PS Vita – Your 3G Questions Answered

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PS Vita – Your 3G Questions Answered

The much anticipated launch of PS Vita is finally here, and gamers can now get their hands on the most robust handheld platform ever to enter the gaming space. The introduction of new technology often brings a multitude of questions, and while several were answered in the PS Vita Ultimate FAQ, we’re still getting additional questions related to the 3G feature set and how this “play virtually anytime and anywhere” approach to gaming will change the way that we consume content and compete with friends via the PS Vita.

Check out the following FAQ regarding the 3G compatibilities of the PS Vita and how to best take advantage of the features it offers.

How can I activate my 3G data service on my PS Vita?
Activating the 3G data service doesn’t require going to an AT&T store or even being at a computer. From right on the PS Vita’s home screen, touch the icon entitled “Network Operator” to launch into the process.

Once you’ve initiated the process, you’ll automatically drop out of any WiFi signal you’re attached to and begin syncing with the AT&T 3G service to pull up the activation site.

You’ll be prompted to purchase a DataConnect Pass, which is month-to-month with no contract.

Continue the process by filling out basic information into the website in order to activate your service. Do NOT hit the PS button to back out of this process or let your PS Vita go to sleep while filling out this form, or you’ll lose all progress and have to start from the beginning.

What are the benefits of a 3G-enabled PS Vita?
With the 3G-enabled PS Vita, you can game with real-time connection and immediately socialize with your community through news feeds and turn-based multiplayer game sessions. You won’t miss a beat since you can stay up to date with continuous scores and game ranking news feeds with LiveArea, compete for in-game Trophies, cross-game text messaging with Party, and connect through popular social apps like Facebook and Twitter, all while on the go. Don’t forget that you can also login to the PS Store over the 3G network to download add-ons for some of your favorite titles and browse new games and content.

What are the different sizes and prices of the data plans offered for AT&T’s 3G service?
Data plans can be purchased month-to-month with no contract (see step-by-step instructions above). The plans come in 250MB ($14.99), 3GB ($30), and 5GB ($50) varieties.

How do I access the Free 250MB 30-Day Promo from AT&T?
Here is how you can gain access to your free 250MB DataConnectPass once you’ve paid for and activated your 3G data package (250MB or larger before 3/31/2012):

  1. Login with your user ID and password
  2. Expand the “My Devices and Plans” in the account overview
  3. Select the Vita device
  4. Select “Add a Plan”, and then select “You have earned coupon(s), would you like to redeem?”. The redeemed coupon will be stacked – meaning after the initial purchased session is consumed/expires, then the earned coupon plan will go into effect.

What free game do I get with the AT&T promotion?
Along with the free 250MB DataConnectPass, purchasers of a 3G data package will also receive a digital copy of the newly released Super Stardust Delta Bundle, featuring the full game plus DLC for PS Vita ($14.99 value). This redemption code will be sent to you in an email within 30 days from the date of purchase of a DataConnect Pass.

If I have a DataConnect Pass with AT&T for my iPad, can I login with the same credentials?
No. You will need to create a new account using a different email address for your PS Vita.

If I travel internationally, will my 3G unit still work?
The 3G / WiFi unit will still be able to pick up a 3G signal even when outside of the country. However, additional data packages will need to be purchased in order to cover your data usage during these scenarios. These plans can be purchased on the PS Vita just like your standard 3G data packages.

  1. $24.99 for 50MB in over 100 select countries*
  2. $49.99 for 125MB in over 100 select countries*
  3. $99.99 for 275MB in over 100 select countries*
  4. $199.99 for 800MB in over 100 select countries*

*see for a list of countries. Countries in the Global Data Connect plans may change at AT&T’s discretion.

Who can I contact if I run into service issues with the 3G service?
The AT&T customer care contact info and hours are as follows:
AT&T technical support hours: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 9:00PM Saturdays, closed on Sundays (Local Market Time)
AT&T Customer Service number: 800-331-0500

How can I view my current data usage?
From the PS Vita, go into the Network Operator application. Once there, selecting “My Devices and Plans” will bring up a list of all of the 3G activated devices under your account. Upon selecting a device, the current data usage will be displayed.

How can I cancel my data plan?
From the PS Vita, please go into the Network Operator application. Once there, selecting “My Devices and Plans” will bring up a list of all of the 3G activated devices under your account. Upon selecting a device, there will be an option to cancel the data plan.

I have a very specific 3G PS Vita and/or AT&T question, is there a place where these answers might be?
For more granular questions pertaining to the 3G / WiFi PS Vita or AT&T’s service, please refer to our detailed FAQ —

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8 Author Replies

  • When will the 3G version of the PS Vita come to Canada?

  • Any way to unlock the SIM for travel purposes?

    • Hi Manuaus,

      There isn’t a way to unlock your SIM but there are international data plans offered by AT&T so your 3G service will still work over seas. Thanks for the comment!

  • Will you be fixing the Vita player status and trophies showing on the ps3? Seems to only work on the vita.. I would like it if my friends could see if I’m playing vita or PS3 when there on the PS3. Love the vita btw. An update would be appreciated!

