Jak and Daxter Collection: A Retrospective with Naughty Dog

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Jak and Daxter Collection: A Retrospective with Naughty Dog

We’re so proud to have launched the Jak and Daxter Collection exclusively on PS3 last week, and we hope that you’ve been having a blast playing through the original Jak and Daxter trilogy in HD. To help celebrate the release of the Jak and Daxter Collection, 2 Player Productions and our team here at Naughty Dog put together a video highlighting some of our favorite memories, trials and tribulations while working on the franchise. There’s also a look into the challenging and wonderful job Mass Media did in re-mastering this collection to run beautifully on the PS3.

Jak and Daxter Collection: A Retrospective with Naughty Dog

Click on the video above, which premiered on Attack of the Show and G4tv.com yesterday, to see Naughty Dog founders Jason Rubin and Andrew Gavin, myself, and other longtime Dogs share our experiences in creating this classic series.

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  • Awesome video and you could how much they love the game! I would really love to see a lot more of these for Uncharted 3 and more because I missed all the Behind the scenes content from Uncharted 2.

  • That video was really good. When I was younger I loved the Jak series because they were so fun. Now that I’m older not only do I see them as fun but technical marvels. The streaming world, animation, attention to detail etc. I now notice all these things and it really shows that Naughty Dog are one of the few developers truly pushing the limits with both the hardware and creative aspect of gaming. We’ve seen it with Crash all the way to Uncharted and most likely we’ll see it again with the upcoming Last of Us. Like Jason Rubin said in the video, it can be tough to step back and see the work you’ve accomplished after you’ve created the game as you are constantly looking at aspects you can improve or you think you messed up on, like any real artist does after they are done. Hopefully though through this collection everyone on the team can see how good of a job they did and understand why fans, critics and the gaming community as a whole hold this series in such high regard.

  • 2 Player Productions is very good at documenting this stuff. Cheers to them! Made me want to play the Jak games again.

  • That was a really good documentary. I never played these games because I wasn’t a gamer back then but I know there’s a lot of nostalgic fondness for this series among long-time PS gamers. Watching this film made me see that this trend of HD remasterings is not a cash-grab by some huge corporation, but an affectionate, grateful ode to the fans. That co-founder said there’s a lot of pain behind making games, although I might be paraphrasing. Seemed to me there’s a lot of love, too.

    Evan, you need to blink sometimes. And I still can’t ever understand Christophe, sorry.

  • Will we get a ‘Jak and Daxter ‘2’ Collection’ one day to? ;)

    With ‘Jak X: Combat Racing’ + ‘Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier’ + the ‘Daxter’ game? That would be cool MEGA-COOL:P

  • This video sold me on the collection. I’ll be buying it whenever I decide to wake up and go to the mall (after I’ve played with my PSVita which should be arriving in about 6 hours). I’d download it on the PSN (SEN), but I own the Sly Collection and both God of War collections via retail. So I’m going to continue the trend.

  • Nice. Love how everyone has memories on what went into the game. I bought this but still haven’t played it yet. :( Hoping I have time soon to bring back the good ol days!

  • im a huge fan of jak and daxter, but why it not on the vita?

  • Awesome video. I passed on the series when they came on the PS2, and I regret i after spending the week playing this collection. Just got the plat in Jak 1 this morning, now off to 2!

  • This was a great video. But I still gotta ask…

    there WILL be a Jak and Daxter 4 after Last of Us, right? We all want it. We need our heroes to return.

  • Bring the Jak and Daxter Collection to Vita and I will buy. That is all.

  • How about a Jak 4; don’t give me that excuse about teams not working together. please also consider Jak X as a PS2 classic

  • Jak & Daxter is the only good one.

    You guys should have started another IP to go in the direction Jak 2 and 3 went. You lost something really, really special when trying to turn Jak into a trendy anti-hero with Dark Eco, bringing his heroism back out with Light Eco (I mean, how many flavors of Kryptonite are there?), jacking hover cars to be like Grand Theft Auto, and throwing guns all over the place because it worked so well with Ratchet & Clank.

    To this day I am still amazed at this trainwreck of a franchise. It started off so well. Strong, charming, adventurous. What happened?

  • Great Collection i was wondering is the any chance of Dark cloud 1, 2 and Rouge galaxy being in a collection or a downloadable games with Achievements on PSN?

  • I bought the first one off PSN last tuesday when it came out. Fun game outside of the camera which had me plummeting to my death more times than I’d like to recall. The large connected world and time of day transitions really brought the world to life. Quite a nice platformer. I don’t know that I’ll be able to replay it though, because of the strong feelings of nausea I got while playing. :o

    By the way I think there’s a glitch with the PSN version. My save file says “Time: 0:00” despite me having fully completed the game. The other statistics shown are correct. Is this an issue with the retail version, just PSN, or both?

  • : ‘ -)

  • Great documentary!

