PS Vita: Never Stop Playing

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PS Vita: Never Stop Playing

Hello PlayStation Nation –

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself: My name is Guy Longworth and I am the new Senior Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing. As you can imagine, the teams here at PlayStation have been hard at work gearing up for one of PlayStation’s most exciting product launches ever: PS Vita! I speak for the entire team when I say that we can’t wait to get PS Vita into your hands. That’s because we designed PS Vita to be everything you wanted in the ultimate portable gaming system – a revolutionary device with innovative controls, a brilliant 5’’ OLED screen, new channels for social connectivity, and a killer software lineup.

As we prepare to launch PS Vita we are also unleashing the biggest advertising campaign in PlayStation’s history. Beginning today, PS Vita will be everywhere you turn. Spanning from coast to coast, PS Vita and the official tag line “Never Stop Playing,” will be featured on wallscapes, billboards, radio and television as well as at many of your favorite local retailers. I hope you love the “Never Stop Playing” theme as much as we do. We think it embodies everything that PS Vita represents towards enabling gamers to have deeply immersive, console-like experiences anywhere, anytime. Here’s an early look at what you can expect to see:

PS Vita: Never Stop Playing

You will find the television commercials featured during primetime programming on some of your favorite networks including Fox, Comedy Central and ESPN. Residents of New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco will notice PS Vita on buildings and billboards. You’ll find it on your favorite websites and on your favorite radio stations. Wherever you are, PS Vita aims to be.

As we begin to count down the days and hours until PS Vita’s official launch on February 22nd, expect to hear more from us on how you, the PlayStation Nation, will have the opportunity to be a part of celebrations from coast to coast. We’re looking forward to forever changing the way you game and making certain that no matter where you are, you never have to stop playing.

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