PlayStation Blogcast 013: Jack Tretton and the Case of the Colossal OLED Screen

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PlayStation Blogcast 013: Jack Tretton and the Case of the Colossal OLED Screen

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Now that gamers are livin’ la Vita loca (wince), today’s episode is dedicated to tips, tricks, and interviews focused on the newest member of the PlayStation family. During PS Vita’s big launch bash in New York City, our own Jeff Rubenstein caught up with SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton to discuss early reactions, what’s in store for the next six months — even Tretton’s favorite strategies for boosting his Hot Shots Golf leaderboard placement.

We also spoke with Funbits Interactive to discuss Escape Plan’s use of PS Vita’s dual touchscreens and unusually detailed stat tracking. Then NetherRealm Studios described their experiences in translating Mortal Kombat from PS3 to PS Vita, the importance of hitting 60 frames per second on a handheld console…and even first word of an upcoming playable demo.

We also share first word of next week’s PlayStation Store game lineup (including a surprising turn for a celebrated multiplayer shooter), answer a slew of user questions, pass along a mildly creepy new user tip, and serve up a farm-fresh PSN Gem of the Week.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think. And if you picked up PS Vita, tell us what you’re playing in the comments!

Action Items

Note: Though mentioned on this episode, Storm is not available on PlayStation Store at this time; stay tuned for updates related to the game’s PSN release.

Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Jeff Rubenstein

Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick Suttner

The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator

Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. Special thanks to Astro Gaming headsets for providing audio gear.

[Editor’s note: PSN content release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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9 Author Replies

  • This is my favorite episode yet. ; )

  • Ok, I’m still listening to you talking, on my Vita, but also on my mac. I love the addition of the Action Items. I’ve bookmarked the Vita User Guide link, big thank you!

  • love the show. one question when is 3g coming to canada you guy should not have or need a 3g vita here cause any one who wants a vita gets one before the 3g if ever comes out

    • I did answer this on the show, but we checked with our Canadian reps and they say 3G is still coming, but that full details will be coming soon. So no set date just yet!

  • ssx 3 is part of my top 10ps2 games

  • I got Escape Plan – going to get the free coy of Sure Stardust Delta once I sign up for 3G.

    I downloaded my compatible PSP and mini games, too. I’m waiting for other compatible games.

    I love the PS Vita screen!

    One complaint I have is the power button is too close to the left side. I’ll hit the button causing the Vita to go to sleep. Good it’s only sleep mode, but pulls you out of the (gaming) experience.

  • when can we see more about the upcoming apps for the vita? such as skype, ps suite, ETC. i hope you guys don’t abandon remote play again because if i could play my games ANYWHERE, with wifi of course, it would be awesome!!!!! anyways, i am enjoying every bit of my vita (3g/wifi)!!! i just want you guys to tweak a few features and i’ll be a happy camper.

  • Going into the 2nd week of Vita ownership and the experience continues to amaze. I really hope that Sony fulfils all the promised feature-sets and potential of this device. The smartphone comparisons by the tin-foil hat wearing press continue to annoy me. This device – with the right software – can and should be competing with Tablets. Aside from that monstrous Razor tablet from CES there’s nothing that even compares to the Vita on the market at the moment. A low-price (for tablets, $250 ain’t bad), multimedia/ e-reader device with strong gaming software and a focus on entertainment – games, first and foremost – would carve the Vita into a unique niche and value proposition that is currently void.

    We’re looking at: proper remote play for all PS3 games (which the hackers can already do, see: YouTube), more multimedia functions, e-reader, and a slick, fast web browser (the Vita’s is barely a step up from the PSPs) to name a few features. The ball is rolling, time is ticking and consumers are fickle; you guys have the opportunity for some serious lighting in a bottle. Good luck! I’m rooting for ya.

  • Oh, and I bought: Little Deviants and Uncharted (well came with the BB FEB), Dynasty Warriors (first one I’ve ever liked), Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Escape Plan (super cute!), Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Shinobidu 2 and Army Corps of Hell.

