January 2012 PSN Top Sellers: NFL Blitz Hustles to the Top Spot

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January 2012 PSN Top Sellers: NFL Blitz Hustles to the Top Spot

Top 20 PSN Games of The Month

Welcome to this month’s PSN Top Sellers, where we break down the content that moved the most over the past month.

Looks like a lot of you had football fever as a ton of PSN gamers picked up NFL Blitz, EA Sports’ revival of the arcade and console classic and a perfect accompaniment to the end of the NFL season. On the handheld front, Corpse Party went for its third straight month at the top of the PSP charts, but the imminent release of PS Vita may spark a new surge in PSP title downloads — check back next month. In PSone Classics, while Final Fantasy VI enjoyed the top spot last month, Final Fantasy VII reclaimed its (rightful?) spot at the top. Lastly, Battlefield 3 DLC earned two spots on the Add-Ons category. Will Modern Warfare 3 DLC for Elite members hitting in February move the needle?

What PSN games did you play most in January? Share your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll see you next month with February’s most downloaded content on PlayStation Network.

Top 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games

1) NFL Blitz – Gamers loved the combination of the arcade-style gameplay that made the original a hit along with the immersive game modes of today.
2) NBA JAM: On Fire Edition
3) Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
4) inFAMOUS 2 Festival of Blood
5) Sonic CD
6) PAYDAY: The Heist
7) Dungeon Defenders – The 12 for ’12 sale in the PlayStation Store in January may have had something to do with Dungeon Defender’s surge to the top 10.
8) Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD
9) AMY
10) Crysis
11) Resident Evil 4
12) Shadow of the Colossus – Quite possibly the best game you could ever hope to place on your PS3 hard drive. The ICO / SOTC collection was made available for individual download in January.
13) Castle Crashers
14) Trine 2
16) Darksiders – This cult classic made its debut in the PS3 Full Game category. Download it to get set for the sequel due out later this year.
17) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
18) Battlefield 1943
19) Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition
20) Saints Row 2

Top 5 PS3 Add-Ons

1) Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand
2) Call of Duty: Black Ops
3) Gran Turismo 5 – Car Pack 3 – The release of GT5 XL seems to have re-sparked the racing community.
4) Gran Turismo 5 – Speed Test Course Pack
5) Battlefield 3 – SPECACT Kit & Dog Tag Bundle


Top 5 PSone Classics

3) FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS – The debut of Final Fantasy Origins comes in strong, but not strong enough to dethrone two classic RPG titans.


Top 5 PSP Games

1) Corpse Party – Can Corpse Party hold on to it’s top spot for the 4th month in a row?
2) Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
3) NBA 2K12 PSP
5) Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 PSP

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2 Author Replies

  • Yaaaa for Darksiders. Truly a classic. I might just have to check out Corpse Party for my pspGo.

  • nice, i gotta check Corpse party either on the my psp 3000 or the vita when i get it

    • I downloaded it myself since i just picked up my Vita. Really curious to see how the PSP numbers move with new Vitas in hand. I’m super tempted to download other PSP games like Tactics Ogre

  • Hmm maybe I need to check out NFL Blitz.. ??.. Can’t wait for the new Battlefield DLC!

  • If u can forward this to someone, on the blog share, can u add “Vita” to the list of idea focus? thanks if u are able to. this is so we can be more specific with our ideas on blog share.

  • Really have to check out Infamous: Festival of Blood. I recently finished Infamous 2.


  • I may have to get over my shunning of EA snatching up exclusive NFL rights and pick up NFL Blitz and NBA Jam. Anyone have anything to say about whether they are any good? The originals were a blast in their day but I can’t help but feel they just will not age well.

  • Nicee Shadow of the colossus its one of the best of all time!

  • Jeeeeez, who are all these people buying Amy? Poor suckers.

  • Glad to see that Final Fantasy games are still holding its position in the Top 5 in PSone classics :)

  • From that list I own NFL Blitz, NBA JAM: On Fire Edition, Resident Evil 4, & Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. I bought the Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick for PS3 and it came with DLC code for Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection.

