Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming Today to PSN

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Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming Today to PSN

Mass Effect 3 for PS3

Hello everyone! Mass Effect 3’s new demo is launching later today on the PlayStation Network. Voted “Most Anticipated Game of 2012” at the Spike Video Game Awards, Mass Effect 3 plunges you into the boots of Commander Shepard, a decorated marine and war hero, as players lead the charge in an all-out galactic war against a nearly unstoppable foe.

Today marks the arrival of our single-player demo for the PS3, giving you a taste of what to expect when Commander Shepard takes Earth back on March 6th. When you download and play the demo, you’ll see that how you fight the war is entirely up to you. Choose your appearance and pick from a variety of specialized combat classes, each with unique and devastating abilities. As you progress in this war, you’ll choose which abilities to specialize in, which weapons to bring into battle, and which characters will join you in combat.

Mass Effect 3 for PS3

There’s more to this demo, though – starting on February 17th, PS3 owners will be able to play multiplayer for the first time in the Mass Effect universe! As a special bonus, Battlefield 3 owners who have redeemed an online pass on the PlayStation Network will get early access to the multiplayer demo starting today, February 14.

I’d say more, but I’ve got Valentine’s Day plans with Commander Shepard! Check out the demo when the PlayStation Store updates this afternoon.

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  • I loved Mass Effect 2 so i look forward to this game and the demo

  • I got Mass Effect 2 like a month ago and its pretty good but only played for 2-3 hours and stopped i didnt get hooked but hey its peoples taste but ill give this a try.i probably wont like it though. TWISTED METAL today.

    • Totally respect that opinion. Check out the demo though, if you’re interested, and let me know if it persuades you! -Jess

  • I can’t wait! This is going to be awesome!

  • Looking forward to ME3! Cant wait to kick some butt with my old Shepard characters! Definately gonna play through this one multiple times and then some with the add on of multiplayer!

  • SONY!!!! for the love of god please update the store in the morning hours. Xbox already have the demo up, we always get content late free and payed i swear i might buy the new xbox because of this crap.

  • Wasn’t FarCry 2 supposed to be free today?

  • just cant wait to c how we take down every enemy thru our path :) hope its everything i dreamed it will be

  • Can’t wait to play it. Just wish the Store updated earlier in the day.

  • @5 you want to buy an Xbox go ahead but just because of an update damn people are so impatient. I know it takes a long time but do what i do just Chill like a Cucumber. Im guessing you dont really play exclusives either so if you want to play exclusive Kinect games for the next generation go ahead. but really sony this thing is getting old.

  • – The Most Anticipated Game of 2012 –


    Most Anticipated is Naughty Dog’s new game called The Last of Us.

  • Excuse me, anyone here can download anything from PSN?

    FIFA SOCCER Vita retail ver has already shipped, so where is my download ver??? >”<

  • I guess FarCry 2 being free today as a Valentines day special for plus users was false advertising………that’s messed up.

  • saw it yesterday on IGN and it looks insane. first thing ill download today. i already have my copy paid for at gamestop so the release day cant come soon enough.

  • @ yes FarCry 2 will be free today for plus subs. why are you saying it wont?

  • I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite blog on the internet

  • Hurry up Sony.. we want me3 … we want me 3… we want me 3 *riot outside sony headquarters*

  • Can someone clarify me how the online access works?

    If I have played battlefield 3 online by redeeming BATTLEFIELD 3 Online Pass I get access to the mp of mass effect 3 today?

  • @5, sony is a global company, ever hear of time zones?

    Mass effect while good is easily one of the most overrated franchises this gen. Not biowares best. Its an Ok shooter and an Ok rpg with good dialog, but cliche and recycled characters.

  • @5@kenoetheboss: Hahahahah! Then be prepared to wait an extra day for weekly store updates! PSN Tuesday, Xbox Wednesday. Such hollow threats, my goodness…

  • @10 The last of us is most anticipated… for Ps3 fanboys. There fixed it.

    As for demo, can’t wait !!!!!

  • I wish I could just login to my sony account and queue this up from my PC…

  • So we cant use our previous Shepard for the demo?

  • Howdy Jessica, any chance ME3 gets a digital release on the PSN like ME2 did? And I’m a few missions short of getting the trophy for finishing ME2 on Insanity. Then 4 easy trophies to go to unlock the Platinum. (The warp, overload etc ones where you spam powers) Looking forward to ME3 more than any other game this whole flippin year. Long live Shep! Lets hope ME3 gets a digital release on the PSN so it can join ME2 on my HDD..