  • I love the Vita! Thank you very much for making such an amazing handheld, i look forward to Final Fantasy games coming for it in the future

  • Since its out now can we get any info on 3g available in canada?

  • when can I expect SKYPE on my Vita, and will it work on the 3G service? also music unlimited, will that be coming to? id love to use services i pay for on this hardware

    • Thanks for your comment! Both of those applications are being worked on and will be out in the launch window- stay tuned!

  • I was pretty disappointed to find out that the Vita can only be navigated via Touch.

    Will Sony ever release firmware to allow us to navigate the Vita menus using the d-pad and buttons?

    Touch is fine, but it’s not always the most optimal way to manipulate any interface.

  • …and omg i love this thing, when i saw jeff and john on the live blogging, i was watching how jeff was typing on the vita and was laughing some butthen when i got it i saw it took gtting used to because the screen is big… everything looks nicer on it… did the 3G service quickly… all is good. oh does my ps3’s extended warrenty include the ps vita or is it a seperate purchase?

  • is skype only on the 3G ps vita?

  • To be honest i do think there should bi monthly plan like every 2 months option.

    Also from what i was told the 3g online data plan usage was unlimted. I have at&t data plan for my fone and it unlimted the data usage. how does the 3g of vita differ.. I thought at&t data plan were for unlimted use of the plan till the month is up with no surcharges..? is this correct ?..can you please elaborate more on this bmore

    Also thank for your time

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • I will not activate my 3G data plan! I don’t care if i get a free month or a game. That very same game I purchased out right over a week ago and it still doesn’t install!

    I would however be interested in purchasing a monthly 3G pass if it were offered through the Playstation store. I don’t want to have to juggle two accounts for my Vita so it would be nice to make such a purchase on my PSN account.

  • I want you guys to make a list of what the 3G Version offers that the Wi-fi version doesn’t have. I’m not saying give me a breakdown of what the vita does, I’m asking what’s the difference between the two. I know you’ll always be connected with the 3G model, that’s why I’m not getting it. I’ll probably only use the Vita at home or at any other wi-fi spot outside of it. Like will we only have access to leaderboards if we have a 3G model? Can we only play multiplayer on a 3G model? You say, oh yeah you can play it on the go and stuff. But it has me worried that you can’t do some of this things on the Wi-fi model. It’d be great if you could do this.

  • @polo yes music and video unlimted are coming trust me on that.. They will confirm that dwn the road or very soon anything the ps3 can do , the vita will be doing plus a few exclusive feature just for vita to make it unique.

  • Could you please work out some way to offer all of this through the PS Store? And maybe offer a 3-month/6-month plan? I’d like to buy a chunk of months at a time and through the PS Store so I don’t have to bother with going anywere else. I don’t mean to sound lazy! :) I may not bother with the 3G stuff. It’s just too much hassle to worry about re-upping every month.

  • Why can’t i watch my Netflix over 3G???????????…..

  • I went Wi-Fi since those charges are just too much with what is offered in my opinion.
    That said, I love my Vita. Most impressive handheld yet! Keep the features coming!

  • Tons of format and copy/paste errors in this blog entry.

  • @ReptileHand i am wondering the same exact thing..

  • I’ll wait for a Verizon model… When can I expect one??

  • Ever since I enabled 3G on my PS Vita (First Edition Bundle) on 2/16 “near” has refused to update. After getting my current location and confirming the “Sharing Settings” It shows locations that I know I haven’t visited (including the “South Pole Station”).

    How do you get rid of bad locations that near has logged, or possibly clear its history so it can start work again?

  • i didn’t pick my vita up yet can anyone that has one tell me if “location free” is on it ?

  • Honestly, the fact that there is a month-to-month option, makes having a 3G capable Vita worth it.

    I see this totally being useful if you frequent anime/game conventions and would like to have the 3G access for those events, for example.

  • Anyone know how long it takes before you can enter another password after you get screen locked?

  • koollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow lol $200 for 0.8 gigs LMAO, that is the most ridonculous thing i’ve ever heard. You clearly must think everyone is a millionaire. that is like buying a new vita system for every gig u spent online. AWFUL !!! …to the point of travesty. I was so excited about this…but it’s just as laughable as syaing that the xbox360 is a better gaming machine or that nintendo has better games. I will never ever buy an xbox360 or a nintendo machine…as i love my ps3 and its’ far superior to anything gaming wise, but these PS Vita 3G plans are just full of “Wait-I-hope-I-didn’t-read-that-right-or-I’m-gonna-puke” moments…


    REALLY!!! on AT&T mostly I guess…. whatever…. totally disappointed ughh

  • @BrianR No LocationFree isnt on it, i too wanted that.. i have the LF-V30 (the more expensive one with componant) i believe and id love for it to have that software/app? on it… its not on the vita 3g as of now. i ready to sell my LF all though i love it.

  • I’m going to wait for at least March before activating.

  • —*$199.99 for 800MB in over 100 select countries* —- OUCH!!! Much too expensive and the slogan says “NEVER STOP PLAYING” lol

  • I signed up and activated 3G on February 16th. When will I get the free game?