  • @zoidzerg I cant say anything about Blitz but I do have NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and it is the BEST NBA Jam version I have played to date. Has everything the others had back in the day and then some, I highly recommend it.

  • Where can I find the augmented reality games for my vita?

  • Would be much more interesting with numbers.

  • I am hoping that SCEA and their 3rd Party Publishers push hard, pricing-wise, with both VITA and PSP content, as I imagine most VITA users will want to play the many awesome PSP games that are already in the store or their library.

  • SE still has a gold mine in FF7. If they ever did a faithful remake I would trade in my entire gaming collection for it. Sorry haters!

  • It’s kinda sad to see that the BF3 specact add-on made the top 5 add-ons charging $3 for 100 KB download that they was already released for certain pre orders. They will release it in 6 months free anyways like EA always seems to do but if ppl keep buying useless add-ons companies well keep holding back content then selling it back to us

  • I’m happy to see inFAMOUS FOB, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and Shadow of the Colossus up there.

  • @5

    NBA JAM is a great update to the series. IMHO: the new Jam is the definative version of the game! NFL Blitz is ok at best but it suffers from a game freezing glitch on one of the loading screens.

  • Wait so If I buy and purchase Corpse Party on PSN, I can download it to my Vita and play it? Sweet! I never had a PSP since it didn’t interest me. The Vita on the other hand, does. This game looked very good, and I can’t wait to get it once I get a Vita when the price drops.

  • The PS1 offering needs Driver 1, Driver 2, Pitfall 3D, Tekken 1, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo 1, Gran Turismo 2.

    If the soundtrack licensing is an issue then just remove the soundtracks

  • I hope there is a MSRP drop on PSPs soon as my old one somehow walked away (ie stolen) a few months back and I want to play some of the UMD games I purchased they day it left.

  • Will we be getting a list of the Top 10 best selling Vita games on PSN next month?

  • I’ve got a couple titles from the top 20 PSN list, but the only one I actually bought that contributed to this list was Trine 2. Though, due to my backlog, I haven’t actually played it yet. I’ll get there someday!

  • GO, XSEED, GO!
    Corpse Party is such a gem, it deserves that top-spot!

  • Nice for Final Fantasy!!!

  • I love Sony and all the great games I have played, but just release the numbers already. Especially now since the Vita is released and will have a significant amount of games purchased through thr playstation store and no other console on the market will be doing this much digital distribution weekly!

  • Hi, Quick question; are anymore ps2 classics coming out? =) I personally would LOVE to see a game like Tales Of The Abyss come out to the ps3 in an HD or something. Thanks for your time (:

  • – Any chance of putting a list for the most played games on PSN?

    – List of Top selling PS2 classics?

    – List of Top selling PS3 full games and PSN games by itself?

    – And then list of best selling games that includes everything (PS3 full games, add-on, PSN, PS1, PS2, minis, Vita, PSP, etc)?

    That would be a very thorough and interesting list to look forward to monthly

    Btw, Call of Duty Black Ops is not an add on…..

  • @SquareSide

    FFVII + PS3 format = i dont care how much it costs, i’m getting it!!!!!!!!!!!!! why arent they listening to people like us? PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME

  • I feel so sorry for all of the people that purchased Amy.

    NFL Blitz rightfully so should be at the top spot. So much content for only $15 USD.

    I hope Gotham City Imposters is up there next this month as well.

  • i jusr bought the playstation plus , but then my ps3 is having troubles (older one) , (need a new one) but will i be able to use the playstation plus with my new ps3

  • Hello, i was just wondering if or when NFL Blitz would be available in the UK? Thanks

  • HAHAHAHAHAH “Will Modern Warfare 3 DLC for Elite members hitting in February move the needle?” Next year, since it ends, beat Microsoft to a contract with Activision and sign one with them yourself, so we can get DLC earlier than they can. That would make us happy, and since it would make them mad, we would be even happier. I’m sick of getting DLC later for the same price with nothing in it Xbox doesn’t have, They also get another drop on the 21’s, so they get two drops before we even get one.

  • dang….. megaman is up there? i gonna buy it

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