The Pop Culture Secrets of Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

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The Pop Culture Secrets of Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem is being released later today on PlayStation Store for PS3. In contrast to the Worms games released on PSN to date, Ultimate Mayhem is a 3D version of the crazy turn-based strategy series, being a “best of” compilation of the most memorable bits of Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem. The game is crammed with surreal weaponry, wacky customization options, tons of destructive single-player content and multiplayer options, Trophies, and some really cool improvements to the original games. We also added enhancements and updates to the camera, the graphics, the audio and the aiming especially.

To celebrate today’s new release, we thought it may be fun to reveal some of the many pop culture secrets that can be found within the levels and content. The game is packed to its destructive core with some affectionate, and sometimes surreal, film and pop cultural references, all scattered amongst the numerous themes and landscapes. Here are just a few that we really like — see if you can spot more! (We don’t make any apologies for the terrible puns contained below!):

Destruct and Serve

Let’s party like it’s…err… 1955! Jump back in time with an iconic time-traveling car and also enjoy the town hall inspired by a scene from a very popular 1980s classic!

Worms Ultimate Mayhem for PS3: destruct_and_serve_1

Nice to Siege You

It may be Ork-less but this map is still very much in the vein of a famous siege battle scene from a notable fantasy trilogy, complete with walls, catapults and destructible weak spots. Relive the classic battle with worms…or just blow each other up with explosive sheep!

Worms Ultimate Mayhem for PS3: nice_to_siege_you_2


Storm the beach in this silly spoof of the thrilling opening sequence of a critically acclaimed World War II pic!

Worms Ultimate Mayhem for PS3: D_Day_4

Plaice Holder

From a familiar-sounding boat, to an aquatic predator with a canister in his mouth all the way through to a sunny beach poster, this level has plenty of jaw-dropping references to a 70s classic blockbuster!

Worms Ultimate Mayhem for PS3: plaice_holder_6

Tree Trouble Village

Head up to the tops of the trees in this cute sci-fi village and see if you can spot the references. Maybe you can use the force to gain an unfair advantage?! That is the ‘Endor’ of the references, and I will stop ‘Jabba-ing’ on now…..

Worms Ultimate Mayhem for PS3: tree_trouble_village_5

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem will hit PSN today $14.99, with PlayStation Plus subscribers receiving a launch discount.

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