Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

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Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

Today marks one of the biggest content releases in the history of PlayStation Home, and we’re inviting you to come in and experience all the gaming glory for yourself. From the Street Fighter x Tekken Total Game Integration Event (where you can unlock a ton of exclusive SFxTK virtual items and bonus content in the game) to the brand new Wardrobe Wars (where you can enter to win a trip to E3 2012), this week’s update is simply not to be missed. To get you started, here are the top 10 raddest, baddest, most awesomest things going on in PlayStation Home right now:

1. Street Fighter x Tekken

Square off against friends and foes alike in PlayStation Home’s exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken Total Game Integration event. For the first time in Home history, you can brawl using your avatars! Complete all 10 challenges to unlock Ryu and Kazuya costumes, which will allow you to throw fireballs and perform custom jump kick attacks. And if you pre-order Street Fighter X Tekken from Home you’ll even receive the Boost Gem Trial Pack 1 bundle, which increases your Vitality, Defense and Cross Gauge meter build-up speed in Street Fighter X Tekken! Learn more about these boosters HERE.

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

2. Wardrobe Wars

Play Wardrobe Wars, a brand new game hosted in the PlayStation Home Mall that pits players against one another in an ongoing fashion battle that rewards those with the sharpest look with one-of-a-kind virtual items. Dress your best and see if you can impress the rest of the community in weekly competitions for exclusive virtual item rewards. New challenges appear daily – do you have what it takes to be the winner?

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

3. The Wardrobe Wars/E3 Sweepstakes

That’s right – we’re taking some of the top members of the PlayStation Home community to E3 this year. All you have to do to enter is play Wardrobe Wars between today (February 22nd) and March 21st, 2012. Each week we will select one player at random and will send the winner (plus one friend) on a gamers’ ultimate adventure to E3 2012. The prize package includes everything you’ll need – roundtrip airfare, hotel, transportation to and from the event, E3 pass, and plenty of spending cash! Be sure to read the Official Rules HERE then gear up for the challenge going on now in PlayStation Home!

4. Three Brand New Quests

Head to the Activity Board this Wednesday to take the Winter Memory Quest, the RC Rally Racers Quest, and the new Tester 3 Superfan Quest and unlock special rewards!

5. Mount Olympus & Hidden Oak Retreat

Shoot over to Estates and add two new palatial digs to your collection – the Mount Olympus personal space and Hidden Oak Retreat Clubhouse. Note: In order to access the Hidden Oak Retreat clubhouse skin, you must own the original PlayStation Home clubhouse. But don’t worry: If you purchase the Hidden Oak Retreat, you will get the original PlayStation Home clubhouse for free – just visit the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall to pick yours up!

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update
Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

6. Tons of New Companions

From an array of Tiger companions to the super cute “Hot Dog”, there’s plenty of new pets for you to adopt today in PlayStation Home. Of course, no week would be complete without a deluge of new items in the PlayStation Home Mall – check out Magnus’ latest Virtual Item Showcase for a look at the hottest items coming your way today in PlayStation Home.

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

7. Cucumber Modular Furniture

Slice, the latest furniture range from Cucumber, is their most versatile yet, providing tables and sofas of slot-together shapes that can be combined to solve all your furnishing dilemmas. The Slice range comes in three colors that mix and match well with each other too. Align and combine, then slice it up and start again!

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

8. Urgent Fury

Head to the PlayStation Home Community Theater and celebrate Urgent Fury’s 7th birthday by watching the latest episode of Urgent Fury’s Urgent Frequency Television. This week the team looks at the Starhawk Beta, and the groundbreaking “Build and Battle” system. Afterwards, Lt. Leadhead and the Nuketown Hooligans deliver a piece on Battlefield 3. We’ve even thrown in an Urgent Fury reward for all attendees. HOO-YAH!

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

Sneak peek: Kojiro, Musashi, Ume and Matsu, powerful ancient robots of unknown origin arrive in PlayStation Home next week. Check out this teaser trailer and then pick yours up when they arrive next week!

Win a Trip to E3 in PlayStation Home + Street Fighter x Tekken Event & Weekly Update

See you in Home!

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  • Would loooooooooooooooove to win that trip to E3! I know I will not win (never have one a single thing in my life although entering thousands of contests lol), but I will still try.

    Nice update still! About to fire up Home and check it out! :D

    • You never know till you try! And with this contest, you may enter as many times as you want! See the official rules for more information (linked above).

  • omy sweet update

  • What about the update?