    Army Corps of Hell has to be my favourite of the bunch. A guilty pleasure when compared to the sheer splendour of Golden Abyss, but a pleasure nonetheless. Its like an evil version of Pikmin. With death metal.

    Waiting on: Suimoni, Persona 4, Little King, Ragnarok Odyssey, Disgaea 3 and anything Japanese or action-oriented.

  • @7 Couldn’t of said it better myself. PSOne and PS2 classics are a must on the vita.

  • Love my vita, but I have a few issues:

    1. Messaging app takes to long to receive texts while in game should be instant or close to it.
    2. Should be able to still download games/demos-etc. while doing a force stand by.
    3. Please add video support for web browser
    4. Add youtube because I love youtube
    Other than these little things it is a little beast on a high concentration of steroids.

    Oh one last thing i recently played the uncharted demo and the controls are really off, for example the camera still moves when I am done moving my analog stick.

  • I love vita, but how can Sony release a 300 dollar system with such a terrible browser? I cannot even view the blogcast on Sony’s own site on the vita, I mean it’s 2012.

    Sony you have to get some bug name third party games ALA Skyrim, GTA, etc. and you will have a winner, for games its an incredible handheld but it will need support to get people to buy in.

  • Oh, 3g for canada please.

  • I use youtube a lot but when i went to through the vita i cant watch any videos. Is there going to be a youtube app?

  • idk if this will get taken down, but I think Sony swindled me on the 3g version. I bought it thinking it was a great deal cause I was gonna get an 8gig card anyway, and the added bonus of a free month of 3g and a free game sealed the deal.

    Now, the fine print is what bothers me. And you can judge me for not reading it and what not but it should have been told up front. A lot of MMOs offer a free month since it is included in the cost of their product and Sony/AT&T should have done the same. This is a hidden cost that people failed to mention. It also doesn’t make any sense that we have to wait a month for the game that I was offered. I already activated! Why can’t you just give me the voucher…I’m not gonna go back on it now!

    It really bothers me that Sony failed to be transparent with the pricing of the system. Proprietary cards are overpriced for flash based memory. Modnation racers doesn’t come with online?!?! No UMD transfer even though it’s been implemented in Japan! I really want to see Sony succeed but missteps like these really turn away a fanbase that has been extremely loyal.

  • Loving the Vita so far (Super Stardust Install problems aside), but was wondering if there’s any chance of more apps that we currently have on the PS3 coming to the Vita? Being a huge hockey fan myself I’ve got my fingers cross that NHL GameCenter will make it’s way to the Vita some day, but was wondering if you had any news about possible apps that could be coming to the Vita in the future? Thanks!

  • As far as Remote Play goes, PJM is nice and all, but hackers already got the Vita remote play working with a PS3 CFW and they played infamous 2, red dead redemption, and battlefield 3. Youtube it and you’ll see it. This is what we want to see. This is what Shuhei Yoshida talked about the hackers offering something that’s better than the official fw. You guys need to let us do this otherwise it’s better to have a CFW machine.

  • Any chance of getting the blog to work on the Vita’s browser? You can view the site, but the login page doesn’t work so you can’t submit a comment.

  • Any word on ps1 support for the vita. I’ve got the urge to play Final Fantasy 8 but my psp go battery has a short in out and it randomly turns off. If it’s going to be months I’d like to know so I can go ahead and get a used psp. If it’s just a couple of days/weeks I’ll probably hold off and then go on a spending spree to get some more classic rpg’s

    • Not yet. But an interim solution is to use Remote Play to play them off your PS3 — it works pretty well if you’re in the same room/house, less so if you’re offsite somewhere.

  • Also the vita might be the greatest handheld I’ve ever owned but. It needs more psp and ps1 support to be complete. :D

  • 3g data is not good for gaming plus at&t 20mb file size limit is stupid if canada has the same or simulator to then no one will want it.

    • Vita isn’t using 3G to play multiplayer deathmatch or anything; it’s more for asynchronous gaming (matches of golf or score challenges in different games) and socially connected apps like “near” (plus Twitter/Facebook/etc). Wifi will always be the way to play real-time multiplayer.

