Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Now Impaling Foes on PS Vita

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Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Now Impaling Foes on PS Vita
Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Now Impaling Foes on PS Vita

With PS Vita’s launch week in full effect, we wanted to give PlayStation.Blog readers just one more slice of Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen. Have any of you elite assassins picked up both PS Vita and this stealth-action game?

My good friend from Acquire, Hiroshi Watanabe, wanted to share his experiences in developing Shinobido 2 for PS Vita. Fans are important to us and to this industry; even Mr. Watanabe started out as a student and was a BIG fan of the first Shinobido game for PS2. In his role as programmer, Watanabe put a lot of work into making the gameplay pop — and with the new trailer, and the game now out in the wild, you can see for yourself.

Check out our trailer and screens in the update below. Oh, and newfound PS Vita owners: let us know what you think of Acquire’s latest (and bloodiest!) adventure!

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen for PS Vita

Hello. I’m Hiroshi Watanabe, a programmer for Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen. Like some of the other development team members, I was also once just a student who spent my fair share of playtime on the Shinobido series. I was already a huge fan when the PS2 game Shinobido: Way of the Ninja launched. So you can imagine my excitement when I got to join the development team for the game’s newest iteration on a new handheld console, PS Vita.

Anyway, as fans of the previous Shinobido titles know, I believe that the one of the most attractive features of the series is the “Harakiri engine.” It immediately responds to the situation between the three daimyo (warlords), allowing for a variety of stories, and of course missions. And let’s not forget the game’s fast-paced action. Without a doubt, the newly added “Fukurou” and “Zankoku” definitely make this game special.

Shinobido 2’s many various objects in the game are actually what make the game stand out so much from other stealth titles — and I personally prepared them! These interactive objects provide extra spice to the world of feudal Japan, and mean that swordplay is not the only way to dispatch your enemies. The interactive objects provide new strategies, whether it’s making a pile of logs collapse on an enemy, you throwing a bucket to create a distracting sound, slashing right through sliding doors, throwing tiny Buddha statues at an enemy’s head, or detonating stacks of buckets using explosives. Of course, it was no small feat creating and adjusting so many objects. :)

Now that Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen is officially out in North America and Europe, we couldn’t be happier to finally have fans (just like I was and still am) getting their hands on the final product.

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  • Can’t wait to try this game. Looks good.

  • Just started playing it yesterday and it’s fantastic! The graphics are not spectacular, but this game isn’t about graphics……. it’s about NINJA S**T! What it lacks in graphics it sure makes up for in game play. Now the ninjas at Acquire just need to bring us some Tenchu on the PS3.;) This game is definitely worth the price of admission. Thank you Acquire!

  • Quick question about the blog. Why does it still ask you to enter your birth date to watch mature videos if you are already logged in? Shouldn’t it read your birth date from your profile?

  • Played this game a bit last night. Its decent. As #2 said, its not about the graphics (between PS2 and PS3 – like an HD remaster with slightly better textures and polys) – there’s Uncharted for that. It certainly is fun. And messy. The plot seems decent too and the voicework is better than anticipated. Still a bit hokey, like a David Carradine movie with better actors.

    I have to say most of the Vita launch titles are impressive. This and Army Corps of Hell were pleasant surprises.

  • DLC idea: I would play money to have an option of japanese voice actors.

    I’m so glad I got this game! It was so hard to find in my area. I missed original Tenchu style more then I knew. ^_^

    • "Filthie" Rich Bantegui

      The game definitely brings back a lot of great memories for a ton of ninja fans including myself. But you can’t beat having the ability to play it mobile via psvita – Glad your happy with it!

  • It seems like the AI is dumb… The player make a lot of acrobatic movements in front the enemy, and he stills waiting to be striked! These kind of games (NINJAS) should praise more for stealthy action, where making noises means be uncovered! Ninjas are stealthy masters!
    Anyway, the general apresentation of the game looks good.

  • @6 << What they said! This just came in today, still no Vita. :/

  • looks really good!

  • I bought this game yesterday with my Vita. In some ways, it does show some age. Of course, the game looks like a hi-res PS2 title. But it’s still great to look at on the Vita’s OLED screen. And the AI is really dumb. You can run right up to their backs and they won’t be able to hear you. But the game is still a lot of fun. The focus here is stealth. There are options that you have to fight head-on, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Especially against multiple enemies.

  • Reminds me a lot of Tenchu which is a good thing for me. Will buy later.

  • This game is sold out on all my local Game Stops! I had to purchase a digital copy. I can see why its sold out the game is great.

  • lol wtf 3DS quality game in graphics. i mean tht was the whole point in Sony putn in the OLED screen. but at the same time its a 2 way street. the ppl who make the game new to put their sh*t in there too. btw i think this was a port for the 3DS idk i maybe wrong but just sayn.

  • I started playing this game today. The graphics are very good. Definitely better than the credit its receiving here. The colors are crisp and vibrant. The maps resemble those of the Mini Ninjas game. I’m enjoying the game. The only problem I have run into, is the camera. It spins out from the action when you’re trying to engage an opponent or when you’re trying to use the grappling hook. It’s so frustrating because game developers have had over 30 years to get these crappy cameras in games sorted out. Yet here we are in 2012 and certain games just can’t get it right. But other than that the game is pretty good. I give it a 7/10.

  • ITS SAD I HAVE TO VEIW THIS VIDEO ON MY PC AND NOT MY VITA! But what do you Want for 377$. Still Love Ya Sony I GuEss

  • This game reminds me of gaming at it’s best- when I was 16 and killing fools in Tenchu. Do want!

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