    • Hi Markaka- Thanks for getting a PS Vita and activating it! You will receive an email with a code to download Super Star Dust + DLC in about 30 days.

  • people are saying that “oh the price of the 3G service so i brought the Wi/Fi only” will later regret it specially when the plans price go down lol

    Anything i buy i always try my best for the top model because thats me.. i utilize all fetures basically if its up my alley by i deff want the option to connect.



    sorry for caps

  • thats international Papercarrier…

  • @StarFoxMania, that’s the international data rates, you dink. Learn to read. All the carriers charge a lot for international data.

  • I had to hard reset my Vita twice when I tried activating AT&T service during the setup process. I recommend skipping it until you have setup done. It worked fine after that.

    However, go into settings and adjust your sleep timer to the max before doing it. I kept getting distracted while filling out the info and ended up doing like 10 times total.

    This was the worst part of my initial Vita experience LOL. Learn from my mistakes…

  • will it automatically renew every month?

  • So I bought the FEB and don’t get a month of free data……………………………… what a waste. Just a game for 15 bucks, that will go on sale soon (I am sure it will)

    The cost of Data is way to expensive. If they gave me 3GB for 15 bucks, I would get it. 250MB would be gone in a couple videos….What is the point of Netflix? When u need WiFi to watch? Oh wait I am at home, might as well watch it on the big screen

  • Ok so I am a playstation faithful. I have plus, I have a ps3, I had a psp, I bought a 3g vita launch edition(free game etc) I had a ps1, and a ps2. Plus countless games. I’m poor. I’m in college and I could barley afford the vita. I only bought the 3g bundle because of the free game so I could play something as soon as it came in. Then I heard I had to pay for one month of 3g BEFORE i got the free month AND before i got my free game. seriously…cmon. do you really think im made out of money? do you think i can keep putting money out like that? and super stardust is only 15$ a month of 3g is 25 minimum. I mean, I love sony I love your products and especially your games, but for a consumer like myself, who doesnt have a lot of money PLUS, the fact that any money i do get is like gold, a little **** by the free game would have been nice. I dont have time to always read the fine print. im busy. and im also real disappointed. thanks for the vita, but damn….

  • @37 people like you is why the country has debt so high…


    and who cares about your Resume. you are not the only person to have bought a Ps1. Ps2.Ps3. PSP. Vita… and Plus….

  • @polo155 I do also buy the top model of things and for all those complaining of the 3g prices YOU don’t have to buy the data plan that’s why its optional. I’m in college also but I saved up for the Vita

  • So… Only one question regarding Netflix… Will it count toward using data? I know it will, but is there any way that we can watch without worrying about the caps on bandwidth or data cap? Thank you very much.

  • wha if you brought superstar dust for the vita already wha game do you get instead do you get credit to buy another game for 14.99 ????? please this is important to know

  • Thanks for the info crystal ;-)

  • what is 3g for???

  • I have a question not related to 3G though. Will there be a YouTube app? Also, will there be an option to keep PSN always online? I hate how PSN always disconnects me for certain games. I understand it’s to conserve battery but I’d like an option to at least have it connected all the time.

  • Why can’t I play online on 3G? I’m talking real games, none of that turn based stuff. And before you say latency, just google “can i play the ps3/wii/360 on 3g” and click on the 2nd link. The guy proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that playing over 3G is not only feasible, but actually playable. Why not let us play the games? Why block us out of a feature we’re paying for? Flip the switch and let us play online with the 3G.

  • Crystal, thanks for the information this helped to clarify the process for me, I can’t wait to try out Super Stardust.

  • @38 people like me? i saved up money from my own paychecks to afford it. Money i work for. money that the government takes, money that pays for social security. just because i decided to have a college degree and you decided to live in your moms basement doesnt mean im whats wrong with this country. in fact, people like me, who have a job, HELP the country by paying taxes and the food stamps you live off of. so before you sound off thinking you know more than what you see on tv, think, for once, and try to see it from a stand point of those of us whos day doesnt consist of sleeping and gaming all day. Thanks ^_^

  • First off I absolutely love the vita. I can’t put it down. But being a long time Sony costumer and supporter of play station I do feel the 3G bundle was missledding. The box should have said that u don’t get the game for a month, and it should have said u have to pay for the first month of 3G to get a free one. I would have got the wifi only version, and the web browser it awful. But it still an amazing machine and I don’t have buyers remorse! Just learn from this please for future releases. Thanks

  • @46 data starts at $15 a month. Also, Sony put it out there a few days before the First Edition came out that it would be a “Buy One, Get One’ deal for the 3G/Free game. Don’t regret it man, the Vita is awesome.

    @Playstation: Are you working with Google for a YouTube app? That would be awesome and please don’t limit it to WiFi when it comes. Other than that, I love my Vita. Worth every penny I paid. I got the 3gb of 3G and it’s doing good so far.

  • Along with a YouTube app as others have suggested, can I add more app requests to the list?

    – Google+ app
    – AT&T U-verse app
    – Sony Reader app
    – Digital Comic Reader app

    It’s a great device! I’m enjoying it a lot.

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