New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

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New on Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited

Head over to the new Sony Entertainment Network Blog today for the latest updates on new movies, music and more!

This week, the Video Unlimited service adds J. Edgar, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Plus, Justice League: Doom hits Movies a week before it’s available on DVD and Blu-ray, and find great adventure movies like Commando, Dragonball: Evolution, Top Gun, Cliffhanger, and Shooter in Own $5 Films . See this week’s update here.

The Music Unlimited Service welcomes new releases from Fun., Tyga, and Sleigh Bells, as well as featured titles from Sinead O’Connor, Imagine Dragons, Damien Jurdo, Skrillex & The Doors, B.o.B, and Katy Perry.

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  • HD support on vita?

  • Please set it so the SEN-related icons in the PS3 tabs, such as PlayMemories Online (when it is released), Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, and the PlayStation Store are the first seen when navigating the XMB. Aside from this looking cleaner, it is a non-intrusive way of marketing the services.
    Also, allow for an option to make them “sticky”, where every time you go to that tab, no matter where you left of when you last were at the tab, the SEN icon is the first you encounter.

  • how can we stream movies instead of having to download them. Please someone help

  • @1 – remanutd5 – If I understand the specs correctly, the Vita’s screen capabilities are just shy of what is considered HD… therefore there is no reason to offer HD on it…

    @3 – Bxbombers007 – Not sure you can do that with Video Unlimited or videos from the PS store… I’m pretty sure you have to download them… however, you can start watching them before they finish downloading… so it downloads while you watch. Just go to your download list, hit triangle over the video in question to bring up the options and you should have an option to begin watching while it downloads… just remember to download a 5 -10% before doing so, especially if you have a slow connection, so you don’t get hit with a ~buffering~…

  • Music unlimited is not available in canada, why?

  • @ #4 – kNoWlEdGe22 = Thank you so much for the info and tips! There are many PS3 and PSVita users out there (No, not me… Hehe! :P) that don’t know specific details of the hardware. Thanks again! Woot! :D

    @ #5 – yoean01 = Music Unlimited is not available in way too many regions around the world that do sell PS3s. It seems the service is only available in the Continental US (I don’t know if Alaska and/or Hawaii get the service). Why? Well… That “is” a great question. :D

  • Unlimited video is on PSP?

  • Is Music Unlimited available on Vita? I don’t see any way to use it, anyway.

  • I haven’t seen the Music Unlimited app for PS Vita despite it being announced it would be there at launch. Do you guys know when it is coming to the store?

  • @6 – Busca-Cabezas – Thank you for the kind words. I like to help wherever I can…

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