The Tester 3 Episode 2: A Very Twisted Competition

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The Tester 3 Episode 2: A Very Twisted Competition

On last week’s premiere episode of The Tester 3, we put our gamers through an intense challenge involving a mock job interview and hissing cockroaches. We literally got to witness how each cast member dealt with bugs. For episode 2, things gets really twisted, as David Jaffe, Twisted Metal’s co-director, is this week’s guest panelist on hand to evaluate teamwork in a Sweet Tooth-inspired competition. You also don’t want to miss the gamers taking on the first boss battle in the new Twisted Metal as part of this week’s challenge. Mr. Jaffe appeared in an earlier video here on the PlayStation.Blog, and discussed the great opportunity this season’s winner will have working as a Production Associate at Santa Monica Studio. Check out the below video to get a taste of today’s episode, which you can watch right here and download from the PlayStation Store later today.

The Tester 3 Episode 2: A Very Twisted Competition

We also have our first collection of extra scenes from last week’s season premiere of The Tester 3, which you can watch right here. As an added bonus, we’ve produced a PlayStation 3 static theme featuring Adrianne Curry and Meredith Molinari, which will be available on the PlayStation Store later today.

Also, our second Twitter contest giveaway takes place next Monday, February 20. Follow @PlayStation to participate. Congratulations to @DownBoundSoul for winning our first week’s prize package!

For week 2, here’s the full list of prizes we’re giving away in the next contest:

  • The Tester 3 t-shirt
  • 1 month PlayStation Plus voucher
  • Signed copy of Twisted Metal by David Jaffe
  • Sweet Tooth Mask
  • PlayStation Wireless headset

As a reminder, please allow fans the chance to enjoy the show by not posting any spoilers in the comments below, or in the PlayStation forums.

We hope you enjoy episode 2!

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  • How does having cockroaches on your face determine if you are for the game industry?

    • The challenges are developed around the basic skills needed to work in the industry. Episode 2 is about teamwork and problem solving. The cockroaches last week were about facing the unknown and staying cool in a very unfamiliar environment, which the winner will face at Santa Monica Studio. Dealing with literal bugs was also something we just always wanted to do in the series.

  • Hey, guys is the game great? i havnt gotten my copy yet because im visiting my grandma at the hospital, she was in a crash and flew out the window. she was about to die but thank God shes getting better but still with a broken leg,spine,hip and a torn lung.shes going to be there a long time but yeah pray for her please. Still ill have something fun to game on after i get back from the hospital.

  • I can’t believe they let Ego stay… He said he was there to gain more viewers for his YouTube channel. He only got to stay because he was the fan favorite… What a joke!

    • Well, I thought it was cool how they acknowledged the community that voted him on. He also made a great case for himself during last week’s elimination when he stated how much he wanted the Production Associate opportunity at Santa Monica Studio. They were impressed.

  • Hey about the contest how does it work? ill like to have a Twisted Metal copy signed by the best game developer David a Sony wireless Headset im stuck with the cheapy bluetooth.

    • On Monday’s a trvia question will be asked on Twitter, then a winner is picked at random from those who answer the question correctly.

  • i will never watch this garbage again
    the 1st ep was a insult to the young lady that eliminated
    Sony can kiss where the sun dont shine

  • What energy drink are the exclusive skins on?
    Will you have Twisted Metal avatars?
    Is there a Dynamic theme for Twisted Metal?
    im like literally thinking on buying anything Twisted Metal.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    you mean that peoples who’s workin at Santa Monica Studio worth not much as a cockroaches!?
    what a great way to treat you employees…
    employees = bugs :(

  • Hey, JH: your grandma must be a really tough broad to have survived all that so I believe she will recover. You can teach her how to play on the Vita so she won’t be bored during recuperation.

    Oh, & Kevin, that whitewash of dumping cockroaches on people doesn’t fly. You just wanted to attract the same double digit IQ folk who love demeaning shows like Fear Factor. That was completely below the dignity of the very old, very respected Sony brand. If you were really testing for game industry skills, stick to actual game industry scenarios, like I assume tonight’s episode will feature.

  • IMO the only reason it’s on youtube this season is to tap into egoraptor’s fanbase. And as far as him saying he’s only in it for the publicity, you know how they edit things out of context in “reality shows”.

  • PS Store update xD

  • Wasn’t the new stuff supposed to go live today? I’m not seeing episode 2 or any new DLC on the store. What’s up with that?

    • It’s live in PlayStation Home and on You can find it in the Video side of the store and later today when the Games side updates.

  • Let’s have a girl win this time. I’m not saying about how it’s only two guys who won from the previous two seasons. At least a girl should win this time.

  • We need more extra scenes =[

  • lisatsunami, thanks.

  • Every time I watch The Tester, I always find myself sighing in disbelief. These are the people you are counting on to test, no wait, help produce games? I hate sounding like a negative Nancy all the time but it just bugs the crap out of me that these stooges actually make it this far considering half of them probably never played more than a handful of games their entire lives.

    Please for the love of everything that is good please get some people who have played more than a handful of games in their lives. Oh, and BTW, I just had to laugh when one of the dudes on the show talked about how he wasn’t accustomed to the classic controls to Twisted Metal. Which only proves what I’m saying has some fact behind it.

  • waiting for the store update…….

  • @Kevin Furuichi, let also add the fact that he doesn’t play many Playstation games. Keeping someone who is in it to gain more popularity and isn’t loyal to your brand… Sounds like a winner to me!

