Borderlands 2 for PS3: First Gameplay Trailer, Release Date Revealed

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Borderlands 2 for PS3: First Gameplay Trailer, Release Date Revealed

When I say that Borderlands changed my life, it’s no exaggeration. It was the way that the game rewarded each and every action that got me. Every enemy I gunned down, every chest I opened brought a feeling of accomplishment and progression. So when I had the opportunity to join the team at Gearbox Software, I moved halfway across the country without a moment’s hesitation. Ever since, I’ve been seeing things that amaze me, things I know our fans will absolutely love. Things I haven’t been able to talk about… until today.

Because today, we’re blowing the lid off of Borderlands 2. We’ve got a new trailer, and if you haven’t already skimmed down and hit Play, let me tell you what you’re in for. You’re going to meet the four new playable characters. You’re going to catch a glimpse of the colorful new environments and areas you’ll be fighting through. You’re going to see what you’re up against, from new enemies like the multi-armed Bullymong and the robotic Loaders to the man with the plan to destroy you and everyone else on the planet, Handsome Jack. You’re going to see a fraction of the new weapons that await. Oh, and you’re going to learn when the release date is. That’s pretty important.

But, enough text. Let’s get this show on the road. Without further ado, Borderlands 2:

Borderlands 2 for PS3: First Gameplay Trailer, Release Date Revealed

And that’s just the beginning. It barely scratches the surface of some of the underlying changes, especially when it comes to the way that characters grow and become more powerful throughout the game. Each character has their own unique Action Skill at the root of their multi-tiered Skill Trees, and as you complete more quests and kill more enemies and gain the necessary experience to start working down those Skill Trees, you’ll come across skills that do more than just add passive stats and perks — they change the way that character plays.

Let’s talk about Salvador the Gunzerker, for example. When you trigger his Action Skill, he’s able to temporarily dual wield any weapons in the game. And if you just want to run and gun and blow everything up and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible, there’s a Skill Tree for that. Or if you want to make him more of a tactician and focus on nailing that one perfect shot for ridiculous damage and money, there’s a Skill Tree for that as well.

And the same goes for the other characters. Maya’s Skill Trees and the way they alter her Phaselock Action Skill likewise enable players to customize the way she plays and the role she takes in battle, as do those of Axton and Zero.

As our Game Designer Jonathan Hemingway puts it, Borderlands 2 isn’t just about making a few big changes and improvements, it’s about making thousands of little ones as well. Everything is being tuned, refined, improved and reworked, and in the coming months we’ll be talking much more about, well, all of that.

We’ve heard your feedback, so now, for example, you can take your split-screen game online. From day one, Lead Designer Paul Hellquist and Writer Anthony Burch have been working side-by-side so that story has a stronger role. Art Director Jeramy Cooke and his team have been working to infuse the characters with more personality, the environments with more color, and the guns with far more badassitude than previously thought possible.

Oh, and one more thing. Pre-ordering puts you in the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club and nets you some pretty handy in-game bonuses, including a set of golden guns, that will help you get a leg-up on Handsome Jack when you’re first starting out. For more on the bonus items and the participating retailers, visit

You’re going to need a lot of guns — Handsome Jack isn’t going to hold anything back. Neither should you.

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  • yeah baby.. cant wait for this.. loved the first one..

  • What an awesome trailer! I’ve never gotten into the series but it’s just about time. When the trailer was playing I thought to my self, it would be pretty tight if there was a futuristic looking ninja character in the game. (Like from GI JOE movie) and what do yah know ;) (That Zero character will probably be my fav!)

  • The title says Release Date revealed, and I ain’t seeing any release date in this article?

  • Hello Chris,

    How does Borderlands 2 take advantage of my PS3′s unique abilities? such as its superior Bluray drive or maximizing it’s Cell Broadband Engine?

    – Thanks

  • This is cool and all but where is my Uncharted 3 DLC Map Pack #2?

  • Is claptrap coming back? That’s what I really want to know!


  • You guys have me hot and excited :3. Now, how about Vita and Move features ;)

  • PS Move or Mouse and Keyboard?

  • Please make a PSV port with transfarring w/ the PS3 version. Borderlands 2 on the go would be INSANE! I know its coming on the Tegra3 so I see no problem from a technical side.

    As well, Move/Sharpshooter support for the PS3 version please. Bundle both for 79.99 and you…well… *throws money at laptop*

  • I want it so bad. Right now. More WubTrap!

  • Release date and claptrap both in video – try watching it…

  • 96.5% more WUB WUB – Enough said LOL!

    Loved the music btw! =)

  • Man I had a blast with the first borderlands, it was the first game in a long long time that my younger brother and I played through co-op start to finish, and then moved onto the dlc. Looking forward to doing that again.

