WipEout 2048 Out Today for PS Vita, Meet the Ships

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WipEout 2048 Out Today for PS Vita, Meet the Ships

WipEout 2048 for the PlayStation Vita is available at retail stores and on the PlayStation Store starting today, February 15th. And to help celebrate the launch we have a brand new trailer. — check it out below!

WipEout 2048 Out Today for PS Vita, Meet the Ships

I also wanted to tell you a little about the ships that you’re going to get to play in the new game. Choosing the right ship couldn’t be more important. Take the wrong ship to the track, and you’re going to struggle. So here’s some insider information to help you make those all-important ship choices as you get started with Wipeout 2048.

Speed Ships are the F1 cars of anti-gravity racing. They’re sleek, delta-winged craft with minimal liveries. To look at, they’re the closest to the original, classic dart-shaped Wipeout ships. These ships are all about going fast, but to go fast, they need to be light. To shed weight, Speed Ships sacrifice bulkier components such as the extra defensive and offensive systems. Racing aside, Speed Ships are great for Time Trials and Speed laps.

Wipeout 2048: Speed Class

Next up are our Agility Ships, and if Speed Ships are F1 cars, then Agility Ships are rally cars. These things are heavily liveried and have amazing handling. The increase in manoeuvrability is down to a second set of airbrakes, additional forward facing wings, and extra spoilers underneath to create more down-force. Agility Ships are the ideal choice for the serious Zone Mode pilot.

Wipeout 2048: Agility Class

Fighters are exactly what you expect – combatants. These guys are tough, heavily armoured and pack a serious punch. Obviously, with all the extra weight they carry, they lose out on some speed and manoeuvrability, but that doesn’t matter, because their job is to destroy the opposition. If you’re going into a Combat event, it’s a no brainer that you’re gonna want to show up in one of these diamond-shaped destroyers.

Wipeout 2048: Fighter Class

The last class of ship is the Prototype Ship, but I’m not going to tell you anything about those. You can have fun experimenting with them.

I hope you enjoy the fast-paced, adrenaline rush of anti-gravity racing in this latest installment to the Wipeout franchise. In addition to these sleek ships, you’ll be racing along with the pumping soundtrack of 10 exclusive new tracks from some of today’s global dance music, including DeadMau5, The Chemical Brothers and Kraftwerk, that will be sure to keep you energized throughout the campaign.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I hope to see you online for some high-speed competition with Wipeout 2048’s eight-player online multiplayer mode. You can also race against Wipeout HD Fury players on the PS3 with the PS Vita’s Cross-Play feature. So heads-up PS3 owners! Be sure to download the new patch available today to enable Cross Play with the new Wipeout 2048 Vita title. As a reminder, Wipeout 2048 will require an Online Pass voucher code that is included with your copy of the game. You can redeem your code via the PlayStation Store icon on the home screen of your PS Vita.


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  • Can’t wait for this game

  • Sweet, will be getting my Vita on regular launch though. One question, will there be a PS3 update soon that will show Vita players being online and Vita trophies in people profiles? A friend of mine got his today and when h’es signed in on his Vita, he appears offline on the PS3 and his avatar wont even load, his PS+ status doesn’t show either unless you view profile.

    Had to ask because idk how you’d play this cross platform if PS3 players can’t see Vita players online

  • @3, that’s a good question. Is there a symbol on the users name or on the avatar indicating the user is using a Vita? Or when a user has the PS3 and the Vita on at the same time? Sony needs to address this ASAP.

  • One more week for then i can play this.

  • @3 – No, no indication, just says they’re offline, but it doesn’t show “last logged in: XXX”

  • I cannot help but wonder, with the PSVita cross play with PS3, is it possible we’ll see the tracks from the vita on the PS3? I tried the vita demo and loved it, but I can’t help but prefer playing a game like wipeout on my PS3 so it would be a real shame not to have them updated/DLC for the HD version as well.

  • Pretty sure this will be one of my first games…along with Escape Plan, SuperStardust, Hustle Kings and Marvel vs Capcom.