  • Is the twitter contest open to Canadians?

  • How come the Playstation Network takes awhile to update the store? Like it gets updated around 6 or 7 just for the new content.

  • Please update the store and stop push downloading this show for PS+ members.

    If I wanted it, I would have downloaded it.

  • @G__ROW So you’re saying they should kick out one of the few people who plays a variety of games, just because they don’t exclusively play Sony games?

  • @DMcgee627, competing for a job at *Sony* working on *first party* titles, I’d say that issue should hold some water. I’m not saying they have to only play Playstation, but Ego said he had like ~15 (don’t remember what he said) trophies, and that just shows he doesn’t play Playstation games often, he isn’t dedicated to the brand.

  • I liked how last season, you guys uploaded deleted scenes to YouTube for each episode. Can we get that again?

  • Did a recap of the first episode:

    Looking forward to watching episode 2.

  • Personally, I enjoy watching this series and can’t wait for next weeks episode.

    Also, like Surfaced mentioned, I would like to have some deleted scenes put up on the store or on youtube when all this is over. I like seeing the people interact more with each other, and the episodes seem too short to get enough of that in there.

  • update the store already PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!

  • My connection on the PS3 is just 3.2megas, guys can someone help me in doing the test connection of the PS3 is just being 3megas my net and 15megas not know what else to do, was normal until either the last update .

  • UPDATE THE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David jaffe face on the whole episode was PRICELESS

  • why does it take till midnight to update the store making us think theres going to be a huge update which is going to be a small one like always with a crap load of videos and a few games to buy and over prices full PS3 games?!?!

  • Seconding FfoegNosnibor. I don’t want this thing using up my bandwidth.

  • Why do you idiots post on here about wanting a store update? This is about the Tester, nobody cares if you are waiting for the store to update. Go out and do something. You are seriously spending your valentines day ALONE sitting at home refreshing this page and your PS3 store in hopes of a store update? And people wonder why the stereotype that video gamers are virgins.

    When the store updates, you will see a post about it. Until then shutup please.

  • How can I stop this dumb show from auto downloading to my PS3??? Oh yeah, update the store!! Or just change the store update time to Wednesday morning plz…. then again, if you changed the store to update on Wednesday morning it wouldn’t update until Thursday afternoon!! >_<

  • @CynicalNerd: Why do you post on here about people wanting a store update? This is about the Tester, nobody cares if you don’t want people to post about waiting for the store to update. Go out and do something. You are seriously spending your valentines day ALONE sitting at home commenting about people who want a store update? And people wonder why the stereotype that video gamers are virgins.

    When the store updates, you will stop seeing people ask where the update is. Until then shutup please.

  • I wish The Tester was more about game testing. I’ll still watch, but I wish it was less… whatever the word is. It’s kinda dumb how it is. Sorry. I’m just being honest.

  • @pudgenet @CynicalNerd pwned

  • TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How hard is it to have a set time for the store update each week !?!?!?

    What make these LATE STORE UPDATE even more worst is …….. half of the contents are either missing and / or not working correctly.

  • No store update today?

  • As late as these store updates are becoming are you planning on changing store update day to Wednesday or something? I mean seriously the updates are getting later each week

  • @pudgenet @cynicalnerd haha burrrn!


  • To whomever is in charge,

    In the future, please begin PlayStation store uploads on Saturday, so it will perhaps be ready by Tuesday afternoon. The competition is starting to empathize. Thank you.

    Sincerely, all of PSN

  • yeah the tester show is like a train wreck. i hate to see it but i keep watching if only to see the big names in gaming. f’n roaches…really? if i worked at santa monica i would not want to associate with someone who skated their way into the industry doing stupid challenges. when i first heard about the show i thought oh cool we will get to see another side of gaming but nope it is nothing but shenanigans, and to #23 yeah i noticed david’s face too. he knows it’s bs. i saw him on ign’s up at noon and he is a really cool person. the world needs more no nonsense people, mostly in politics but that is another story. kinda sad he is going to move on to make iphone or some ish.

    i like how kevin tries to make sense of the garbage that happens on the show. be real, this is not the first time the judges pulled this kind of thing. it really does ruin the integrity of the show. not that a show with the chick that dated a brady kid has much integrity but hey the economy is rough.


  • Another season filled with challenges that a person in a wheelchair (such as myself) would never even be allowed to try.

    @Kevin – If they ever want to give a gamer with a physical disability the chance to prove they the have the creative, leadership, social, and gaming skills to earn the job… Have them send me a message. I’ll be sitting here holding my breath.

  • @3 Well first of all the fans who liked his animation videos that he worked on were the ones who watched his animations video work on YouTube and newgrounds voted for him.The fans that likes his animations video work wants him to be a tester.I just like his animation video work and was glad he was in the tester.Hopfully he will stayed in the next episode of the test,if not oh well.He tried whatever did best for him.

  • I like the show but I find a couple problems with the series….it focuses on a select few game series. Another problem is the series does not focus on playing games…though it was nice to see this game did have a game competition. I like to see more episodes where the challenges also includes playing games.

    But I would like to see less focus on 1st Person Shooter games and adventure games

    • More Gaming
    1. This is a show about gamers why not add more game challenges.

    • More Genres other then 1st Person Shooters, Racing and Sports Games
    2. I think this is pretty simple not all gamers like racing, sports and 1st Person shooters

    seems to me if you were in the top spot did poorly you automatically get booted well some people are being protected who constantly are at the bottom.

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