  • That last comment should have said, I have never “WON” a single thing in my life* Not “one;” Typo. It’s early in the morning and my brain isn’t fully functional. =p

  • Great update, im just hoping the adult companions are big in size and not just a pixel bigger than the baby ones. Mount Olympus, for sure, cant wait to get it . I dont know if this is out of your hands but , is there a way to get something other than T Shirts as rewards, i have too many i would like to get rid of , it is just taking space in my storage.We need a form of deleting or getting rid of items we no longer want .
    The Wardrobe Wars video is not working on my end, says ” Invalid Video ”
    Its soo Great lockwood comes with new and exciting items but can they please fix the LAG in the Lockwood showcase, its sooo irritating being in a place that takes a long time to walk around due to the lag .

  • Any news on patches for the other errors happening in Home, like the UFC spaces still not working for some people, the Waterfall Terrance not working again, Go fish still not working for people. Reason why I ask is because I saw that we updated to 1.62, but this was only for seats…….

  • It would have been nice to have a female Level 10 costume with custom animations… Just saying…

  • BRILLIANCE!!! updating PS Home as type ^^

  • That Street Fighter x Tekken stuff looks awesome! I’m coming Home!

  • We need Clubhouses with intregreated Music, Movies…etc , Perhaps a Portable LOOT screen.
    How about integrated Qriocity, PS Store or Youtube , anything ……please .
    Its not right to have a bunch of people in one`s clubhouse and no way to entertain ourselves other than talking and walking around the place, til boredom hits a minute later .

  • Happy Birthday Urgent Fury!!! and I think that is the most videos I have ever seen in one PlayStation Blog post!

    • Yes, happy birthday Urgent Fury! And a happy 1 year anniversary in PlayStation Home as well! This is a month for celebration!

  • I tried to log in on Home right before it actually went back online… I noticed the v1.62 update and already knew it was going to be a killer update full of exciting new n fun stuff! Time to re-fill my PSN Wallet for PSHome n PSVita! Woot!

  • Won a trip to E3 last year from the PlayStation Rewards beta. It was a really good time but would’ve been better with a friend. I’m glad that they are letting the winners take someone with them this year. One suggestion to any winners get to the event about 2 hours early everyday. When they open the doors its a mad rush to the demo stations. Hopefully, Sony lets you go to the Press event also. It was a bummer sitting in the Hotel watching the feed on my laptop when the event was minutes away.

  • GREAT UPDATE! i’m in home & enjoying it. Do you know or can you tell how much will it cost us for those new mech suit’s coming from lockwood next week?

  • it’d be a dream come true to win the E3 drawing but one can only hope

    yes, there already is one of them sine Last weeks’s EU Update.

  • anywho it not a great update. BY FAR THE BIGEST UPDATE EVER

  • Nice update and good to see some minor bugs and glitches fixed. To be honest, I wish the ghost glitch would be patched. Or at least patched so it can’t happen in public. For example, the bowling alley where the glitch is abused.

    On the other hand, this is a nice update with all the mini games, Mt. Olympus, companions, the hub got a make over with the new street fighter game and the U3 trivia. I’m a hard core uncharted fan for sure, so I didn’t want to miss out on that.

  • First time for a comment so here goes.Would love to go out today and buy a vita, but i’m playing Crono Cross ps1 game.Might be a month or so before I finish it on a handheld.Might as well wait till I finish it to get one.Would have been nice to download on the vita with dual controls and R2 L2 controls.Oh well so much for that. Suggestion on umd games,load them on cards like regular vita games.Charge a reasonable amount and who knows, maybe a trade in value for the same umd game.Got to be cheaper than making a program to transfer them over web.If these game plans were already applied I would have already pre ordered a vita 6 months ago and playing crono on it right now instead of making a comment.Remember Sony if you make it (for us all) we will come.At least I know I will.

  • How is updating the blog 5am the day AFTER it was supposed to be updated EARLY?????? Why don`t Sony just say they`re gonna do all their updates weds cos nothing gets done on Tuesdays. Just a suggestion. It`s frustrating looking for the PSN store update but it doesn`t get updated until noon the next day. That`s very poor service.

    As for Home`s update…not surprised girls get excluded from another total game integration. Two costumes for guys, nothing for girls. Yeah, that`s fair. I also didn`t see half those items in the store. How about instead of spoiling the guys you fix the lag in Home. Pier Park takes way too long to load when it gets an update, to the point I`ve waited over 20mins to go there AFTER it had loaded, after which i had no choice but to quit Home as it obviously wasn`t going to load anytime in the next 12 years. And Lockwood Showcase lag makes it impossible to take one step, let alone try and find the rewards.

  • @ Feral Dragon : The update was apparently delayed due to Presidents Day, information via Home Forums (See bottom of page).
    The Lockwood space is functioning fine for me, with only minor lag. Have you tried clearing your cache?