  • Love the show! That was the best user tip ever! Other than that though will there be a PlayStation app for iPod/iPhone like there is in Europe or UK or where ever I heard the was one?

  • I love that the PS Blog has a podcast. It’s my favorite that I listen to right now, actually. It would be awesome if you could make a video option too. Watching the Vergecast (from The Verge) in video form instead of just audio is fantastic. It just adds an additional element.

  • NIS America published the both Hyperdimension Neptunia games.

    Just thought I’d correct you guys on that.

  • Another great show and nice wrap up to the long and winding road that was the PS Vita Launch. I have my 3G Model in hand and the one word that keeps coming to mind is AMAZING. I see many years of first rate handheld gaming in my future. My launch line-up included Marvel vs Capcom, WipEout, Hot Shots, Escape Plan and Hustle Kings. Super Stardust will be mine too as soon as I get my AT&T activation code. Looking forward to Unit 13 and Gravity Rush down the road.

    Jeff mentioned you were heading to Austin and we would hear from Dylan Jobe himself regarding StarHawk…so looking forward to that. As far as GDC coverage goes, would love to hear a little something about Dust 514 or Killzone 4 if at all possible. Shot in the dark know but I dare to dream.

    Awesome news about Killzone 3 multiplayer…I have been playing religiously for over a year now and look forward to an infusion of fresh blood into the KZ3 community. Best FPS of 2011 IMO.

    And thanks for the Buried recommendation. Always looking for hidden Netflix treasures and this one was on the intant access list. Also, stop doing ANYTHING while watching The Wire (lol), the show is too good to missing a single second!! See ya next time :)

  • Week 2 of the vita is just plain awesome. The Netflix quality is better than the 3ds, iPad, and my smartphone (which roughly has the same resolution as the Vita). Listening to the blogcast on the Vita is as simple as tapping on the “save to mp3” link above, and in seconds you have the dulcet tones of Jeff, Sid, Rey, and Nick on the Vita.

    Oh, and the games. Uncharted, Lumines, wipeout, stardust, blob, Rayman, and more. My PS3 might need to be dusted, but I wouldn’t know since I haven’t been near the thing since February 15th! I’ll go dust it when I try out that user tip and get a hold of my PSP games.

    Will the Vita offer live streaming of this year’s E3 presentation?

    • Jeff and I were saying that we feel like we’re cheating on our PS3s :-) Dunno about livestreaming anything yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

  • Because that’s exactly what I’ll be doing all the time with my Vita. Taking pictures.

    Btw, we get it. The PS Vita camera killed your kitten. You don’t have to post this in every article. Go take pictures with your iphone and have fun playing angry birds or something, because nobody cares.

  • You guys were talking about Poutine Canadian French Fries on todays podcast.

    I just wanted to let you know if you ever get to Old Sacramento, Ca. There is a place here called Spud Shack and they have Poutine and othere fries from around the world.

  • hi i just whant to ask a question i have de ps vita and im seeing that its connect nat type3 y reset my routher the vita etc etc and always conects at nat type3 is that a problem that de vita have or something? or there is an update that can fix that problem cuz my ps3 and all other things connect well nat type2….

  • @ T-W-I–L-I-G-H-T. Good God shut up already. What are you a walking, talking Apple commercial or something. The VITA is a GAMING device. Not a camera, not a webrowser, it not a app store, it is a gaming device. No one cares about Apple’s over priced junk. Their are phones and tablets out there that are better then their devices. the features are not the greatest in the world but WHO CARES? It is a GAMING device that would STILL be a GAMING device even without any of these things. Just shut up for the love of all that is good and stop trolling.

  • Imma-Luvin-Tha-Vita Baby! :P

  • The cameras are geared for gaming, not snapping fabulous pics, so they’re champs are augmented reality and motion controls.

  • Do you know if we can earn trophies in the free to play version of KZ3 multiplayer? Like earn trophies on the DLC map packs? And what if you were a higher level than the cap because you played the game at launch, would those players still have access?

