ModNation Racers: Road Trip – It’s Vita Time Baby!

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ModNation Racers: Road Trip – It’s Vita Time Baby!

What a great week to be in the ModNATION!

We present you our labor of love – ModNation Racers: Road Trip. She’s* all yours now so take care of her. Bring her to nice places. Introduce her to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Take pictures with her and post them to your Facebook page. Treat her right and she’ll stay by your side forever, most importantly… take her for a spin at least three times a day! Trust me, she loves it!

(*not sure if one refers to video games in the female form but we thought we’d start the precedent. We’re cutting-edge like that!)


Keep Up On All Things ModNation

Here are some useful links to stay up to date with all things ModNation Racers!

ModNation Racers Road Trip: Track Starter Kit – Week One
So you just received your brand spankin’ new Vita and ModNation Racers: Road Trip and noticed the 500,000 + plus user created tracks to choose from. Let me help you with a few of my (ModNationSD: MNR Community Manager) favorites. Over the next few weeks I will post some great tracks in this “Starter Kit” section which demonstrate a great cross-section of some of the best tracks ModNation community members have made (so far!). You won’t want to miss these!

starter kit

BTW… If you come across some great tracks that you think need to be seen let us know in the comments below of visit the MNR forums HERE. Who knows, a track you recommended or maybe even created could end up in this ModNation Monday blog!… “Track of the Week” maybe?

ModNation Racers For PS3

Top Tracks


This week we feature some of the best tracks of marusarusa. One of ModNation’s top-quality track creators. Read more about him HERE.

Creations of the Week: Our Favorite “Two-Faced” Mods


Hot Lap Track of the Week: Cowboys Vs Indians by Laidbackcat
What a GREAT selection of tracks submitted for this week’s “Track of the Week”! This was one of the more difficult weeks to choose just one but “Cowboys Vs Indians” by PSN ID: Laidbackcat just edged out the others as our favorite this week. Congrats Laidbackcat! Yee-haw!


Monday: Journey thru Fire n Ice by its2l84that
Tuesday: Ice ** by yuda-i
Wednesday: MNR Rally – Finland by prob_alex
Thursday: P! University Park by Lloyd2k4
Friday: Monet’s Garden by mini_schnauzer67
Saturday: Cowboys Vs Indians by Laidbackcat
Sunday: Utopia Reborn by PH1LThy31

ModNation Thursday Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing this Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PST. This is a great opportunity to meet some fun people in a casual racing environment. Bring your favorite Mods and Karts and strut your stuff out on the track. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

Let’s See What You’ve Got!
If you are interested in submitting your Mod, Kart or track for consideration as “Creation of the Week”, please visit us on the official ModNation Community site. Do you have the skills to make it into the blog? You’ll never know until you try!

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