  • @3 If you watched the video, at the end it said September 18th. =)

  • I just hope this time though that if my brother and I choose to play splitscreen, that one of us doesn’t get gyped of trophies. We were playing General Knoxx dlc together on his profile and I didn’t recieve one of the story related trophies..

  • Lol I was just listening to sum deadmau5 b4 watch this. And for a sec I thought it was his music. Lol felt like i wS still listening to it. Btw this game looks great. Haven’t beatn the 1st 1 yet. Mostly cuz I dnt play it. But now imma have to gt back in the game.

  • please do not let the items fall to the ground when you kill an enemy is frustrating to be Choosing each item.

  • Wow now I need to pick up the first one.

  • Dang, That’s over a year I’ll have to wait since that PAX Pannel :(


    Dumb question, I don’t see anything about the Premiere Club on the page. Did I misunderstand, or is it just not listed? Are Amazon and GameStop the only retailers that qualify for it?

  • It looks A LOT better than the first one and the trailer is very well made.

  • Hah, PC version $10 cheaper and allows my preferred control scheme for FPS games. No offense to PS, I hav enothing but love for PS3, but developers apparently just can’t seem to figure out that those tasty USB ports on the PS3 could be used for a mouse and keyboard.

  • I can’t wait to get this on Steam.
    Looks amazing on consoles.
    Just imagine how much amazing it’ll look on PC.

  • I loved the first Borderlands, but it had HORRENDOUS screen-tearing on PS3.

    Really hope this issue has been fixed.

  • Nice. Can’t wait. Though I’m getting this on PC. I heard you were putting extra effort into the PC version this time? I hope so. I loved the PC version of Borderlands but it definitely felt like a console port. I still loved it though.

    Also, does the new game have a stash like there was in the one DLC pack? The full game really needs one. Especially in a loot drop game like Borderlands.

    And, I cannot stress this enough, I can’t wait for this. ^_^

  • @22 re:mouse/kb – Don’t I know it. Unreal Tournament III supported mouse/kb. Not sure why it’s so hard for other developers to implement this feature in FPSs and even RTSs.

  • We NEEEEED a PS Vita version. The first Borderlands was one of the most unique and stylized shooters ever. Please take it one step further and make it portable on PS Vita. It can be done. It must be done. When’s it gonna be done?!?


  • i barely droped a tear of joy watchin claptrap dubsteppin!
    serious trailer there GEARBOX!
    i cant w8!

  • Day one for me can’t wait XD

  • Claptrap sez: “Look @ me everybody! I’m dancin, I’m dancin”!

  • Can’t wait to put a bullet or 15 in Jack’s handsome head.

  • Really looking forward to this, looks amazing!

  • boringlands 2.. yawn.. im already bored..

  • wheres my roland. He was a cool looking black dude that didint come off like a stereotype. Im not happy about this generic looking dude who replaces him.

  • I didn’t really like the first game, but this one looks cool. WUB WUB WUB

  • I really like the look and feel of Borderlands.

  • Whoa, huge props on NERO for the music in the trailer. Great use of the track and video editing. Really excited for this game… Borderlands was awesome.

  • What’s the song?!!

  • Holy crap…just another game to buy this year. Looks like 2012 is going to be just as big as 2011. Long Live Play! This is a day one for me. Preorder goodies, SIGN ME UP!

  • BORDERLANDS is my favorite PS3 game to come out…. PERIOD! I can’t wait for this to come out, pre-ordering it ASAP. Anything coming out in the months following will be irrelevant. I’ll be on this all day.

    Love the NERO track in the trailer, hope they have more Dubstep/Electro/Drumstep (and hopefully Drum’N’Bass) on the game soundtrack.

  • I hope they added a gun that shoots small furry animals like rabbits and squirrels that then explode.

  • I hope they fix the scope selection for sniper rifles. I picked up way to many 1.0x scoped snipers while constantly finding SMG’s, pistols, and LMG’s with 3.0 or higher scopes. Also, in the weapon generation I hope they fix finding weapons at level 60 that have considerably less power then a weapon i found at say 32.

  • My buddies and i love the first one and no doubt were going to love this one too. Lets hope the split screen is better in this one.

  • Any chance we’ll be able to preorder on PSN and get the preorder bonuses?

  • Awesome, can’t wait

  • No mention of anything in PS Home.No theme based Home Apt and 6 months away from release?

    Better bring the goods if ya want my money early Borderlands This preorder game”Stuff”, that you can unlock eventually unlock in the game is not it gonna do it for me bro. Maybe for some Not me.

  • @D-Squad3 or anyone else wondering…. the song in the video is titled “Doomsday” by Nero. Track is on the album Welcome Reality, which is actually a really good album if you are into electronic music.

  • Anyone else noticed Mordecai in more than one of the scenes??

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