The PlayStation Recap — Viva Vita Edition

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The big day is almost here! This Wednesday (or Tuesday night) sees the launch of PS Vita — the most powerful and versatile handheld gaming machine on the planet. PS Vita’s imminent launch stirs up some powerful memories for me, including January of 2011 when Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. revealed NGP (“Next Generation Portable”) to a small group of journalists in Tokyo, and the night of PlayStation’s E3 2011 press conference when Kaz Hirai announced that PS Vita’s $249 to $299 retail price — a shocking development at the time, as many analysts and editors were predicting a price closer to $399.

Time flies, and it’s hard to believe that PS Vita’s long gestation process is nearly complete. But it’s so exciting to see PS Vita making its way into the wild for the first time and hear first impressions from early adopters enjoying the launch lineup. If you’re picking up PS Vita next week, be sure to tell us whether you’re getting a 3G/Wi-fi system or a Wi-Fi system, as well as what games and accessories you’re thinking of buying!

In other news this week: we revealed PS Vita midnight launch events in NYC, Houston, San Diego, Boca Raton, and Santa Clara; we saw new posts for PS Vita launch titles WipEout 2048, Mutant Blobs Attack, Super Stardust Delta (+ Blast Pack DLC), and an update on UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss‘s Black Market feature; a host of new PSN games including Start the Party! Save the World, Wheels of Destruction, and Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Naughty Dog reminisced about creating Jak and Daxter, and David Jaffe guest-starred on a “Twisted” episode of The Tester 3.

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: PS Vita: “Bad Intentions” Commercial

The PlayStation Recap — Viva Vita Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — A ridiculous update: Free Far Cry 2 for PS Plus users, three new PS3 games including The House of the Dead III, and 17 new PS Vita games. Definitely worth a look.
  • PS Vita: The Ultimate FAQ — More than 45 PS Vita questions answered in exquisite detail. Don’t see yours answered? Leave it in the comments!
  • PS Vita Livechat Starts at 3pm Pacific — There’s some good dirt on PS Vita in this Q&A session with PlayStation’s director of handhelds.
  • Resistance: Burning Skies – The Chimera Infect PS Vita This May — Check out the final release date and final box art for PS Vita’s first dual-stick shooter.
  • Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming Today to PSN — I’m trying to avoid spoilers, so I won’t be playing this. The demo also gives you a taste of multiplayer — anybody try it out?
  • 3 Great Reasons to Try PS Vita/PS3 Cross-Play Content — Try out PS Vita-to-PS3 gameplay with WipEout 2048, Hustle Kings, and DLC characters for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with these special promotional bundles.
  • January 2012 PSN Top Sellers: NFL Blitz Hustles to the Top Spot — The lastest sales stats for PS3 and PSP games…and soon, PS Vita!
  • Journey Takes Its First Steps This March — Jenovah Chen, Kellee Santiago and the team at thatgamecompany announce the final date of this innovative PSN title.
  • PS Vita: Never Stop Playing — Check out the first round of TV ads for PS Vita.
  • The Future of War: Building DUST 514’s Arsenal — Get specs on three new weapons for this upcoming PSN shooter and learn how they fit into the game’s sprawling scope.
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