Twisted Metal Is Back, and Shoot My Truck Is Happening Now!

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Twisted Metal Is Back, and Shoot My Truck Is Happening Now!

It’s judgment day! Twisted Metal is now available in stores, and our sweet new launch trailer has made its debut:

Twisted Metal Is Back, and Shoot My Truck Is Happening Now!

To make Twisted Metal’s release day even more exciting than it already is, Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck is now on a turntable in the middle of the desert, waiting for you to shred it to pieces with bullet-fire. Go to right now for a chance to fire a fully automatic weapon live from your own computer and make real things explode. In the history of gaming, guns, and the world wide web, nothing like this has ever been done, and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. Seriously, stop reading this right now and go to And don’t forget to pick up Twisted Metal and let us know what you think!

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  • Pretty great trailer actually. Gj

  • Nice trailer! I think i’ll check this game out

  • Lovin’ it! Ripping it up in the theme park while Thuderkiss ’65 plays, and with Shoot My Park on the laptop next to me. Life is good.

  • Er, Shoot My Truck. Oh well, Shoot everything!

  • Picked up my copy this afternoon. I’m a little over half way through Sweet Tooth’s story. Digging it so far. Thank you to David Jaffe and everyone at Eat Sleep Play for putting your hearts into this thing.

    It’s taking me awhile to get used to the old school controls again though! Haha

    Long live Jaffe. Long live Twisted Metal.

  • hey what is the status on the far cry2 game give away?

  • Fix the online for this game!!! It’s not working half the time. -_-

  • awaiting my pre-order!

  • Really nice trailer guys. It was everything it needed to be in my opinion.

  • Awesome trailer! Getting me pumped =)

    Can’t wait to input my NOS energy drink code to get them skins =P but the site isn’t up yet >.<

  • hey im frustrated i got Twisted Metal today and the trophies havnt even shown up when i load the game and i really like trophies so could you guys take a look at that????

  • but i do think the game is totally great!!!! as well as the trailer its pretty sweet too! thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this thing!!!

  • Hey, guys is the game great? i havnt gotten my copy yet because im visiting my grandma at the hospital, she was in a crash and flew out the window. she was about to die but thank God shes getting better but still with a broken leg,spine,hip and a torn lung.shes going to be there a long time but yeah pray for her please. Still ill have something fun to game on after i get back from the hospital.

  • My copy just arrived. The disc was unfortunately not secured in place and was instead freely slipping and sliding all over the inside of the case. :( Hope its not damaged in any way. Now to either burn or sell the online pass & starhawk skin codes~

  • I got my copy in the mail today and went to play it and it crashed on me while trying to activate the online pass. Eventually I activated it by going to my downloads and activating it manually.

    Then about an hour into the game my system crashes. It happens any time between 30 minutes 60 minutes. I tried running it three times and it’s crashed all three times. I’m gonna give up for now. I hope there’s a patch coming or I’ll never get to play this game that I’ve been looking forward to for so long.

    I have a 60GB PS3 and I’m running System Software Version 4.10.

  • Hey mega mixer can i have the codes if not just sell them.

  • nice try megamixer, but i know you are lying! XD
    1st, you dont have $
    2nd, you dont have a PS3
    happy valentine day!

  • TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @megamixer you’re going to sell the online pass?? you mean you won’t play it online? what?

  • @megamixer

    I don’t mean to sound negative. But your little “Online passes will stop if I boycott them!” won’t work~

    Also, I highly doubt you paid $60 for a brand new game that’s 80% all about the multiplayer and you won’t activate the online pass.

  • Just based on the training course alone this game looks amazing. People may have been doubting its graphics before but there’s no excuse now.

    Give away for free so someone else can sell them? That would be charitable but I don’t know. I’ll consider that as a third option.

    If I don’t have a PS3 how does my account have 10 games with 10 platinum trophies (essentially), one of which was just a few days ago?

  • @MarinoBrea
    I have zero interest in multi-player gaming be it local or online. Hence why I won’t be playing it on my PSN account, as I will not be able to earn all of the trophies due to missing out on online stuff.

    I don’t know of which boycott you speak, since I can’t recall being on one, but in a way you are right. I didn’t pay $60. I paid $48 (thanks Newegg!). As for Twisted Metal being 80% multi-player? Huh. That never stopped me from buying and playing past games in the series by myself and loving the heck out of them. Same for stuff like Smash Bros, or any fighting game. I play them all solo and always have a blast.