    • Nothing to report yet, stay tuned for more info on digital release.

      Awesome work on the trophies! So glad to hear you’re excited. Long live Shepard! -Jess

  • Please Mass Effect 3 Avatars!!!!!

  • Avatars? Yes please!! Hopefully before the game releases, that would be nice. Oh and a static or dynamic .p3t That would complete the look, lol.

  • im honestly not looking forward to this game, its pretty fun ill admit but i just cant get into like some people. I wont go as far as to say its over hyped, its just not my cup of tea. As far as most anticipated game of 2012 goes, ill just keep waiting patiently for The Last Of Us as far as ps3

  • I just stole your avatar to use on Twitter Jessica Merizan..That would make a nice PSN avatar ya know ;)

  • @19@AutomaticOcelot Yes weekly store updates PSN Tuesday, Xbox Wednesday and ME3 demo is already live on xbox amazing. M$ even beat sony with a free demo. just like BF3 beta every body on the face of the planet was playing it before us.

  • You pretty much have to laugh at the people threatening to switch to the 360 over petty stuff. You would fit right in that crowd imo. 360 may have fixed it to were they get demos and dlc before PSN, but thy have NOWHERE near the amount of content that PSN has when they update.

  • Will be getting the demo & the game. I play as femme Shep of course. Too bad I can’t make her an elf. I really enjoy Bioware’s style of western RPG.

    • Did you see the new FemShep trailer? We love John Shepard AND Jane Shepard! -Jess

      P.S. You can always pretend she’s an elf ;)

  • @27, OH NO, XBOX GOT A DEMO 1 day early, meanwhile Sony keeps pumping out great exclusives while MS has almost none. Go get an xbox and its lack of exclusives, you sound like a whiney xbot.

  • Where is Dragon Age 3?

  • what time is the demo coming out on central time?

  • LOL I just saw the teaser trailer at ign and before I saw the teaser, there was an ad for ME3 and guess what it show? The commercial you guys were teasing =p. There were reapers invading the earth and shepard fighting them.Pretty epic. Can’t wait for the demo!!!

  • We need some Mass Effect 3 dynamic themes and even avatars! Come on!

  • So excited for this!!! :)

  • Can’t wait hopefully I can play the co-op with ppl.

  • Have the CE pre-ordered. Femshep trailer was awesome and I can’t wait to play the full thing.

    What’s the file size for this demo? I have my HDD full of PS plus stuff I haven’t played that i might need to delete.

  • Can’t wait to get it. When’s it coming up today?! I’ve had my PS3 on all day waiting for the update and checking the PSN Store every half hour or so. I can’t wait to test out the multiplayer!

    FemShep <3

  • You guys know the hour of the launch ? The blog says in afternoon but it is almost 4 pm

  • I played ME & ME2 on my pc but i don’t think my pc can handle ME3.
    So I’m going to try ME3 on my new PS3 slim, My 2ed PS3!

  • Spell Check Me PLZ!

    LOL! :)

  • Thanks, Jessica. Will be getting this demo as soon as the store updates. Can’t wait!

  • 6 or 10 PM Central!

    Wednesday the Best Bet! -_-

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww

  • Is this going to be a time based demo where it will expire after a few days after install ? If so can you please be upfront about it without having to read a EULA to find out as well as give the actual file size before we download.

    These are important to some of us with a slower connection who have limited bandwidth and have to spend a few days downloading big files or cant play a game right away after installing. At this point I won’t even bother with downloading any demos from EA anymore since the last few expired before I could get to them. Demos can go a long way in my game buying decisions but when it seems a company/publisher goes out of its way to make sure we have very limited access at the end users expense I really have no desire to support them in any capacity.

    That said I like the Mass Effect games and this demo probably wont effect my buying decision in this instance but It definitely will with other games still to come. Thanks :-)

  • 4 PM.. where is it?

    so you mean it hits wednesday then?

  • Choice Word Choice Word Choice Word Late! -_-

    Choice Word Choice Word Choice Word OMG IT LATE! :(

  • Not buying any Mass Effect games unless you release the first game on PS3, thank you VERY much.

  • @40 Check systemrequirements dot com to see if your pc could handled ME3.

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