    Jak & Daxter was a fantastic game. I really do think it is a shame that so many of the big talents in the industry are now making one shooting game after the other with ‘realistic’ zombies, aliens or soldiers as enemies, and this is particularly true if you leave out Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong – I love all the Uncharted games and probably even more so than I loved Jak & Daxter, but won’t somebody think of the children! And I mean that literally … I want to be able to give my son a Vita rather than a 3DS! ;)

    I think some fantastic work could be done by smaller teams, for a smaller price. And if you look at brand building, it is clear to me that a lot of people who played Mario games as a kid have that now as a part of their DNA – I never played them as a kid, and I can’t stand them now (don’t like the looks, sound, and then the gameplay alone isn’t enough). I want my son to grow up with titles like LocoRoco and J&D. Don’t abandon that audience, Sony first party studios! ;)

  • I got a little teary eyed watching that to be honest.

  • omg. Wow, I just got so inspired by this video. Loved seeing all the hard work and talent that goes into video game production. Keep up the awesome work. So inspired. Thanks

  • lol at lisa not understanding Christophe, it’s not THAT hard :P Oh and I agree with everything comment #2 (RE_Player) had to say. I love ya Naughty Dog, and love the passion you put into your games.. that’s what helps make them great……. Can’t wait to play these beauties again, and now my nephews can enjoy it with HD graphics too :) Heck even my bro (who is 35 now) will love to play these games once again on his new 3D TV :) Crash Bandicoot + Jak n’ Daxter were one of a kind, I hope ND brings that kind of game back in some form… (uncharted but more lighthearted / less shooting maybe?). I guess I just miss platform games : ) Anyway thanks ND! Great video too, the longtime PS fans love to see vids like this about the developers / making the game / looking back at the game as well.

  • Love this collection, a lot of great memories! in fact, I’m fixing to play this in a few mins!

  • I really hope that Sony gets back the rights for Crash Bandicoot because it is a shame that the games aren’t being made anymore because the PS2 games haven’t been bad (by the way I hope that we can get the Crash Bandicoot PS2 games on the PS store and of course Crash Bash)

  • @crusher915 I just read on Activision wiki that there is supposed to be a new Crash Bandicoot this year but without any references, so ether some fan edited the wiki or they are making a new game…

  • I enjoyed watching that :) Very kewl. I really want to pick up J&D Collection… bu the Vita stripped me of any free cash for at least a few weeks :P

  • I wish more companies would release stuff like this. People want inner workings and insights to the games they love. I think people are willing to pay extra for it. Look at the kickstarter program by Double Fine. Definitely giving a nod to 2 Player productions for noticing that. I personally hope they give this kind of bonus content in the form special editions instead of stupid dlc skins.

  • I heard it and do did you!! “…working on updates to Jak and Daxter or JAK 4” towards the end he said that!! So there will be a Jak 4!!

  • @JOWhite: What? I didn’t hear it?

  • I was never into Jak and Daxter so I had no idea Naughty Dog was behind this game. Naughty Dog has become one of my favorite developers. Cool video by the way.

  • @slydaniels me too! ahh great times Jak and Daxter are. Well i’m gonna go play them (in HD, on my PS3!) great collection! and hey Naughty Dog, get the Uncharted 3 team brainstorming on a Jak 4!! Don’t take it in a realistic direction! keep it fantastical, keep the art style, just make it look nice!!! pretty please! i’ll send each and every single one of you a cracker (or cookie) if you do

  • This video brought back a lot of memories. Fantastic job putting it together.

  • Tis makes me remind like 8 year when playing with my cousins

  • Man I remember playing these games on my PS2 and I couldn’t stop playing them. Now that I’ve seen that they have them for PS3 I am going to be looking for the pack of them wherever I may be able to find them. NOW WITH BETTER GRAPHICS, Man that’s just going to make these games even BETTER. Naughty Dog is my most FAVORITE gaming company. Keep up the hard work fellas and bring our old friend Crash back for another round when ya can. Thanks.

  • A week later there still aren’t any copies in Columbia, SC. What’s up?!

  • Ahh, so many memories. Its nice to know that naughty dog cares about Jak and Daxter as much as they do. It seems like they really miss Jak and Dax after playing the collection… maybe they will make Jak 4 since the memories came back. o well, time will tell.

  • @Hooligantuan How dare you. You compared Jak 2 and 3 to Grand Theft Auto?? They are NOTHING alike, except the free roam aspect and mission based challenges. Dark Jak and Light Jak is UNIQUE, the abilities aren’t copies from other games and what made the games extremely fun and re playable. Jak and Daxter 1 was more kid friendly too and it was a good idea to mature the series up. Don’t get me wrong I thought that game was awesome but way too short.

  • I loved this video! I loved playin all the Jak and Daxter videogames. Dark Jak is my favorite, thats why when I played I would destroy the citizens, the monster things (sorry I had forgotten the names of those aliens) and other stuff just to get dark ego!! xD I had loads of fun playing all the Jak games available!! I finished all the games, except the newer one. I own it but I have been highly busy with finishing high school. Naughty Dog is the best!! They need to continue the Jak and Daxter tradition! :D

  • Naughty Dog is the shiznit, as a long time SOCOM fan, I am ashamed of Zipper Interactive… This is what SOCOM fans can only DREAM OF! DREAM!!

  • Great video but I am a huge fan of the Jack series and I still own my ps2/ps1 but I only kept all the Jacks games and ratchet and clank games some of the best games I have ever played and will always in joy them thanks for making those games. Other then Sonic those were the games that made my sister and I gamers.

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