  • Mega Mixer i wasnt going to sell them i was going to give them to my friend when i let him borrow the game. but do what you want.

  • Just picked up my copy but probably won’t be playing it until I’m done with Reckoning.

  • Never liked Twisted metal so I’ll pass for this one as well.

  • i am saddened….i received my copy of Twisted Metal from Amazon this afternoon and upon opening package i found game case crushed and the game itself scratched badly….:( Oh well….guess it wasn’t meant to be. BUMMER.

    i was looking forward to playing this game tonight….but alas….i have to send it back to Amazon.

    ….and the employees at Walmart always wonder why i check to the game cases to see if game is loose inside. i am trying to save myself an hour trip back…lol….!!

  • i guess i will go back to playing Reckoning….

  • @ SoYoung , If you never liked the previous twisted metals or this one, Then why the hell are you trolling by posting? Keep that to yourself. No one else needs to hear that. And by the way, the game is ridiculously AWESOME! Thank you Eat Sleep Play and Sony for making me have faith in the gaming industry. There can still be great games in this generation.

  • @ megamixer I call bs obviously you got your mom to get that platnium for you. And btw no one will be playing Twisted Metal on PSN instead we will be enjoying it on the new and exciting updated SEN (now 100% megamixer free). So maybe when you stop being a little cry baby the PS community might all chip in and get you a nice glass stomach for you birthday because it must be hard to play when you cant see the screen cause you got your head stuck so far up your ass. So in closing if you your not to scared to role with the big dogs on SEN then go on and get online til then you’ll be safe in the pen playing with the pups and A.I

    megamixer/Jaffe for president 2012

  • @megamixer

    Indeed, I enjoy playing a Multi-person game solo sometimes. Like fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Soul Calibur. I never even activated my online pass for Mortal Kombat because I knew I would get my butt whooped by someone who’s a dedicated fighting gamer. Just like Assassin’s Creed, you can run around creating havoc and still have a fun time while avoiding the multiplayer, if you choose to do so. I remember playing playing AC 1 + 2 inside out and they didn’t have any multiplayer. I also remember playing SSBM and Brawl and having a blast solo or with a friend. Sadly I never got Twisted Metal for the PS2, this would’ve been a game breaker for me, since I loved playing with my siblings. As much fun as it is to play by yourself, it never hurts to have the option for Online Play right there.

  • Wish the store would update so I could get my digital copy of Black (and Hakuoki). :(

    Crushed case and messed up disc? Man that sounds really bad. My disc may not have been secured but nothing bad came of it. Chalk it up to bad luck, hope they can replace your copy quickly.

    With a 50~ game backlog getting distracted by multi-player is the last thing I’d want to happen. Besides I’ve never needed multi before and don’t need it now. :) Some day the majority of multi-player games may outgrow the lone objective of “kill other players” and if that day comes I’ll be more than happy to hop online. I prefer progression over “kill random people over and over because”. The former is fun for me while the latter is pointless. Someone like me just doesn’t fit into Sonys “social & always connected” world. :p

  • Twisted Metal Online Pass is up via search.

    Now bring on Black! :D

  • first thing i have to say is i loved twisted metal and david jaffe is awsome great game but the online is still having issues 2nd i thing i got add i was playing custom music in game and it was working from hdd then i went to upload a cd and got sum copyright bs in now it wont play music for custom in audio why did you disable this fuction O_o

  • this game is dope thanks eat sleep n play this game is a blast hope to see addon content and avitars in the near future i would buy evey one.

  • def did not expect to have to wait to get into a game online, I hope they fix it cus right now it pretty much blows, I had alot of time to use the chat feature to learn everyone else is confused at why they are waiting 10min. to join a game, I mean cmon at least give us a spectator view or something.

  • just picked up my copy but dont have my ps3 which is hardly ever but dyin to play wanna tear up my brother whose in france when he gets his copy prob next week or whenever it comes out in europe so im definately gonna use my online code cant wait excited and thank to ESP i can enjoy a game i haven’t got to enjoy for 10 years and can still enjoy it wit my brother over seas

  • Picked up 2 copies of Twisted Metal, one for me, the other for my little bro. Got a third coming for my cousin. Loving it although the single player can be tough if you are not playing at 100% and not using your head to fight, that is not just trying to overpower the AI. Love this game so far though.

  • this is the collest game ever

  • nice

  • starz_831 is aa no life

  • jking

  • Fix the multiplayer issues and this game is a classic, everything else is great for the most part.

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