  • @ Sid. While you’re nuking the trolls, perhaps you could ask the mods to wake up and clear my totally non-offensive comments that have been “awaiting moderation” for like 6 hours. One here and one in the Suimoni thread. Nothing offensive in either (both are full of praise, really).

    Thanks :)

  • Give us a way to play imported games and its DLC. (Since you cannot use DLCs for the same game from a different region).

    Easiest way will be: let us register at least one more account on PS VITA!

  • Good Evening Gentlemen!

    1) Would you guys consider SSX to be a spiritual successor to PS1’s “Cool Boarders”?

    2) Sid and Jeff, I know you guys are really into Mortal Kombat. I was wondering who your top 3 characters are? Also, is there a character that you would have liked to see but didn’t make the cut? I know I’d love to see Motaro on the roster

    3) As a proud Canadian, I want to thank you for mentioning poutine. Montreal smoked meat poutine with a bit of mustard and pickles is phenomenal

    4) Glad to see the “Origins” segment make a comeback next week! Lookin forward to it

    – @SeenMachine

  • Ok, now I’m curious. You nuked someone? I have read so many incredibly rude posts on here from a couple regulars that you did not delete so how bad could this post have been?!

    Anyway, aside from the difficulties I had initializing my Vita & transferring Escape Plan from my PS3 requiring 3 phone calls to Sony Support, I loved my first Vita day. And Escape Plan is so fun. I like the option to skip a level for people who need that.

    Tomorrow I start Golden Abyss.

  • Great episode! was really awesome to hear from JT (aka Jack Tretton), Escape Plan dev and MK dev :)

    P.S Poutines are awesome and so is Rayman Origins which blew my mind how beautiful it looks on the PS Vita (both Canadian)

  • I also finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss a few days ago and I was really impressed! Not quite Uncharted 2 or 3, but very good job by Sony Bend! Really looking forward to Unit 13 and Gravity Rush :)

  • just posted #7 on the Endless Super Stardust Delta leaderboards.

    Love the blogcast, love the vita and it many cool functions, love playing games and never stopping.

  • I want the 3g in Canada, if I trade in my wifi will I get some kind of deal? If I knew 3g was coming to Canada I would have waited. Early adopters iN Canada should get some consideration with this.

  • Hey, will we ever get anymore jaoanese ps1 imports on the store and what about adding psp imports to the store as well? There are a lot of games that never get released here and that’d be a cheap way to do it since you don’t have to worry about localization.

  • Bought my PS Vita wifi model yesterday and love it. Somehow near isn’t working for me. Do I have to take my system outside for near to pick up where I am at because it can’t find me? Thanks and its a great blogcast!

  • This is @Coltrane_Crowley from twitter…I never got my prize from last week for you picking my question.

  • I am from Canada and yes that is how you pronounce poutine

  • my school sells it

  • Very prompt post. Thanks guys. This will be perfect for my day of work.

  • Any news on whether Linux will be getting a PSVita Content Manager? Most of my media files are on Linux and It’s annoying having to boot into my Windows partition just to transfer the files over to my Vita.

  • First I’d like to say that I really enjoy my Playstation products and the games for them. Maybe I was uninformed and in the minority, but I bought a Vita primarily to stream ps3 games when other people want to watch tv and while i’m out of town. Obviously this didn’t work for me. After digging around I’m finding no information about when this feature will be implemented and even some information that suggests it will never be implemented. When will this be activated? If it was never a planned feature why were so many sources (including the retailer I bought the vita from) led to believe this was a feature and why didn’t sony do more to squash that rumor?
    What is the point of remote play and being able to map the L2/R2/L3/R3 buttons to the back touch panel if you can’t play ps3 games?

    Thanks so much for what has been a mostly pleasurable gaming experience throughout the years.

  • That was a great move for the Killzone 3 multiplayer. I think you’ll find a lot of success with that freemium model. Just figured I’d leave some positive feedback on that.

    Also lovin’ my Vita. I really like how there’s so many demos already!

  • I really want a vita !

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