  • @Home Team: The tiger companion is quite nice. I like that it is nearly the size of the Chinese Dragon.

    Mt. Olympus space is well done. Kudos to the developers. True reflective properties to the pool, nice! The textures in this space are high calibre. I look forward to seeing more progression in future spaces.
    The Lockwood Space reward(Active Item) is really cool. Now where to place it..

    The Lockwood Cucumber set is inexpensive, for 12 items! I like the options available for design. I hope developers move in a direction where user creativity is increased in the Home environment. Especially seeing as how my personal space glitch options are dwindling. No more dwindling!

  • To Home & 3rd party developers: Ever consider using the Personal Inventory/Companion vector to add avatar effects? Effects such as a flame trail mimicking the tail animation of the nDreams Vincent companion. I would love to see a trail of flames behind me when I run. Or stand, a puddle of fire at my feet. Or a trail of ice, with frost mist for the still animation. Wind…endless options here.

    Individual Wardrobe items with stack-able R1 animations. One animation could cancel another, in the code…so this would inhibit freezing &/or lag from memory burn.

    Thanks for a solid update, from my perspective it has been a handful of weeks since I have been motivated to participate in the consumer aspect of Home.

  • Is PS Home ever getting a room/hall or somewhere to place/show off your PSN trophies?

  • What does the Yoda / Brisksabers icon on the main screen have to do with today’s Blog post?
    Am I missing something?

  • When i first saw the mansion i told my friend that it was just a matter of time before we were going to be able to have the tigers as followers.Sony should make a deal with the wild life foundation and bring out more exotic animals once that’s done give a portion of the profit to the foundation that would really make me & more people buy more animals (or items) knowing that a small portion is going to help a real wild animal.I mean everyone loves pandas so that’s a good example bring out a panda companion and give a portion to the wild life foundation.

  • The Wardrobe Wars is Ridiculous, not the game itself, but the people. They are taking pictures of themselves, wearing whatever crap they have on , and taking up space from members that are dressed HEAD to TOE on today`s THEME . Today the THEME is SPORTS, and there are hundreds of pictures being taken by members that has nothing to do with sports , then, they go around voting the lowest on people that DO have THEME WEAR , so they have the advantage on winning , is anybody looking out for the serious members that do want to play this game with Fairness ?
    There wont be any point to play this game, if people are just gonna take whatever picture they want , with whatever clothes they are wearing , that has nothing to do with the Theme of the Day, and loweing your score on Purpose so they win. Someone please do something about this .

  • Impressive job misleading me into thinking you were actually putting a fighting game in Home. Every time I get my hopes up for a game release, it turns out to be so watered down and lacking that I have to repeatedly ask myself why I even bother. For those of you who also got your hopes up, here is what the Street Fighter X Tekken game in Home really is: a glorified match of rock, paper, scissors. Instead of fighting in real time, you select three different attacks to hit your opponent with while your opponent selects three different defenses. If they chose the same height of defense as you chose for attack, your attack is blocked. So it’s all luck. There is no strategy or skill involved and nothing about the game is actually fighting except for the animations between choice sections (which aren’t even fun to watch). The only reason to play this game is for the rewards, which are useless to males unless you complete all the challenges for the two main costumes. At least females get Chun Li outfit parts for finishing enough challenges (wasn’t there a Chun Li costume already in the Costumes store?! For like years?!).

  • This is a great & impressive update.. The clubhouse is cool.. I like this thing.. the team is doing… you know.. hitting us with cool clubhouses every up-date.. Here’s a tip: Keep hitting home with clubhouses every up_date .

  • impressive update finally fighting >:D but its kinda slow its a start ^^

  • sadly once again sony has messed canadian users up. once with the Crackle service , claiming (i’d say boasting) “free full movies for ALL users” there should have beena warning in there for ” So sorry canada no Crackle for you” , i feel sorry for the users who thought ” oh yay! imma buy a loot space to watch these” only to waste thier money and get nothing from it. and the second thing is the Wardrobe Wars, i thought oh great i can get a few new virtual items, i won sneakers but i then read the rules and found out ” if ur not in the 50 states or D.C DO NOT ENTER this contest. i mean really? watch ill get my item snatched away or something. any comments Locust?

  • dude u know lockwood?? i at lockwood gift machine buy 1180 token form 44.00mys and buy a gift for 128 token then i my ps3 disconnect and i log back in and see my balance 28 what the hell dude? but my friend get the gift… HELP!!

  • hey whats the word on the prize for beating the win 5 VS for tekken ? i beat the challenge but got nothing from it. am i the only one, or is there any1 else with this problem? or is it that there is no prise for that challenge?

  • This lookis kindda hard

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