Join Us: PS Vita Midnight Launch Events

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Join Us: PS Vita Midnight Launch Events


I go through a sequence of phases when a big electronics product is announced. Starting with mild interest, I quickly transition into research mode where I find out everything I can about the device. By the time launch day rolls around, I’m worked into a frenzy and inevitably end up waiting in a line for midnight release. I’m Jeff Rubenstein, and I’m an early adopter. And I know that I’m not alone.

If you’re like me, please join us this coming Monday Tuesday night for Sony Store midnight launches in the following locations:

Towne Center at Boca Raton – Boca Raton, FL
Houston Galleria – Houston
Fashion Valley – San Diego
Century City Mall – Los Angeles
Valley Fair –  Santa Clara, CA
Flagship Sony Store – New York

It’s not a major gaming launch without a ritzy, glitzy New York launch event, and this one is open to you, the gaming public. We’ll start with the best part: the first 200 people to buy a PS Vita at our Sony Store event will get a free copy of ModNation Racers: Road Trip!

We’re flying in PS Vita development teams from around the country to meet and greet you, talk PS Vita games, and sign autographs. While you wait, hostesses will be bringing PS Vitas to you to play and enjoy. This will be the most fun line you’ve ever stood in!

The Sony Store is located at 550 Madison in Midtown New York, and the festivities start at 8pm!

So get there early — you *know* you want to be the gamer who gets handed the ceremonial First Vita from SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton.

Jack Tretton

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  • Is that special Friday edition Blogcast comin’?

  • Nothing for Canada?

    Toronto or Mississauga to be specific?

    Why did Sony have to give up the Metreon! All is lost!

    I really dunno If I can make it down to Santa Clara from SF… college kid, here. Dang.

    Sid, Jeff, Rey – which event are you guys attending?

  • i have my vita already , im freaking loving it , i dont want uncharted golden abyss to end lol , little deviants is pretty fun and if you go for gold medals better be prepare because the game can get hard !!! , im getting wipeout 2048 by mail tomorrow and i will go buy a 32 gb memory card to download escape plan and modnation .

    man im loving Near , Trophy , Message , Friends , party apps , they are really , really kool , i think the web browser could use some improvements and notifications too , they should be automatically .

    surprisingly the new app that im loving the most is Near , i have received challenges on little deviants , modnation racers gifts , uncharted items through black market but im still getting the hang of it because i dont know how to send items on uncharted , i have just learned how to challenge /contest someone else record on little deviants

    overall im pretty impressed but i want to see a youtube app and better browser , cant freaking wait for Resistance Burning Skies and Little Big Planet

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I really love Near too. It’s great seeing how many people around you are playing.

  • And none of this is in Hawaii. No one cares about us T~T. But i guess it doesnt matter since i have been enjoying my Vita for the past 2 days now.

  • I just activated my data plan when do I get my free game and do I get the free session with the first edition bundle because there’s no promotional code in the box?

  • I’m in BAGHDAD, Can I come :(( ?

  • btw you guys should release an update fixing the wifi because when the vita is on stand by mode it loses network access and you have to reconnect the connection again , please fix that

  • Jeff,

    Sorry to be a buttinski in your posting, but can you ask around if the Vita group are aware that some users are having WiFi connection issues?

    My connection would function intermittently, but now my system just stays in a connecting mode loop and never connects.I would just be happy to hear, at this point, that some techs are aware of the WiFi issues.


  • why not Chicago? OK. lets deal with you people who have your vita already !! I HATE YOU !!! lol!! not really!! I hope you are having fun with it!! I will have mine soon! I hope to find you with near!!!

  • ok jack trenton going to be in ny..correct.. I cannt miss this one , what time is this going to start in ny ? a answer would be nice in advance..

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • @dlhdav7
    Hang on there bro. It’s soooo worth the wait. Vita is the coolest device I’ve ever owned. Better than iphone IMO. There’s only one glaring issue I’ve come up with and that’s while downloading over wifi it won’t keep downloading when it goes into standby. The longest setting for putting off standby is 5 minutes so, for me, its an issue. I know I have other ways to download and transfer but I really hope they address this with an update. Anywho, PS Vita is da bizzomb. Your patience will be rewarded ten fold.

  • None near Denver :-( Even my local game store is not doing a midnight launch.

    After playing one at a demo kiosk all I can say is, I WANT MY VITA!!!

  • It says Midnight launch, but Monday night? Monday is the 20th, and the Facebook Event link says 22nd, which is a Wednesday. I have to get to this, but I’m confused! @_@

  • Thank you Jeff :-)

  • That’s a … small list. Hope that some other retail stores do midnight releases.

    Not that it matters too much to me, I already have my Vita (and loving it). Here’s hoping that the Vita sees a strong [official] launch!

    Have fun and enjoy everyone!

  • Thanks for the announcement!! I will take off work early… I know my priorities!!! ;)

  • Yea the best city NEW YORK hey ya should play empire state of mind nd NEW YORK songs AND imagine custom NEW YORK GIANTS SUPER BOWL CHAMPION logo on it with da color blue!!!!!!!!!!

  • My Gamestop better have a mid-night launch or ama burn the place down and get it my self! lolololol…CANT WAIT!

  • That last pic of Jack Trenton.


  • I can’t wait to buy my Vita! I’ve already have 9 Vita games on my PS3’s harddrive just itching to be played! :D

  • Same here! Can’t wait for the 22nd…Got Hot Shots & Rayman ready to go; along with a couple demos. Now we just need a the internet browser fixed!

