TV, HULUPlus would be nice… im sure some if not all will come,


      I keep my WiFi/3G on just because im testing out how much data gets used when it jumps from Wi/Fi to 3G and i want to know exactly how much data ill use in normal ercumstances (meaning care free.. i need max numbers…

      Come On Skype i need you involved in this data count…speaking of count, i wish the data counter in “Settings”, “network”… Data Usage’ didnt reset every time you turn off the system.

    • Vita is great, I’m loving it (only complaint is that downloads seemingly stop when the system enters sleep mode, which is really annoying). Can’t wait for E3 to see what’s in store for Vita later this year.

      Playing: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
      Watching: Top Gear UK (last Sunday’s episode was amazing)
      Reading: Um…
      Listening to: A Tribe Called Quest

    • I’m absolutely addicted to my PSVita.

      Playing: Plants vs Zombies (PSVita), Uncharted: Golden Abyss (black market trophies and 2 weapon trophies to platinum!), The Legend of Heroes: Trails of the Sky, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3), Tales of Abyss (3DS)
      Watching: Gilmore Girls: Season 2
      Reading: Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus Vol. 1
      Listening: Alanis Morissette ~ ‘Orchid’

    • at 25 hey i have downloaded Modnation racers road trip , god of war ghost of sparta and the third birthday while on sleeping mode on my vita

    • Just posting some random feedback here for the Vita’s OS team:

      • Enable us to be online constantly, without interruptions or periodic check of messages (I understand that would require Wi-fi, and that’s fine – but just let the user decide if they want to burn through their battery, because the current settings are messing with the social / online experience).

      • Do something about those nasty pop-up messages when resuming apps like Messages, Friends, Party etc. Instead of having to wait and stare at the ‘Please wait…’ text, just show a cached version of the latest state the app was in and refresh in the background!

      • Try to think about interlinking functionalities between these crucial apps, because currently the entire social experience feels very disjointed.

      • Add Leaderboards / Challenges to the Welcome Park-app (and newer games), so we have one place where we can compare scores, upload challenges to friends (of which they will then be notified), etc.
      Right now, there is a ‘stream’ (‘All Friend Activity’, in Near or a separate list for every game), but you can’t filter for highest scores ever etc.

    • Loving the Vita also!!! Cant get enough of these social apps like near and twitter.

      Playing: Lumines and Stardust Delta
      Watching: Breaking Bad, 50/50, Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain
      Reading: Y the Last Man (comic)
      Listening: regular playlist of songs.

    • I’m loving my Vita so far, I’m totally addicted. I have 100% on Welcome Park and Lumines, and working on Uncharted platinum at the moment.

      @25 Make sure you’re not playing a game or app that disables the network while playing or using (i.e. Uncharted).

    • Oh yeah, and I can’t WAIT for Gravity Daze. I’m going nuts that it wasn’t a launch title lol…

    • @16
      Shut up and go troll somewhere else. WTF I think the Vita is amazing also. So am i a employee? Also someone doesn’t need a avatar and PlayStation Plus to say that. My bro says it’s amazing but didn’t have a avatar till 3 days ago and he had since the 15th and he doesn’t have PlayStation Plus seeing it has no real offers for Vita at the Moment. I bet your some microsoft or nintendo fanboy with that BS. This is PSBlog get outta here.
      I just want to tell you, Patapon 3 wasn’t added to the Vita Store yet, that’s why he couldn’t find it yet. They show a list of games you can get directly on the vita at the moment in a previous post. But the PS1 i need now cuz I love Crash 2 and CTR on the go and Final Fantasy PSOne classics on the go.

    • When will be able to see our psvita trophies on our ps3??

    • The Wire is awesome… “You’re supposed to be the good cop dumb blank.”

    • I’m loving my vita system soo much and it looks great so far so good. However, ps vita needs more updates like as for music player: would like to have A-B repeat feature, music visualzer pictures while playing musics, as for playstation store: more psp tites such as fat princess, lemmings, metal gear portable ops, portable ops plus, papaton 3. Hopefully in the future for more apps such as digital comics in order to download comics. One last thing, Sony should be make alot more bigger memory stick for the vita like 64GB or higher so that way bunch of vita users don’t have to keep on swapping memory stick all the time as whenever the 32GB memory stick becomes full. Seems like 32GB memory sticks for vita not quite enough for everybody. I’m sure everybody wants to be very happy with their ps vita systems as well, of course.

    • are we ever gonna be able to view vita trophies on ps3?

    • I love my Vita! I have been playing it nonstop since Wednesday.

    • i need help on crossplay can anybody help me. There are 4 games u can crossplay and hustle kings is a crossplay game and i want to do that on that game.

    • I’m playing: Lumines, Rayman, Wipeout, Escape Plan, and Stardust on my Vita (phew!)
      I’m watching: Dazed and Confused blu-ray, and Twin Peaks on Netflix
      I’m reading: Just finished 1Q84, but stuck in Vitaland for the foreseeable future, free-time-wise.
      I’m listening to: “VCMG”, the new Vince Clarke / Martin Gore collaboration, and the new(ish) Kate Bush.

    • Loving my Vita, but like a few others have stated. Remote play of PS3 games was the main reason I got this and im a bit disappointed that the feature is not working. Its on TV ads and was for a time on your blog being show off as a feature.

      Im playing: Uncharted Vita, Wipeout 2048 and hot shots golf.
      All wonderful games, but get on that remote play please.

    • ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ Soooooooooooo Happy Getting My PS VITA In 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to chat with my friends On the go lol *Kisses* Never Stop Playing Now U Have A PS3 Anytime anywhere ^_^ Muahhhhhhh!!!!! Step Back 3ds The Vita Has Ur Number thx u Playstation I love U So Much ^_^

    • hey people from sony today i bought two 5 buck box from tacobell, but just like last time the code was already use, what can you/me do about that. please answer me back thanks

    • Don’t be stupid Sony, strike while the iron is hot..

      1. Make a PS3 and PS Vita Wi-Fi with one free Cross Platform Game Bundle for $399.

      2. Then work with retailers for a trade in of your old PS3 (or competitor console [wink]) for a nice discount toward the new purchase…

      3. ????????????????

      4. Profit and Market Share Gain

    • Will you be able to play all the minis games on the vita later with the update?

    • I was just wondering if there is going to be any kind of foldering option for the VITA. The reason is I went to try & put all of my Music & Photos on the VITA from my PSP & it completely disorganized everything. I have over a 1000 songs & over 10,000 images all neatly organized in folders on my PSP, & now I don’t wanna transfer them if they are going to be taken out of the order I put them in. Even the playlist option didn’t work on the on the VITA.
      Also any word on a flash player for the VITA yet?

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