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  • I’m so exited about Unit 13. Will you release the demo on the EU store the same week to?

  • Good deal. Looking forward to it. Nice touch, allowing the stats to carry over to the retail release.

  • I’ve got a lot of faith in Zipper, hopefully they make this as good as MAG was.

  • Will be picking this up. Still missing all the arrested development references roper used to make on podcast beyond :(

  • very kool that theres gonna be a demo !!!! i hope we get a resistance burning skies online multiplayer demo/beta as well

  • oh btw i will get Unit 13 , im really liking Near a lot and being connected at all times , pretty kool

  • oh will there be unit 13 wallpapers / themes / avatars for the vita?????

  • Preordered it weeks ago, can’t wait!

    – if anybody from Sony reads this: I have been trying to get the broken case from my FEB bundle exchanged or repaired, but Sony customer service refuses to help. They say that I need to return my FEB and get another one. Unfortunately I already activated ATT on my Vita and put a screen protector on it, plus it is out of stock where I bought it. – Sony, please help get the case replaced.

  • Awesome can’t wait to try it out next week. Only thing that sucks is that it starts 2 days before a lot of people will even have their Vitas. This event will be more than one day right?

    • The takeover is only scheduled for Monday. I don’t know if you’ll still be able to try it out after that at those locations, but the demo will be available the following day anyway.

  • Awesome, looking forward to the game’s release to pick it up. Glad to hear we are not only getting a demo, but a demo with all the classes available to try with some leaderboards! Which is cool. I look forward to checking out the co-op walkthroughs!

  • sweet. does it support coop over multiplayer or is it just Adoc. Please answer this. So excited about this

    • It requires WiFi for co-op (leaderboards and everything else support 3G) but yes, you can play someone remotely and not just on the same network.

  • MAG for the Vita make it happen.

  • Can’t wait to try out Unit 13! How big will the demo be?

  • I’m psyched. This easily looks like the best 3rd person shooter DESIGNED for a portable (key words). I would like to know if you guys plan on any cross play functionality or how quickly DLC is coming to the game? Good job though and congrats on getting the game to crunch and ship time!

  • im SHOCKED this game does not have MULTIPLAYER..buti guess online Co-op will do :/ and with that being said (or written in this matter) This game will be a day one RENTAL! LOL

  • Looking forward to the demo. I am pretty sure this is going to be a day one purchase for me. Anxious to experience a shooter on the Vita and determine how the dual sticks work out. Wish it could have been a launch release but I guess a couple of weeks is bareable ;)

  • i don’t know about this game!! i like 1st person !! but i will try the demo!As for multiplier i like campaign so i’m happy with the vita not having it on most games..

  • p.s. i want my vita!!!!! I should have gotten the early release one!!but my wallet said no !!!

  • Nobody should bother with this game because it’s just going to end up with Zipper sneaking out of the room with your money.

    Hey, remember MAG, Zipper? Yeah. You really had something there. Looks like SOCOM4 was a great success and totally makes up for you abandoning your first truly innovative game in years.

  • Cool, ill be picking the demo next week then :) Speaking of vita games tho, i got uncharted golden abyss on the playstation network and then they dropped its price the next day! is there any way for me to get the money i could have saved in psn money or did i just buy it too early?

  • Unit 13 is the main reason that I am getting a Vita. Cannot wait until march 6th

  • I can see myself playing these missions over & over, which is why I’m going to purchase this via the PSN store… I hope they’ll be a discount as seen in other Sony digital retail titles.

    A few requests for DLC:

    1) Can we create our own custom agent please?

    2) How about an option to build your own weapon? Or an in-game ‘black market’ for equipment trades/purchases?

    3) I hope there will be more downloadable missions- & maybe a ‘horde mode’ or a vehical on-rails mission thrown into the mix?

    Thanks again for a great looking title, Zipper!

  • This game is looking real good. Great job Zipper Interactive! I love that you can play the demo and it will save your progress for when you play the full game on March 6th. Look forward to downloading the demo and getting the game when it releases.

  • Thanks for responding Chris. I realize I’m an idiot an read the post wrong. I was thinking it was an event that would be played across the Vita’s not an event you would go to. Duh! To bad there isn’t one in Las Vegas.

    Anyways can’t wait to try out the demo next week.

  • Screw this game! Why can’t we just get a new Socom that actually follows the classic Socom formula? The least Zipper could do is re-release Socom 1 or 2 on the Playstation store, or better yet give us an HD collection disk that includes the original Socom games. I would much rather have that.

  • Wasn’t sure about this game at first. But the videos have impressed me. Also BEYOND!

  • Chris Roper BEYOND!!!

    Game is looking great, absolutely has been on my radar the past few months.

  • Zipper Love MAG alottttttttttttttttt! We are getting the vita and are going to get unit 13.
    The MAG Community is looking forward to More Massive Multiplayer games from Zipper Interactive.
    Go Raven,Go Valor,Go Sver!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zipper anyway you can add interdiction and escallation bundled to the MAG download at the playstation store for $29.99.It would be a great incentive to purchase the downloaded version.Call it MAG Super Pack.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Time for some news.

    I am looking forward to playing the demo. Beyond!

  • Got my Vita “FEB” this week and now a taste of “Unit 13” next week, this is unreal!!!! I can’t wait… Bring it on! Never Stop Playing!

  • Will the levels just have a shoot’em up type of gameplay or will there be stealth like missions as well?

  • So I go to Boston and I am greeted with a sign on the door “closed for private event”. The people running the VHSC were very nice and came out and told me there was a schedual mishap. This was unfortunatly after I drove to Boston after work. I checked the site and twitter before leaving work and saw the tourney in other cities was posponed but no mention of Boston. I even sent a tweet asking about Boston, but got no reply.

    So no demo of Unit 13 for me. total schedual fail!

    In this day and age with the blog, facebook and twitter you think pri the message could have been cleare r. I guess this private event was way more importaint than the community. Hope it helps sells you a lot because I for one am not impressed.

  • Ps my phone doesnt like the blog today, sorry for the post errors.

  • Can’t decide on this or MLB The Show ’12, I would love to get both but I have already bought 14 vita games, and the The First Edition bundle. Hopefully there are some more B2G1 free promotions going on.

  • @Heyplaystation tweeted that the tourney was happening from 3-7 pm PT but when I got to the S.F. Vita Hill at 5:30 pm, they said they were in “Finals”, and I had missed it. I had driven 2 hours to get there, and I actually had the day off so I could’ve gone when the place opened but I wanted to make a night of it with my girlfriend after she got off work. What I thought was b.s. was 1. It was tweeted that the “tourney” was playing 1 level and whoever got the highest score won, so I don’t know what “finals” they were talking about, and 2. why say the event is from 3-7 if it’s really just at 3 and ends when it ends? But at least I got to play Unit 13 I guess. The game is what Zipper does best – great TPS shooting mechanics and non-linear gameplay!

  • After play the Unit 13 demo is was awesome, can’t wait for it’s release! So much stuff on there, challenges, awards, multiple leaderboards, each mission has a ranked version and a separate version, with certain things you can’t change like difficulty, etc. and tons more, Vita controls are integrated perfectly with standard controls.

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