    Looking for new experiences I have not tried on my PS3. Wipeout looks like its gonna be a blast.

  • By far, one of the best launch titles available. I advice not to pass this title up!

  • YOU DO APPEAR ONLINE WHEN USING VITA, I believe. The Only indication is when you send a message at the bottom it says “Sent from my PS Vita system using Group Messaging.”

  • How do I redeem my free AT&T DataPass trial and my PSN game?

  • Racing games are not my cup of tea, but I wish they where because this game looks sweet.

  • Hopefully patches bring in new and improved online features to fix the games problems.

  • @GameBoss01, you have to activate the 3G once yourself and then what they do is give you 250MB and Super Star Dust after the 30 day period ends. So 14.99 and 30 days then you get your game. Waiting for mine as well…….

    OT: I’m not a fan of not-simulation racing (Forza/GT are my types) but I may pick this up……already have and am playing Uncharted.

  • @GameBoss – No i can’t see Vita players online when on my PS3, thought yes they can send me messages. From that Vita message thing, i had thought Vita had signature option. not sure though.

  • Where can I find the augmented reality games for my vita?

  • Everything about Wipeout has always been sooooo slick. I wish we could get real life apparel based on the different racing teams. Imagine something like a high quality Feisar racing jacket with all the wicked logos on it. I’d be all over that. And I’ll be all over this game whenever I get a Vita…

  • blah blah blah Vita


  • I received my copy from Amazon on Monday and just picked up all my Vita stuff this evening. I’m a bit nervous about the Wipeout purchase now. I was listening to the GiantBomb Bombcast and Jeff Gerstmann said he found it a disappointment. He spoke about long loading times and frame rate issues. Those were the issues that have helped me decide to stay away from ModNation Racers. I hope I don’t find my experience with the title to match the words of Jeff Gerstmann.

  • I am waiting for my launch bundle on 2/22. I don’t really plan on paying $50 extra for a half size memory card and a $15 case. I have $130 saved for games, and about $120 saved for a portable charger, 16 GB memory card, and travel case. This game is definitly on my launch list, along with Little Deviants and maybe Super Stardust Delta. I also may get Little Big Planet and Killzone later on. Can’t wait for the PS Vita!

  • Can somebody List me the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Game Modes available with this game.


  • @19, Giant Bomb is just one gaming site. Other popular media outlets gave this title an overall good grade. Still, launch games will have the worse loading times; second year games will def. make improvements here.

  • somebody with a ps vita send me a message over psn.I wanna see how cross messageing works. :D

  • Really happy with my vita and wipEout 2048!! But i’ve been putting PSP games on my Vita from my PS3 through content manager and the only one that refuses to copy is Resistance Retribution. This is the game you were demonstrating working with the Vita! Remember Sony?! I hope this gets fixed and fast. I was really looking forward to finally completing this game with the dual analog sticks.

  • I know this is off topic but i dont see the Vita download section on PSN. Is it there??

  • PSP games are just plain and simply great on the Vita. There is no denying it. The PSP library should be revisited by any and everyone. Its just that simple. I cannot wait for PS1 games to be playable because the Normal 4:3 cropped setting will look amazing on this device. Sony you nailed and because you did I can see the reluctance because there is a legitimate new lease on life for online enabled titles like retribution, Socom etc… I see why some games are not compatible. The Vita is great at emulating PSP games and they play wonderfully maybe too wonderfully is a Sony concern. Kudos on the hardware it is just great. Absolutely get a Vita you will not regret it.

  • Does anyone ever reply to these comments? I see plenty questions, zero answers..

  • Gonna get this one on day one!

  • Can somebody List me the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Game Modes available with this game.

  • I can’t wait for this game! Too bad amazon.ca isnt shipping it till the 22nd :( but eh got it for 10 bucks cheaper

  • @25 – I read that the PS Vita “Store” on PSN will be up on the 21st prior to the 22nd launch and that you can do a search now for Vita and find downloadable games.

  • I have this game on the Vita. im in year 2049 right now. good game.

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