  • Can you fly me into the San Diego or LA event please? Seattle weather isn’t looking dry enough for me to wait till midnight in the rain. :)

  • Loving my Vita! Just hope it had a better browser so I don’t have to use my phone to type this. Lol Then again I didn’t buy it to browse but it would be nice. Keep up the good work Sony and back up Vita because I see a whole lot of potential. Can you imagine having cross play with The Last of Us? ;) Oh yeah Btw nothing like playing Golden Abyss in a dark room with HD headphones. My Ps3 feels left out now. Lol

  • No love for Boston… I see how it is.

  • Again, you guys show no love for Michigan. Like the picture of Jack holding a PS3, though.

  • No midnight launch party for Western New York. Also none for amazon preorderers. (Is that a new word?) Oh well, still getting a launch bundle and can not for Wednesday to get here!

  • i would like to know about the safety of the near/gps app. Can you be tracked by someone when you are using this app?

  • Hey, i got the vita early via pre-order…must say it amazes me how well it runs…however i have a few questions/ concerns….

    1st…when i put my account on the vita..i synced my trophies right away…it shows all my ps3 trophies on the vita as well as the vita trophies…however…when i sync my trophies on the vita they dont show up on my ps3 (vita trophies) is sony going to fix this??

    2nd…i was under the impression that the ps3 and vita were fully compatbile with each other…what i mean specifically is voice chat….how come vita users cant voice chat with ps3 users?? is this also going to be patched/updated

    3rd… it appears that the online isnt working properly…..if i sign in on my ps3 my friends can all see me go online, send messages etc….however…with the vita.. if i sign in…on my friends ps3 it still shows me as offline (even though on the vita it clearly shows im online)…yet i can send them text messages through group messaging.

    any help / feedback is greatly appreciated

  • I’m loving the PS Vita!

  • I bought the FEB Bundle but I’d love to come enjoy the launch in NYC. Will there be anything for existing Vita owners to do there?

  • 他怎么抱着PS3。。。 兄弟们 我刚刚参加了 hongkong的 PSV 首发 感觉很棒!! I lOVE PS VITA!!

  • Wow! Omg! Talk input ME being a day late! I missed it, I’m so sad ;(

  • Alright! Thanks for putting one at Valley Fair!

  • May head down to Century City, although my Vita is pre-ordered on the other side of LA but hey, I’m going to make a night of it!!!

  • Are the apps going to be available for download on the official Vita launch date? I have the first edition bundle and still no apps in the app store. Also no ability to play any my downloadable PSN or some PSP games. (Killzone:Liberation, Angry Birds) and no support for PSOne games yet. Not complaining, just would like an ETA when these things might be corrected. Otherwise REALLY enjoying my Vita so far! :D

  • Jeff you know very well I will be there. I will be leaving work early to get there in time.

    Ray “WrekGar”
    aka “PS Blog stalker”

  • I went to pick up the First Bundle Edition on the Sony Store in NY on Feb 15th & i want to say it was really worth it, i love it ^_^. i will try to see if my buddy will go to the launch of the 3G/Wifi model in NYC so i can meet Jeff & Jack.

  • Where’s the love for Puerto Rico? You guys never do anything in PR. It makes me so sad.

  • What’s going to happen at the San Diego one? Who’s going to be there? :O I am going most likely!

  • sucks i live near a line of the lirr that has like not times to get me in and back around then, but i already got my vita so no need to really go but it would of been fun

  • Guess that’s one way to get rid of a few copies of MNR: Road Trip since nobody in their right mind would actually waste money on it…

  • If your a fat lazy kid go buy a Vita , I’m sure your fat lazy parents will buy one 4 you.

  • @marlyt Mine still downloads in standby mode, I set 3 demos and a psp game to download last night before bed, and they were all downloaded when i turned it back on this morning
    It doesn’t install them while in standby, but installing doesnt take very long, so that’s not an issue for me.
    But on another note, I’m wicked excited for more games to launch, I beat Uncharted in 2 sessions, and i only had to charge it once in between. Bought the 3DS last week purely so I could objectively compare the two and I must say, You’ve outdone yourself yet again, Sony
    Very excited to see what kind of cross platform interactions we’re going to be getting with the PS3 in the future.
    I’m also excited to try out Unit 13, and I really hope more of the shooting games use the Intui-aim feature from Uncharted. The range on the analog sticks alone aren’t quite to the point where you can aim very well with them alone, the motion sensor aiming definitely helps ALOT, and has actually gotten me to the point where i’ve gotten more headshots with uncharted Golden Abyss than i’ve gotten in ANY of the other uncharted games, and I’ve only had this one for 3 days now!

  • I just had a comment that was 1200 characters, and had to shorten it because the site is telling me that it was over 1250, it wasn’t.
    Fix please?!

  • @45 Did you count the spaces?

  • Nah, that doesn’t make sense either – disregard that comment…LMAO…

  • Nice to see there are midnight launches, but personally, I rather sleep and wait for the mailman while saving $20 in taxes. Though I have been staring at my copy of Hot Shots Golf now for 3 days, and I don’t get to play it till Wednesday ;_;

  • So is there any guarantee that they won’t sell out of Vitas at this launch event? (NY one)
    Really don’t feel like doing a 2 hour train ride for nothing.

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